How To Handle Disappointment | Pastor Steven Furtick

we give up so quickly the first time we
get turned away we go home the first time we try the diet and slip from the
diet we blame it on genetics the first person that doesn’t like us the first
person that doesn’t help us the first time it gets a little hard many of us
are so quick to see disappointment as a dead end not these men these men made a
decision if there’s no room for us through that door we will climb up
here’s the word of the Lord if you can’t get in go up if you can’t get through on
this level go up to a higher level sometimes the reason God allows you to
be restricted is because you’re at the wrong level and sometimes He’ll put a
disappointment in your life so you have to climb over it so your faith what do you do with the disappointment
somebody shout get over it say it again get over it I know some
people didn’t like you didn’t promote you didn’t endorse you didn’t support
you but get over it these men said there’s something so important to us we
can’t stand here and blame the people who got here early I think I’m going
higher now go home if you want to go home but
we’re gonna make a door in the ceiling that’s how you deal with disappointment
you get over it sorry Matt we tried I never let people
say to me we did all we could like point zero zero zero zero zero zero one
percent of the time is that true it’s just not true just say I did all I want
to do or say it’s not worth it to me anymore but I’ll say you did all you
could if these men had said they did all they could they tried they asked they showed up they carry them they did a lot but the
answer was higher higher a higher level of thinking I know it’s a small detail
in the text but it spoke to me God said sometimes you’re thinking too
low and too limited and you’re so disappointed because you’re not okay
help us Revelation chapter 4 verse 1 does John have anything to say about
this I believe he does he said after this he’s on an island I looked and
there before me was a door standing open where this door was not a door that was
right in front of me in my situation this door was standing open in heaven so
I had to look up because when I looked around all I saw was a crowd when I
looked around all I saw was a system when I looked around all I saw was a
limitation when I looked around all I saw was excuses but touch somebody’s
say look up because I promise you that ceiling will become a door if you’re
willing to dig through it there’s another door and they they made their
own door and while Jesus is preaching the men are watching they lower their
friend at some point they had to drop him they couldn’t get him all the way
down and now they’ve dropped him at the feet of Jesus right in front of Jesus
Matthew says because they couldn’t find a way in because of the crowd but
disappointment is a door so if they could have gotten in the front door the
man would not have been in position to be healed if it would have worked out
the way they planned for it to work out if they would have given you what you
wanted them to give you you wouldn’t have been in this position to get what
only Jesus can give so Jesus this is an interesting phrase he saw their faith he
saw their faith when Mark writes about faith he uses the the word faith in a
noun or a verb form four times and every time he says faith it is attached to an
action so for mark faith is not a state of mind for mark faith is not a
confession for mark faith is not something that you say is something that
you see Jesus saw their faith and he liked it and he saw what those men were
willing to do and he saw how they were willing to press and he saw the rules
that they were willing to break and he liked it and Jesus looked down at the
man and he said son I’ve got good news I saw what your friends were willing to
do to get you to me and that kind of faith is irresistible to me when I see
them unwilling to be normal and when I see them dare to be different and when I
see them refuse to go home with a broken heart but instead
to be in an unusable ridiculous way I like that son and the minna minna up top
ergo her cuz we didn’t know if he was gonna kick him out we didn’t know how
this was gonna go we didn’t ask permission we just did it and they’re
watching and Jesus says son I saw their faith and your sins are forgiven and the
men up top said wait a minute what do you say
and what I’m said I think he said his sins are forgiven and the other one said
but we didn’t bring him here for his sins to be forgiven that’s nice but we
want him to walk yeah I reckon we still gonna have to carry him home I was
hoping he’d do something about his legs what do you do when God gives you what
you didn’t ask for okay cuz that happens sometimes sometimes you
want God to fix your situation and he starts working on you sometimes God
won’t do the most obvious thing for a healer to do in the presence of a
paralyzed man is get him up but the greatest opportunities aren’t
always the most obvious and jesus knew there is something deeper that needs to
be done then this man’s condition is suggesting externally son you’re
forgiven I’m gonna fix it in you before I fix it for you hey thanks for watching
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  2. I had to watch this video it was much needed. Lately I’ve had a lot of people mostly my family who do nothing but disappointment me left and right. I get so sick and tired of empty broken promises and or lies. I am really struggling on how to deal with it. It’s starting to get me depressed but this video did help a little bit at least. Steven is a great man.

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