How To 4X Your Church’s Facebook Engagement In 2018 | Pro Church Daily Ep. #008

19 thoughts on “How To 4X Your Church’s Facebook Engagement In 2018 | Pro Church Daily Ep. #008”

  1. Thanks Brady and Alex! Already really enjoying ProChurch Daily. This is something I'm definitely going to put into practice!

  2. Brady thank you for the information and creative foresight. I would like to use storytape but i did not see that many Africa Americans in the videos. Will you be adding more footage?

  3. Hi Brady, thanks for always revealing interesting tips on how to do things better.
    Do millennials prefer to attend a church service by logging on online or to be physically present in the church auditorium? Please could you do an analysis on this?
    Shout out to you for the #Nigerian flag in your intro & outro cuts. Up Naija!

  4. Hey Brady, the idea of a social media team to like, comment, and share is super intriguing to me and something I would love to do this year. Is that initial email you sent to those you involved in that something you would be willing to share? Would love to see how you explained to those folks what you were desiring to do by creating that team. Thanks!

  5. "Four ex?" 🚫Is that a northern thing?🤣 Quadruple is probably the word you're looking for! But seriously, this is the single best advice. We started doing this in late 2016 and our reach went from about 5-8K per week to averaging 30k!! Our engagement went from s few hundred per week to 3K average.

  6. I've done this before, we call it the guerilla team. It helps engagement significantly. It is also a great entry way into helping out with the communications at church.

  7. Thanks guys for this video.  I needed it.  I was looking for facebook tips for a ministry that wants some social media presence.

  8. 4:44 "a group of let's say 100 people or more."
    Um, not all churches have 100 people. Most SBC churches have fewer than 100. The church I attend only has about 50 in worship, and about 25-30 in Sunday School.

  9. Hey guys, I can't remember which video I was watching, but was wondering about the 'Impressum' box on a facebook page and what pertinent information for a church should be or could included in there?

  10. Basically have a team to engage with your posts, so you can get organic traffic from your platform. Great content man !

  11. Does your group should come under your church Facebook page? Because your church facebook page comes under someone else personal page… Right?

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