Good Hope Baptist Church Deacon’s Anniversary July 7, 2019

I try to treat I can pray my My religion Oh Oh Though No, I’m not really done Oh God We get a volunteer do our scripture this morning a Man a man fiber scripture this morning, we’re gonna be reading Psalm Asks you when you find it where you rest on your feet and give reverence to the word of the Lord. Hey, man, man When you found it you find these words o Lord our Lord Yes that name in all the earth who has set that glory of heaven out of the mouths of babes or something as that ordained strength because my own enemies that thou mightest Still the enemy and the Avenger When I consider the heavens the works of the things the moon and the star Which that I had ordained? What is man that a mount full of him and the son of man that thou visitest? An engine and has crowned him with glory and honor That made it him to be dominion over the works of thy hands That has put all things on earth feet all sheep and oxen yay and the beasts of the field the fowls of the air and the fish of the sea and whatsoever Proceeded through the path of that seat Oh Lord our Lord. How excellent is thy name in all the world? does the end in the word of the Lord made final safe place in our You know the holy God take control Well, how do you know that Jesus feels will he Get upset, you know the holy God takes control Here live Our Father Which art in heaven Hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done in earth as It is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and Forgive us our trespasses And we forgive those who trespass against us Lead us. Not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory Father in the name of Jesus Christ Who made the heavens and earth and all things there it is spoke a word and things came and existing Commanding and everything stood fan quicken the dead and call those things which were not I although they were who said let that be and Everything did appear could see let there be life and they were like the light shines in the dark and the dark over here did not The life the lines everyman their colours into the world The light that man may walk in not stone father Bobby for this morning and the most ominous way that I know how But I being so good But I being suggest But I mean so righteousness perfect in wisdom knowledge then all Understanding by being wholly By me being but just just to the ground After learn the word he to call your name Peter me O God according to that pity and turn not your ear from my boys I know this morning if you turn from me, I Will go straight by before you would like giving Making you father all the men a blessing that you have a start upon me from my early distances will No doubt of this present moment. I Realize my father you been good You been better to me than I’ve been to myself. I Want to say thank you for all of the good and Marvelous thing that you’ve done for me even since I’ve been on this to kill me kill me blow through Hama danger Even mean about one more time in life Mid head bow that I bow this morning you call their name. They may feel that’s Already been going back to the dust But you being so good You being so much aful You’ve been so kind You’ve been so forgiving gave my life to roll on a little I alone Thank you far you died for me they nail you to a tree that I might live You are to your life they nail you down for me They had not near you to a tree. I wouldn’t be here today Thank You Love when our dead in trespasses and see To the cross for me Thank You long Thank You Lao Right you get it all my friend that sound Please love Jesus name I mean Come on it bless the Lord today. Amen. Amen Come on, you guys got ahem praise Amen. That is truly worthy to be free. I Don’t know about you, but God has kept me all week from Sunday to Sunday and that’s enough to say, thank you Come on in clap your hands with me. Amen I’m chasing after you no matter what I have to do Cuz I need you more and more Do you no matter what No matter what Oh Oh Oh Oh And more Oh They don’t chasing after you Praising my way through yeah, just to be closer To you I’m chasing. Yeah, there you you help me Lauren Oh Whoa, Oh Oh More and more Come on a blessed God today. Oh, thank you lord My hallelujah belongs to you My hallelujah belongs to you Come on, help me save my hallelujah Lujah – you gonna let me better. Thank you. Say my hallelujah my hallelujah be lost to Open up your mouth and say you deserve it. Yeah, yeah My heart You later You my heart yes a To open up your mouth to begin to worship God say my hallelujah All about honor all about more in all of that brains below you got To come on and help your hand to say you deserve it lon You delay We see all of Lodi belong All of its glory to hollaback glory all praise Belongs to you open up your mouth before me Come on help me say you deserve Come on My Hallelujah belong to You I wanna help me save my I knew you My heart Alou you belong to Say my love My heart Belongs to you how the highest praise come on and say hallelujah It all to you You come on and bless God today. Amen Hallelujah Somebody say hallelujah Hallelujah Let it rain let it rain Open the floodgates of heaven Let it rain Let it rain Oh Gates up Hey Oh Oh And can you tell the Lord it’s rain It’s raining and It’s raining It’s raining it’s raining It’s Raining it’s raining I Feel the rain I feel the rain Oh It rain Here in this house. Are you all glad to be here today? Amen, are you really glad to be here today? America truly this is the day that the Lord has made And we all ought to be rejoicing and being glad because of it and not only that this is a day of celebration Amen we’re here celebrating with our Board of Deacons a Man for another year on the battlefield for the Lord. Let’s give God a high clap of praise for that right now Amen amen At this time, I’m going to ask of you if you will stand to your feet and we get ready to Celebrate our dica there. Some of them are going to be marching in at this time Some of them are already here up front and we’re going to be calling their names as They make their way and let’s say amen. Amen At first we have the chairman of our Deacon board Deacon Brian Clark amen Next our co-chair dick and Johnny Weaver. They’re sitting right up front Deacon Ricky Adams Amen, he’s probably going back outside Deacon Eric Goodman, come on digger Rick digging Eric Goodman. He can offer Johnson whether he go Amy I see him I got four I long still not seeing right a man Deacon Fred Johnson Amen Deacon Charles Johnson Deacon Willie si Johnson Deacon Willie Harold Johnson decanting Lee Davis. Oh There we go Deacon Richard Johnson our senior Deacon. Hey, man, Deacon Forrest Hendrix Deacon Jimmy Clark Deacon will it see Johnson Deacon Rae Thompson Diggins our Mosley Deacon Sean price And Deacon Charlie Peters Amen. Let’s say Amen for our Board of Deacons Come on cut. Hope you can do better than that Amen amen you may be seated Amen amen at this time. We’re going to have welcome and greeting by chairman Deacon Bryan Clark a Man let’s say man. He’s making a circle around. Let’s say a man. Has he come with our welcome and I greeted Good morning, good hope We want to welcome each and every one out to our Dickens anniversary We have Church here every Sunday at 11 a.m Sunday school at 10 o’clock a.m we have Men and women empowerment by the step Bible study on Tuesday nights at 7:30 we have general Bible study at 7:30 on Wednesday night and on Friday mornings, we have Bible study with the pastor at 12 a.m And again, I say, you’re welcome welcome well Come on good off. You can do better than that a man, a man Thank You chairman Clark for Welcoming us. Do we have any visitors here in the house with us this on today? any visitors Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen Amen, amen at this time We want you to give us a name you can tell a little bit of something about Yourself Cup because we we do some special here good. Hope when we have guests here And we don’t want you to come in and say day and even day And I decided to come back because I enjoy myself so much here Hi, my name is Cheryl brown and I was invited by house of burn bill a mine Hi, I’m Natasha Nollywood Beth of jesus ministries and I’m also here to support Minister Brian Brown a man Good morning. I’m co-pastor else avail of faith of jesus ministries We bring you greetings from Pastor Lamar Bell, and we are here to support our very own Vernon bill. Thank you. Hey, man Hey, man Hey man, come on. Dr. Fred. Well, welcome us here. Amen. Come on. Good old member. Let’s welcome, I guess Man there everyone feel welcome now a Man a man. Welcome to Good Hope Caveman before we come without announcing. I want to say to my sister right here. This is she’s looking for a church home Never forget the next second or the next minute. It’s not promised to you We know we have a certain time set aside to give the invitation, but if you want to come and join now Amen, you can come right now Amen, don’t put off tomorrow what you can do right now Hey, man, we would just want to let you know that when you come into the church the church got a lot of problems Everybody gave me got a problem if they don’t have a problem They wouldn’t be a mess some got one eyebrow too long some weather us wear glasses Some of us can’t even walk right? Some of us can’t talk right? Some of us stay here. Right some of us Casey, right? Everybody if you got a problem And one thing about it the word says take your burdens to the Lord that’s why we are here and you don’t have to leave out of here the same way you came here a Man, just to let you know you are welcome here, and we would love to have you here with us So that we can grow together amen amen Brother Clark I did give me a little sermon anyway This time now we’re gonna have our noun Smith and sister Felicia card, you ready? Welcome to our worship services on today where the Holy Spirit is always in charge These are our upcoming church and community announcements for the week. Bus transportation is available You can call the church at seven seven zero Seven eight seven four nine two eight and leave a message or you can call Reverend. Dr Audrey McClay at seven seven three eight four four two zero two zero check out our new website at WWE HB Church, calm Our weekly Bible study guides Tuesday men and women’s empowerment Bible studies at 7:30 p.m Wednesday bible study at 7:30 p.m. And they are studying revelations chapter 21 verses 1 through 3 the new heaven and earth Verses 6 through 8 alpha and omega Verses 9 through 18 the bride of the lamb verses 19 through 21 foundations and Street Friday Bible study with Reverend Tomlinson 12 News Our men of hopes semi annual fish fry and barbecue is Saturday, July 20th at 11 a.m So everyone come out and support our men? Sunday July 28th at 3 p.m Good Hope is special guests at the sweet home Baptist Church located at 2:08 Oak Street in Hiram for their pastoral anniversary for Reverend Jeffrey Wimbush Pastor Tomlinson will bring the message bus transportation will be available and all ministries are to be on duty Revival here at Good Hope will begin on Monday, August 19th through Wednesday August 24th 21st services will begin knightly at 7:30 p.m Revival services at Shiloh Baptist Church located at 262 Macon Street in McDonough will begin Tuesday August 20th through Thursday, August 22nd at 7:30 p.m Pasta Tomlinson is guest speaker on Thursday night and all ministries are asked to be on duty bus transportation will be available Our family and friends worship day is Sunday, July 21st at 11 a.m So everyone please invite your family and friends to come worship with you? back to school supplies giveaway sponsored by the new County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday July 27th at Newton County High School located at 1 Ram way in Covington Announcements are published through our audio-visual production department each week Please contact sister Teresa Harris with your announcements reported sick and shut-in and bereaved Information or you can email it to Good Hope Baptist th at by 6 p.m. On Wednesdays in order to be published. However, any announcements submitted our subject for modification or approval Also all birthdays and anniversaries Will be announced monthly on the first import Sunday and a full list of all sick and shut-in and bereaved on 1st Sunday Prayer requests. We are here to pray for you Deacon Willie H Johnson. Mr. Milton Jones Deacon Johnny Weaver, mr Charles Williams Miss Janelle Corbett, brother and Joseph Walker. Mr. Moore strong is Joann sands. Mr Walter Lewis Johnson weather Evelyn Brown’s mother Evelyn Peters mother ain’t a new lady Estella McClay Deacon Curtis white mr. Malloy Thomas. Mr. John Hawley. Mr Troy Lex miss Eleanor wise MS Marva Johnson wheeze. Mr. Brian Morgan. Mr Rodney Clark and Staff Sergeant Barry BJ read Our July birthdays and anniversaries July 3rd spurgeon Gaither July 4th, Nicklaus, McKibben Willie strong July 8th Charles Williams July night Mia price river Larry Johnson, July 11th Marilyn Denis Eric Kohl July 13th, Jackie wise July 14th, Jessica Wiley, July 7/16 joy Turner, July 17th, our first lady’s definitely Tomlinson July 18th, Joyce Burkett, July 20th, Sandra Harris, July 22nd anthony Stewart July 24th Marilyn gesture July 27th Linda between July 29th Pamela Johnson, July 30th Antonio best July 31st Ericka wise anniversaries July 7th Charles and Rhonda purchase July 18th, Kenneth and Deborah Johnson July 26 Reverend, dr. Quinton and Minister Cassandra Fretwell July 31st Timothy and Leonora Lewis Food for thought there are 100 billion nerves in the human body and there are people who have the ability to irritate all of them This summer our children had Vacation Bible School here The theme was in the wild And let me tell you I was not here but the stories I heard I know they had a wonderful time and for a fact I know they ate very well for lunch Let’s see what they were up to Hello, I’m Elena Jackson with GHB seenu’s and today I am here at the Good Hope Baptist Church Vacation Bible School in the world I am here with one of their teachers miss Jenny. I Benton. Oh You think this means I’m great, how are you I’m well what is something that you taught to our students this week? Well this week we focus on Well, that’s great what was one of your most memorable times Was besides our wonderful Adventurous Bible lessons besides that we created some wonderful crafts this week and we did some binoculars on the surface you think that we just did a craft that we made some binoculars with the kids, but it was really symbolic of taking a closer look in a more in-depth look at the life of Jesus and I hope that that reminds the students to Continue their Christian walk but really following closely and taking a close look at the wonderful things that Jesus did He is amazing and I am sure that your students learned a lot this week Thank You. Mr. Neher. Thank you. I Am also here with another one of their teachers it Samantha Joe How are you doing miss Samantha Well, that’s great what is something that you taught your students this way Well this week our students did focus on the mini miracles Jesus performed But also then he had a specific job and one of those jobs was he was a carpenter. So me being a natural crafter I decided to bring in a craft for the kids to Do so to show their carpentry skills So one of the crafts that we did was to make a leather bracelet So many of the kids went home with a nice the bracelet with whatever they wanted to say specifically on the bracelet whether it was their name Jesus or Vacation Bible School, whatever they want it so that was Something that I wanted the kids to learn learn how to hone in on a craft. I am so glad that your students Learn that what is one of your most memorable times this week? well aside from learning the many miracles Jesus performed one of our most memorable times this week was the lunch Well, I’m so glad you enjoyed the lunch. Thank you, Miss Teresa And we have our last teacher Reverend Larry Johnson How do you favor up and job? I’m just fine. How are you today? I’m well What is something that you taught your students this week? since I had the older rule I want to teach them that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens down one of our lessons that we spent the most time on Was Jesus walking on water when Peter? Looked at Jesus he was able to stay afloat on the water and I wanted my students to know as long as they keep down Jesus they can do all things. Well, I am so glad that they went down What is one of your most memorable times this week? Well, actually it were – why one of the kids asked our pastor? Where did God come from and when was he born? And then our my second member most number one thing was is that last day we had a marvelous lunch He had chicken fried chicken Bheema cupcakes I can tell thank you so much Reverend Dunn Well, I did tell the Good Hope Baptist Church Vacation Bible School learned a lot this week I’m Melana Jackson with the g-h BC news The Good Hope Baptist Church Vacation Bible School students also learned a series of dances that we’ll be introducing to you Wow, they had a wonderful time at Vacation Bible School The youth department will be going to Six Flags on Saturday July 13th. Please see minister Butler for more details We have a late announcement Mr Vinay Thomas passed on July 6 in Humble, Texas He is the brother of Minister Eunice Johnson and Miss Bessie. Thrasher services will be announced later This concludes our announcements, thank you be blessed and have a great week everyone Hey, man, let’s see man for announcements Hey Matt, please man, please sir, remember all of them and keep them in mind and govern yourselves accordingly It is often time now. Let’s say man It is all foreign time. Now, we’re gonna actually this time is you can Frederik Johnson come and give us our offertory Prayer then we’re going to go farther from there. Let’s say man. I see car Let us pray Father God in the name of Jesus. It’s again that we come before thee Father we come with a heavy heart this morning Father we come heavenly father. Just thanking you for just being so kind and so merciful to us Father you you you watch over us all night long why we slumbered and slept as Deadman’s and did women You know God you let the angel Turks just early this morning. He met us woke up on due time We woke my master. We found that the blood was yet running warm, and I was lame They just want to thank you for it master father. You let us walk out to see a brand new day Day, which we’d never seen before and all the days of our life Rely on my master when this day is dawn. We’ll never see it again So help us O Lord to be able to do the things that are pleasing in your sight Follow, just give us the love able to follow that run from heart to heart breast of bread father. We pray Heavenly Father for Sick inflicted all over the land and country father We pray for the very family west and ever they might be follow. Just just bless them helping them father Let them know we’re able to follow that urge has no sorrow that heaven cannot yield father we pray right now heaven the father that you would just bless each and every one help them follow that that are standing on their feet this morning while blessed them and the blessing that you see them standing in a need Oh father we pray Heavenly Father that No one go away heaven the father dissatisfied just how mercy this morning then father as we we we Prepare to take that off in heaven father. Let us give Whole heart of the heavenly father. They’re not good. Amen. Just have much of this morning Then father when we’ve done all we can fall in this world Ask Lord that you just give us a home somewhere new kingdom So we made a praise your name Oh better than we do now these blessings at all blessing Weston us on Jesus Amen it’s prayer time now all over the world landing country And if you desire prayer you can come to the altar you can stand where you are It is prep time now and we thank God that I already Deacon John Mosley is gone petition to throne of grace For us on today, let’s say a man. Come to the altar you can stand where you are Betina father to have mercy on us. Thank you Lord for your grace mercy Yellow, we actually our Lord. Can you remember those who are less fortunate there? We are Oh second effect among those that we know and do not know Thank You having a father for your word Bishop. Where does your work of forward to stay Lord? It’s your Lord that work my seat and in our hearts that you make it out on and go to the place Thank your father for this day And this time as you now know that you will continue to come to Israel one of our hearts So the mind as our person say you said in your word Lord as my people Muhammad himself let me hear from helping you were heal tool and National order coming in you see that one of our hearts that person saved all of Thanksgiving Jesus name and all God’s people said Amen thank you, Nicki Mosley for Talking to the Lord on our stand man at this time we’re gonna have introduction of our morning preacher for our Deacon Boyd Anniversary on today then followed by that song of worship by the milk Wild men of whole choir and then the next voice behind that will be our preacher a burning bit. Let’s say Amen When you recognize the power you possess And it becomes evident at the very last minute after you’ve given up everything that you’ve got and call on the name of Jesus That he will step in and says here I am This is one of like the life’s changing mottos our guest speaker Reverend Vernon Bell Associate pastor of faith of jesus ministries lives by and is truly a young man reconstructed by God he is the son of Pastor Lamar and Minister Elsie Bell of Covington and it is with his parents that he shares the title of associate pastor of faith of jesus ministries here in Newton County Pastor Bell is also in native of Newton County and is happily married to Janice Bell and they have four amazing children He is a very dedicated man that’s full of grace and compassion for others and is a man of wisdom and strength Who recognized that is not buy anything that he has done But by the grace of God that we are all here that we are all overcomers reverend vernon bill One two Well with the price Jesus has changed my If anybody asked you just They tell of his goodness They speak of his love I Tell of his goodness to me I’m walking with Jesus. I’m a child of the king Because I Tell of this goodness Agile of his heart I tell of his goodness to me Give with Jesus. I’m a child of the king and it’s all because I am redeemed couple y’all saying women Come on church say hallelujah If you’ve been bought what the prize come on and give God some praise hallelujah Come on, come on, if you know that God has made a way out of no way. Come on and give God some praise If you’ve been bought with the precious blood of Jesus and you know that no weapon formed against you no matter how you feel Come on, give God some praise because I realize that this is the day I said This is the day that the Lord has made and regardless of what you think about it I have a right to rejoice and be glad in it. Is anybody happy today is Anybody happy today? Shout to the Lord and say yeah Whoo glory to God glory be to God glory be to God it’s nice to be amongst people who believe the Word of God and I really want to I feel like I want to go strong at this but Reven already told me I don’t have but 10 minutes so But no, no no, it’s amazing to be here in the house of God and know and and and not to to try to Discourage anybody or to talk about anybody but I thank God that I’m able to stand here Not being afflicted with sickness or disease I Thank God that I’m able to standing right here clothing my right mind. I Thank God that I’m not hungry. I’m filled my cup is running over I I thank God that even if I get hungry I might have a dollar or two that I can go buy something to eat with Because see God has brought us from a mighty long way See, I remember us being and having to go home and eat ketchup sandwiches Come on y’all knows but I’m tomato sandwiches and all those things but see God has brought me from a mighty long way and what I Realized that some of you was the one that helped get me here So what I’m saying to you God has brought you from my mighty long. Who amen? Glory be to God glory be to God Let’s go ahead and get on with the message Before we go let let me bow my head and give God the glory because he’s worthy to be praised. Amen Father God in the name of Jesus. I thank you for this marvelous opportunity Lord. God to stand before these your precious people People who have come out Lord God to hear word from God and I pray right now that as I begin to speak your word That you think through my mind and speak to my vocal cord and let it be all of you and under me in the name Of Jesus and let them have ears to hear and receive what thus says the Lord because we all know that one word from God Can change our whole life and we are here to receive it right now today in the name of Jesus So we put a demand on the Holy Spirit right now to reveal himself to us so that we would know that God is who he said he is in the name of Jesus and we Have known God to be a provider. He is Jehovah Jireh. We thank you Lord God that you are healing your Jehovah Refika Lord God you are the Great Physician and I thank you right now that you’re healing our bodies from sickness and disease. I Think your Lord God that even our children Lord God we are able to call them out of darkness and into the marvelous light Lord God and we thank you for it Right now in the mighty name of Jesus or God and Lord God as I speak your word, let it be followed with signs miracles and wonders that it may be Lord God fulfilling to those who hear the word of God that they may walk in your goodness and your mercy every day of their life in the name of Jesus and Father God let this be a day where they know that goodness have jumped all over them in the name of Jesus let them know that they are blessed in the city and Blessing the feel blessing their coming and blessing they’re going Lord on and every time they turn around Let the favor of God be upon their life to open doors that man has shut and Lord God we receive it all right now by faith in the name of Jesus and those that agree with me say Amen if You would just say hallelujah one time You know, that’s the highest phrase you can give gone. So let’s do that one more time. Somebody shout hallelujah Don’t you feel good to baby us say something to God your Creator your maker. The one who gave you life. Amen. Amen If you would at this time turn with me to the Book of Luke Book of Luke chapter 2 Verses 41 Verses 41 through 49 He said now his parents went to Jerusalem every year at the Feast of the Passover and When he was twelve years old They went up to Jerusalem After the custom of the feast and when they had fulfilled the days as they returned the child jesus Terry behind in Jerusalem and Joseph and his mother knew not of it But they supposing him to have been in the company when a day’s journey a whole day’s journey, and they sought him among their kinfolk and acquaintances and when they found him not They turned back again to Jerusalem seeking Him first 46s and it came to pass that after three days they found him in the temple sitting in the midst of the doctors both hearing them and asking them questions and all that heard him was astonished at His understanding and his answers Forte says and when they saw him they were amazed and his mother said unto him son Why has thou thus dealt with us behold? Thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing and he said unto them How is it that you sought me? Know ye not that I must Be about my father’s business Go ahead and tell your neighbors that I’m blessed Coal repeater God now find someone else and tell him that God is working for me now If you notice in in the text it says he must be about his father’s business amen But what got me was he was 12 years old sitting amongst doctors and They was externus with his questions and with his answers But that let me know that Jesus is really about his father’s business. Amen But let me let me tickle your ears a little bit what some things that I want to give you Before I really get deep in my message Before we’re going to further I have about four scriptures to say unto your ears and it’s he Baca verses 2 and 4 Do we have? Amen first how Baca verses 2 & 4 It’s simply I’m gonna just gonna paraphrase until we get there It simply says but the righteous They shall live by faith amen, and Just for the sake of time. I’m gonna go ahead and go through the next three It’s a no when it says and in book of Romans says 1 and 17 it says That we’re going from faith to faith. And again, it says the righteous shall live by faith amen, and another passage of Scripture in the book of Galatians chapter 3 and verse 11 It says the same thing but the righteous or the just shall Live by faith now. I have one more press description as Hebrews 10 to 38 now you may understand where I’m going with this it says that the righteous shall live by faith now now from my understanding One word from God will change your whole life So it must be very important if God put in the Bible for different time That the righteous or the just shall live by faith there it is in Habakkuk said Behold his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him, but the just say I’m the just and I shall live by faith Now it’s something about living by faith. It didn’t say that you you Might want to live by faith. It did not say that It’s good for you to live by faith. It said now You should live by faith that means that is not a faith movement that’s that’s periodically, but this is a lifestyle And what I learned about faith is faith it Pleases God But it does not necessarily Moves God but it moves you in position to receive what God has already done Come on, can you can you just follow me for a minute? I know I just it’s maybe a little different but just recognize what’s going on the faith God said the just shall live by faith and when you have faith it causes you to have corresponding action to what God has said about your life and what I realized that God has spoken some great things over you and he said something like you shall be the Head and not the tail what that gonna cause you to do you gonna cause you to get up from in this low Situation that you find yourself in and say and realize that wait a minute I don’t suppose to live like this because God has said I’m the head and not the tail What if you find yourself being afflicted in your body and the doctors say you’re sick unto death? But God says wait a minute by my stripes you are healed what that gonna cause you to do it gonna cause you to hell corresponding actions who believe God Most show then you believe man. Why because God say, I’m not a man that I shall I come on He said I look when I came he said Let me put it to you like this in Romans 3. It says let God Be true And every man a lot. So today I’m declaring you are the head Not the tail It goes further to say you are far above and not beneath And something that we fail to take note of but he said you are also the lender Yeah. Yeah somebody no to hurt somehow to know to work. So what am I saying? Your days are being in LAC is soon to be over when you realize that I’m not supposed to be in this position Amen, come on. Come on. God says in the book of Romans. He said oh, no, man anything but Loving come on. Tell your neighbor. I love you Come your understanding say I love you big and and I love you enough to see you come out of this situation Because I am my brother’s keeper I am here to make sure that everybody come on board like we posed to be amen But see that’s what Jesus did when he was sitting in the feet at the hands of the darkness when he when they thought they was about to teach him he end up teaching them and I wonder why Because he is the life You know to say he is the way he know more about the body then the doctors do Because he created us in His image and after his likeness and he said he has given us Dominion and authority over Sickness and disease come on. Come on I’m trying to encourage you to realize that you don’t have to put up with no high blood pressure no more You don’t have to put up We’ll come on now, you know if your husband at home and he bother you come on You can say our prayer and the prayer of the righteous will availeth month and your husband Look look you might want to call him before you go home today because see instead of you stopping by this market again some eat Frank don’t be at home cooking dinner for you Let me go y’all don’t want to hear this y’all don’t hit it But but what I want you to understand I want you to go to the book of Hebrews Chapter 4 and I want to kind of pivot off of this right here the book of Hebrews chapter 4 y’all with me today? Somebody shot a man He’s God good and all the time. Oh Yes, yes. Yes. Yes Hebrews chapter 4 and I’m gonna read this so we can For the sake of time. He said let us therefore verse 1 Let us therefore fear lest a promise being left us Left us of entering into the into his rest any of you should seem to come short of it For unto us was the gospel Preached as well As unto them, but the word preached did not profit them not Being mixed with faith in them that heard it Now I can tell you about the Word of God But until you mix what you hear with faith Whatever I say don’t mean nothing to you I Can sit here and say right now by this time tomorrow 10 of you will be millionaires But if you don’t mix this with faith, it don’t mean nothing to you I can see here and tell you right now that by this time next year your life will be so so dramatically change that you will have a happy new year and a Merry Christmas all Debt-free, I mean I can tell you so much about the Word of God, but until you mix it with faith Do anybody know about that good suit grandma used to cook And the greediest you put in now the greediest alone may not mean nothing But when grandma put all those ingredients in the in the pot you can be miles away or you can be outside There’s mind your own business and there’s a certain aroma that come across No, you realize something good and stir it in the kitchen But that’s how you have to be with God’s Word when you hear it because he is that faith comes by Hearing and hearing the Word of God. So when you hear it, you got to say but that’s me. That’s mine I receive that amen now do you receive the fact that Jesus died for you? Do you receive the fact that God has given you salvation to come out of any situation that you’re in? Do you receive the fact that that that that that life has been given to you more? abundantly than you ever could imagine dream or even hope for do you believe and Understand that the enemy has been dealt with in your life by the blood of Jesus that he has no more Dominion over you, but now God has given you dominion over the enemy Do you receive that can you receive now now? You can’t just take it and hear it you got to have Corresponding action to believe you got to mix your faith into this and say yes I receive it I pour down every stronghold I put it down to the Captivity of the knowledge of God to the obedience of his voice and I received by faith that listen no weapon formed Against me shall What Now now I learned that I can say the same thing about my children. I Learned I can say the same thing about my spouse. I learned that I can say the same thing about my money No weapon for against my money sell prosper talk too much and and I realized that Alone, I’m only 47 46 all of my 46 Trying to get up there, but I’m I but even in my my days of living I’ve been to see and Something that the enemy has done He has tricked me out of some of my money because I realized some jobs I had they didn’t pay me my full potential Come on, and they made me think I had to work two and three jobs in order to get get the money I thought I deserve but God told me that when you find the thief He shall pay you seven times Greater than what it was in the beginning. So God is saying because I found a thief My reward is on his way, and I’m saying the same to each and every one of you Some of you have been in the same situation Liver from paycheck to paycheck being broke busted and disgusted But cold not because not because you did something wrong, but because she was to see by the hand of the enemy Thinking that you had to do something for nothing. Amen. But God said now that we understand what faith is We can make that line devil. Come on, we can make him and his fools Line up and bow before us and give us back Everything that the enemy has stolen someone come on. Come on. Somebody say it’s mine Now I hear there’s people in the front bar I need somebody in the back just shout hallelujah now Now I now hear this I getting louder now now what is I go back to now can you say hallelujah Five more minutes But no what I want you to understand that the only reason this word won’t work for you It’s because of your unbelief and If you remember what Jesus said I could do no mighty works because of their unbelief He didn’t I hate to tell you I’ll break your religious spirit, but he didn’t say I couldn’t do it because of their sin He didn’t say I couldn’t do it because of the affliction they were saying and it’s too big for me, but God’s ain’t nothing too hard for God So even if you have mr Mark, God said I can still bless you if you just believe my word I mean if you get back and right standing, I know you just cuss somebody out coming over here. I know you Listen, you are human. But I understand if you just repent Confess your fault. God said you can get back and right standing with him. I’m alright You can get right back in right standing with him and he will bless you like he would have before Amen That’s why you can boldly say no weapon formed against me sir. Prosper Amen. But now why do you think If God died for mankind so that you may have life and have it more abundantly Then why is it that some people is still? struggling with their salvation Why is it that some people that still struggling with Taking God’s Word over the report of the doctor Why is it that you’re still thinking in your mind that I got to hit the lottery in order to pay my rent. I Mean I’m just I ain’t got nothing against what you do I’m just saying but I’m trying to get your thinking to be focused on God being your source and not your job God being your source and not your spouse God being your source and not the lottery I’m just trying to get you in that frame of mind now if you want to do something Other than that that’s show business, but I’m saying God should be preeminence in your life Meaning that he should be the first thing on your mind and I’ll tell you I Really? not ashamed to tell you that is Good when he’s just the only thing on your mind Then we leave that alone But why do you think people are still not? saved While you still think people are not Having the money that they need now, I’m telling you it there come time in my life that I have to look for money But I don’t look for as if to work for it I look for it to believe for you if you understand what saying my faith causes me to believe that God will show up on time You don’t know that and that’s my faith And and I never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed Begging for bread and and and I put myself in the mix. I’m the righteous I’m the see and therefore I’m entitled Not to beg for bread they meant but the reason why people still struggling is because they won’t take full ownership Of what God has already done and Jesus said I have already Paid the price thank God I am redeemed You understand what we said and God said let the redeemed of the Lord do what? Do I have any bless people in the house today? Come on come on. Do I have in there? Come on, did I have any heel people in the house today? Do I have any save people in the house today? Do I have anybody in the house that know that God will make a way I don’t no way come on Do anybody realize? That it was Jesus That made a way when you know, you had no money in the bank account Do you know that it was Jesus that made a way when? Your son or your daughter will land ill and sick and you had nothing. Come on Whoo So when I think about What he’s done for me As a son as they were saying he said he brought me this far by faith Somebody thought of you got a shot right there. I mean, he’s good. Amen But now this is the pivotal part that I want you to understand According to the book of Mark Now we understand that Jesus was about his father’s been the same man In the book of Mark chapter 5 and I want to close on these notes right here Look at mark chapter 5 verse 21 it says and when Jesus was passed over Again verse 21 chapter 5 verse become our say and when Jesus was passed over again, that means that he had been dead before Amen and when I look back in my study knowing that he had been dead before you remember the man that was Had the unclean spirit and he was up there shining fetters But they couldn’t really keep him down because he was so strong He was breaking the chain and he was cutting itself and and they didn’t have nothing to do with him But they said when Jesus came off the ship He said now he came to Jesus and Jesus Spoke a word over him and told the unclean spirit to come out of him But then that that that man who was now clothed in his right mind said Jesus, can I follow you? He’s a no I don’t need you to follow me. What I need you do is be about my father’s business and verse 19 it says and go home to thy friends and Tell them how great things the Lord had done for thee and hath had compassion on thee So what you think he did he went back and told his friends and family. Just how good god is And someone you’re gonna be the same way you gonna tell your friend that God is so good. He came to Good Hope He traveled down 162 and he saw this place called Good Hope and He came in and then some of you might have been disturbed when you came in here But you’re gonna leave here close in your right mind Who verse 21 says and when Jesus had passed over again, come on That means that he was going to do something but the Bible don’t really and tells you what it is Specifically he was about to do But he said when he stepped off the ship he was met by this man named Jairus And he said unto Jesus I beg of thee to come lay hands on my daughter for she lay sick unto death Now now again the whole topic here is about my father’s business but somehow someway when faith is entwined and It meets the feet of Jesus even though Jesus was going in one direction faith shifted him into another direction Come on, somebody say I gotta have faith Come on now now if you realize in verse 23 SAS and Juniors, we saw him greatly saying my little daughter life at the point of death I pray thee come and lay thy hands on her that she may be healed and she share what live and Jesus what went with him Amen, now he was getting off the ship to go do something but all of a sudden faith Met Jesus right there face to face and whatever. Jesus was about to do faith changed that direction Tell you neighbor you gotta have faith now in the next version says the first 25 cent and a certain woman which had an issue of blood how many years 12 Years and someone’s been a bun is even longer than that. Amen But listen was about to happen if you have faith caught on money and said 26 an Hat suffer many things Many physicians and had spent all that she had and was nothing better, but rather grew worse How many people you know that that I spent all they had thinking this gonna be their way out? But they end up Going worse or being worse, you know what I’m saying? When you when you think you’re gonna get two or three job to get this stuff taken care of but you end up realizing that you you you you reap more havoc than you did the blessings because now your back hurt your head hurt your leg hurt now you Got to take this medicine in that medicine. So you really didn’t accomplish nothing by trying to get all these job You just got yourself in bundage Amen. Well, I didn’t happen. It might be with somebody else. Alright, but anyway but anyway He said she she she she got she was nothing better but rather grew worse now it says to me that At this time not only does she have an issue But she said but it says she spent all she had and now she broke and ain’t getting no better Verse 27. Yeah, he said when she had heard of Jesus now who you think told about Jesus that man Who had two unclean spirit but now his clothes in his right mind don’t spread the news He don’t tell little Jojo name and all them what y’all don’t boys he said hey, there is a man by the name of Jesus that Healed my infirmity and come on And and and he said when she had heard of Jesus and how does faith come by? Hearing she says it and came in the press behind and touched His garment For she said if I may touch but his clothes I shall be I’m wait a minute. Yo, ya’ll said hope Wait a minute no trains for me now. I was thinking here but it’s it holding it why didn’t it say he’ll Because it was more to her than just that sickness and God said when I touch you Not only am I gonna heal you but I’m gonna perfect everything That concerns you I’m telling you yo Dawg don’t get right when jumped when Jesus touch you come on Well, anyway it says first first one they said well She said if I may touch but his clothes I shall be made what hole somebody say holes that mean nothing missing Nothing broken. Nothing lacking in your life. Somebody shot. That’s me I’m dead. I’m tired of living from paycheck to paycheck And I’m tired of come to church for 20 years and not changing or seeing every results I’m Telling you I didn’t get up out my bed this morning just to come here for somebody to put on the show for me I came here looking for this word to be explained to me to just to see how if she got home How can I make beam a hope because I have no respect a person so if he did it once Come on tell your neighbors my turn And he said straight wait Wait a minute right away Straight wait, he said the fountain of her blood was dried up and Straightway But what put her in this position her faith She heard about Jesus and she said let me not only just hear him, but let me get in position to be touched And for 12 years she suffered but one touch Dried up that issue What am I about to say to you? What took you a year is about to take you months What took you months is about to take you weeks and what took weeks for you Don’t take you days And what took days for you, don’t take you hours And what took hours for you? Don’t take you minutes and what take minutes for you Don’t take you seconds and what it took seconds for you is gonna take you having faith Y’all didn’t get that see see what is faith faith is now It’s not in the future So when you have faith Straight wait money coming to your bigger camera Straight wait yo bones, go be healed Straightway your husband gonna be saved Straight come on now straight way Straight way yo cabinets gonna be running over fool But listen to me and Jesus said in verse 30 immediately knowing in himself That virtue had gone out of him. What did he do? He turn Wait a minute faith on turn Jesus again Now he was going to lay hands on the daughter, but somebody else with faith Came and met Jesus and turn him again well understand Jesus had no worry about the daughter Because he knew he was about his father’s business and God is not a man that he shall I Come on now. So so when you have faith and you Meet Jesus he will turn Y’all ain’t y’all ain’t getting? Y’all don’t see what I’m trying to show you when Jesus got off the ship he had a purpose but faith hit him and he turned When J iris has seen him he turned then when the woman would issue turn when Reverend Thompson met Jesus he turned and Now when Good Hope meet Jesus he don’t pick What you mean, he’s turning it around for your favor come on, come on, come on all You need is faith amen and I want to get out of here I wanna I wanna but I want you to understand what was happening here when you have faith in Jesus He’s turning in your direction To meet you every need somebody say hallelujah He says in verse 30 he said when he turned him about and the press and he said who touched my clothes and His disciples said unto Him thou seest the multitude thronging thee and says thou who touches me That’s like most churches today Everybody around the pastor Trying to touch but getting no results because they attitude or they motive is not right Now me think about now He said they were he was thrown with the multitude and Then disciples saying what would you mean who touched you you see all these people touching you you’ll see all these people come to church And they leave in the same way. I Don’t you used to this don’t you using these people keep coming to church or every Sunday and leave I still hey hey Now are you talking about good hook I Hate talking my girl up now. I’m talking off I go to Frederick sees me I know I can speak from him spirit from feathers. He’s a minute. You got people that come And they they don’t come – good to know Jesus they come for the recognition and The fame and they want to be tickled and they want to be rude and they want to be pleased and satisfied But they coming with faith. They don’t they don’t have the agenda that we have to come to God with the purpose Said you you don’t eat people touching you and You asked who? But this woman had heard about Jesus and she knew He was the final answer to her situation I’m saying you hear good. Hope make him the final answer to your situation If you read on down it says that they came and said to him Jesus ji was dumb. Don’t bother him no more because your daughter she’s dead But Jesus looked at the iron and said hey don’t pay them no attention He said he said keep the faith you had when you met me Some of your creeks are dried up some of your revenue system is dried up you ain’t got it like you used to have it and To some of you there are pronounced dead But God said keep the faith that you had when I once gave it to you Cuz I can make the dry bones live again and you notice what what Jesus did he took some people with him and when he went he said He’s seen the people that at Jr’s house Making all this fuss crying Whoo, whoo and falling out as if there was no hope But Jesus said what are y’all doing? All this for? She ain’t dead she sleep and instantly numb black people You know how we do we show up We saw a hot boy when you come to the further we go show out Way anyway, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to go down something. But anyway but He said she ain’t dead she sleep And they said wait a minute They went from crying to laughing And I don’t know about you rep But when you got some people in your house That doesn’t have faith like you have and they don’t agree to what you agree with Jesus said you got to do something bout them folks And Jesus said, you know what what’s y’all in here? I can do nobody works What y’all unbelievers in here who have no faith I Can’t do nobody works. I can’t make 10 of y’all millionaires if you don’t believe Because when I said 10 of y’all were gonna be millionaires you laughed Come on come on and how you say you ought to work for it. I said you have to believe for it But when you don’t believe what he said he said some Negroes you hang with You got to put them out Did I get through vogue, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Oh, so what y’all know there’s some people you hang with I Hate to hurt your feelings, but You gotta let them people go But but but but but I told him I was gonna take him home no no no, no not today uber live Somebody come to jump come get them now. You don’t need to spend another second with Their unbelieving self because he God has something big waiting on you Now can you believe God for? What’d he say? He can he’s able to do for you So What’d you say Yeah He’s on a t1 now What Yeah, he’s just turned left by the Burger King Coming up 162 I’m telling your ship. It’s about to come here. I Say your ship is about to come in. Wait a minute. Wait a minute He passing was that tipper, oh hey Hey, he pretty close I guess what are you looking for? What are you looking for So Go ahead and own a doe full. Hey come. Hey come hey come. Hey come shake up shake up. Come on Come on, come on. Come on in here. Come on in here on the dope Oh Hey He said not my power not my mind, but by my spirit His spirit just came in and it in you to have faith to believe it. Go ahead. He receive it right now. Oh Jesus woo No repeater God Glory be to God glory be to God woo Somebody shot yeah I Gotta say Whatever been harassing you Will harass you no more Whatever demons been trying to take authority over your mind God said No more What Evers been trying to hold you back from your destiny? God said I’m dealing with it right now Whatever sickness and disease has been holding you back God said I’m healing you of your plague and your virus is right now, come on come on, come on, come on, and and if it’s been Education that you feel as though you couldn’t get that upper management job. He said don’t worry I’m bringing your application from the bottom To the top. Come on, come on, come on, come on Somebody said I receive it Your whole family God is touching your whole family right now Because he know you have faith to see every one of them saved sanctified and deliverer and God said you have the authority right now in this special spot to call those things that be not as though they were Jesus name Jesus The doors of the church is now open those are the churches now And what I want you to do Is reflect back all those 10 lepers that jesus healed Yet remember there was one that came back and said thank you I Believe somebody today just got here. I Believe somebody today was blessed beyond their wildest imagination So go ahead and begin to thank God For what he has done in your life And if If you’re looking for a blessing Tell your neighbor to look at me Because I’m that blessing The doors of the church is now open if there’s anyone that Needs Jesus Come now There’s anyone who haven’t made Jesus the Lord of your life Come now And let me tell you like this. I haven’t always been saved and Even when I was saying I didn’t always do everything, right? But I realized that the only way I Can live the life I live is to know Jesus And I don’t care who you are I’m gonna say it like this even Donald Trump need Jesus Nobody in here come on is Exempt from having to know Jesus because what I realized no matter how good you look each and every one of us has an issue and At some point you don’t call on the name of the Lord So you may as well come on and call on him right now Before it gets too late. So come if there’s anybody they have missed the mark, come on Come on home In the name of Jesus no repeater guy He may I Must be about my father’s business Thank you pastor bail Faith Cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God Amen and without it It is impossible To please him Amen we thank God for This word that has been preached by this man of God a man a man a Man Amen all on deacons. Will you just stand good hopeful you just give all lot Deacons? Round of applause. Come on a man a man a Man a man and just in case you don’t know who they are now Amen this Deacon Deacon Charles Johnson over here on piano Amen. Amen Deacon Fred a Man Deacon office, just a man. Just hold up your hand to please a man Deacon Willacy a man He can read Thompson a man Deacon John Mosley a man, he can Ricky Adams a Man Deacon Bryan o’clock our chair Deacon Deacon Italy Davis hey, man, and he can Richard Johnson a man, god bless you a Man Deacon John Weaver. Where’s Deacon Weaver? Amen amen Deacon Weaver a Man, a man a man and and there are a couple of Deacons that are not here Deacon Deacon farce Hendricks and Deacon Jimmy Clark and Deacon Eric government a man and Digging Shawn price And Deacon Willa Harold Johnson a man a man. That’s enough man to do the work of the Lord a Man a man, but I also want to recognize some some good men that served on this Deacon board That not only have worked with with Good Hope Church and work with me over these last 35 years And Deacon has a career a man Deacon John after Johnson Amen that mostly all don’t know he don’t even know Deacon John Arthur but Deacon John after was our treasurer of the good old church while we was under construction here a man and Deacon James Simms Man Deacon Walter Amen Deacon Deacon usher was our police here. Hey, man, and Deacon, JC Johnson, we know him as Buddy Curtis a man now. I called those names because Those men I have stood here in this place and tried to encourage their families to keep serving the Lord a Man, so deacons. We thank you We thank you for your service. But most of all we thank God for you amen, amen Come on, let’s give the Lord a great big hand I need you to take that word with you today and not just be a hero But then be a doer of the word Amen again. Thank you pastor bill For a powerful message a man a man Y’all give me every 9 then make my big mention of this person there from time to time y’all don’t know who I’m talking about Even NASA raise your hand real high Oh Your hand up real high Hey, man, that’s my kinfoke girl and we always messin with each other and And you want to see Sometimes you just gotta show folk blessings Amen and see what God can do amen, I hadn’t done something in a long time and I went by Nancy’s house and in in in in she worked me like a Hebrew slave and And I got home that said tonight about lemon o’clock and when I got here Sunday morning I was lord have mercy and I had to go back and do something but she said I’m not gonna be here. I’m going out town a Man, she went to New York. Just got back a few days ago Said you need to come on up here and get this little job done because I’m leaving going to Peru God bless your heart. So I ain’t going to do the job. I’m waiting for her to get back from Peru Amen amen And I said all that so y’all can help me out all them trips. She done made ain’t got not one souvenir. Aw Shucks y’all missed that I’m just saying amen We are blessed to be what Okay Good hope can we do this? So all of us are knowing we all be on the same page. I want to change I order worship just a little bit. I Know we’ve had altar call. I know we’ve had altar prayer But going forward let that be the last thing we do Hmm let that be the last thing we do going out of these doors that we offer up a word of Prayer Somebody needs it Somebody needs it So if you just stand where you are and just take somebody by the hand where you are God has been good to us God has been good to us. I Was sitting here last Sunday And something told me in my spirit that I ought to go downtown Covington, but I didn’t go And that Hendrix thing kept ringing in my mind I didn’t go I Waiting for the hell of the call now waiting for catheter called me didn’t nobody called me. I Got him a car and went on the back burner But when I got home, I called some folk that I knew that was in Covington And they said Reverend I can’t talk to you now I’m hanging out at this Hendrix place We celebrating something. I what y’all doing. We had just the elders birthday Celebration god bless you sister And god bless you hey, man, a Man, god bless you CC Ella and Kathryn been knowing me a long time since I’ve been here. They must thought I’m going to upset some things I’m gonna mess up some stuff. So so did Eve Eve asked me to call But god bless you sister Davis a man Our prayers would continue to be with you that God will keep on blessing That God will keep on blessing In Cathy and and and they’ll thank you for what you did for your mother. Thank you My father would think you’re all over again We thank you for the word that has been shared with us today We thank you for the preached man that you planted this message in and gave him the power and the strength to deliver to us the word that you had for us That if we just keep the faith If we just keep the faith Everything will be all right You may not always sure when we think you ought to or when we want you to but We come knowing that because of our faith. You will always show up on time And you won’t show up empty-handed You’re sure to make us hold not just to hear but to make us hold So father right now, we thank you We thank you In the modern name of Jesus. We thank you We thank you right now Now may the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ The sweet commune of His Holy Spirit may it rest rule and ABAB with each of us right now? and forevermore That ever hearts a man a man A man and as we go out this door, come on, let’s give God a great big hand. Hey, man, god bless you

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