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  1. This speaks directly towards teaching. Students are now producers in addition to consumers. You cannot be the all knowing talking head in front of the lecture hall. There is such potential for collaborative and engaging learning with these new media. We are in a revolutionary time for sure, who will embrace it and move education forward? Who will disregard and get left in the digital dust?

  2. in generations past, the difference between moral/ethical professional reporting and amateur reporting was fact checking. Professional reporters should vet sources, it should go without saying that it is the responsibility of reporters to get their facts right. There is no such impetus in amateur reporting to be correct.

  3. But isn't his point a bit outdated? China has already been able to censor their people's voice specifically, not just from outside China.

  4. P1: Whats the point in having a voice… and them listening if nothing gets changed. So what he didn't block them… What difference does it make to be able to have freedom of speech if you can talk all you want but disagree with us and will force you to do what we want. Letting people talk is one thing but not listening to what people want and not giving a explanation is like saying well I listened to what you said… but it's happening this way because I said so…

  5. P2: He should of made a counter proposal to try help the people with the problem. Not just ignore them… and allow them to talk like they should be able too. What shit is this.

    When there is so many comments and no way to hide it…. another group would spring up and they might of just decided this was silly to do. Plus legal repercussions of doing this. I think is all this shows is that the government ignores the people and no matter how many stand up they will still have power over them!

  6. P3: Let me put it another way. If they had blocked the group it would have got more out of hand than if they hadn't blocked the group and just mostly ignored them. Till they gave up because nothing they did got through to him.

    Free speech is pointless if it's talking in to a box where no one hears what you have to say.

    In my opinion he didn't help the people at all. And saying but this ok because at least he let them complain about it. Sure they rather he actually did something! Ignorant!

  7. P4: So long as your talking about it and not actually doing anything that's great by us… keep talking all day and going oh woo is me… and never actually take any real action then they will be laughing the feck right in your face. They would not care one little bit if you can talk about it.

  8. Then why does China censer its media at all? If they don't care and will just ignore it, why go through the huge effort of blocking so many websites in the first place? Because of fear of 'unionizing' as a people under themselves rather than the government. What allows China to have its massively growing technological and industrial development is its benefits from its increasing free market, while being able to do with it as they want with authoritarianism. In other words, to stop revolution

  9. China has a long history of uprisings, but most have been suppressed. This is a tool that allows revolutionaries to organize against them freely and in massive numbers. It may not actually change anything directly through policy, but social change is just as important, if not more important, than governmental change. Russia got over thrown by the class that had the ability to educate themselves and organize. The fight for internet freedom in China is a fight against the Chinese government itself

  10. (Was referring to pre-soviet Russia previously) Post Soviet Russia also was over thrown when the government stopped oppressing its people and gave them freedom of speech. America did not do anything significant to dismantle it, Gorbachev gave its people the right to unionize, then to vote, and once the power was to the people they all expressed their total hatred for the government and overthrew it for the decades of forced ignorance, poverty, and abuse. China has plenty of all three of those.

  11. P1: It's simple China censors it's media because it isn't America. The chines live in a different world to the Americans. People over there don't say shit. When they say stuff they actually do it.

    The reason it is censored is to stop the public going crazy and rebelling. It also is to stop disinformation that comes in to the country. They censor outside media. Chances are that they could not work out how to censor American twitter from chines, so they closed it down.

  12. P2: It makes sense to sensor information in a country where people want the truth and not rumors. They want things to be accurate. The people in china agreed to this censoring and can leave china if they wish and go to a new country. The reason they do this is to stop shit being spread around.

    However I understand yes this can also mean the government also censors good information it though was lies. But if the people do the censoring and the government affirms it then it is done by the people.

  13. P3: Its not authoritarianism in my opinion because the government is not one person it is a group of people and people vote for them people to censor the internet. They are not dictators. If what you said was true then every country is authoritarianism. And all parents are too as they don't let children do what they want. But some may argue that anyone who rules over anyone and tells them what to do is authoritarianism, but Chinese can dress how they want & mostly are free to do what they want.

  14. P4: People in china get to vote just like people in America. If you looked in to this you would realise they are a lot like America only they remove information and websites they don't like. You know like say pirate websites with free movies on. Oh wait not that's just America there communists they actually believe in sharing. Ha. They just remove information they think might upset people and cause trouble. Doesn't mean they ignore the information. Just remove it.

  15. No it's not. That's a crock of shit. The physical action of rebelling is a revolution. The American people are constantly rebelling against America on wall street… all over the shop but it's not shown on the news. America let people talk and just make sure no one gets any real information, puts out disinformation to confuse people and stop organization. Since Chinese are against lying in order to deflate shit and want to keep things true and honest they don't do it this way.

  16. that's it….. although so many information are removed by Chinese government..we still have some other ways to get the information back 🙂

  17. The entire point is to stop physical action by disabling their ability to organize and have foreign ideas of freedom. How are you even comparing China to America? We don't censor our media like they do AT ALL. The issues on wall street are not caused by our government suppressing people, but allow cooperations to have too much influence. Our country is not in poverty. That is too much freedom, for them at least. Nobody gets any 'real' information? Really? Scandals are reported all the time.

  18. You sound like a conspiracy theorist who has no idea what they are talking about. Our so called 'rebellions' are peaceful protests for more government regulation on the rich. It is has been covered extremely well, but nobody cares any more. No ratings, no media. Thats how business works. And did you just realize the government lies to protect themselves? Welcome to democratic politics, if you don't have popular appeal, you don't get voted.

  19. It is just plain stupidity to say that America is 'oppressive' like China. You don't know what oppression is. A few kids got pepper sprayed? China sent tanks to clear out its rebellion in Tienanmen. Our government may be corrupt and manipulative, but that is because dumb fucks voted these liars and in office out of their own ignorance. We have the resources to educate ourselves, but America is too stupid and lazy to do it. Blame the American people, not the government, because we made it.

  20. 'Disinformation'? There is not some objective truth that can be accepted for all people. Look up Christopher Hitchen's speeches on free speech and censorship. Why would they need to stop knowledge, unless there is something they did not want the people to know. It is not like the Americans are just lying bastards who want to corrupt the 'pure mind' or the Chinese. Really? They censor things that make the government look bad. And government ordering people to do things is authoritarianism.

  21. That is the definition. You don't need to be the Nazi party (which was more than one person) to be authoritarian. China only has town and village elections, the rest you can only vote for members of the Communist party, which is pointless because they are the organized government already. It makes no difference. Also, just because they can dress how they want and choose their environment around them, doesn't mean the government doesn't have massive regulation and authoritarian laws.

  22. I do admit, China's economy has been booming so less regulation has been in place since they are becoming more capitalist. But overall, they still don't allow any other political party, censor and keep information that makes them look bad, puts down peaceful protests against the government through militant force and prison, execute enemies of the state, and release huge amounts of propaganda for the many corrupt officials.

  23. The point of this is to make people think that china that is a communist country is not as good as america. And to make people think that any kind of sharing like community is one where people are forced to do what they don't want. That is the point of this. Yet I don't show you pictures of Americans protesting about wall street do I and say the people are not getting what they want. The point is to say people can say what they want here because no one does fuck all. So it really doesn't matter!

  24. Bull shit we don't have censorship of media. Can't I broadcast a video about rape sex mid afternoon. No! China are doing the same thing they are censoring footage they think is not good for the public too see.

    Can I show wall street protests all the time on the news with MY VIEW POINT. NO! Media is shown to us with there view point in order to get others to have this same view point. It is not done in a way protestors would have liked. Or a way people who want to redesign government would like!

  25. P1: Sharing information to the masses in a way general people would like is never done. General people don't have a strong media voice in this world. They have a tiny media voice. We are all brain washed by those who want us to think in a set way and occasionally they hold up a free speech bull shit message which really isn't that true.

  26. P2: You have to ask permission to do a protest. You can't go to a public place & start voicing any opinion you like on a megaphone. So no we don't have free speech! We have restricted speech to when tell us we're allowed to speak. Being a web designer I know if protocols was not in place it would have been hard to hide a group. Easy to delete it though. But as I said that would of created a uprising of loads of new groups and so they decided to just do it this way instead. It is obvious!

  27. You sound like a moron. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am just saying how it is. If you don't like that fact I suggest you slap your self in the face… splash water on your face… and actually go read some laws.

    No body does anything these days and anyone who does is usually put in jail for having a opinion people don't want to hear… but then what's the point in having free speech if you can't say things that people don't want to hear due to overly being rammed by the mainstream.

  28. It seems you don't know what oppression is probable because the only protest you did was to daddy. Oppression is when people get ideas consistently put in there head and forget their real values in life. That is my idea of oppression. When people can't create their own moralistic ways because of all the advertising suppressing any of their own ideas. When people are forced to think in a set way. When people are forced to live by the rules of the land they're born in too & can't create the rules!

  29. There is a lot of disinformation put out there by people, and the chinese government has decided they would rather just remove it then people getting the wrong idea. Where as most western countries have decided to let people talk and then just use mass media to over rule anything and disinformation teams to put lies out there to confuse anything else while making sure to keep the truth clean in there offices. So people know what's really going on. This is simple strategy.

  30. The only real difference is… in this country the people don't know what is true and what is lies… where as in china it's probable a case of they don't know any other truth than what they are told mostly. Which is better is debatable because it makes things really hard to be sure about either way. But being honest with people all the time could cause mass panic… So what really should happen is debatable. All I know is not enough is free. And to many people are forced to work.

  31. The American government order the police to do things all the time… And they get communities to do watch dog and inform them of anything dodgy put cameras all over and so on… this is the same thing. America is very restricted by money just like anywhere else.

  32. They do the same in America. They suppress a lot of news with disinformation. America is not this all special amazing country that doesn't hide the truth.

    America does it by building a hay stack to hide the needle. Where as china just destroys the needle.

    Most people are very bad at spotting lies. It's not easy.

  33. I never said that did I. I think Communism was a nobel effort of the Soviets until Stalin came and beat out the Trotskyist with their violent scare tactics and set up a dictatorship and corruption party that was then the ideal model for all other communist countries. Do you really thing Occupy Wall Street did not get any coverage? There was a huge media boom for it, but people stopped caring. And it does matter quite a bit. It makes it not a governmental problem, but a social problem.

  34. YES YOU CAN. You can do that all you want over the internet, doesn't mean a cooperation is going to endorse it to buy a new station for you, you have to do that yourself. These things cost money. You can post whatever the fuck you want, there are many video of rape, wall street protests, and opinions on it all over the web. Our countries is just full of dumb fucks and hedonists who don't want to educate themselves. That is not at all the same. The protesters aren't the center of the world

  35. You are a conspiracy theorist because you give no fact or evidential reason for your claims. Just assumptions and paranoia. I am quite politically educated, and I know the difference between government and cooperation, which you obviously don't. No body is put in jail for having an opinion on the government. People say Bush caused 9-11. Or that Obama is a terrorist. Look at fucking Glen Beck. The point is that we have the chance to make a change, but our lazy ass country is full of idiots.

  36. That is exactly what I said. That effects popular appeal (not the only thing, though). You are just restating it to make yourself sound superior.

  37. Your 'idea' of oppression doesn't fucking matter. Definition: the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner. You obviously don't know anything about it. Look at the Middle East. They are killing their own people because they want to stay in power. Torture is a regular practice. There are not women rights, and honor killings are frequent. As Christopher Hitchens stated, "You don't know what fascism is until you are forced to applaud the death of your own family"

  38. Exactly. THEIR version of the truth. Have you ever even read 1984? China executes three times as many people as the rest of the world COMBINED. They killed estimated 6000 people in 2008. Nearly 10,000 Chinese citizens each year are sucked into unsanctioned 'black jails'. Their rural population has about thousands protests each year, most of which are censored. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT OPPRESSION IS. Their Communist party is so corrupt that anything that they feel is a threat, they take out.

  39. Again look up the reason why we have free speech. The effect it has on toppling corrupt governments. Why the Enlightenment, which was the foundation of individualism and our constitution, demanded it to fight the theocratic rule of the monarchs.

  40. That is not true at all. It is called evidence. They thing about free media is we have freedom to discredit and disprove claims. If you lie often, you are tabooed and insulted in large numbers by people who actually know the truth. (Fox news has somehow seems to stayed afloat however.) You have this idea that all media is conspiring against us to keep us stupid and ignorance of what is going on. Hence, conspiracy theorist. And you obviously don't know A LOT about China.

  41. The Federal government does no such thing. The city government is what stopped the protest, because it was on private land and cooperations payed off police to do it. You don't know anything about your own government and how it operates. I bet you think the president can make laws. I suggest you read up on how the system works before you actually criticize it, because there is a lot to criticize, but you are not giving any goods ones at all. Your arguments are based in ignorance and paranoia.

  42. American government doesn't do that, media sources use paranoia and fanaticism to get rating for themselves. America is not special, much of Europe has a better free press than we do. The idea of freedom of speech started in France and England, not the US. We just used a lot of their philosophy from the Enlightenment to construct our government. That is the stupidest metaphor even, because it makes the assumption that it is an organized effort by America, rather a reflection of our values.

  43. Overall, you don't know anything about Enlightenment philosophy (which was the foundation of our government), China's long history of oppression through murder and censorship, and how our media, cooperations, and government operate. I really suggest you read up before making such idiotic stances based in hate for your government, rather than actual educated constructive criticism.

  44. That's what I am talking about. Listen up Government – You Make It Worse By Trying To Control Our Life's! Get that into your brain as soon as possible. You might be ruling but we are the ones who gave you the permission or the opportunity to do so in the first place. Do not ever commit the mistake of thinking that you can control my opinion and my life. Leave Me To Decide What To Do And What Not To If You Are So Bad At Making Decisions.Got It?

  45. Thanks to google goagent project, we can across the great firewall and reach every corner in the world -A chinese who hates his life being blocked by GFW

  46. interesting to listen to and watch. Shirky about China and the Internet Censorship. "The great firewall was directed the wrong way".

  47. We need a new law that requires input or vote from every human being on earth. R u ready? I'm not. Nerve racking but I want full accountability for US! Get tech savy and know the internet lets us all b as one, like God. I love you ! Inspire imagination Plz!

  48. Heidegger's point in phenomenology is that a postmodern society has pernicious patterns of efficiency. To humans, the pattern seekers we are, structure and strata in society tend to breakdown the our sense of personal identity in favor of patterns rather than individual persona. This seems especially true in our postmodern and post industrial society, where patterns within society mean more and govern our lives more than ever. As power flows into fewer hands are we are governed ubiquitously.

  49. How Social Media can make history (around 16 mins)
    An excellent  #TED talk on the role of social media in our lives and how it is giving people a voice like never before. The key for businesses, and politicians, will be listening to what is said and replying appropriately. #plusyourlife  

  50. thank you clay shirky for the really great info
    it helped me a lot as a business owner
    keep up the great work

  51. With the new social media, white happy minority became dependent on interest of unhappy colored majority of the world to be popular. Interestingly they can get it easily. 

  52. I just wanna point something out here:
    I feel sad that people consider it a bonus that their political dissent (votes, if you pay attention carefully) were not shut down by the State. That even tho the State was actively working against their best interests, the fact that they got to say so somehow consoled them.

  53. Social media will not only change history but even the way future generations will understand situations. Although even pictures and video footage can't fully tell situations, we'll have much more information to attest events and situations. Such will hopefully create many more opportunities for population dialogue, people to look back and learn more from past events, more exposure of personal narratives of events, and more consumer watchdog groups which take multiple attestations. These trends I positively believe will lead to more opportunities for education and empathy globally.

  54. 1. What is the message?
    2. What is the purpose of the message?
    3. How is the message conveyed by the text and/or image?
    4. Who is the target audience of thw message?
    5. What other ways of presenting the message are there?

    Yan yung tanong, reply nyo na lng sagot salamat.

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