I gave my life to Jesus

I gave my life to Jesus about a thousand times,
At teenage shrines of rare experience, They’d blare Delirious then dare obedience,
I’d swear allegiance, soul-bared and serious, Each prayer more daring than the previous. On stage, the preacher saw we staunch hard
core, who flocked to the fore to knock, knock knock
on heaven’s door. He claimed salvations like he was keeping
score. Yet none were sure but he…
And none doubted more than me. So I prayed again, to firm cement it,
Making sure I really meant it. Vowed my life to be amended,
Willed my all to dust descended, Gave my heart to be expended.
Then when all my prayers were ended… Nothing, but my self lamented…
Oh I pretended all was mended and extended lifted hands
But within I could not understand: What more could He demand? I gave my life to Jesus a thousand different
ways, No single day would pass without this act.
I would contract to yield my every part, To make one more fresh start,
To be more set apart, And in return I’d yearn for Him to impart
the merest trace of grace into my heart. I gave my life to Jesus, though faith continued
flagging, though doubts were ever nagging, zeal sagging
dragging down to duty’s basement. But at least I had my bracelet!
O dear bracelet, give me strength anew. The bracelet counseled: What Would Jesus Do?
And to answer all I could think was that He would sink
to His knees in passioned pleas, like at Gethsemane.
And with almighty self-surrender, there He rendered ALL to God who, silent,
let Him fall. So what should I do?
I too would heed that call, and likewise sprawl before the Splendor. This crawl became my pattern,
each new day I’d flatten self before the Lord, pressed down to gain reward
that never came. But all the same I’d call. And all the while the preachers told me
“Give control, not part, but wholly, Give your heart, your life, your all.”
But rarely do I recall Being told what He gave, my Lord to save.
Except… they slipped it in… to conscript us they gripped us
With “Jesus whipped, our Saviour stripped, the blood it dripped from the cross,” but
they ripped it from it’s gospel frame To say “Now YOU. YOU DO THE SAME.”
And thus Christ’s offering was flipped, we were guilt tripped
by the very act that saved us. So it was engraved, instilled:
The cross was a standard unfulfilled by us. Oh but we’d try, my how we’d try, we’d
bow the knee and bear the load, It was the very least we owed. I gave my life to Jesus… but somewhere down
the road I slid, my faith undid even amid my church, my prayers,
even as I bid for heaven’s care, beneath the lid, the venom hid.
I was your youth group’s keenest kid, But no-one hated God more than I did. With Him it’s just take, take, take, there’s
no break, His thirst for blood who can slake?
At least vampires get you just once, But this God held perpetual hunts. I gave my life to Jesus but I guess it was
no good. I did what I could to appease Him,
but no pleasing seemed probable, So this elder brother turned prodigal. And I could chronicle the years headed east.
A far country unpoliced, It was a famine disguised as a feast,
A pig-sty passed off as release. But there… at the end of the track, all was pitch black, with life out of wack THERE – what brought me back? THIS BOOK.
Cos THIS BOOK, as I read, didn’t say what they said,
To those who lived under piety’s dread, by their leaders misled,
The KINGDOM of God is at hand. There He stands in your stead,
your King lifts your head, He has shouldered your dread,
arms outstretched till they bled. As I read, I met HIM: the Father’s sheer
Gift, now offered to lift us from cowering,
The feeble empowering, The filthy clean showering,
the lowly now towering in Him. So that night on His knees? Gethsemane’s
pleas? Those prayers they were said for me.
Cos I am not Jesus there in the garden, begging for pardon,
I’m Peter. Despite all my boasts, I’m asleep at my
post, And Jesus does it all for me. Do we give our life to Jesus? Talk about
cart before horse. Can we resource the Source who flows like
a river He is the Giver and we just receive, that’s
what it means for us to believe. So I’ll leave an appeal. To the preachers
who feel that they must stir up zeal, then let it be
His we reveal. You say “Give your heart”
This says “Christ is the donor” You say “Yield your life”
This says “He was always the owner” You say “Get on fire.”
This says “You are the Light.” You say “Keep running to God.”
This says “Walk in Christ.” You say “Dare to be a missional, intentional,
incarnational, contextualised, no-compromise, counter-cultural, radical, red-letter, fully-devoted,
disciple.” This says “Follow.” You say “Get hungry for God.”
This says “Take, eat, swallow.” You say “Press into God”
This says “You’re hidden in Christ” You say “Be a world changer”
This says “Lead a quiet life.” You say “Surrender all.”
This says “You’re not your own.” You say “Step up to the plate”,
This says “You’re raised to the throne.” You say “Burn out”
This says “Shine” You say “Work hard on your relationship with
Jesus.” This says “I am my beloved’s and He is
mine.” Folks, look at the book and unhook from this
wearisome, will-driven view Stop giving your life to Jesus, He’s the
Giver delivered for you.

18 thoughts on “I gave my life to Jesus”

  1. Wonderful, all Glory to our beloved king Jesus Christ. Before i was married Jesus delivered me from bipolar, schizophrenia, demon spirits, soul ties, repented from sins and sins of the father's. Jesus also delivered me from being imprisoned for at least 25 years for assault on officer. Now its been 6-7 years and im free in Jesus, filled with his holy spirit and i start off my day with the word of God, you really need the Holy spirit to understand it. Im blessed with a healthy 4 year old son and God spoken to us that he gave our son wisdom to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove and he will lead many people to the Lord. Even at 4 years u can have a full conversation with him, he pays attention all the time cant even say something cryptic to my wife without him knowing what it is and asks questions. All the Glory to Jesus. Most of the problems are demonic spirits and if anyone lacks wisdom ask from the lord like you would ask for the Holy Spirit for the spirit of wisdom is one of the 7 flames of the holy spirit. ( if you guys in Portland,OR area we have a church that was given for us to gather and pray every Saturday 8pm in Washougal, wa we worship and pray in the Spirit and Gods presence is overwhelming people come with their family members and demon possessed people fall on the floor at times and scream and leave and those people, they crying with Joy and the presence of God is overwhelming. When i was locked in jail awaiting trail. my future brother in law prayed for 3 hrs till he saw chains being broken and i was let out on bail then when we went to see the Judge to get sentenced the prosecution in the last minute offered that i confessed that i annoyed the officer and they let me out on 60 hrs of community service for beating the officer. You can what a video of my brother in law https://youtu.be/8BJl34MSPrc

  2. That was SO good. Thank you so much Glen.
    Your message has blessed me beyond measure and challenged so many of my presumptions about my relationship with God and what He wants FROM me. When it's actually all about what He has already GIVEN me. It's really got me thinking!
    Thanks again.

  3. Amen! Someone once said “I was a Christian for 22 years. But I realize that I was a one-year-old 22 times.” It’s time for us to fully realize the spiritual blessings in Christ that God has blessed us with.

  4. Thank you Glen, with tears of joy, thank you!

    Oh Christian world – wake up, stop all your works and rest in His finished works, revel in His perfect love – and Shine!

  5. So how many more of you know Jesus is here and is in the air entering via brain waves?

    This is nuts.
    God speaks in EVERYTHING.
    All songs
    All movies
    All tv shows
    All people

    I have no idea how i did not see this all of my life

  6. Interesting poem. But despite the tag-line in the comment, no-where in the poem does he talk about being convinced of the truth of what was said…

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