How Fresh Is McDonald’s New Quarter Pounder?

Hello everyone, this is Running On Empty… …Food Review! Well hello, ladies and gentlemen, and everyone watching, this is Running On Empty Food Review, and I am your host, The Report Of The Week. I’m changing up the scene. We got the scenery changed up. We… we’ve got it all going here. This is incredible, and it’s for an absolutely incredible occasion. Biggest twist of 2018 by far. You might say “Well what exactly… you know, what is so incredible?” Well McDonald’s… They’re always, you know, they’re changing things up with their menu. They’re doing something new here and something new there, and something new behind your back that you just don’t know about yet, but they’re doing it. Well, now what they’re doing is they’re getting their famous Quarter Pounder the Sandwiches. Now I myself, when I usually go to McDonald’s, I’m kind of just a Double Hamburger type of person, but the quarter pounder is by far, you know, that is like what people think of when they think of the burger. Okay, you’ll see it in a minute, but they said they’re gonna give this an upgrade. It’s not just a… a Quarter Pounder with those frozen patties anymore that have been sitting in the vault for six months. It’s all fresh. Never frozen. They say that it’s supposed to be… more fresher and juicier, prepared to order, and it’s apparently supposed to be a massive upgrade to their existing Quarter Pounder sandwich, we’re gonna find that how fresh it is. I just got a standard Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which I think is like the most famous one. And we shall see for ourselves. Surprise! Anyway… You got a napkins… On one brief note before I get into anything, you want to support the channel, I’d appreciate it. I usually mentioned this at the end of the video, but I wanted to bring it up a little earlier. You can do so via the Patreon. You can find information about that in the cards, the description, or Just a way to help out. Now anyway back to the good stuff. Quarter Pounder with Cheese, even comes in its own… …customizable box, that even says with “FRESH”… “FRESH BEEF”… …”COOKED WHEN YOU ORDER”. And I think it was actually. When I ordered this it was around 4 a.m. but I heard the guy yelling at the chef “I want a quarter pounder.” So I think it was actually made to orders. Alright now here it is, in box. Now we’re going to… debone it. Now what does it come with… Those are like your standard hamburgers alright? Comes with a quarter pound beef patty, hence the name: Quarter Pounder. Hopefully you can see it there. It comes with cheese, comes with… Let’s see… ketchup, mustard, some pickles, some onion chips, and also a bun. One thing that I did want to… I do need to double check on this. If you could given me a second, I have to get up and get this. I got there, and they said that they were cash only. And this happens late at night sometimes and you know what the saying goes when the McDonald’s establishment says “Hi, welcome to McDonald’s. We are cash only.” You know what that means, right? You got to double check. So give me a second. Quality assurance. Just got to make sure, you know, because I did have cash. I wanted to use credit but… Cash it was. It just seems like cheese. I don’t know about this one. It’s cheese… Let’s see what the bottom bun… Nah it’s just cheese there too. Alright. Well… It passed the test. It was just a burger. Just a harmless little burger. Alright. Anyway… forget about that. Here’s what it looks like. Actually looks pretty good to be honest. There it is all fresh, fresh beef, and I’m just gonna be curious to see if this makes any big difference. We’ll see, and I’ll let you know how fresh it is. So it’s the Quarter Pounder™ with Cheese, Now with fresh beef, going in. Pickles galore. I’m gonna take a bite out of here just to make sure. So… Two… …Quarter Pounder sandwiches… …walk into a McDonald’s a little bit before noon, right? I think I had enough of this. Alright. Well the big question: How fresh is it? And is it discernibly fresh? Because granted… …they can say, you know, yeah we… …got 100% fresh beef, you know never frozen. But is there any validity to it? You know, can you taste a difference as they were discernible qua? You know, a discernible improvement in quality? And interestingly enough I actually can say yes. I’m not the biggest Quarter Pounder consumer in the world, but… …that doesn’t mean I haven’t had my fair share of Quarter Pounder burgers from McDonald’s in my day because I have. When it comes down to the Quarter Pounder sandwich, The biggest change that I have noticed actually, is the original burger. Now it always, you know, it’s always pretty good, But again, I always prefer the Double Hamburger truth be told. Let’s give the box some room. I always prefer Double Hamburger truth be told. Because the Quarter Pounder to me seemed to have… …more like a firm… …chewiness. Not to access, not to any severe detriment. That’s what I always noticed in the Quarter Pounder, and that’s why I was kind of always straight away from it a little bit. When I tried at this time around, you know, I tried to be as impartial as I can, but I was really looking into seeing “Alright, how fresh is this burger.” And I was surprised because the quality, you know, that little bit of chewiness that I usually see in the meat wasn’t there. Rather it was just… You just bit in, sunk your teeth, and they kind of just… went right through. I was expecting more resistance. Should I say, then there really was when I consumed this comestible. This early morning. It’s almost 5:00 a.m. now. And that’s what got me. I’m not going to tell you that this is, you know, now all of a sudden a… …a five-star restaurant burger and Gordon Ramsay is running around in the kitchen, you know, screamin’ and yellin’ and making this is up to par. I’m not saying it’s gonna be on that level of quality. But it does have a little bit more of a… just a pronounced increase… …in quality, so to speak, in terms of the meat. And it’s just odd. You know, we’re originally as I said it’s a little more chewy. This one was kind of like just melt in your mouth. It was pretty rich, pretty juicy. They didn’t lie to you with that one, it was a very juicy, greasy burger. Um, can really taste the salt and pepper seasoning that they always put on their burgers. The ketchup, you know, ketchup is standard. I wish there was a little bit more onion on it, because you could really taste the pickles and the mustard which kind of gave it a little… nice little tang. I wish there was a little bit more onion on it, would have kind of completed it. But you know, for what it is, the cheese was there too, really we’re focused on the beef, but it was a good sandwich. I can’t complain. The last premium burger that I tried from McDonald’s, I was horribly… …horribly disappointed with. This kind of gave me some redemption. It honestly did. Because I felt when I was paying attention to that freshness, that quality. They did a good job. You know let alone even at such an obscure hour getting this burger it wa– it was produced fresh. I could taste it and I could feel it was piping hot. You know when I got it and it still held up still good, still tastes good, juicy taste… Yeah, I can’t complain really. And I will say that there was a definite… …noticeable increase in the quality with this new fresh beef patty. I’m not gonna say as I said that it’s gonna blow you away. You’re gonna be, you know, “Wow! This is… this is the most incredible thing I’ve ever…” “I can’t believe the freshness.” That’s not guaranteed. But you might say “Hey, you know it does taste a little better.” you know that kind of level of freshness. Now this burger I got for $4 which for a Quarter Pounder burger, a really complete sandwich. I would say is a fair price, I can’t really complain with that at all So that being said out of ten I’m gonna be giving this an eight point seven out of ten. I know I’ve been given a lot of eights lately, but this truly does deserve it’s rating. I think they did a good job with it. I was actually expecting a little less in terms of quality, you know, just with McDonald’s, but they did a good job. I’m impressed by it, and kudos to them. That’s all that I have for you ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for watching. I’m your host, The Report Of The Week. And this is a review for McDonald’s Quarter Pounder™ with Cheese with fresh beef. Thank you for watching and take care.

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    It's now with fresh beef.
    TheReportoftheweek has had his fair share of Quarter pounders.
    It has less resistance then you'd expect.

  6. I tried the 1/4 Pounder after your review of your favorite McD's items (including the 1/4 Pounder), and it is amazing . It's like they used fresh chuck, moist juicy, flavorful and delicious! I'm surprised they don't promote, i.e. herald the upgraded sandwich more. The only 'rationale' i.e. 'explanation I've been able to come up with, is that they don't want to call attention to how plain and unremarkable it was before, because this burger is happenin!'

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