I’m Confused About My Calling | Maybe: God | Pastor Steven Furtick

there is a passage of scripture that has
always fascinated me and I knew it was the one to start this series with
because most of my sermon ideas come from a text usually a text in the Bible
but this whole series came to me through a text on my phone and somebody texted
me but I didn’t have their number in my contacts but they had texted me before
and their name was in the text so you know Steve Jobs is so smart even from
beyond the grave he made a suggestion on my iPhone and he
said maybe and then it said it could be this person and when I saw it on my
phone I realized that that would make an amazing way to spend several weeks in
the Word of God talking about those times where we don’t know if it’s God or
not and so we’re trying to lead our family some of us or we’re trying to get
our education or we’re trying to decide about jobs or dates or trying to decide
about moving to a new house or new apartment or just trying to figure out
what it is that we were put here on earth for but the series is called maybe
God maybe God we worship a God who can be best explained as mystery and yet we
live in a culture that worships certainty and so I want to talk about
that for several weeks with you and I’m so glad you’re here touch somebody and
say he’s so happy you’re here that preacher is happy
you’re here that’s true I’m so glad you’re here and what I need you to do
right now is to give your attention just to this text in 1st Samuel chapter 3
where we will encounter a young man who’s encountering God and I pray that
we will encounter God in the process today 1st Samuel 3 verse 1 the boy
Samuel ministered before the Lord under Eli in those days the word of the Lord
was rare there were not many visions one night Eli whose eyes were becoming so
weak that he could barely see was lying down in his usual place the lamp of God
had not yet gone out touch somebody say there’s still time there’s still time
I know you might have got off-track in your life but there’s still time I know
there might be some things out of order in your house but there’s still time I
know you might have wasted some years chasing your own ways but God brought
you here because there’s still time God left you here because there’s still time
if you’re still breathing there’s still time I got a friend named Perry Noble
his favorite quote is if you’re not dead God’s not done and I just believe that I
believe it so the light had not yet gone out and Samuel was lying down in the
house of the Lord where the Ark of God which symbolized the presence of God was
and then the Lord called Samuel and Samuel answered Here I am and he ran to
Eli and said Here I am you called me but Eli said I didn’t call go back to sleep
man wake me up in the middle of the night I didn’t call you go back and lie
down so he went and lay down again the Lord called Samuel and Samuel got up and
went to Eli said Here I am this is really strange right like because you
expect when God calls it’ll sound so deep so baritone Samuel apparently it
sounded it sounded so much like what he was used to being around that he ran to
the place where he normally went and he was like Here I am
you called me my son Eli said I did not call go back and lie down don’t you need an
ambien a weighted blanket some milk a cookie now Samuel did not yet know the
Lord the word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him a third time the
Lord called Samuel and Samuel got up and went to Eli and said Here I am you
called me I know you’re messing with me then Eli realized that the Lord was
calling the boy so Eli told Samuel go and lie down if he calls you say speak Lord
for your servant is listening the title of this message is something that I have
heard people say to me of all ages of all ethnicities of all economic status
positions and I want you to look at the screen for the title of my message it
goes like this I’m confused about my calling I’m confused about my calling I
love God and I love my family and I want to make a difference but look at
somebody next to you and say you look confused tell him I am I’m confused
about my calling Lord have your way speak your word we’re
listening in Jesus name Amen now be seated you are forgiven if when I say
calling you roll your eyes a little bit it is one of these terms that is so
popular in culture that it almost means nothing anymore
and it can be frustrating the older you get when people talk about lofty ideals
like finding your calling you need to find your calling you know
well for most of us that’s way outside of the realm of our everyday
life where we’re trying to pay bills it’s like you know you need to find your
calling and you’re like well I’m doing good to find my keys in the morning and
you want to talk about finding your calling and as much as I understand that
I also understand that there’s a reason that the majority of questions that I
have been asked as a pastor in these 13 years going on 14 years the reason for
it is that there is something inside of you that wants to find the thing that
you were made to do and you will never be satisfied with anything else and no
matter how much sex you have money you make
friends you meet no matter how big the house is that you build no matter how
many cars you park in the driveway there will always be something unsatisfied in
you until you find that thing that we call a calling and yet and yet so much
damage has been done in popular culture by the concept of
calling that it actually makes us discontent with our lives because rather
than understand the real nature of a calling we have a concept of a calling
and often we spend our lives wishing that we were doing something that God
did not tell us to do so to break this first sermon down today and there will
be several in this series I’m praying that you come to all of them and I’m
praying if you can’t come to all of them you’ll watch them all because they’re
all online for free and I can’t figure out a reason in the world why you
couldn’t spend 40 minutes with me on YouTube each week even if you have to do
it while you’re walking the dog even if you have to do it while you’re falling
asleep I’ll put you to sleep I don’t mind
whatever I can get I’ll help you run on the treadmill just whatever you have to do
to get these messages the Bible says in verse 1 that in those days while Samuel
the twelve year old who was apprenticing in the tabernacle because his mother
Hannah prayed that she could have a son and she had trouble conceiving and when
she finally had the son she dedicated him to the Lord and she dropped him off
at age 4 and only saw him once a year and she put him under Eli who wasn’t
doing a very good job he was letting his sons run around in the tabernacle and
have sex with women at the entrance to the tabernacle and he knew about it but
he wouldn’t do anything about it and he was letting his sons beat people up who
had brought their sacrifice to the temple and they brought their sacrifice
to God but the priest took it for themselves Hophni and Phinehas Eli’s
sons would send their messenger out to the tent and say hey Hophni said you got
to give him the fat portion and the people who came would be like well
that’s for the Lord they can get the portion after it burns off that’s the
priest portion but they had gotten confused about what it meant to honor
God and they started honoring themselves and their opinions and their desires
and they started treating God as common and so the Bible says something
interesting in verse 1 it says in those days with all of that going on the word
of the Lord was rare because they treated the Lord as common the word of
the Lord was rare because we live in a day where it is so easy to get
information but so difficult to get truth I figured this verse would apply
to us would you agree with me that we are drowning in information drowning in
opinion drowning in agenda drowning in projections but starving for truth you
know I’m right about it it’s such a crazy time you don’t know
who to trust anymore you don’t know if it’s real you don’t know if it’s fake
you don’t know if it’s inflated you don’t know if it’s a statistic and let
me give you a statistic 83% of statistics are made up that’s a
statistic I made it up it’s a time where truth is hard to find and it doesn’t
mean that there wasn’t access to the Bible God knows we have access to the
Word of God you could pull out your phone right now and a British person
will read you the Bible on the Bible app that made me think of something real
funny one time Graham asked me do British people find American accents
soothing probably not but here’s the thing about
it it’s not access to the Word of God it’s our attitude to the Word of God
it’s our attitude it’s why some people can come into church and look
narcoleptic in church it’s why some people can come into church and leave
during the invitation because God forbid it takes you seven minutes to get to
Cracker Barrell it’s why some people can click around to different sermons and be
like oh yeah I don’t know Furtick’s not on today I’m gonna go over here to
this one and that one and that’s what see when the word of God becomes common
to us we will have access to the Word of God but it will not have impact on our
life and so the first thing I wanted to mention is the culture the culture in
Eli’s time was a culture of neglect a culture where the value of who God was
and what he said was negotiable therefore there was an absence of that
special presence of God the word of the Lord was rare because the lord of the
word had become common and I just want to say to you today that many of our
cultural concepts of calling are really just self-help individualistic ambition
oriented delusions dressed up in Christian cliches and because you got a trophy when you
were seven does not mean you get to play Major League Baseball and the culture of
our day is kind of like instead of worshiping God
we worship our idea of Gods will and rather than being in relationship
with God we want God to be a resource who is more like Siri than he is like a
Savior I don’t know if you come back next week the way I’m starting this
sermon but we need to get something straight right off the bat that until I
treasure the voice of God value the voice of God harken to the
voice of God make time for the voice of God consecrate myself I can’t get it by
skimming I can’t get it by just you know running around to this person and that
person it is the revealed will of God that we’re after
it is the revealed will of God now when I was in my 20s I did all this teaching
and preaching and now you know now that I’m wiser I turn 40 next year y’all
better start working on my gift now cuz it’s a big one it’s kind of cringy
for me to look back on the way I spoke about calling in my 20s that probably
left people feeling at the very least confused at worse frustrated and maybe
even full of resentment because the way it happened in my life is different for
all of us here’s Samuel who is receiving a revelation of God and in my life I
never heard anything audible that God said to me I never you know the Lord
never said Furtick uh Steve would God call you by your last name or first name I don’t
know but he never said you know preach to me out loud there
were desires there were opportunities I noticed some effectiveness it’s the
weirdest thing when I first got up to pray for pastor Mickey who asked me to
pray at a Lions Club meeting I noticed that people seemed to be blessed as I
prayed and they connected and it took pastor Mickey to explain to me that that
was the hand of God on my life I didn’t know that if he hadn’t been there to
guide me I would have maybe thought I was just a charismatic speaker but he
helped me to see that there was something supernatural involved and I
was sixteen years old and I had someone who had been around long enough to see
some things to tell me it was special otherwise I wouldn’t have known it now
here’s what I did with that knowledge I preached in my 20s that just like God
called me to preach God has called each Christian to do something you agree with
that but here’s the part that I think was incomplete
while I’d be up there saying to people you need to find your calling you need
to find your calling you need to find your calling you need to find your
calling you need to find your calling you need to find your calling you need to find your
calling you need to find your calling you need to find your calling you need to
find your calling you need to find your calling see cuz it gets annoying after a while
right it’s like I’m just trying to like I need a job man I don’t know about a
calling I need a raise right now is that it makes it sound as if it’s something
that you can just get and just know and yet did you notice in the passage that
even Samuel who was the link between the period of the judges and the monarchy of
Israel a thousand years before Jesus that even Samuel who none of his words
fell to the ground even Samuel didn’t get it right the first time I don’t know
why but that encourages me just reading this little story to know that there’s
someone that God used to do something great and he called him and he chose him
but even this great prophet didn’t get it right the first time I want to set
you free today from the feeling that you have to find your calling that’s a
cultural concept it’s not a biblical one you don’t have to find your calling in
fact if the text is correct if Samuel is an illustration then I don’t have to
find my calling because if I will serve the purpose of the season that I’m in in
my life right now watch this get ready to shout my calling will find me isn’t that
good news Christian soldiers aren’t you glad to know that when Samuel heard a
voice and he didn’t even know whose voice it was and here’s the thing
about it I want to talk about the culture and then I want to talk about
the contact the contact because when he first heard the voice it sounded like
something he had heard before have you ever noticed it’s hard to know the
difference between when you’re speaking to you and when God is speaking to you
and watch out for the Christians who are running around so sure that it’s God
speaking to them those are the weird ones those are the crazy ones I mean I’m
serious you got to watch out for them and they’re here at Elevation just like
they’re at every church and they’ll find you in the bathroom and they’ll say I have a word
from the Lord for you and they don’t even know you and it’s weird cuz it’s
the bathroom can I wash my hands if God spoke to you he’ll do it in the lobby
but let me finish using the bathroom I’m serious y’all cuz I’m a preacher and people
always think I want to be spiritual and people will stop me in the bathroom
sometimes at a restaurant and give me a word from the Lord but if it was really
the Lord he would have told you it’s weird to talk to people in the bathroom
and wait till a man gets outside because there is such a thing as germs and God
doesn’t cancel out germs I don’t want your prophetic word while I’m trying to
so but because it gets weird because it
gets weird we still have to realize that the only way that the will of God or the
Word of God or the voice of God can be recognized that’s what the Bible said
that Eli who was old who couldn’t see physically I’ve been on this thing
lately that we really need people in our life who are older than us who have been
along the journey and to respect the price that they paid and to not just
think that because they don’t go on Soundcloud or because they don’t have a
lot of Instagram followers that they have nothing to teach us I’m really
seeing the value and people who they may not have the physical vision that they
used to have but they can discern spiritual things and Eli wasn’t even a
perfect priest in fact God was in the process of moving him out of the way and
even in that transition because the whole passage is about transition it’s
Samuel transitioning from a boy to a man from boys to men I was just
thinking you know it’s hard to say goodbye but
when Eli is transitioning out and when Samuel is transitioning up and
he’s ultimately stepping into the thing God created him for God deals with
Samuel but he does it through Eli and whatever God is going to speak in your
life is going to come in the context of relationships and I chose the word
contact to describe it because whoever you put around you the
most will start to affect the voice inside of you that speaks to you and have
you ever noticed that God’s voice sometimes in your life sounds like your
wife sometimes for me it sounds like my kids
sometimes in my life I’ve noticed that if I am not selective about my contacts
I will start hearing I don’t mean like out loud voices I don’t want you to send
me off after I preach today or anything like that I mean the voice in my mind a
lot of times when when I was going through a counseling session to try to
understand myself better the one thing that the therapist would
keep saying is whose voice is that you know these things you say to
yourself you go like you know I’m so stupid and you never get anything right
and well of course you screwed it up you screw everything up you know all that
and she keeps saying whose voice is that whose voice is that and I didn’t know
she was just trying to get me to say you know it was my dad my mom it’s like the point
of all therapy my diapers were too tight but what I realized is that most of us
who are not clinically insane don’t actually hear voices we process thoughts
right so we say the voice of God how does the voice of God come into your
life through thoughts through thoughts and that’s why Samuel was confused
right because he heard something so he went where he knew to go and I want to
point out something about this he did the right thing he
ran I noticed the Bible said that when he heard his name called Samuel first of
all it didn’t sound strange to him it sounded like what he
was used to so he ran because that’s what he did because he had the right
passion but he ran to the wrong person some of you right now you have the right
passion but you’re running to the wrong person or the wrong place now this is
not only true in the case of Samuel it was true of Moses God called him to
deliver his people from the Egyptians Moses had the right passion but where he
messed up listen to this UC when he killed the Egyptian it was the right
passion but it was misplaced he tried to do it his way he didn’t get it right the
first time and some of the things that you’ve gotten wrong in your life some of
the mistakes that you’ve made it was God stirring you up but it was Eli that you
ran to you ran to the thing that God was trying to remove out of your life
because that’s what you were used to you ran to the thing that you were familiar
with because it’s all your mind could understand and so God gave you a gift
but you use that gift for you for a little while until you found out unless
I offer the gift back to the giver it’s gonna come back empty but God brought
you here today to let you know that was my voice calling you that was me that
gave you that talent that was me that made you good at that
that was me that opened the door for you that was me that gave you that
responsibility that was me that gave you health that was me that gave you
strength that was me that gave you that connection it was him the whole time it was the Lord that called Samuel but it was Eli that Samuel ran to what
are you running to if you’re running to something that is not
your purpose you’ll feel it in several ways but one of the things I
want to mention is I’m trying to surround myself
in this stage of my life with people who bring out the God in me
and that’s just me now I don’t mean I’m gonna be mean to people who don’t know
the Lord or I’m gonna go and live in a monastery or something like that but you
know there are some texts that I don’t return in this stage of my
life because I feel like I’m in a season where I’m trying to do important things
and my calling is valuable and so my contacts are very important because
certain stuff is contagious and I know there are certain people when I get
around them I feel something rise in me that lets me know I can overcome
and I need them around me I need them to rub off on me I need them to speak into
my life I need them to encourage me I don’t need people who are laying back on
the last thing God did in this season of my life I need people to push me forward
yes I do yes I do I gotta be careful reading the
comments on my Instagram in this season because whatever I make contact with I
catch and see I need the word of the Lord
I need vision I need hope I need purpose I need security and so he runs to Eli but Eli tells him
it’s God you need to speak to and the right contacts in your life will always
point you back to the only one who has real power thank you God for this word I
feel your spirit on this one this will help you because the concept of
calling that most of us have is that you’re gonna go on a 40 day fast in the
Holy Land and God’s gonna speak to you when you walk where Jesus walked on the
Sea of Galilee but the Lord is not gonna speak to you on the Sea of Galilee from
a voice on the water he’s gonna speak to you and I know you don’t want to hear it
because it’s sexy to think that some day
there’s gonna be a voice that speaks from heaven it’s not gonna be like that
it’s gonna sound like Eli it’s gonna sound like Eli and it is through Eli
that God called Samuel Eli this isn’t Billy Graham this is the dude who blew
it and this is how bad he blew it watch what ultimately happens when Samuel
after three times everybody say three times how many times
do I have to tell you one time Holly she loses her temper with our kids a lot
y’all pray for her just kidding she’s a very patient mom but
one time she was so mad at Elijah he was only about four she said how many times
do I have to tell you he got this real fear look in his eyes he goes three
times look at the verse 8 again a third time
how many are glad that God has call waiting that God will call you
again ask Jonah Jonah wasn’t even a talented preacher he didn’t have funny
stories he didn’t have good charisma he didn’t even like people but God used him
because when God calls you he will call back you know how there are some people
when you call him you have to call him and so you’re secretly hoping you get
their voicemail because you really don’t want to talk to him anyway some of you
think God is like that like he really wants someone else and he’s really glad
that he doesn’t have to deal with you but God wants you God wants you God
chose you God put the genetics in you the DNA in you the passion in you
the opportunity is for you what God has for you it is for you that’s why you
don’t have to be jealous insecure bitter resentful that’s why you don’t have to
get back that’s why you don’t have to take revenge because what God has for
you is for you y’all awake somebody shout Here I am and that was really the answer
because it’s not only the culture that confuses us in our calling it’s not only
our contacts sometimes but it’s the conflict of calling the conflict
of calling is great on an internal and an external level now what Samuel did
next what a beautiful little story right to show us that God repeats things
that’s one way I know he’s speaking you ever notice this when God is
trying to get your attention it’s kind of like when you’re shopping for a
certain car and you start seeing them everywhere
when God wants to get a message across to you he’ll put you in the market
for it and you never even looked at anybody else who has beats but now you look
what’s that one how’s that one different than that one and this one and the other
one because I’m in the market for God when you get in the market for God you
start noticing that he’s he’s been speaking all along just like
there was there was confirmation I didn’t have time to put this word in the
sermon it starts with the letter C so it could be a bonus point confirmation
God will speak something over here over here over here and you’ll start noticing
it you’ll start noticing little things and then it’ll you hear it in the sermon
and then you’ll hear it in a movie and then you hear it in a song and then you
hear you see it on somebody’s the back of their window and then you hear it
through your husband and then you hear it through and you just see it and just
hear and you’ll start seeing it and you’ll start hearing and then you have
to discern which is to separate that’s what Eli did he discerned the Hebrew
word is biyn he discerned he separated he made a distinction he had a
discernment to know this is the Lord calling the boy so he said when it
happens again and this is the word of the Lord for you when it happens again
when it happens again if it happens again just say speak Lord your servant
is listening and I want to show you something that the Lord just showed me his
greatest revelation happened in rest Eli didn’t say oh that maybe God you
better run out and catch him before he leaves well if God spoke to you
better chase him down no if it was God speaking he’ll come back all you got to
do is be in position for it that’s all you’ve got to do you don’t
have to find it it’ll find you trust me God is not playing hide and seek in the
tabernacle God is not running around the tent ha ha ha if I hide behind this
table of showbread Samuel will never find me back here Samuel ha ha ha ha ha God’s
not hiding behind the laver you know he’s not hiding and even though God is
always moving he’s never hiding that’s what the tabernacle was it was a portable
structure and they set it up in the wilderness because they never knew when
God was gonna say stop and when God was gonna say go why because God does not
want you to depend on his will he wants you to depend on him there’s a
difference one is God just show me what to do that way I won’t need you the
other one is God I want you wherever you lead me wherever
you take me whatever it means whatever it costs and whatever it looks like but
here’s the conflict because Samuel goes in and he lays down the Bible says he didn’t
know the Lord yet he knew how to bake the bread in the tabernacle
that was his job he knew how to open the doors so people could come worship
he knew how to follow Eli around and give me this and get me that but there’s
a big difference between the rituals of religion and a relationship with God and if you’re going through the motions
like you know singing songs not really thinking about the words just kind of
singing them or just kind of like hearing little forgettable things that I
say in my sermon that you know you won’t even remember what it was about 15
minutes after I’m done it’s possible that you don’t know the Lord yet
I don’t mean you’re not a Christian not necessarily I don’t mean you don’t
believe in God not necessarily but to know him is to
know his voice and when you know him like that you can hear things that are
hard to hear but you can know that even when he says things that are hard for
you to hear he says them from a spirit of love grace purpose one of my friends
is a real over texter I can’t keep up with him and I love him but my thumb’s
hurt and I can’t do it and I don’t voice text
because it’s annoying because it corrects the wrong words the wrong way
and you get in trouble that way and say something you didn’t mean to say end up
firing somebody you meant to hire but it changes it doesn’t know because your
voice anyway one time he texted me he said uh how come our conversation is all
gray on iPhone when they text you it’s gray when you text back it’s blue when
he said that I wondered if sometimes my relationship with God is all gray to
where he is speaking and he is prompting and he is provoking but God can speak
speak speak three times he did it God didn’t say anything different the
third time except this when he said speak Lord your servant is listening and
he lay down in his place I got to hit that real quick I know
we’re running out of time but it says Samuel went and laid down in his place
that’s verse 9 put it up Samuel went and lay down in his place in
his place in his place you will realize God’s purpose when you get in your place
touch somebody next to you and say get in your place because if God is dropping
off the mail but you’re not home you won’t get it and you’ll think he didn’t
send it and you’ll think he didn’t speak but I learned something with my friend
it was it was not just the conflict of the calling it was the color it was all
gray but the breakthrough is in the blue it’s not just when God speaks it’s when
you get in your place and say God Here I am the real me the honest me the open me
the ready me the humble me the broken down me the me that is ready to do your
will cuz I’ve done my will and I saw how that worked out and I’m ready to do your
will that’s what Isaiah said he said I’m an unclean man with unclean lips but if
you’ll take that coal and touch my lips I’ll speak for you because holy holy
holy is the Lord God Almighty so here I am
I’ll go Moses stood at a bush he turned aside took off his shoes and said God
I’m slow of speech I’m not eloquent and you saw the things I did that put me in
this predicament but if it’s you calling here I am somebody shout Here I am
Jeremiah said I’m too young for this and your people are stubborn and you know
they’re not gonna listen but if it’s you calling me here I am somebody shout here
I am and the reason I’m confused about my
calling is because I don’t just have one this is what I didn’t know in my 20s
because I felt like God called me to preach you ever felt like God called you to
do something put you somewhere I mean maybe it wasn’t something big
spectacular maybe you’re not gonna do a halftime show at the Super Bowl with it
but God called you to do something I just saw your Patriots gear made me
think of the Super Bowl God bless you man congratulations on that I hope
you’re happy now how many is it gonna take for you guys to shut up about it
but there’s a blessing in it there’s a blessing in it even if it’s a
small thing and you say okay God call me to do this but then what happens is look
I was called to preach right so I start preaching I start going around preaching
I’m preaching everywhere preaching everywhere they asked me to come preach I’m
preaching at the lock-in I preached one time so late at the
night it was 3 a.m. and I had this sermon illustration where I would take a
mirror and I’d break the mirror and I preached Genesis 1:26 about the image
of God and Holly can tell you we knew where the mirrors were in every Walmart
in the state of South Carolina because every time we get to a new little town
to preach to 15 kids I’d go in and get a mirror and then I’d break it with a hammer
and I said this is what sin does to you you know put the condemnation on the
young people just put it on him hard breaking mirrors and one boy went to the
emergency room cuz the glass flew up and hit him in the eye and I had to call his
parents and tell him not to sue me I’m a man of God
and I got a ministry and if you sue me God’s gonna curse you and make you but I
didn’t say that but I was running around preaching right but then I
married Holly and I realized I’m called to be her husband too come on it’s
the conflict of calling it’s complicated you can make it sound simple find your
calling which one because then I was called to be a
preacher and a husband and sometimes they needed different techniques what if
I walked home and said Holly give him a shout of praise it’s different callings touch three people she’s like it’s just us and
then by the time I’m getting these callings you know I got how many got at
least two callings in your life at least two things that you’re responsible for
and they’re in conflict sometimes here she comes pregnant
four years into marriage here she turns up pregnant now I’m called to be a
parent now I’m called to you ever feel like you’re
not just putting on different hats but you actually have like different heads I
read that in that Sittser book the will of God as a way of life he said I felt
like I didn’t just have different hats I had different heads and this is the
conflict of calling but the answer is always availability presence access when
he said speak Lord your servant is listening it created access not only for
God’s Word to come to him but for God’s word to come through him and what God
said was difficult he said I’m transitioning not only am i
transitioning you from an apprentice to a priest from a priest to a prophet but
I’m transitioning Eli and his sons out of the earth so that my purpose can be
fulfilled I’m transitioning and you’re gonna have to
go through a difficult transition right now but by the time we get to 1
Samuel 4 verse 1 the Bible says that Samuels word came to all Israel
I was curious why it didn’t say God’s Word through Samuel but by this point in
1st Samuel 4 because Samuel said here I am speak Lord we have now gone from the
word of the Lord was rare to the word of Samuel came to all Israel
because he had gotten to a point where he heard God’s voice on the level that
when he spoke what he spoke came directly from the throne of God God
wants to get us to the place where we are not running around all the time
talking about what we’re gonna do one day some of you are using the concept of
a calling as a crutch to not fully embrace the season of life that you’re
in and that is not the will of God for you and you may be called to be a mom
one day but if you’re not a mom right now can you say here I am to this season
and you may be called to own your own business one day but can I just say that
in the meantime the only thing that God has ever wanted from you was all of you
the only thing that God has ever asked of you is here I am
it’s what Jeremiah said it’s what Moses said it’s what Isaiah said it’s what
Samuel said and when he made himself available the Word of God became
abundant I want you to stand to your feet because God has been speaking your
whole life he’s been speaking through hard things he’s been speaking through
painful things he’s been speaking through pleasure passion he’s been
speaking through rejection he’s been speaking through restlessness it wasn’t
that God wasn’t speaking it’s that the people had lost their ability to listen
and so God said to Samuel before you can speak for me I need you to learn to
listen this is what God wants to fine-tune in our lives over the next few
weeks this is what God wants to do in your heart over the next few weeks
because honestly some of you are still running to Eli when it’s really God some
of your running trying to find something out there when God is trying to speak to
you in your place that’s what got me this time cuz I
didn’t preach that last night but when I was speaking to you God was speaking to
me and I try to listen and he said tell him stay in your place Samuel didn’t
wake up that morning looking for a calling and maybe that’s the problem
with us maybe it’s that we’ve made this thing about calling and what God has for
my life more what if what God has called you to first and foremost is himself wouldn’t that set you free that the will
of God is not which job the will of God is not which school you put your kids in
my God I was talking to Buck the other day one thing I love about Monks Corner
better than Charlotte there was two schools you could go to
there was just two it was the public one and the one that everybody that smoked
weed at the public one got sent to the Christian school but listen to me we’ve
made the will of God a resource it’s not a resources it’s a relationship it’s a
relationship it’s a relationship so I want us to go through this next several
weeks not looking for clarity certainty but confidence to know that if I will make
myself available to this calling in this moment he’ll
speak he will speak question is will you respond what I’ve learned to
do now is not necessarily say this is God or this isn’t God I got this new
thing it may be God I don’t know only way for me to find out
the only way I can experience the breakthrough is in the blue so speak
Lord I’m listening say that to your life say that to your pain say that to what
you think was your mistake you know what you’re mistake
may be God he may imma show you that next week
that’s my sermon next week I’m gonna show you next week how your mistakes are
miracles in disguise in disguise the presence of the Lord is in this
place would you lift your hands God is here father I thank you for the word
that came forth today we receive it somebody say I receive it quit sitting
there with your lips just puckered up just stressed out open your mouth and
say I receive it Lord everything that you’re doing in my life everything that
you’re calling me to be all the things that you’re doing that aren’t really
about me Lord I don’t want to be self-centered and just self consumed I
thank you that the wind of your spirit is blowing so I set my sails on
this new series God I’m not asking you just to speak to me I’m asking you to
open my eyes to see you and my ears to hear you open the eyes of my heart open
my understanding open my open my will to your will and your will be done in my
life thank you for your presence thank you for your purpose thank you for your
provision lift your hands as high as you can say speak Lord say it out loud speak
Lord I’m listening I’m gonna listen to my life
this week I’m gonna listen to the still
small voice this week there’s too much noise too much noise the word of the Lord is rare
when the Lord of the word becomes common I’m gonna look for you this week I’m gonna
find you I’m gonna seek you seek and you will find thank you for watching the
Elevation Church YouTube channel don’t stop here join the eFam our online
extended family and join us live every Sunday subscribe to this channel so you
don’t miss a single video or live stream and share this with a friend you can
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to reach people around the world for Jesus Christ thank you again for
watching God bless you

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