I was in an ANTI-GAY commercial!!!! (NOT CLICKBAIT)

A: I think that I need to drink this before. G: Okay. [sound of glasses clinking] Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots. [Intro music] [Very loud belch] A: That was Satan coming out of me. G: You have to burp “gay radical agenda.” A: okay..? GAY– radical agenda… G: oh whoof. I’m excited to make out. A: the gay radical agenda is working! G: It is. . . gay radical agenda A: This is our second time filming this video, because the audio didn’t record the first. You know what they say, though. Twice the hate in one night is fun. Hey mom, what are we doing in this video? G: Well son, We’re gonna watch a clip of mom’s book getting hated on by christians. C: Are all christians really judgmental??? G: No! Most actually aren’t [christian music plays] AShould we make some kind of news music? Like, BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BOM 1, 2, 3- BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BOM again! ascend with vigour and gusto. G: Oh, I’m sorry I left my gusto back . . . BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BOM G: was that gustowy enough? A: Good vigour and gusto. 10 out of 10 would vigour again. Breaking news, YouTube! G: we made the news! A: We are on a brief, hateful segment of TV that features my book. -G: What a wonderful day in history!
A: Haha! G: Tell our lovely viewers how you felt in that moment, being– A: the face of anti-gay propaganda?
G: yes. [BURP] [devil noise] A: My initial reaction was… YASSSS! That’s what I felt when I saw my book in this piece of media. I cackled. G: you did, actually. Now what type of show was this? A: Oh! this was on. . . CBN, or Christian Broadcasting Network. [Christian music] G: You know, everybody knows CBN. They’ve been a staple, or a steeple, if you will, in our community. . . A: YAAAAA A: That’s where I get most of my facts! Well, I mean okay, it goes like Fox and Friends, CBN, G: Do you know any other conservative media? A: Trump’s Twitter? G: Ah! Hey!!! A: The way I found out I was on CBN was because someone shared a Facebook video with me that received, wait for it, not half a million views, not 1 million views, But one point four MILLION VIEWS!!! G: How do you feel that your most watched YouTube video has 600 thousand views? A: CBN took my youtube channel’s highest stats, spit on them *spits* and we’re like here This is twice as much. but only from people who think you’re icky. G: But, I mean, it’s the thought that counts?
A: True! G: We are going to watch said video.
A: are you ready? G: I think our outfits are boring. Welcome to Christian world news, everyone. I’m Wendy Griffith
and I’m George Thomas. In Canada, a radical sex ed curriculum being pushed in public A: THERE’S MY BOOK!!!! ALREADY!!!!! G: The radical agenda A: It’s the first thing on the TV! G: There’s, like, other books there, and they like highlight that one. A: I know because my book literally is the, like–
G: Gay Bible. A: Yeah. let’s listen to what you have to say. Their children will become confused and even brainwashed. A: Uhhh!! Within… 21 seconds, and we’ve already mentioned brainwashing. That’s exactly right George, but as I discovered in my recent trip to Canada, there could be a silver lining? A: Oh, tell me how. This issue is waking up a sleeping church. A family can be made up in many different ways. . . It’s called “sogi” for sexual orientation and gender identification. A curriculum that teaches public school students across Canada to celebrate the homosexual lifestyle and that gender is fluid. G: Gender is only fluid for some people.
A: gender can be fluid, it has like the capacity to be fluid, it isn’t inherently fluid. And also gay is not a lifestyle gay is just how you are. Gender is only fluid, also, if that is how you are. In other words, your gender is not dependent on what parts you were born with, but rather what you feel like in the moment. People that are boys There’s people that are girls. There are people whose gender might be a little bit of both or might even be neither. Lessons include books about transgender children such as 10,000 dresses and songs like the rainbow song. A: The rainbow song?! We all know there’s only two colours: blue and pink. ♪ Gender won’t decide the choices we make. ♪ ♪ Some boys like dressing up, some girls like catching snakes. ♪ A: Did you hear the lyrics? Some boys like dressing up some girls like catching snakes. What’s a tomboy thing a girl can do? she can fucking wrestle a snake! G: Can you let me know how much of a snake problem Canada has? The SOGI curriculum started in British Columbia in 2016 and is quickly spreading throughout Canada. I just thought, who decided that this was okay to teach our children? Author and inspirational speaker Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson is a leading voice against the SOGI curriculum. And we are seeing the results of that now because some kids are reacting very emotionally and saying, you know, and they’re in fear, will I be, you know, will I suddenly struggle with feeling like a different gender inside of my body?! G: Only if you’re trans!
A: Only if you’re trans and society is trying to like repress that part of you or only if you’re having to pretend to be something you’re not. Kari Simpson of culture guard, another leading opponent, calls the curriculum nothing short of child abuse. G: That’s fun. All those beautiful qualities that make young girls beautiful girls and women are being, basically, vilified. A: You can be girly to a tee in every single way and identify as a woman and you’re beautiful if that’s how you truly are if that’s your honest self, that rocks, And you should absolutely Express that and be proud of that and other people around you should be proud of that And if you are a trans guy, and you’re that way, that’s fantastic, and if you’re a cis guy and you’re like that, Holy crap that’s wonderful. It’s not only girls or women that can be feminine we’re saying anybody who fucking wants to should be feminine. G: And, we want it to be okay to go in between them between masculine and feminine or somewhere in the middle or something else completely Its rules that people have put on these gender roles that make it so hard for so many people to exist. The things that make out boys, boys are being, you know, taken from them, so things of equating young men to being strong protectors. A: You know who is strong and a protector? Someone who’s strong and a protector. That’s who’s strong and a protector and if a man happens to be a strong protector Those are really cool qualities for that person. But you can also be a woman, you could also be agender, you can also be gender fluid, to be strong and a protector But Morgan O’Shea, a transsexual, A: “Transsexual” and supporter, claims it’s about acceptance, not indoctrination. ideas to teach kids that there are gay kids and there are trans kids and there are trans parents and gay parents in our Society and everybody’s wanted and desired. After all, that’s what our human rights code says and it’s the role of schools to Teach the to teach the following of our laws, right? -Simpson disagrees saying she sees SOGI’s real goal as:
– altering our culture from a heteronormative society Into one where anything goes. A: I would love to alter society from being heteronormative to being more Open and aware of diverse people. G: I think what she’s afraid of is, this security that she feels is being questioned. A: It’s the status quo right now. She fits really well into it, so to change the status quo is threatening like I get that but it doesn’t have to be scary. It’s a good thing. No one is Demonising cis-het people cis-het people are wonderful. G: We know at least two. A: I think it would be dope if straight wasn’t necessarily the default, if we met a person and we got to know them, then we learned what their sexual orientation was. So it’s not trying to erase straightness, it’s just trying to encourage people to get to know other people before they just assume their orientation. G: But she doesn’t want that, that’s the thing. She thinks that that threatens her way of life.
A: It doesn’t, though. A: She can still be straight.
G: No she can’t, Ash.
A: I know. we just want to invite her into our marriage. This is a formal invitation to you. Would you like to be married to us?
G: We’re really Happy. -But after heteronormative it gets really scary really intense. -altering our culture from a heteronormative society Into one where anything goes No Boundaries, no values. No morals. It’s a hedonistic Cult basically what they’re implying? -A hedonistic cult! you heard it here first. if you didn’t think that homophobia was alive in 2018, we have just been called a hedonistic cult and my book is the official handbook for it! -Another blaring example: drag queen story time. it’s happening in Canada and America -sounds like the best thing in the entire world. -where some public schools and libraries invite drag queens. some dress like torn demons to read to young children -And it’s a social Deconstructionist agenda. -Yes!! social constructs are not inherently good wonderful things Social constructs are made by humans and humans are flawed creatures -and sometimes that social contract is really only needed for a certain period of time. we evolve when we grow -oftentimes we create social constructs to serve a purpose. they’re tools in order to like organize and make sense of things. -A lot of the social constructs that we have right now in our society are not helpful for the Generation and the progress that we’re making out of this society So it’s really important to deconstruct them so that we can move forward together. -They’re dated the tools are no longer helping us They’re hindering us they’ve become harmful and a lot of social constructs weren’t even helpful to begin with -they’re using children little Five-year-olds to accomplish this and parents are waking up and saying no -when asked about parents rights Jose says:
– well actually in Canada Parents rights are limited and children’s rights are put ahead -which I think is so F-ing awesome. -so the child has a right to be protected from the parents when the parents behave badly -This is very scary stuff -longtime Vancouver area pastor, Kevin Cavanaugh Says this is far more serious than most Canadian Christians realize -our problem is not the teachers the educators administrators This is a battle in the heavenlies -He says Satan is going after their most vulnerable: the children. -and the little little girl came home in tears Because the teacher had told her since she was playing with some toys in the class that were deemed to be Masculine in nature that she was likely a boy in a girl’s body The mother went to the school the very next day and instead of having any sort of tolerance or support or understanding She was actually called names. She was told that she was a homophobe that she was a bigot -Here’s what I have to say about this story. I listened to it, I’ve thought about it, and I just don’t buy it. it sounds sketchy as fuck. It doesn’t sound real I’ve never met a human being I’ve never met–
– especially an educator. -an educator or a queer person who would– -Put an identity on a child. my biggest thing is what actually happened? because like I said if that’s actually what happened completely unacceptable -Yeah, that’s not okay.
-Completely, yeah -You can’t look at another person and tell them that they are a certain gender or they’re Likely a certain gender only that person knows their gender. It’s really presumptuous and condescending and unhelpful -Yeah There’s a reason why it’s called a personal identity -and if this did happen It’s because somebody was taught SOGI in a super incorrect way -This is coming from people who also are surprised when Teenagers get pregnant or STDs are spreading or something like that because they want to teach Abstinence-only. it’s disheartening because then they get mad because people won’t have abortions that which they’re also against oh They won’t teach the sex ad they get mad at people for wanting to have abortions, when they weren’t taught the proper way to engage in safe sex And this is all coming around to talking about topics that aren’t necessarily comfortable for maybe people that are in, or from a different generation -With that in mind Tyler Thompson Simpson and pastor Kevin spreading their message across social media And in town hall meetings the pro gay backlash has been fierce. -FIERCE! – and the Hatred and the anger and the bullying that came against us even though we said we love you We don’t we don’t take from you the opportunity and the freedom to live as you choose We love you. -you love me? you will Send 1.4 Million views of judgment and hate my way and lots of harassment, but you love me! Thank you. I buy it I believe you. That’s totally real and genuine oh You fooled me you love me. Oh they love me. -but we do not agree with you. -pastor Kevin believes Canadian Christians are in a second chronicles 20 moment. -That’s so extra -word was this this battle is not yours Jehoshaphat this battle is the Lord’s
-and the church is Beginning to prepare for what it takes to fight for our kids -I like how they sound that they’re gonna go to war -They sound–
-MY BOOK!!! -Radical agenda. they spelt gender wrong.
– radical agender. Radical agender! you know what’s cool though.
-What? -I don’t feel so personally attacked by this whole ad, cause I am Ash Hardell, this here book was written by Ashley Mardell -Oh that one bitch? -That one bitch so I feel dissociated from it in that way -that’s fair. -cuz people kept tweeting me this they were like someone’s attacking Your book and I was like Ash Hardell didn’t write no book. -and George this battle is unfortunately far from over But some Christian leaders say it could be the issue that wakes up a sleeping Church in Canada -Oh it’s just over. Well, thank you, yeah Yeah? Meow! Well if you liked this video. . . -If you want to learn more about the gay agenda make sure to check out Ash’s free ebook -yeah, if you’ve bought in a copy of the ABCs of LGBT+, but you want some little fun extra tidbits I also released a version of it called the gay B C’s online, and if you haven’t purchased a version this version is free It’s for everyone because the queer propaganda should be spread everywhere and accessible to all Also, there’s an audio book to make it even more accessible And I believe it’s around the world in a couple different languages.
-It is
-oh! I spent a very very long time adding some fun creative new things to this version of the book that costs Again zero dollars -we wrote a very very fun cool -Fanfic that kind of kicks the book off
-and we wrote it together, and it was really fun -It’s really cheeky and satirical and super over-the-top ridiculous I think I grew a pair of abs laughing so hard while we were writing -You know just enjoy it with us, cuz we really just did it for fun And we wanted all the content for you super accessible because that’s what’s most important to us -We think that everybody should be able to experience it even if you don’t have the money to spend And I didn’t write the book to make a bunch of money I wrote it to get the information out there and clearly it is Helping and scaring a lot of people if you’re curious about the free online version of the book Here is a little snippet of reading from it Ash woke up with sore muscles and a dull headache She pulled her pansexual flag bedsheets over her eyes in an attempt to block the morning light she was feeling the effects of last night’s dance rehearsal and the four same-sex on the beaches she had ordered Oh well, though! liquid courage and sassy choreography were vital aspects of being a drag performer as all non-binary people are by default “Hey Baby!” ash’s gender nonspecific partner whispered in her ear, “you did awesome last night. I’ve got to head out But before I go, will you kiss me in a manner deemed unclean by the patriarchy?” Their lips touched, and before Ash knew it, Grace was gone off to face another day working amongst the straights Ash continued to lie in bed and daydream about a parallel universe where she, he, they, were misgendered negative sixty three times a day and Donald trump finally admitted that he too likes Brokeback Mountain Coming out of a reverie twenty or so minutes later ash noticed that her headache had subsided She got up pranced homosexually to her closet and wondered what to wear She asked her seven cats for their opinions And eventually settled on a flannel cutoff, sequin bowtie, and cargo shorts. she topped it off with Crocs and pride socks She adorned herself with the items and glanced in the mirror There was a lot going on but as “a gay,” ash was supposed to look like the human personification of unicorn farmers right, right One stressed Ash mounted Jane Lynch, her motorcycle, and headed to her local raw vegan gluten-free Fairtrade nut free soil free organic corn a kombucha and coffee shop where she would start writing the gay B C’s -Whoa wasn’t that incredible? -That was amazing! -and if you want more content like this make sure to hit that -Notification bell! -that little that there button -ding-a-ling. my videos don’t show up in Subscription boxes a lot but if you hit the bell you’ll get a little ping every time I upload which won’t be a lot It’s only like once a week, so I’m not gonna bug you too much I hope that Laura Lindsey Taylor Thomas hits that Bell. Okay. Bye! Hey there, ho there before you go there. Don’t forget to click that link The YouTube algorithm works in very strange ways a clicks the best way to give Ash Hardell your praise, so hey, ho before you go. Don’t forget to click that link

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  1. LOL, I AM DEAD. This is real – Over 1.4 MILLION people saw this news story championing against LGBTQ+ education in schools. YIKES.

    Unlike CBN, I'm all about spreading education. SO links my purchasable AND free book can be found in the description ^_^

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    Edit: can I move to Canada?

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  5. I am honestly wondering what happened to this curriculum? I myself live in Canada and have never heard of this. I wasn’t taught any of this in school and I really want this to happen. Sorry I went on a rant.

    -Zero, a Pansexual Child of Canada

  6. Lol when I was little I asked my mom if my guy friend could sleep over she said no cus “he’s a boy” maybe that’s why I like girls also she dosent know lol so I can have girls sleep over

  7. Okay people let's have a conversation.
    Comment onto this comment.

    What makes it so difficult to understand? People who are gay don't effect your life. If your children are gay, you don't have to support it, but at least accept them. Why freak out over gay marriage? It's not gonna ruin your marriage. Please help explain and we can have a NICE conversation. No hate. No insults. We all believe in different things. I just want to understand. Thank you to whoever decides to write something and start what could be a very educational conversation to people like me who don't understand.

    See you in the comments!

  8. I secretly support LGTBQ+ even though I'm Christian :p I don't even know If my church supports it yet actually

    lol hope no one finds out a my gay shipping addiction

  9. Some people need to realize that religion shouldn't dictate the laws, and your religion shouldn't affect other people.

  10. In the bible did it not say there was no gender in heaven
    It seems like these people may, just a tad, be vey very very dense to their own religion.

  11. It was a challenge for me to watch this, only because I had to listen to these homophobic news. Geez… by the way, you are awesome ^^

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  13. "Aultering our hetero normative society to one where anything goes" (said in a bad way)
    OK first that is the problem with society not the thing that needs to be kept whole

    The hetero normative society we live in is making a large group of our community feel like they do not matter and it is people like you too that make people feel like they are accepted but then you have these homophobic transphobic people that break that down.

    Basically my message is that they need to go and check out themselves before judging others on something they were born as!

  14. uhhh….I am actually pretty offended: The gender is fluid(???). Gender doesn't work like that, otherwise everybody was gender-fluid or non-binary. And I wont be ALONE no more. But sadly…gender doesnt work like that. How can these ppl talk about LGBTQ+ without even knowing??.. But I love your videosssss.<3

  15. Dear ash, I'm Colby I'm 10 and I'm lesbian, at shcool I met a realy cute and kind girl (gabi) she is my girlfriend now, I know we are too young but,
    No one can stop us from loveing each other . When I saw you're video when you went through making you're chest flat.i was so happy to see a chanel like yours! Thank you for everything. C: (: :>

  16. Ok so I'm trans not out of the closet to many people only my brother and sister. So I first identified as non-binary but I had SO MUCH gender dysphoria. Yesterday I realized I was a guy. Also I'm using my sister's profile

  17. I remember watching this video when it came out and agreeing with CBN and now rewatching it and agreeing with Ash. And finally accepting my transness.

    I've come far, thank you for opening my eyes Ash.

  18. So when my son was two, he loved his sisters dresses and her doll. I didn't think he was gay at two, just had great taste in clothes 😂. Why fight with a small child who's happy and having fun, just because society tells me I am a bad mom. Yes, I was told I was a bad parent because I let him wear girls clothes. I had a whole closet full of boy clothes, but he didn't like it at the time. He stopped by school age and didn't remember when he got older, but we had pictures.

    He's 27 now and straight, but loves his pictures from that time.

  19. If I don’t get my god damn drag queen story time I’m gonna run those two conservative assholes over in my trans mobile oh… and my username and pic are outdated I’m ftm 🙂

  20. I laughed my bootAy off at this entire video
    I find it hilarious when people call the LGBTQ Community things like a cult and act like homosexual and transgender etc. people are treated like scary things, like, "Oh no! A human! How terrifying!" 😂

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    1. Wake up
    2. Grab a brush put on a little makeup
    3. Hide the scars to fade away the shakeup
    4. Leave the keys up on the table
    5. Create another fable

  22. People teach kids to love not hate but when other people love who they want it's wrong. Anyway hi! Y'all seem extremely fun!!!! And inspiring, I feel y'all click really well with each other. You both are amazing

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    Turns out I was being paranoid. My homophobic parents are still at peace.

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  26. It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad…
    But lmao "indoctrination"?! It totally isn't like radical christians are the ones indoctrinating their children, nooooo.
    "hedonistic cult"? If I wanted to sink to their level I'd say (radical) christianity is a fear cult XD
    Also the amount of fallacies in this is incredible… constant strawmanning, an anecdotal argument that I'm 99% sure was made up, and this tone of voice… like oh I am so enraged by schools teaching children not to be homophobic assholes, you should be too, that kinda voice. It's so over the top it's almost hard to believe this isn't some sort of parody, but the sad thing is that those people really believe that nonsense…
    That "We love you" killed me, it made me simultaneously want to vomit and roll around on the floor laughing cause it's the most accurate and over-the-top caricature of christian homophobes I've ever seen until you remember that those people actually believe that shit they're saying which is the point where you feel the content of your stomach threatening to rise up.

    How distorted and indoctrinated has someone got to be to swallow this bs?! It made my faith in humanity drop dangerously, only for it to be restored by you both.

    (also I have nothing against moderate christians, you do you as long as you're not a bigoted a**hole or trying to shove your agenda (not agender this time XD) down other peoples throats)

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