I’m confused about my calling | Pastor Steven Furtick

the term calling mostly as a human
construct it’s a way for us to try to describe a bunch of fragments and make
things not feel random because calling in a biblical sense is more general that
God has called us to himself and what we want that to mean is that we have a
specific path that we’re gonna understand from the outset and then we
can guide our lives by it and not waste time on things that aren’t a part of
that and that’s a human construct that’s nowhere in the Bible there’s no I can’t
think of any evidence in the Bible that people were given a itinerary for their
life and then their life followed that itinerary it’s much more if you just
want to use a simple analogy it’s much more like riding with your GPS without
the directions tab to see the next turns it’s much more next turn and it
just is it has to be it has to be on every level because you’re gonna
understand certain things in one season of your life as being the ultimate goal
that are actually just for you to find out that you didn’t like that or you
that wasn’t it so I think a lot of people have an imprisonment to their
their concept of what their calling was and it’s unnecessary that God called me
to blank no all God called you to do was glorify Him all God called you to do is
like pursue wholeness all God called you to do was live out of authenticity you
know honesty that’s the calling anything other than that we should probably use
another term for and I think it’s done a lot of damage I don’t think it’s just
semantics because this idea that there is a calling kind of guided me on my 20s
and a lot of what I preach then was from my construct of I have a calling as a
preacher now what’s yours but the fact is I just kind of found it early what I
was good at I was able to work on that early I got opportunities early not
everybody has that and so then then it’s become now
something I can talk to you about my own experience if you want me to but it’s
become now something that this role is not at all what I thought it would be
but it’s exactly what I dreamed of doing but they couldn’t be more different
so even if you do what you set out to do it won’t be what you set out to do it’ll
be the reality of it and that’s whether you do ministry or whether you are
parenting or anything did you get to hear my Joseph teaching from inside
Elevation session one this is the dream or I think I called it something else but
the idea did you get to hear it is so relevant but it usually is
something you’re only ready to hear when you’re 40 but I think you can hear it
earlier and I’m coming up on 40 it’s really a sermon about disillusionment
but it’s not about the danger of disillusionment it’s about the necessity
of it and if you can receive it at 25 I wonder how much less energy you’ll waste
agonizing over finding it because what it basically says is that God and I
won’t repreach it here it takes an hour to build out the concept Joseph saw
something in his youth he was the center of attention he was the stalk of grain
that the other stalks were bowing down to the sheaf that all the other sheeps
came and gathered around the stars and the Sun and the moon bowed down to him that represented his parents and his brothers when that actually came to pass
he was actually 38 years old which is kind of was kind of connecting to me
personally not that I’m Joseph just I connected to that and by the time that
his brothers were bowing down before him it wasn’t shiny like it was in the dream
and he was at the center but the reason he was at the center was to serve them
not to be the star and the process of disillusionment is like you get the
dream God shows it to you in one form and it looks shiny like the stars and the
moon or you see wow I’m at the center I’m standing a head and shoulders above
everybody else so it’s kind of like about your own importance it’s about
your own specialness it’s about your own uniqueness
it’s about all those things and it has to be for a season of your life because
that’s what motivates you that’s what drives you greatness and I just want to reach my potential and I’m also I’m a grind I
mean this I’m at that whatever whatever but then the second necessary process is
where you go oh wow cuz Joseph was crying he was betrayed by
his brothers he had a lot of responsibility he had a lot of stress so
it was the same thing he saw but it wasn’t the same thing he saw it was the
mature version of it and so God uses those little things where you get here
and you’re like wow this is not even what I’m good at that’s like cool good
because it’s one of the ways he disillusions you he discomforts you he
disillusions you and then you have to find out well am I what I do or am I Who
I am you know because you probably identify with something that you’ve done
that’s gotten you attention in your life or gotten your props or whatever so God
has to put you in situations where you don’t get to operate in that and then
you feel like you don’t even know you are you don’t even feel like you know how to
operate you need to like you not do it but that’s a gift cuz that’s like
getting you to the core that’s getting you to a different layer so the part I’d
want you to hear at 25 the way you ask me the question I don’t know whether you
can I don’t know whether you have to get exhausted to the point where you go oh
and then you come back to it and you go Pastor Steven tried to tell me that you
know my dad tried to tell me that my youth minister tried to whatever you
know whoever’s been in your life I don’t know I can say it but at least maybe I
can give you a framework so that when that’s happening to you and it’s it can
be a disappointment or sometimes a dream will come true and you’ll go I thought I
would like this more you know or you’ll find fulfillment in something that seems
maybe way off the map but at least you’ll have a way to recognize that that
doesn’t make it feel like failure or doesn’t make it feel like a negative
thing so I would encourage you to to abandon
your your early 20s concept of a calling because it’s a prison and then
you might you might get in a situation where you know somebody’s actually
trying to help you see you would actually really be great at that but
you’re married to your first idea of what you were supposed to do and like
you won’t pay attention to your life you won’t pay attention to how God is using
you how other people are responding so you know there’s an openness that can be
really helpful I know that sounds like contradiction from the guy who’s like I’m
gonna be a pastor and I don’t care gonna start this church and I’ll tell me
otherwise but within that even I’ve had to give up my idea of what I thought
that meant and what I was supposed to be and how you’re supposed to do it and
like not a lot of my friends if any write worship music for their church
that are pastors I have friends who write worship music I’ve got friends that
pastor I don’t have friends that do both so I had to kind of like give up
even within I’m going to be a pastor I thought that was gonna entail this this
and this and it’s been so different the way I lead the way that my life looks
so just don’t marry the mirage mentally if that makes sense don’t don’t fall in
love with that fantasy because then the reality of it will actually be great but
you’ll compare it to the fantasy and you’ll be disappointed in it hey thank
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83 thoughts on “I’m confused about my calling | Pastor Steven Furtick”

  1. I was called into preaching the gospel when I was 18.

    Use your gifts that God gave you and glorify Him. That’s why “I” is in the middle o the word sin, because that I mindset breaks you away from God which is the deadliest letter in the alphabet.

  2. For everyone asking about Joseph story……
    Why don’t you just open the Bible and read the story!!!!!!! 😖😖😫

  3. This is really profound, thank you! Lately in my life I've had to remind myself not to constantly fantasize and expect my future to be a certain way, whether that be for a career or a relationship. I think our expectations ruin the reality when it gets here. I definitely struggle with this, but I'm thankful that the Lord is helping me through this season of my life!

  4. I wish these videos were longer. Preachings are a blessing but these talks are a blessing on a totally different level as when you become a Christian sometimes we only hear preachings but don't get to hear any of the behind the scenes stuff that goes into being a Christian and serving others when it pertains to ministry which causes us to commit mistakes we could have avoided if we could already learn it from others like Pastor Furtick.

    A good example is like what he says in this video:

    It is good to know that God may give you a vision (Not an actual one, lets not get super spiritual but instead he impresses upon your heart a vision to show you in which direction you should head in ministry) but the vision will not always look exactly like you imagined when you get there and so many obstacles will get in the way during the journey.

    I know i came to Christ late as in I wish I would have to Christ sooner but i had so much baggage that i am still dealing with till this day that when i started serving i thought would magically would go away that didn't.

    It taught me something though and that was how immature i was in the things of God and two how even through my immaturity God used me even though everything he used me for i may never get to see the fruit of because it was just seeds he let me scatter through talking to people about Jesus and running a bible study that grew but then collapsed over the Christmas holidays because the world got to the group via holiday partying and the devil most likely convincing them they were beyond Gods saving power.

    The Christian life my Pastor would say was a "Process" and i never understood it until years later now seeing that this walk has some amazing times when you feel you have had some amazing victories and then bam you fall just as hard but there is nothing better than being with God because the world has nothing to offer us that can surpass Gods eternal infinite love.

    God bless you all and stay strong in Gods perfect love.

  5. Whoa, I had to listen to this again💯 it was soo good & so true💯 I can honestly say I can understand this & have fallen in love with the fantasy of "the calling" & I am now feeling the weightiness of the reality of it😣 to where I have had alot of questions & breakdowns.after watching this it makes so much sense now💯 received alot of clarity through this, thanks 👐

  6. After being in church all my life and being told about "the Calling" that seemed so illusive and discouraging and exhaustive since it didn't seem to materialize in a singular "great" manner… It took me 33 years to feel free, simply due to this Word. Thank you for teaching Pastor Furtick. My life and perspective (my word for 2019) have changed forever. Life in Christ really is freeing; we confine Him in our lives. Pursue righteousness as the calling, and figure out what you are good at and like to do authentically, unto His glory. Also, be open to it changing because purpose is fluid (another life changing concept). Amazing.

  7. Love this!! It actually takes away a lot of anxiety….anxiety about what I’m meant to be doing and how “close” I am to fulfilling something, or how “good” I’m doing when comparing my life to the vision I thought I needed to see through in my life. God is so powerful, I don’t need to worry about where I’m headed so long as I focus on God and doing the things He asks of me, everything else will fall into place.

  8. Good way of explaining. Can be applied to other things in life. We have to be careful not to get so wrapped up in the mirage that we can’t see the beauty in the actuality.

  9. Thank You! I am a late starter at 56 . Im still working on where I am going. I enjoy your Teahing . God Bless!


  11. God was very specific with Paul the Apostle…Jesus called and commissioned him "I now send you, to open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in Me.’ Acts 26:18

  12. This is so so good. I’m not in my 20s yet but I am always stressing out over my calling or trying to figure out what it is because that’s all they talk about at my church. We need more people to explain “callings” from this side because people always make it sound like bam you know what it is and that’s not really the case.:)

  13. Am I what I do or Am i who i am
    7:00 Don't be marry to your first Idea what you are supposed to do
    8:00 Don't fall in love with that fantasy.
    Cause reality of it will actually be great but yo will compare it to the fantasy and you will be disappointed in it

  14. I’m so thankful that God had me to watch this video since I was confused with my calling because I thought it would be one thing but He turned it into another. I will be flexible as He wants me to be. This was so timely for me!

  15. This was awesome. I'm sure there are plenty of people who will miss what He is saying but If we think about the children of Israel after leaving Egypt they told Moses they can do everything God tells them to. Thats the same thing as when we tell our Father tell me exactly what to do, specifically and I will do it. (RELYING ON OUR WORKS AND SELF) We have been subject to weak teaching about what our calling is. Sure there were prophets who we can read their accounts in the Old testament, or even Paul who was called to preach to the gentiles. What Steven is saying here is that we think we know what that calling looks like when in fact the only concrete picture of what Our calling/purpose is that we were created for His purpose. 🤯 I know. His purpose for us is to know who we are in Christ and walk in the purpose He created us for. His purpose is for us to be recipients of His grace and His favor in Christ. What that ends up looking like is in the hands of the Author and Finisher of our faith. Our God is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we can ask, think, or imagine. He is known for blowing the doors off of our expectations. Don't try to limit Christ because of your picture about what you think your calling looks like. We are called to trust Him, the Good Shepherd. That is our calling. #stevenfurtick #iamconfusedaboutmycalling

  16. God planted a seed in my heart to start a company. I've been wrestling with it for the past few months. Lord i need direction.

  17. Not well researched. There is evidence. Research, as speculation is not fact or scholarship. Research is not an agony if you really need the info. From the perception of self importance, big fail, when it comes to God! It is about doing God's will, which is not a prison. Research that too please. . . .

  18. Spot on Pastor. You have helped me find myself and saved a torn relationship with my son. Prayer works brother in Christ.

  19. Anyone that say JESUS IS LORD.. is family.. of God. But I have never heard of this guy. For me.. at 57.. what I have found to work is.. Gods word. If HE said it HE will do it. I have always heard man tell me what I CANT do.. yet.. I found my GOD…says.. I can do anything.. I found all things.. are possible to them that believe.. I found..my GOD say.. what EVER I desire when I pray.. I found my GOD say what EVER I ask the Father in YESHUA/JESUS name He will do it. I found Christ say.. what ever you ask ME I will do it because I go to my Father…

    I found again not man but my FATHER say.. if you know He hears you then you know you heave the petitions you asked/prayed for. See in ALL what I posted….the KEY IS.. IT HAS TO BE WRITTEN.. IN HIS WORD. His WILL? A is HIS WORD! I find man say "what Jesus was really saying what Jesus really meant was".. sorry.. I listen but.. I STAND On GODS WORD!

    Sunday after noon alone "I know you called me I just dont know to what" Sunday night man puts hands on me says "my son I have called you but you dont know to what but I will open all the doors..you have great faith..so on". See if its of GOD you will ALWAYS know 1st. Then.. I wanted to go to collage in Oklahoma.. I had this thought to go say good by to a old friend. What are the oods she just happen to know 2 people going the same way.. as we were JUST getting in to Oklahoma the driver says she knows someone that goes to Oral Roberts UNIV I might be able to stay with. 1st that was not the school I knew NO ONE in Oklahoma.. had NO place to stay… she says "but I dont know how to get there". At the SAME time we were talking this car behind us the guy keeps pointing up..

    We pull over to this "info stand" and the guy comes up and gets out.. walks up and says "didnt you see me pointing up?" Was answer 'YES" He says "the LORD told me you dont know how to get to Oral Roberts univ but I am to show you the way' HOLY JESUS.. WOW WOW WOW.. this happen to ME..and all these years later WOW…

    Shall I go on? I dont think you will believe.. I am NO ONE.. yet I had a desire.. WHERE do you think that desire came from? It WAS a CALLING.. I DONT CARE what ANY MAN SAYS.. I GO by what my Father says in HIS word. I can listen to Baptist and hear my Father.. I can listen to WORD OF FAITH and hear my Father.. I just do not agree with everything they or all teach.

    If they believe Jesus came in the flesh died on the cross for the worlds sins.. was buried rose the 3rd day.. is at the Fathers right hand seated.. and is the ONLY way to the Father.. THEY ARE FAMILY!

    JESUS is in you.. and in LUKE I ME did what JESUS said.. as I did in John 3:16.. I asked my Father for the holy Spirit.. I did what HE said..not man. And the Father gave me the holy Spirit. and WOW as Christ said.. you shall receive POWER.. I LOVE HIM.. I want everything I do to give HIM all the glory and praise.. AWESOME!

    See.. you are FREE… to believe.. dont believe about the holy Spirit? Praise GOD..you know JESUS? THEN AMEN! YOUR FAMILY!.. READ HIS WORD.. hello HE wrote it for you! But I am so sorry.. you must take it on faith.. walk by FAITH…I didnt get this from some preacher.. I got it form HIS WORD.. I HAVE the fruits… HE CAN NEVER LIE!…HE gave you that desire.. See my desire was for HIM in EVERY Thing I DO say think…every word every thought.. I want it to please HIM give Him glory.. yet He give back WOW SO MUCH MORE then you can EVER ask for..

    Just ask.. just believe.. HIS WORD is HIS WILL..KNOW THIS though.. if you DOUBT…let not that man think he will get ANYTHING from God.. DOUBT stops God… Ask Christ.. HE went to some town and all this GOD could do as lay hands on a few and teach..

    If I have offened..forgive me..JESUS IS COMING.. are you watching ready? Are you shining for HIM or you? Do people see HIM in you or Him? Shine the same light that was in CHRIST? HELLO its IN YOU! Your Father is GOD! You have nothing to fear.. FEAR is not of God.. ever. TRUST IN HIM! You cant see HE CAN! Let HIM drive.. get out of HIS way.. give HIM ALL THE GLORY AND PRAISE.. and if ANY SIN.. repent.. get right with God..HE LOVES YOU MORE then you know.. He is for you. no matter what you did.. HE LOVE YOU.. HE will NOT JUDGE you HE will not ever condemn you. He died for YOU..thought of YOU when HE died..HE rose..YOU ROSE.. this world has no more hold on you.. you are NOT from this world..its NOT your home..

  20. This just shook what I believed in. If I should not be guided by what I think my 'calling' is then how will I make decisions or what path to take? Because I thought my calling would guide me on which career I should do

  21. This is a great teaching. But I gotta admit the way they react to it is so funny. I love it when they go “mhm oh that’s it”

  22. This is so good! I had God speak to me a few months ago when I was trying to figure out my calling and lIke Furtick said we are only called to bring glory to God. Now our purpose changes depending on what season you are walking-through. So thankful for Pastor Steven and his willingness to let God speak though him in the perfect time.

  23. Do we walk by faith or by potential? The first positions God at the center the second makes you God–and leaves you with neither faith or potential.

  24. He’s a false teacher turning teachings from the bible around! I would not listen to him, he’ll end up like Bill Johnson from Betel teaching heresy!

  25. I am battling depression and the fact God is calling me out but I don't know where out really is because I have been trapped so long.

  26. Thank you so much I'm a Christian and I know what my calling is i was confused in this department I was getting confuse with between my calling and my gift.im so happy i watched this now i completly understsnd.i love you Lord so much.thank you steven furtick.human services is were i can excersize my gift thank you so much man

  27. man pastor Steven is just so relevant but biblical too. The definition of calling vs purpose is so true. I'm just turning 21, so this whole calling thing stresses me out honestly and I think that life takes time, gifts take time, true masterpieces (like creating a life) take time. Great message Steven, God bless you! 🙂

  28. and this is actually pretty easy for me in a way, because I do like a lot of different things. I'm trying to become a pilot, but I also want to be a documentary maker, speaker, teacher, mentor, etc.

  29. My pastor said I was called to be very wealthy and tithe 90% in the end times, that was during the time I was building a start up company that failed lol and now I'm a broke stand up comedian.

  30. I am sorry but you are bionically incorrect about calling. I will be happy to provide you a lot of great information to help you.

  31. Abondon ur early 20s concepts of a calling because it's a prison… me now at 1am decide to fight for my calling but in different way. Before this I decided to let everything go n give up. Thank u Jesus for this 2nd chance, n thanks ps.steve

  32. At 43 and disillusioned, this was much needed. I have worn myself out with what I believe I was called to and gifted for. I especially needed the point about what seems to be the ultimate purpose in one season and finding it was something that was meant to teach me something. In my case, it was moving 1200 miles north to Pastor a small church that the denomination decided to close. I wrestled so hard with that. I knew He sent me. But now the why has become much clearer.

    Good word. Young Christian, don’t learn it the hard way. Listen to older people that have walked that path.

  33. That was awesome. Even the way it came out, unpolished, unmemorised; almost like searching for the right words.

    Head on!!!

  34. I needed this literally right now, I've been thinking so much about my purpose or calling in life for the past months. I graduated high school last year and didn't went to school for a year because I don't know what i'm good at or what my " calling " is. I truly understand what he's saying. Thank YOU so much for this!!

  35. Soo true … don’t be deceived by our own expectations! That’s what the Holy Spirit said to me one day I was in my closet getting dressed and I had a bad habit of that often

  36. I am so thankful for this. I've listened to this before but every now and then I have to go back and be reminded. Because my idea of a calling can very much be an imprisonment and confines me and God into a box.

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