How Powerful Is The Mormon Church?

Mormons. We know the name thanks to high profile
members like Mitt Romney and a popular broadway musical, but according to a recent survey,
most Americans don’t know much about them. In fact, critics suggested that voters didn’t
allie with Romney in 2012 because they were suspicious of the Mormon faith. So who exactly
are the Mormons? Well, let’s break it down. Mormons identify
themselves as Christians, belonging to the Latter Day Saint movement of Restorationist
Christianity. They follow the teachings found in the Bible and The Book of Mormon amongst
others. The religion itself is actually quite young.
The church was founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith in upstate New York. Smith claimed that he
received a revelation from God saying that Jesus would one day return to a New Jerusalem
in America.  When Smith died, Brigham Young led a significant number of Mormons to Salt
Lake City in Utah, where the religion’s headquarters was established. By and large, Mormons are considered a conservative
religion, abstaining from drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling and even drinking caffeine.
The majority of Mormons are also outspoken about being opposed to abortion, homosexuality
and sex before marriage. Most people also believe them to be polygamists, yet the Mormon
church denies it, saying it discontinued the custom over a century ago and anyone who practices
it will be excommunicated. Reports suggest that Joseph Smith had up to 40 wives and it’s
noted that there are some fundamentalist sects of the Latter Day Saints that continue to
practice the tradition. While some Mormon beliefs seem to go against
the grain of modern society, according to the church, it’s the fastest growing faith
in the world. Since it was established with just six followers, according to the National
Council of Churches, it is now the second-fastest growing church in the United States and worldwide
it the church now boasts over 15 million members.   With new members, the Mormon church has grown
in more ways than one. Mormons practice something called tithing where each person is required
to donate 10 percent of their earnings to the church. And with 15 million followers
worldwide that amounts to a lot. So just how rich is the Mormon Church, and
how influential are they? It’s true, the Latter Day Saints are pretty
wealthy but they are also notoriously tight-lipped about how much they earn. It’s reported
that tithing brings in around 7 billion dollars annually. In fact, Mormon’s have developed
a solid reputation for being great business leaders and it’s understood that the churches
holdings are immense, comprising around 35 billion dollars worth of corporate commercial
ventures including temples, ranches and shopping malls. Religious scholars suggest that for
Mormons, giving to the poor and making a million dollars is all part of doing Gods work. Aside from their economic wealth and power,
Mormons have also started to get more involved in the political arena. According to a 2012
Pew Research Center survey, 74 percent of Mormons lean toward the Republican Party and
although Mitt Romney recently withdrew from the 2016 presidential race, experts suggest
that with financial backing from the Mormon church and community business leaders we may
see more Mormon candidates representing the Republican party in the future, however, they
might have to work on their reliability to the voting public, first.   10 Does believing in god have anything to
do with how smart you are? Turns out researchers have investigated this question in the past.
Learn what they found on DNews!

50 thoughts on “How Powerful Is The Mormon Church?”

  1. Outside of America nobody has a clue who they are. They are a people who dine out on being loving kind etc etc but when you're in their community the back biting is horrendous. They look down on everyone else, why wouldn't they, they think they can become gods of their own planet (LOLZ). When you leave the church they shun you and want nothing to do with you.

  2. I’m not downing any Religion but Jesus is the only way through the father, confess through thy mouth that Jesus died on the cross ✝️ an arose on the 3rd day and you shall be saved receive him into your heart an continue to walk down that holy path, serve the lord thy god…PRAISE THE LORD🙏🏻

  3. Why is the growth map only shows America? I live in Indonesia and my school is right next to a mormon church.

  4. They are powerful enough to get their perceived enemies and whistle blowers in the church spied on and harassed by CIA FBI Military Intelligence and state and local law enforcement virtually anywhere in America and in most of the world these days. Money talks!! Very scary people!

  5. Not mentioned in this video at the time, but there was a great Mass Exodus happening from the LDS Church and still is. It is quite well known, by now, that the LDS church has based a religion upon false scriptures that have been demonstrated to be completely fabricated.

  6. Great video! One correction though, they abstain from coffee and tea specifically, but not caffeinet drinks. The Word of Wisdom, which is a book that they follow when it comes to righteous living, is against drinks that are caffeinated AND brewed at the same time. I'm a foreign exchange student in Utah and I live in a very religious community. They are kind, service-oriented people.

  7. We have this really cool thing called bishops store house where poor mormans put orders in for free food and youth go volunteer and fill their cart and it gets sent to them. IDK if this happens anywhere else, but after we are all done, we get breadsticks.

  8. Mormons are a coven of white supremacist witches. Joseph Smith was shot dead in jail by citizens accusing Joseph smith and his brother of using witchcraft to steal their wives. Morons utter witchcraft curses at people they don't like in some secret Mormon witchcraft language. I know because they've done that to me several times If you look at the secret beliefs of Masons, Scientologist and Mormons they're all the same …Smith was a Mason. They believe good souls go into white babies & black souls into bad babies = White Supremacists. Mormons are also LIARS .

  9. Mormons are very nice people, but it seems they would rather be called members of the Church of Jesus Christ instead of Mormons. A Senator from Utah helped pass the no smoking law on airplanes and spaceships. That is something most of us appreciate. But because of their Republican leaning politics they are not good stewards of air quality or supporters of renewable energy.That is a strange paradox.

  10. I'm a member & I still would like to know where the Church spends it's money. Church schools(k-12) would be great. The Catholic Church does this and my hat's off to them.

  11. Don't brag about the church repudiating homosexuality! They have changed their standard now, like they do with most of their doctrine!
    That proves it is false, because the truth never changes! Their God used to be a man, and their Jesus was not born of a virgin! And their prophet had 49 wives. I have a list of them. 11 of them were other men's wives that he seduced! He does not even qualify to be a deacon.

  12. Interesting comment feed. A large number of people who know nothing about the LDS church, and a large number of Mormons trying to defend it. Both having no idea how truly evil that cult is

  13. Um, excuse me. The mormans are totally slowed to drink caffeine. My mom drinks 3 mountain dews a day and my grandma is in love with coke.
    Tithing is not required to be paid. We pay it if we choose to. And it is used to help people in need and fund welfare Square. That is the churchowned factory that produces free supplies and food to people who need it. They give mattresses, spaghetti, and lots 9f other stuff to people who need it for no cost whatsoever.

  14. There are a lot of offshoots that call themselves mormons. The one you are referring to is the One in Salt Lake It is a conservative faith that believes in living by the laws of the land and most of all that all men have the right to worship how, where and what they may. Some off shoots are living lives that are breaking the laws of the Land. Off shoots are mostly in the United States. The Salt Lake based Faith do not associate with the name Mormon Church, LDS Church, FLDS, Community of Christ etc. It is considered to be a Global Church and goes only by it's full and proper name for him that established it. "The Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter-Day Saints. Mormon is referring to a man who anciently edited records and scripture Using his name to deride this faith is not the Legal or Proper name to use. They do consider themselves Christians as the name clearly states but sectarians with hold the proper name of the Church as they believe that Christ is God and this Faith teaches he is the one and only begotten Son of God and is therefore Deity who sits on the right hand of his Father. Therefore Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of this World and is worshipped as such.

  15. They run the state of Utah, and they do all kind of illegal things. They are fake moral, but they think they are good people, and smart. Christianity, and Catholic are not good religion, not only the mormons are bad. The mormons are the worst.


  17. The same people that disavow the Mormon church is the same people that totally ignore the Muslim religion. Never listen to a lefty.

  18. There Are 1 Millions Mormons In The Entire Country Of Mexico. Arizona Nevada And Idaho Have A Good Mormon Population. Jeff Flake Former Senator Of Arizona Is A Mormon Gilbert Meza And Chandler Have A High Mormon Population.Most Mormons Are Good Hardworking People Who Don't Tolerate Racism This A FYI I Have Talk To Several Mormons And They Treat Me Like A Family Member.

  19. Mormons should never go back to Europe to spread their religion. religions are already settled in Europe like Christians and Catholics

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