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The same sense of overwhelming beauty
that I felt the first time I encountered God is the same sense of beauty that I
feel every time I get in drag. I feel like I’ve been doing drag my
whole life because if you look at it, like, I was putting on this character of
the perfect Christian boy, and so it’s like, I’ve been doing drag since forever. This week, I’m back in the heart of New
York City to meet a former pastor who was tagged by Emily Leclerc. My entire life, I was bullied heavily. I like, didn’t really have any hope until I found God at the
end of my junior year. It was such a weird feeling, I just felt like I was beautiful
for the first time in my whole life. I had never felt like I was genuinely
beautiful. If me feeling beautiful was a taste of what God could give me, then I
was in. Everything the Bible says about what a man looks like, that’s what I want
to become. At the age of 18, Zach left his parents’ home in Texas to join a ministry
school in Redding, California. My thing became setting gay people free from their gayness. As if it’s this demon that needs to get out. While I’m at the front of
churches all over America preaching that, like, I’m free and I’m straight, at home I
feel like I’m living a lie. I was told by many, many people that being gay will put
me in hell. To the point where there’s a verse in Romans, I don’t remember what it
was, I used to have it memorized cause I used to preach it, but I don’t preach it
anymore. Religion and, like, Christianity, I think
totally breeds homophobia. Since 2007, the percentage of Christians who believe
homosexuality should be accepted in society has risen from 44 percent to 54 percent.
That shift in ideology hasn’t stopped younger Americans from leaving the
religion. While 78 percent of baby boomers identify as Christian, just 56 percent of
millennials claimed the same. In my brain, I see religion completely separate from
God. I don’t think that they are one. So I was like, OK God, he, she, it, whatever you are, help. I came out to my parents, then moved to
New York, so now I’m like, what is a way to shake my brain and my heart so much
to align with what I feel like I really am? And I was like, I’m gonna get in drag. I remember staring in the mirror and just being like, I can be whoever I want
to be. I feel like I’ve been put in a box of what gender looks like my whole life,
so now I’m like, “Screw that, I can do whatever the heck I want!” Now I’m completely my own person, as
Stella. As Stella, I get to tell whatever story I want that day. Every time I get
in drag, I think what is a powerful person look like and I put my spin on it. Performing is so exciting, and it gives
me life like nothing else does. In my brain, I’m free. I’ve stripped enough away
from what people have taught me is right and wrong, now I’m able to see God in a more pure light. There are people on the street who
are like, disgusted by her, and that’s so interesting to me because I’m like, if
you knew who Stella was, you wouldn’t be disgusted by her.
I know Stella and Stella’s intentions are so pure. Stella wants to be somebody
who allows people to feel that they’re beautiful and allows people to be
themselves and like, why would you not want somebody around like that?

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  1. He is so beautiful indeed, ,everyone has so much beauty inside and outside, but the world takes every second to bring them down. All around we have bullies bullying other people but they're bullied too by parents, teachers and possibly other people, and this is not only for kids, cause you tend to tie bullies with kids and teenagers, but the truth is that is everywhere, school, home, college, work, and affects everyone in some degree. There must be more acceptance and respect, and showing who you really are, supporting other people in their lives is what will bring us to a better future.

  2. I tag Chris, or catman chris as known on the internet. He has a youtube channel for his 2 cats, he educates about animals, pets and wildlife. He promotes the caring and keeping of both and also works and helps organizations, associations and groups that help protect our furry brothers and sisters on this earth.

  3. 1. Stella is beautful.
    2. Religion breeds homophobia and represion.
    3.Homohobia and represion causes preists to touch children.

  4. Excellent work once again on this. The emotional arch to this is really perfect. The pacing, the shots, music cues, it all resonates so well in service of the characters story and personality. Great piece.

  5. Again? Did you say, You see God more in pure light? Your nuts. That's the demon your seeing. WOW, how the Evil fooled you.

  6. My mind is blown. So beautiful, so beautiful, so beautiful, so beautiful, so beautiful. I got goosebumps after seeing this. Wow, perfect. I will not be able to sleep today. In fact, I am not going to sleep ever again. It shook me to the core. So brave. Anyone who is not doing this is in fact racist and a bigot. I think we should all do this and support this young person. Really.

  7. I tag the +HESA Online Org based in Illinois. This tiny 6 woman non-proft is made up of volunteers – each one in a different state. These women beat the odds by not only surviving serious medical conditions but also writing the first book about this thought-to-be rare disease, Hashimoto's Encephalopathy (also known as SREAT). Not only did they pull together to write the first book on this condition but they wrote and released a 2nd book in 2017 – having collected over two dozen patient narratives and interviewed 11 clinicians. What is hard to imagine is women in dire health situations themselves getting together resources to provide support to patients and families online, reach out to clinicians have absolutely no clinical experience themselves, and helping hundreds of people around the world. Not too shabby!

    They have a Facebook page, hesa – hashimoto's encephalopathy sreat alliance. These gals and the patient population they serve deserve to receive some attention and recognition.

  8. Such a moving and important story, I love drag and everything it stands for. Queens need more exposure like this, beyond the make up and glamour to show their human side. Beautiful person, beautiful story. xoxo.

  9. I'm truly happy he realized how he was truly happy and isn't forcing others like he was in Christianity. Christianity is a horrible religion forcing yourself to force others to follow this forced path because if you don't you will burn in this literal hell.. No you are living in your own hell and heaven you make your world what you want it to be. Religion forces you to hide who you want to be. It forces you to choose a path you have to fake being happy in. Religion is for some people but not for most. Finding your true happiness and following your path doesn't mean you will be tormented in your afterlife. Who said there is an afterlife..? What if all these people following a religion end up dying and that's it, they didn't get to truly enjoy their lives here on this earth, they didn't get to be who they wanted to be. Of course if you are a bad person that energy will follow you no one in this world can get away with evil doings it will forever be in your consciousness and put out into the world and the world will return to you with negative energy and more than likely making you live a miserable life. He's a brave person for stepping away from religion and finding his true happiness he's not forcing others to be drag queens the way he was forcing others to turn to god when he was religious

  10. If there were any Bob around, he would laugh his nuts off.
    America = Rome, 30 minutes before crunchtime.

  11. <3 <3 <3 Zach is a beautiful and amazing person, that fact cant be changed just because some strangers bias about how he chooses to express himself or who he loves!!

  12. Hey Im 12 turning 13 and I know my self as a bisexual but Im afraid to come out to my family coz they might dis owned me 😪

  13. Remember all of that "Love thy neighbour " and treat those how you want to be treated bullshit goes out the fucking window as soon as you realise that you are someone who doesn't fit in with their doctrine.

  14. Glad they were able to find their true self. Believe in whatever deity you want, but don't pressure people into believing in them as well.

  15. He left God to be a fake gender or in other words a clown or a puppet to entertain people ! This world is dirty ! poor you if you found out that you are worth less then a humain !

  16. too bad the drag is terrible…no body. bad wig. horrible "dancing." why do they always highlight the worst of us??

  17. Thy wiii, not my will … whatever that ends up looking like.You are free when you blossom into that which God intended you to be.Jesus himself would have received as many thumbs down as this did. I mean the guy hangs out with sinners and prostitutes. What a looser, right?

  18. Coke, Pepsi, Costco, Ruffles, Slim Jims, Walmart, Christianity. All brands are the same. All about profit and brand loyalty, nothing else.

  19. This is what happens when you hang around all the weirdos in the city. You think this little princess could survive any significant calamity?

  20. 1 John 3:7-10
    Jesus loves him but Jesus also wants him to practice righteousness. Drag is unrighteous. All this guy have to do is come to know Jesus and be born of Him.

  21. Dear Zach it's obvious the drag spirit has deceived and gotten a hold on you. I pray for your deliverance, may you find your way back home the savior is waiting for you. We are waiting for you

  22. Being Homosexual is a Sin!! Read your Bible!! God loves you and does not want you to live this abomination. This is a slap in God’s face, you can do what you want? Really? This is a disgrace, I hope he repents and get right with God before it’s to late. So Sad 😞

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