Hey David: Can You Interview Crazy People Again?

The David Pakman show, sub [email protected]
a slash r e d d I t now has nearly 13,000 of our viewers and listeners participating
in political discussion and suggesting ideas for the show. Couple of things that caught
my eye this morning. A very interesting post saying, Hey David, can you interview crazy
people again, some of your best material online is the classic interviews with the Anti Gay
religious crowd. I think I heard you say times are different now and there’d be no point
in interviewing these people. I beg you though, please, at least once a
month to interview a loony a, I’m up for this. You know, really the problem we’ve been having
is we’re having a hard time finding loonies that are number one, able to be coherent enough
that you can even have like a conversation because with a lot of these folks you just
introduced them and then it’s 20 minutes of ranting and raving and we just get nowhere.
Uh, and also finding ones that are, that are sort of even mildly relevant. So if there
are particular extremists or Wacky folks that you want me to interview, I am more than willing
to do some of those interviews like we used to do on the show. It’s just a matter of finding
the right people. Let me know who you think might meet the minimum criteria for me to
do that. But we’re more than glad to book those folks
on the show. If you don’t want me to do that, also let me know. That would be interesting
to hear. Another post linking to cold James Caches appearance on the Jesse Lee Peterson
show. I, this might be inside baseball and if it is, I apologize, but Jesse Lee Peterson
is a pro Trump anti black pro white black conservative who’s program I appeared on in
Los Angeles when I was there, uh, six months ago or so, seven, eight months now, nine months.
May Be wow. Time flies. Um, and he recently interviewed a, an individual named Cole James
Cash. I don’t really want to spoil anything about the appearance for you, but let me just
say this. You should watch all of it and it’s under two minutes long because the guy got
kicked off much like I’ve previously been kicked off of Jesse Lee Peterson’s show. So check that out and you can find it on the
David Pakman show, sub [email protected] slash r e. D d. I. T. A help us get to 13,000
subscribers on the subreddit. That would be delightful.

100 thoughts on “Hey David: Can You Interview Crazy People Again?”

  1. I don't know… It's not nice to make fun out of mentally retarded people. Debating crazy people is like having Max Holloway beat up a 5 year old girl.

  2. Just go to a Trump rally. They are roaming freely there. 😉
    Emma Vigeland does a good job: https://youtu.be/5eUxMoL49As

  3. Lance Wallnau, the televangelist who in May was promoting those $45 Trump prayer coins on the Jim Bakker show. I would love to unpack the whole prayer thing (how does it work and how do we know it works), why God is a Donald Trump fan, and whether or not God imposing his will on an election can be considered election fraud.

  4. Pastor Stephen Anderson would be good . He cracks me up when he says “These people are nothing more than filthy disgusting perverts “

  5. David please include links in video bio instead of guidning us to find a link to it on your sub reddit, talking about the Jesse Lee video here but also other videos on general. Would save all of us some time. Heres the videolink to the Jesse Lee vid btw:


  6. Herr Pakman, ein gewisser Herr Drumpf ist am Telefon und möchte sich höflich mit Ihnen unterhalten. Er sagt, er würde sich gerne ausnahmsweise von seiner besten Seite zeigen. 😛

  7. Jim Jordan, Matt gaetz, Jerry disgraced scumbag junior, kris kkkobach. The list is endless. What are asking us for.

  8. The New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Movement (NIFB), please. Especially ask pastor Tommy McMurtry of the Liberty Baptist Church if he is sexually attracted to pumpkins! While we don’t say he is, we really don’t know.

  9. David, l care. I just wanted you to know the false prophet has arrived.Trey and Co. Caution ! Call me Looney if you like.

  10. I agree more or less coherent and luny relevant AND some very moderate stealman realest of the realest oposition too 😀 awesome

  11. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a communist organization only the likes of George Soros and the no good for nothing Democrats support it.

  12. This is relatively heavy pandering. I just want to see videos of substance that relate to current events. It seems like more of your videos are about voicemail trolls and the financial crises your program is having these days. Why are your videos struggling to get 50k? Well, would you want to watch video called “How will you get 1 million subs”? Neither would anyone else. I have been thinking about unsubbing because this isn’t auto play quality anymore.

  13. This pussy whines about Gavin McInnes being on YouTube then cries about getting demonetized. 🤣🤣
    Total bitch

  14. Don’t cater to people’s desire to see failure in others. That’s all this request to interview loonies is. Stay informative. Don’t become a freak show.

  15. Just don't give lunatics a platform. Focus on relevant discussions, even if they lead to a different perspective or disagree about your own opinion and values. But filter the loonies out.

  16. I feel a little like a minority on the topic. But I have to vote against this idea. I think the quality of discussion really makes the show.

  17. I think it would be interesting to interview some Trump supporters, and maybe even supporters of other right-wing political leaders; Doug Ford or Boris Johnson.

  18. There's nothing wrong with getting sound bites from Trump supporters at the rallies.
    Full conversations are not necessary to publicise how out of touch these people are.

  19. Please no intentional interviews with wacky people. This isn't The Howard Stern Show during the Reagan-Bush years. Also, no interviews with people with horrible audio setups. Even if they have something interesting to say, that they sound like they are underwater in a tin can 50 feet away from the mic outweighs anything they would contribute in audio form. If their input is so valuable, they (or whoever is interviewing them) should invest in a decent audio setup (or have them come into a studio). Yes, I know most of the bad audio scenarios are with self-selected audience callers on mobile phones, etc., but it sometimes happens with pre-arranged interviews.

  20. Interview crazy people? That's anyone on the left, if they would let you interview them without throwing milkshakes and punching you in the face.

  21. Jesse Peterson is anti black? Why because he doesn't buy into black victimhood? Believe it or not black people are fully capable and don't need special treatment. The left had a huge problem with the "soft bigotry of low expectations"

  22. Get some comedian, a Robin Williams or Steve Martin type, to portray a southern Trump supporter. Really camp it up.
    David plays it totally straight faced (like he always does).
    It would be hilarious.

  23. I'm honestly not sure I like the way this idea is being framed. Almost like looking for a circus animal/clown to point and laugh at. Just doesn't seem right. Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way?

  24. David I saw your clip about how so many folks were unsubscribed to you but I kept seeing some of your videos on my screen but today for the first time I saw none of your videos come up on my screen. So I checked to see if I were still subscribed to your channel and I was. So I thought I should say something to you about the fact that none of your most recent videos came up. I love your comments and content. You are one of the best if not the best commentator on the days news in independent media. I truly appreciate all you do to keep things fair in the media. Keep on going also wanted to say how much I agree with you on the video you did on your doctor's visit. How right you are!

  25. Please do not interview Trumps base…It makes folks who made America great the first time roll over in their graves…It makes teachers cringe…and just reminds us all that no one can climb a scheisse rope stink free…

  26. Haha. David Packman takes on Flat Earthers. Focus on the Space deniers, they're the funniest.

  27. Please, just leave the crazies alone! Nothing good will come of it – whatever happens they and their co-crazies will simply declare a "win".

  28. Not sure if you've already touched on the Pumpkin-gate scandal, but Pastor Tommy McMurtry fits the bill if you want a loony who is often willing to do interviews. He's on record advocating for the murder of gay people.

  29. Find a flat-earther to interview. If you really want to meet the ultimate broken mind, find one of those. They're glorious. They're even more insane than the QAnon crowd, although there's probably a lot of overlap.

  30. Don't give them light. Let them crawl back under their slimey rocks. These weird zealots need to return to their trailers. The problem with this administration is that it emboldened these prejudice turds. They are already too comfortable being out loud stains on society.

  31. David you deserve a wider audience. You’ve got all the skills and the energy down. You’re a natural. And you never run out of perspectives.

    I also believe you would do well with leading a small panel discussion group. I’d like to hear you conversing with people in real time, maybe a split screen, or even sitting around a table, with like-minded individuals…so there’s someone else talking besides you.

    Just to bounce ideas around.

    (Know it all.)

    haha j/j!😚!!

    You seem like an interesting person to talk to. It would be nice to see you being sort of interviewed as well.

    If you could go on TV regularly, what sort of format would you go for? I mean, the national news media needs a major change…a refreshing generation. These old folk are getting… old.

    If you did something like that, would you be able to still be David, or would you allow filters?

  32. you have the biggest one's from the white house!
    there is kelley anne conway, huckabee, amarosa, etc…
    from television
    there is that insane person, alex jones
    also Benjamin Shapiro… totally nuts!
    oh yeah, this awful, hideous person Paris Dennard from cnn… i read that he just got 'fired' from cnn for sexual harassing , um, women. I was honestly shockd bcause I thought he was completely homosexual so this would be a totally loony episode!.

  33. This is regarding the unhinged "attack on tulsi" caller. I think you hit the nail on the head to an extent calling it a cult of personality thing, but it's a bit more complicated. It's exactly what you see on the right with the unhinged trump supporters who get triggered any time something is said about trump from someone they perceive to be "on the other side". They will go insane over literally NOTHING. It's the same on the left. It's an absolute lack of comprehension, never mind critical thinking – they would have to first LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND what they heard in order to apply discernment and critical thinking. This I put down to the availability of propaganda. I'm not even talking mainstream media here, and here's where I'm going with this : there is so much information available, be it on YouTube, bitchute, reddit, 4 Chan, WHATEVER in which factual information is presented with a bias, or a slant. Everyone has their particular ax to grind, and anyone can find 5 channels that will grind their ax. It's COMPLETE SATURATION. So it becomes this thing of "ALL CONFIRMATION BIAS, ALL THE TIME". It's so bad that people get triggered from cognitive dissonance over LITERALLY one word of a sentence. In the case of Mistah Wohstah Mass the word that triggered him, LITERALLY, was ATTACK, in conjunction with the words Tulsi Gabbard. Completely unhinged and it is getting frightening. This literally is a form of PSYCHOSIS.

  34. How about don't interview crazy people because all you are doing is telling people to take these kind of people serious..serious enough to talk about to interview to debate and to give a platform to do it on just let these people just die of like they were

  35. Once again, this is the dumbest person on the internet. Here she is talking about how mass shootings are Obama and the Democrat's fault: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSR3wJfvbZg. David, this is comedy gold!

  36. I'd like to make one more suggestion for an interview. I'd like to recommend interviewing Anita Finlay. I don't think she's crazy but she is by her own admission a self-described angry feminist. Here she is ranting about Bernie Sanders who she blames for Hillary Clinton's loss: https://anitafinlay.com/go-away-bernie-finally-go-away/.

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