Ground Zero: Syria (Trailer)


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  1. Mr. nice and peaceful? Ahahaha alright. Well, I believe he is a radical Muslim who is dying for a false God. He believes he is fighting for a cause; however, that cause is meaningless and idiotic. Does that answer your question?

  2. No, it's news. And from a very good source of news at that. Not like the "news" you get from the anti-west brainwashing propaganda channels such as the ones you watch.

  3. Some guy talks for a few seconds about how Assad is a murderer and you call it "pro-western bullshit"? How could you be so closed minded? It just goes to show how little evidence your type needs to reinforce their delusions.

  4. Based on your vocabulary, I shouldn't waste my time on an uneducated person like you. However, I'd like to leave you with a question that will make you think and essentially, make you feel stupid. How many allies does the United States of America have? Go do your research and let me know.

  5. but you do tolerate a colonialist expansive foreign policy that has made your country 1of the most hated in the world? maybe you should read up on why these people hate you so much. America and england has been fucking these people for the past 100years, finally they're realising this and saying no more… read the history of your countries wars every one has been aggressive expansion and nothing more. You are a mercenary, a security guard. nothing more

  6. people are separate from from governments, governments kowtow to america people do not, the world hates you and with good reason. Your country or what it has become is a scourge on this planet but thankfully you will be fucked by the emerging chinese world power, which now owns most of your currency. i for one welcome our new insect overlords. way to make me feel stupid vic, ehhh i dunno 7

  7. Ahahahah what are you saying? We will be fucked by the Chinese World Power? Are you intentionally ignorant? Or are you actually this stupid? You realize if China ever tried to make a military advance on us, our allies would get involved along with the Chinese allies. It would very possible become WW3 which could lead to a nuclear war. So, where is it that you're from?

  8. when the fuck is this documentary coming out i hate when vice puts out a trailer and puts links to it on all their video annotations, then never releases it.

  9. china owns the us, they pay for your country to run, trillions! maybe you're just blinkered by national pride, understandable but you have to know you are mostly hated in much of the world and for good reason, your foreign policies are consistently been expansionist and aggressive, repeatedly breaking treaties and laws to suit yourselves and mistreating "conquered" peoples. kissinger and nixon, bush jr and sr. between then have fucked over most of the world and now it's coming back to bite you

  10. see typical response, no wonder the world hates you and tries to blow you up. maybe if you say fuck you to your corporate controlled government then "terrorists" wouldn't try to fly planes into you. i live in a house btw, it's quite nice 🙂

  11. Oooh, these guys really don´t know how to hold gun at all. Maybe they should take at least some very basic training because they are about to kill themselves with their stupidity.

  12. and the rebels are just innocent freedom fighters, right? so much for due process and rule of law, lets all go barbarian on anyone whom we disagree with!

  13. if ur forefathers listened to 'due process' and rule of law u would be singing god save the queen and speaking in english accents.

    please try something else

  14. To compare this conflict to the conflict between the British empire and the colonies is disingenuous. This is a war being waged against Assad by Anglo-American Imperialists through proxies like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Etc. This is not a popular revolution.

  15. Yeah, of course it's the west, it didn't have anything to do with Gaddafi using nerve gas on peaceful protestors, No siree he was innocent, it was cool that he killed non violent protestors.

  16. Well, why the fuck should I trust you? there is a lot of evidence to support that Libya would be a lot better off with Qaddafi. The real reason why NATO went in to give the people 'Humanitarian Aid' was to stop the Libyan central bank from trading oil for gold, and install a puppet government. Libya was the crown jewel of Africa before this revolution, which has caused 40,000 causalities and numerous refuges.

  17. not a popular revolution? you must be an ignorant american. the regime is a minority controlled blood shedding tyrants.

    70 percent of syria want the thug assad out. and he will be out. people like you would rather a despot ruled rather than folks fighting for freedom.

  18. I will give you that it is a small minority he is butchering, bit how does that make it better. That only means he is a pragmatic baby killer. In the Middle East I will say that the societies are not shaping up to be very complex that is how you get these divisions where you can play one side against the other. I am for those freedom fighters fighting against Assad, but to say that if they win this will never happen again is dumb.(cont)

  19. (cont) Infact I would say the main reason that the Assad faction is fighting so brutally and so savagly, is because they know that when the fighter get the power, this will happen just as brutally to them. It is sad no one disagrees with that, but this is probably going to play out over the next few decades, the only thing we can do is try to contain the damage to as little a population as possible. (cont)

  20. (cont) and also get them educated so they can take more responsibility for their future instead of waiting for some kind of "devine intervention". This is not a rant against religion, but Allah Ackbar my ass, that part of the world could use less of the day to day passions of religion and more of a broader veiw of life that religion can't offer.

  21. HAHAAHAH ppl are fucking stupid, you support radical muslims even though most of the ppl are scared of the. Even true muslims are against these wahhabi pieces of shit. Al qaeda is the enemy everywhere else for the US but all of a sudden the US funds them in Syria. Please ill prefer Syria to stay away from becoming an Islamic country where minorities get prosecuted. You christians in the west support the prosecution of christians in the Middle East. You guys are a fucking joke. FSA=Radical islam

  22. Vice is a piece of shit propaganda machine just like all your news agencies in the U.S. You guys hear the word Dictator and automatically he becomes a bad guy. You guys are fucking idiots, half of you americans dont even question the news or your govt's actions which they do with your very own money. Gaddafi led Libya to become a powerful free nation yet your criminal govt and Nato decided to bomb the fuck out of it and now Libya has been sent back a few years.

  23. The middle east has always been sent back more then a few years you dumbfuck, if Assad is the good guy why arent the cameras on his side of the line? Oh yeah hes a FUCKING DICTATOR. You even said the word yourself yet you denounce its meaning. Fucking clown do these people look free to you? No they look like theyre going through hell, as a more advanced culture we owe it to humanity to free them from this bullshit.

  24. These people arent radical muslims, The people in those hospitals arent radical muslims, theyre casualties of war, women and children alike. I dont care what this war is over maybe we're on our western high horse of society but this isnt considered accepted where I live. I dont know where the hell you live but seeing a childs guts hanging out is enough to make me want to put a bullet is Assads skull myself.

  25. ARE YOU THAT FUCKING STUPID? Your talking about freedom and the Middle East yet have a picture that disrespects their religion. Your such an ignorant idiot. Islam is not what they make it look like on t.v they only show you the nut cases, its like showing hillbillies with guns to the whole world and say look those are christians. Your soo ignorant and you think you are truly supporting peace? Assad seperated religion from politics so it wouldnt be an islamic country where christians and o

  26. Your = your cake
    You're = you are
    For example you said, "Your such an ignorant idiot"
    Sounds cooler to have the proper grammar when bashing people for being idiots. Just a heads up =)

  27. fuck the Assad the children murderer he now killed over 5.000 innocent child, or he likes to call them terrorist, fuck russia, fuck china, fuck the us, we the free syrian army will free our country

  28. You cannot simply annotate barbarism as a definitive characteristic of the Free-Syrian army. Though underlying ideologies within the group can range from anything but that does not undermine the cohesive aspiration.

  29. I can't wait till Assad is gone!

    Then the Alawites and the Druze and the Christians will get theirs

    No Assad no Hezbollah only those who fear Allah!!!

    This is what the FSA is saying. Check CFR's j Foreign Affairs. And FA is a neo-lib/neo-con rag that supports the FSA.

  30. The West doesn't kill children and civilians then?? or is it that whenever a child dies at the hands of the west its a "tragic accident"; whenever a child dies in an opposition country it was the intentional work of a bloodthirsty monster?

    Go hand Assad yourself, all those losers in the FSA, with the whole of America and

    If all the liberals tried to murder all republicans in USA while bush is in power, kids would be killed in "accidents" fighting the "traitors".

  31. I'm not denying that the regime is the minority of the country.This revolution started in border districts while pro-Assad rallies were held in Damascus. And where did you get those bullshit statistics from? I may be American, but I would happily lay down my life if my freedom was threatened. You are an idiot if you don't think this was started by Anglo-american imperialists.

  32. And you my friend must be a non american more ignorant than americans them selves, 70% of Syria want Asad out?. This isnt about Asad this is about a bunch of Wahabi royalties trying to undermine shia and other Islamic schools of thoughts, if this uprising was so popular the only fighting wouldn't be going on at the Turkish and Syrian border but in other major cities of the country as well.

  33. aaah looks like we have a shia here. well i have got some news for you. enjoy the last few days of the blood thirsty tyrant assad. for in the coming few weeks this murderer will be brought to justice for the deaths of 36,000 people

    shias. please stick to your head banging muharram parties

  34. or, maybe lots of people understand, that if you are in war, there's going to be casualties on both sides + civilians.
    Do you think americans dont bomb civilian districs to kill their enemies?
    Sure assad is not a Saint, but hes absolutely better than the new Syrian opposition which was founded by USA, UK, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia and France.

    i just watched a video where FSA cunts killed unarmed civilians

  35. The rats attacking Syria are little punk bitches ! May Jesus condemn you and Mohammed brand you an Infidel. You little bitches aren't Muslim, your little bitches doing the bidding of zionist. Burn in hell assholes. May God protect Assad and the Syrian people !

  36. 90 percent of the syrians just want a peice of mind. what you're suggesting is that those are just some innocent freedom fighters? well think again friend. the true freedom fighters were crushed by both sides before the syrian revolution had had as much as a speedy pass in the news. go look at homs and the other areas where the christians are being killed just for being christians. look at the civilians massacars that are made by your "freedom fighters", look at the dead villages. SEE what it is

  37. Nobody is attacking Syria, Assad's regime is attacking its own people. And for most it has nothing to do with religion, its about human rights and basic freedoms.

  38. yea its true your right ishamael0 minority fighting for freedom of syria but americans dont fight they just you seen it peaceful protest always fail voting for wrong leaders and allowing to be ruled american are just becoming fat and lazy soft and weak

  39. Are you stupid? it is the other way around, do some research on the fsa., they want to destroy the country and spread dangerous Wahhabism.

    A movement recently began in Syria calling for more democracy, freedom, and reforms. It was originally peaceful, but outside forces hijacked this movement for their own purposes, and began using violence. As a result, the Syrian army had to respond with violence, and an armed conflict erupted.

    You know assad offered elections, buy gues what? fsa attacked.

  40. Not a true killer; Assad is a true killer, a murderer. That old man is a true warrior; a man who rises to action and kills only to preserve the rights and lives of others.

  41. Whose rights and lives is definitely a point of contention, but for good or ill, that is exactly what he is doing. In a world of moral black and white people like this stand in the grey and any judgement passed upon them is only so many words on the wind. This man's intentions may be unclear, but his actions certainly are not. This man is a hard man, and in a conflict like this, the young man next to him may soon be the same, and when a man is born of conflict, to conflict he will always return

  42. There is no good site in this war. The FSA is a bunch of jihadist who hates the rest of the world as much as they hate Assad and the SAA is power hungry tyrants.

  43. fuck you vice. i watched this a couple months back thinking, this is pretty cool, a country fighting back against its leaders for the greater good… but then i went into further investigation only to find out America is funding this so called resistance group… how could i have been so blind, why the fuck would they let an American Media Organization into their homes and tell them things that shouldn't be told. fuck you vice. you make good videos but this is shaming.

  44. These videos filled my heart with compassion toward the Syrian people. I pray Assad will be overthrown soon so that the Syrian people can live in peace once again. God bless the children suffering from this conflict.

  45. I agree, I just wanna point out that most of the opposition is made up of extremist groups that would gladly kill most of us depending where your from.

  46. I agree, I just wanna point out that most of the opposition is made up of extremist groups that would gladly kill most of us depending where your from.

  47. It's ur mouths that are ur biggest enemy , not Assad. Civilians like you or rebels with radical muslim ideologies are the reason for the lack of support from the western powers. Because if they help what will you give them in return when you win ? They want free commerce , religion hinders that , you cannot give them what they want with ur current ideologies.

  48. It's not a fight for freedom, it's a fight for control. Nothing else. Before the shittes gained control of the country, they were under Sunny opression. When the Shittes gained control, the opressed one, become the opressor. U really think that if the Sunny rebels would win there will be a Democracy!? No. It would just be an other form of tyrrany. The war would only end when all arabs learn compromise and how to respect people different from them.

  49. The current Assad's father was the "good" one for creating economic stability… his son, who is now in power, is the crazy one.

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