God’s promises start with a prompting. | Gamechanger | Pastor Steven Furtick

hey don’t start clicking off I promise
we’re gonna get to the preaching in just a moment but I’m excited about this this
is a very special tradition at Elevation and we want to speak to all of you who
call our church home especially our extended family our eFam around the world
because once a year we have a special series it’s really more than a
collection of teachings it’s a faith experience for all of the people who are
part of our ministry at Elevation and this year our theme is Gamechanger I
think one of the most exciting things that God is doing in our ministry is to
open the doors of our ministry beyond our walls what I mean by that is we are
amazed at the thousands and thousands and thousands of you who are letting us
know that you’re impacted by this ministry in another zip code in another
state in another country maybe eventually on another planet but what I
wanted to mention to you is that you can be a part of this beyond just consuming
many of you’ve been blessed by God to be a blessing and I wanted to ask today
would you be willing during this special time of year to make a one-time donation
to the ministry or maybe partner with us on a monthly basis through recurring
giving I believe God could use your gift to enable this ministry to continue to
reach to continue to break paradigms to continue to lift up Jesus and I wanted
to ask you personally to go to www.elevationchurch.org and you can see the ways to give there but most importantly know that we feel a tremendous sense of
responsibility to Minister the Word of God not only to you but to challenge you
to partner with us in reaching people for the Gospel I believe your gift today
could be a game-changer so don’t put it off right now www.elevationchurch.org you
can find all of the details I hope you enjoy this message and thank you for
being a part of the family welcome today to all of our locations can we thank God
for all of our campuses and location I said can we thank God for all
of our campuses and locations Amen I was doing my stalker thing where I go
around to all the campuses pushing buttons with cameras that are set up in
the auditoriums I’ve been on do I look tired I was on I was on a trip I went to
Asheville and Columbia and I even went to Toronto for a minute all through
technology of course before I came out to see you so I’m a little jet lagged
but thank God for the great work He’s doing also with our eFam around the world
and our interns our fall 2018 interns come on thank God for thank God for
them thank God for their their wardrobes for their sense of style and fashion I’m
gonna tell you why they’re up here in a minute I’m gonna keep you in suspense
but hey one thing that I really always feel good about is when I’m doing
exactly what I know God wants me to do when I stand up here on the stage and as
we get ready for next weekend which is going to be phenomenal where so many
people around the world and here at our church locally are going to participate
in our Gamechanger offering where we get to bring God something of
significance and value to us and we all get to make that opportunity
count to invest something in what can’t be taken away as we have so many times
before as we get ready for that I pray and I try to see how God wants me to
preach that would position us each of us for the season that He’s taking us in to
and that’s important to me not to follow a formula it’s important to me I’m not
saying there’s anything wrong with doing it the same way every time because you
know we take up these offerings for expansion and we use so much of it for
outreach each year so I guess it would be fine if I just repeated the pattern
each year but maybe it’s just my personality I can’t do that and even
more than that I don’t want to start trusting in some kind of formula I guess
that’s the best way to say it if I’m gonna preach about faith I want to
demonstrate faith in the way that I preach about what I’m preaching about so
does that make sense anyway whether it made sense or not here’s what I’m gonna
do today because when I was praying about what we should do as we set up
what’s gonna happen next weekend and I pray that you would not skip church next
weekend you know some people will always do that like it’s gonna be a guilt trip
it’s not it’s not like there’s gonna be a cover charge next week or something
like that it’s for everyone but it’ll be really beautiful it’ll be special but this
week is probably the most important because this is where we set it up and
any good comedian can tell you that the setup is often more important than the
punchline and so but there’s nothing funny about the Word of God so let’s go
let’s go to the Word of God today I want to share the same scripture just a
few verses if I drop a few verses down from what I shared last week did you get
to hear the message last weekend it’s mine to manage touch somebody say
it’s God’s to give but it’s mine to manage and I talked about this concept
that we are stewards of the story the story of how God has saved us and how
God has sustained us and as a pastor I’m coming to understand my role more and
more as a steward of the story that God is telling through this church and it’s
God’s story but it’s ours to manage so powerful and so let me let me get into
this real quick and this would be a little different today I think you can
tell that I’m a little I’m excited I’m really excited but I’m sitting down I’m
seated so I’m not gonna scream as much those of you who don’t like all that
anyway this is your this is your weekend and I’m just gonna talk to you a little
bit today you laughed a little too much of that
made me feel self-conscious I might holler once or twice but I
really just want to talk to you and I got all this stuff in my Bible and I
tell you what it all is in a moment some notes and some some money and I’ll tell
you about that and an envelope and some post-it notes and we’ll get to all that
in a moment but first let me read this this is so important as a backdrop for
what I believe God wants to give you as a back story today every blessing has a
back story okay every blessing has a back story and so this is one for the
nation of Israel Joshua 4:19 on the tenth day of the first
month the people went up from the Jordan and camped at Gilgal on the eastern
border of Jericho and Joshua set up everybody say set up and Joshua set
up at Gilgal the 12 stones they had taken out of the Jordan now they’re not in the
promised land yet but God is setting them up and as a part of the setup it’s
kind of elaborate God it’s like hey take the stones from the Jordan which represents the miracle that I just did for you and set it up and then after you set up the
stones this is the purpose of them they’re not just props I don’t want you
to just collect these stones for props and put them in a trophy case somewhere
but rather than just trophies these are triggers these stones that you set up
because I’m not done with you yet and there’s a great thing that I’m doing
through you and so I want to use the stones as a set up and then watch verse
21 it gives it gives the purpose he said to the Israelites in the future when
your descendants asked their parents now stop right there
he’s teaching them to think generationally he’s thinking them he’s
teaching them not to just settle for instant gratification and what’s in it
for me so in the future when your kids are asking what do these stones mean
tell them tell them they’re important because the stones can’t speak for
themselves right this is not like Siri hey Siri bring me lemonade this is not
that kind of thing this is not some magic trick you got you’ve got to speak
and tell them when you see the stones when they see the stones tell them I
love this stuff I love these Old Testament stories so much in them tell
them Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground
for the Lord your God dried up the Jordan before you until you had crossed
over the Lord your God did to the Jordan what He had done to the Red Sea when He
dried it up before us until we had crossed over every generation is to
experience their own move of God not just worship something God did in the
past but to move forward into the future full of faith and so I want to speak to
you for a few moments today on the power of the prompt the prompt if you’d like
to write that down it’s just a little title that I’m giving
the message if you wouldn’t like to write it down it’s still the title that
I’m giving the message the power of the prompt so about these
interns they’re pretty cool www.elevationchurch.org/internship
shameless plug they are two weeks out from finishing
their internship and I got to meet with them Thursday and we had the best time
right we’re supposed to go 90 minutes and it went 2.5 hours and
then for the first time that has ever happened I met them at the movies
because as a part of their discipleship process I took them to see Creed 2 amen
come on I’m a good good pastor it’s Who I am now what prompted me to do that well
when I was getting to know them I like to do an icebreaker hey you know what’s
your favorite music and then they’ll always say Christian bands cuz I’m the
pastor and then I don’t know what so what do you really listen to and then
they’ll uh I’ll ask what’s your favorite TV shows they all said the office I think
everybody said the office and I said cool y’all are too young for the office
but anyway I understand and then they said I said what’s your favorite movie
and one of the kids screams out Rocky he said it you know
like you’d like sometimes you’re in a worship service and somebody goes Jesus
but he said the name of Rocky and when he invoked the name of Rocky he won my
heart in fact come here Gabe real quick LJ
just in honor in honor of Gabe let’s do this real quick go ahead go ahead LJ
oh you want to run the stairs I like that yea do those too those stairs too go all the way take those stairs they want to see you go come on man make it count so this could be you elevationchurch.org/internship thanks for coming now let’s go sit down man that’s enough catch your breath
you know you hadn’t done that much cardio in months so I was like you like rocky he goes
yeah I said now this is a real test I said what’s the best rocky he said and
he didn’t have to pray he didn’t and this is how I’m gonna test if he’s a true man of God he said he wants to go in ministry one day and there’s an answer to this and
it’s definitely not it’s definitely not 5 we all know that could be 3 but
he said the right answer he said Rocky 4 when he said Rocky 4 I said I perceived that thou art a prophet and the words of life I was like just cause
that’s the first one my dad showed me I remember my dad on a Friday night
we stopped by National Home Video in Moncks Corner VHS tape and he said
you’re ready for Rocky 4 and you’re ready for you ready to see by the way
it’s just I can know who to pray for that needs the Lord how many of you have
not seen Rocky a single Rocky movie oh come to the altar are you serious your parents haven’t shown you Rocky 4 we call DSS
on those parents I almost felt like with my kids it was a generational
responsibility you know to show them how the Cold War really ended with Rocky
defeating Drago and and then so when I found out that Creed 2 was the sequel to
Rocky 4 I was like oh man this is the this is the equivalent of Joshua and
Moses this is like the Red Sea and the Jordan you know is this – this is
probably taking the illustration too far but I almost had a spiritual experience
I met them at the theater on on Thursday night and we watched Rocky I think we
annoyed everybody in the theater we were so loud at Stonecrest but we
went to the temple of Stonecrest and we watched the Gospel according to Rocky
Balboa and then there’s so much gospel in Rocky but you probably know the
backstory to it and so you know it prompted me sermons come to me from all
kinds of places but I’m sitting there Graham and Elijah went with me and we’re
watching Creed 2 and I won’t tell you how it ends because your homework this
week is to prepare your offering read your Bible and go seek Creed 2 it’s fantastic and then and then I was thinking Graham was sitting with me Elijah was
sitting with me the interns were there and I was thinking like remembering my
dad’s in heaven now and so I always remember when he showed me it was just a
cool moment where I was like every generation gets their own Rocky it’s pretty cool and then I thought I wonder how many of them know the back story of how Rocky Balboa was created I wonder
how many of I wonder how many of them know what these stones mean you know
they know that Michael B Jordan wasn’t the first Creed I wonder if they know and I don’t know how much of this you knew Gabe but when
Sylvester Stallone created Rocky he was inspired because he was broke right he
had been in one movie and he had moderate success but he moved to LA
because he wanted to start really trying to write and he would walk around
writing stuff and that he went to see Muhammad Ali fight Chuck Wepner how many
of you didn’t know any of this just raise your hand real quick ok this is
important this is almost biblical Rocky is canonical and I promise you we’ll be
in Joshua in just a moment but but let me give the back story to this and when he was
watching Chuck Wepner fight Muhammad Ali and go the distance even though he
didn’t win and put the champ down he was inspired by the story of an underdog he
thought that’s what I need to write and he spent the next three days writing the
rough draft of Rocky three days three days so for those of you who don’t
believe that Rocky is biblical it’s three days
and then when he finished writing it he remembered he was prompted just by
something that he saw talk about the power of a prompt he was prompted
watching it I need to write that he wrote it and then somebody asked him
what he was working on when he went for an audition one time and he almost
didn’t want to tell him because even know if it was any good but he showed him
I’m working on this thing he’s prompted and then they offered him $25,000 for
the script $50,000, $100,000 no because they weren’t gonna let him be Rocky if
you wanted to play Rocky and something in and told him you need to play this
character this is a once in a lifetime thing and then they offered him $250,000
$300,000 $360,000 he had $106 in his bank account and they offered him $360,000 for the script he said no he had already sold his dog Butkus Butkus
he sold his dog Butkus and and he turned it down
and finally they gave him $1,000,000 dollars to make the movie which wasn’t
much and he made it and as of 2017 according to what I Googled the Rocky
franchise has earned in the box-office alone over $1.4B so let’s thank God for Rocky and then and then we’ll move on cause there’s something I want to tell you about I just told you I I can see some of you like come on man I didn’t come for all this shut up I’m trying to get to something here alright I got a reason
for telling you this because everything great that I’ve ever seen I would
attribute to the hand of God in my life started with a prompting a prompting and
the thing about game-changers and game- changing decisions is that they don’t
feel like game-changers in the moment it doesn’t a promise from God usually
doesn’t feel like a promise here’s how it operates in the pattern of Scripture
okay that God will give you a promise and then He will give you a prompting to
act on the promise that He gave and learning to respond to the
promptings of the Holy Spirit is the most crucial skill that that you could
ever acquire in your life it takes courage it takes discernment it takes
sometimes being still shutting the other voices off but the promptings of the
Holy Spirit I mean how many times have I missed the the the blessing of God in an
area of my life because I did not respond to a prompting how many times
have we come to church and heard a sermon and and then we experienced the
prompting but because we didn’t respond to the prompt we did not receive the
promise it could be the smallest things one time God prompted me to send
somebody a a voice memo they said they saved it for 4 years on their phone I
didn’t know that they were gonna save it for 4 years I just knew they were
going through something then I sent it to him prompting a prompting and it must
have seemed weird to the Israelites right set up the stones but the stones
are not there to serve the purpose that they seem to be serving on the surface
they are to prompt the story now I’m preaching to you today because there are
some things that God has placed in your life and some things that he’s doing
that if you will pay attention God is trying to to use that thing to prompt
you in an area of your life where he intends to bless you
the stones prompt the story and then the story is meant to prompt the faith of
the people so that they can continue on and this is how God works so I want to
practice this today I want to do this in front of you it’s one thing to preach it
it’s another thing to practice it and I realized that the Israelites didn’t go
back to that place in Gilgal and tell their children the story that’s why in
Judges 2:10 it says that the next generation didn’t know why didn’t they
know because their parents didn’t revisit the place they got so far from
where they started that they lost their sense of who brought them
now I don’t want that to happen to us as a church and so I thought what might be
appropriate today to help prompt your faith is to share a few stones not 12
I’m not gonna do 12 like the 12 stones we don’t we don’t have that long but I
just want to take 5 just want to take 5 prompts and this is where the
post-it notes come in because I wrote down 5 prompts you know like the
writing prompt that you get writing prompt and I’m gonna hand these one at a
time to these interns and I’m gonna ask them to tell me the story and you can
ask me anything you want as long as it’s exactly what’s written on this post-it
note and I’m gonna answer it it’s a prompt everybody say prompt
prompt that’s that’s the word God gave me prompt to learn how to respond to the
prompting of God that’s what this offering is about that’s what life is
about that’s what forgiveness is about God is
gonna prompt you and will you respond to the prompt that determines how you
experience the promise so I’ve got 5 of these and they will prompt the story
like those stones prompted the stories and I pray that God will use it you wanna
read the first one you didn’t get to go last night okay it’s the same ones as
last night though yeah I didn’t change them because it went good last night so
really nice tell me about the time you thought your college roommate was going
crazy but was actually setting an example you would follow for the next 20
years what a great question thank you for asking me that so my college
roommate my junior and senior year was named Alex early which is funny because
he would get up super early and he would pray I would get up last minute 7:57 for
an 8 a.m. class we went to North Greenville University it’s where I got
my degree it’s where I got my wife if you were to ask me which of those two has
served a greater purpose in my life it would no doubt be that one so I hadn’t
shown anybody my degree in a while but I show her off all the time anyway my
roommate was Alex Early he was very spiritual but he’s also one
of these people who wasn’t so spiritual that he wasn’t funny he was like able to
he could quote John Calvin to you but he could also make the funniest prank phone
calls and he would call he had this uh this
this redneck persona called Duwiané McGraw D-U-W-I-A-N-É with a thing
over the e cuz it’s French Duwiané McGraw and he called he modeled after Roy D
Mercer we had the best time in college but what I learned from him that I never
forget that I am so glad you asked me about thank you for asking me that is a
one day he came running back to the room between classes and he looked like he
looked like he was in a state of absolute emergency he was in panic mode and he starts grabbing out of the drawers all the money he can find in the room
not my money his money he starts grabbing all the money out of the room
and I was like what are you doing he’s like I don’t have time to talk about it I’ll
tell you when I get back oh my god what is Alex what is Alex into it’s just like
some Walter White crap going on and and so he uh he came back he wouldn’t talk
to tell me what he was doing he came back he said he looked so relieved I was
like what was that and you and he said he was real serious he goes God convicted
me bro I’ve been hold on let me tell you what he what he said next he said since I’ve been here at college
I haven’t been tithing he belonged to a church that I really admire in his
hometown in Woodstock Georgia First Baptist Woodstock Pastor Johnny Hunt and he said I am I’m sending my tithe I calculated God spoke to me that His
money was in my bank account and I’d been telling myself the whole time I was
here at college that since I was away and since I didn’t have much anyway he
said but God convicted me not to keep His money in my account and that boy
mailed the cash and he had coins and everything he could find and sent it in
the mail and God used him one of the ways God will prompt you sometimes is
through the example of somebody else that’s why I always do the giving on the
weekend where people come and give because I think that sometimes an
example is better than a sermon Amen and when he did that God spoke to me you
know because my mom had taught me the same principle of tithing and yet I
found so many excuses and you know what I did next thing I did well I had a
checking account I didn’t think it had to be as ghetto as he made it out to be
like throwing cash in the mail but I did the same thing I decided you know what he’s
right he’s right if I can’t trust God with that 10% how can I say everything I
have comes from Him and I send it yeah Amen see I’m not I need you to know this
in case you’re new or a guest or something I am not one bit timid about
preaching this stuff this is my testimony I don’t apologize for it I
believe in what we do I believe in what God’s Word teaches I’ve seen it in my
so like if you need me to get up here and say yeah it’ll be okay you’re special
that’s not me that’s not how I feel about God that’s not how I feel about
His Word that’s not how I feel about His principles that’s not how I feel about
His promises I believe this stuff so so it prompted
me and I never I never kept God’s money in my bank account after that no matter
how much I had didn’t have and it got harder when you have more you know 10%
of $50 isn’t that hard to send send God some some coupons in the mail or something like that then when God starts blessing you you have to
decide do you want to trust Him on the next level Amen so I believe God’s gonna prompt some people this this year end that
you’ve been holding on to what is God’s I should move on from this point it feels
super uncomfortable but these are just my stones these are my stories this is
what God has done for me so here’s another one I really like this one this
is probably my favorite one who wants to do this one you want the prompt yeah okay
let’s get her a mic Ben Landheer by the way Ben who’s your favorite intern on
the stage right now don’t answer that no just give her the mic give her the mic
tell me about the big decision you made at the kitchen table that made you feel
like you were going to throw up in your mouth and I wrote it in an acceptable
way I think I actually did throw up in my mouth and swallow it back down so
here’s the story too vivid I understand you know when Holly and I got married
she taught school and I traveled and we saved up and put a down payment on a
house and we did what Dave Ramsey taught in his Financial Peace stuff like no
debt and all that we tried to do that but other than our house but then
another thing we did was he said put an emergency fund and Dave Ramsey said it
he said it scared me that to not do it the way he said it and he said that it
should be a certain amount of your expenses in case something happens and
he said do it as quick as you can well we were just married and we didn’t start
with a lot money or anything like that we started
with no money but over time I was able to build up and I’ll never forget like
we’re in our house at 330 Dellwood Drive Shelby North Carolina you could go
by there and knock on the door and ask the person say hey say hello and then go
into the kitchen and then sit down and you’ll see the spot where this happened
ok alright so we we had just put that amount of money we just hit the amount
in the savings account and I was going in to tell Holly hey good news
we got our emergency fund we hit the number because we set the number hit the
number and when I went in to tell her prompt something prompted me and at
first I thought it was the devil I really did because it was like hey what
if you gave that money instead we didn’t have kids yet we didn’t have that that
pressure of providing for children yet and we were young we could afford number
one combos at the Mexican restaurant and and so it was like what if you gave it
away would you do that so when I sat down at the table
I told Holly hey I got good news and bad news the good news is we’ve got our
emergency fund like the last deposit we made it to the she said what’s the bad
news I said I think God might be I don’t know
if I used the word prompting but I feel like an impression that we should give
it away and see I’m counting on her to say
that’s not God like I’m counting on her to have no faith right because then I
can say well Lord the woman that you gave me you know and she goes oh cool I trust you God
spoke to you let’s go let’s do it dang it woman and so I remember sitting down writing 5
checks I remember who we wrote them to it’s not before we didn’t have Elevation
Church yet the church we were part of at the time another ministry and we gave it
away but the funniest thing was while I was doing it I was like my hands were
shaking and right when I’ve written the last one I felt like a peace and the way
that I interpreted what the peace that I felt was like God was saying to me keep
your hands open to me no matter how much I bless you with no matter how hard
things get at certain times in your life or how tight it seems and I’ve experienced
both of those keep your hands open and if you’ll keep your hands open to me
you’ll always have everything you need to do everything I’ve called you to do now let me tell you the sequel to that
cuz every Rocky 4 has a Creed 2 every Red Sea has a Jordan just this past Monday I got to sit down with our kids at the kitchen table and it wasn’t some holy
sacred moment in fact they were running around they were I think annoyed that
they had to sit and listen to these stories again I think Graham said dad we
know this already but what I did I told them our testimony and I asked them to
bring all their money to the table which is really technically my money you have
no money you understand that but bring my money that I let you pretend like is
your money and keep in your little stupid wallet bring it to the table
Abby has more money than the boys I don’t know what she’s running on the
side at school selling some Jolly Ranchers or something Abby is so loaded
she got she’s like says to her brothers all the time you need to visit the bank
of Abby she’s 7 I sat them down and said it’s time it’s year end offering you know we did
this with Waymaker we did this with Surround we did this we’ve been doing
this since they were conscious like here’s mommy and daddy and remember Dada Dada Dada Baba Baba Baba cuz different times we’ve done that over and over
again not the tithe but above and beyond and then we pray about it and sometimes
God will give me like a specific number that’s meaningful sometimes I’ll think I
have the number and then it’s not the right one cuz it doesn’t take faith and
God will stretch me because one will be what I can do and then one will be
something that really says how I need Him but when I was walking them through
that and I’m like sit down and listen to this you know you need to hear this
story I realized something that just this year
we had a milestone we’re now Holly and I by the grace of God have been able to
give to this church Elevation Church not what we originally gave at the kitchen
table and in Shelby the emergency fund and not 2 times that but over the
course of this church we’ve been able to give not 10 times and I couldn’t really
believe this number not a 100 times but 1,000 times what we gave at
that kitchen table to this ministry and I’m not gonna tell
you the amount because it’s not about the size of the gift it’s about the
sacrifice that’s what it’s always about like some people sit through this
teaching and God prompts them to give a $1,000,000 and they’re able to do
that we’ve seen that but some people got prompts and God prompts them to do
something that would seem small but to him it’s bigger because it represents
something that comes from your heart that’s all God is when I went to I went to Elevation they just talked about money I’m not talking about money I’m talking about your heart where your treasure is your heart will be also and we talk about every element of your heart but until this happens until your
hands are open to God that’s that’s what the offering is about it’s about getting
your hands open not because God needs what you have you need what He has I’m preaching on this stool I don’t even need a pulpit for this sermon I am preaching on this stool Drago
I’m grateful you know like when we first gave to outreach I had no idea that that
it was a set of a stepping stone it was a stepping stone God was setting the
table because when this church didn’t have much money
Hurricane Katrina hit and I felt a prompting reach out to somebody in New
Orleans or in the area and I found a pastor in Slidell Louisiana and we sent
him $1,600 that we did not have we needed that money for our church but I
was operating out of the same principle you keep your hands open to me and see
what I will do through you and now the fact that we’ve given and will have
given by the end of this year over $40,000,000 away to those in need
come on I’m prompting you right now to praise God for what we’ve been able to do
around the world you kind of go back and and you wonder you wonder you wonder
what if what if we had said no back then what if I said no I’m gonna keep my little
$1600 for our outreach I’m gonna keep my and God is prompting some of you to open
your hands to Him and I pray that you’ll know that joy
it’s a it’s a real privilege it’s a real privilege let’s do another prompt I
think we got time for one or two more you wanna do this one you sure this is a big one don’t screw it up take the post-it now that shiny cross
around your neck tell me about the silver bullet of the church planting the
silver bullet of church planting you want to know about that you sure I don’t
know if you can handle the silver bullet of church planting I certainly
wasn’t ready for the silver bullet of church planting so imagine this church has
not started yet I’m meeting with the 7 families that
moved here to start the church come on let’s go back to the Jordan for a minute
you got to go back to where you started and revisit these miracles so at that
time I didn’t know anything to teach these people so all we did was read
books from people who knew how to start church because we never started one I
was 25 years old I had no idea I mean I’m scared to death but I feel like God
is prompting us to start this church and we had just decided to come to Charlotte
to start it we put up a map and anyway you don’t need did all that the point is I
brought in a guy who I thought was like an expert in church planting and I asked
him to talk to my team tell them anything you want and I’ll give you a $50
Chili’s gift card at the time that seemed generous we got it from credit
card rebate points okay and so he’s like eh you’re don’t have to give me
anything I’ll just come nice guy and he shared with us a little bit about
evangelism a little bit about marketing a little bit about team building unity
groups all the typical stuff but then when it was over we’d been recording
the whole session so we could listen to it and learn from it taking notes and
all the families are sitting around the table and he’s like at the end he goes
okay can you turn that off a minute can you stop recording you turn it off and
he goes can you shut the door what’s about to happen here yeah and we shut
the door he’s like now I’m gonna give you the silver bullet of church planting I’m I’m about to hear this and then he
goes there are friends that you have that belong to other churches and those
churches are big and they tithe to their church but their church wouldn’t miss it
if they stopped get them to transfer their tithe from that big church to your
little church for 24 months and and when he said it it felt like a bullet not a
silver bullet but it felt like if we did that if we started this church
on that kind of manipulation that we would always have to manipulate and I
thanked him I didn’t correct him until he left the room I said thank you for
coming appreciate it God bless you he prayed he left I shut
the door again when he left I said to the team I said we will not build this
church on those types of principles if we’re gonna do God’s work and God’s will
we’ll have to do it God’s way and it was a temptation in the moment you
know because it was strategic and sometimes sometimes you’ll be prompted
to take a shortcut and to do it your way you can justify it you know but in that
moment here’s what God prompted me to ask of that team and these are just
normal people some of them with small children all of them moving with with no
job we didn’t have some big funding it was nothing like that it was nothing like that I just said what if we gave 10% the tithe to the
church that we’re currently a part of until we leave that is sending us and
another 10% to the new one we’re starting what if we all committed to lead
the way and to do that so that when we stand up and ask people to be a part of
this we will have set an example that they can follow do you want to know why
God is using this ministry today and now like I look in the camera and it’s like
in Singapore and Cape Town and Gastonia and all kinds of places all around the
world it’s not because of it’s not because of great preaching it’s because
of personal sacrifice that people were willing to make and hear me I appreciate the front row but I want to say something to
everybody watching the sermon if we become now just consumers Christian
consumers where it’s like I didn’t really like the word today Ah they didn’t do my song today Ah it was a guest today Ah was at this event if it becomes about that God
will shut it all down because that is not what this church was founded on you
see how they’re looking at me out there it’s like this you are sitting right now
in somebody else’s sacrifice I always thought that was so crazy people come
and go I don’t I don’t I don’t like when the church talks about giving how do you
think there was a church for you to come to if somebody didn’t give me too JJ I
loved it I love to tell the story of how that original core team they’re all
still here at the church by the way all of those families do you know how rare that is that God kept those families together these 12.5 years and now
God is calling on another generation and I really don’t have time for the last
two stones I’d I’d like to give them to you but I’m I’m only gonna be able to
give you one of them and I’m gonna let you vote on this one which one you want
do you want to hear about the time that John the Baptist came into my office or option a or do you want to hear about the time that we took a bus ride from hell these are your options pray about it see if
God prompts you who wants to hear John the Baptist make some noise at every
location who wants to hear about the bus ride from hell make some noise
alright so John the Baptist I’m gonna tell you this one real quick
that’s the that’s the time that John Butler who was a Baptist who yeah he was
a Baptist preacher and he came in my office listen to this you heard this
last night but listen again you need to hear these stories over and over again
he came in and he had $300,000 he had a denominational job he’d been coming to
the church the church was full he sits on my couch in my office he asked for a
meeting with me and he said well preacher you were full this Sunday I
noticed you were full I noticed there wasn’t an empty seat in the house and
I’m so proud of that I was like yes sir praise the Lord you know spiritualize it
but really I was proud of it yes sir praise the Lord we prayed for it
praise God he goes preacher that’s a problem I said no it’s not a problem it’s
a goal I want a full house he said yeah but you’re telling these people to bring
their friends where are their friends gonna sit you need to start another campus and
I have $300,000 that a little old lady who died left to the Baptist Convention
for church planting and I’ll give it to you if you’ll start another campus and
here’s what I said and I’m ashamed to tell you this to this day because for
all you that think this is just a brag session to tell you about my great faith
it’s not it’s about God’s faithfulness in spite of it because I looked at that
man and said I don’t have the gifts to do that people would not watch me preach
on the screen so I thank God for what he said next so
powerful he said here’s how it works preacher and he’s talking to me like
like I like like a young punk like I was but he said it with love too
he said if you get ahead of God trying to obey Him
He’ll just shut the door if you get behind God and won’t obey Him He’ll just
get somebody else to do it you take a few days and pray about it preacher and
let me know what you want to do and he got up to walk out and I was like hey come back we’ll do it we’ll do it we’ll do it I don’t want God to pick somebody else come on I want in on this I want to be in the middle of what God is doing it and now
today watch this over over I want to say it’s 17 locations it’s more than that
because somebody’s watching this in a hospital room on the screen somebody’s
watching this on television somebody’s watching this in a prison and it all starts when you respond to a
prompting so for just a moment would you would you just seated right there
where you are for a moment would you make a space right now in your heart for
the Holy Spirit to prompt you in an area of your life where He is speaking to you
but you have not yet responded Joshua said set up these stones so that when
the children of Israel ask you what these stones mean you can tell them what
God did I did my best today in the little bit of time that we had to tell
you some of the things that God has done for us in the 12.5 years that we’ve been a church some of it before you got here some of you have
been here for many of these miracles and I did it in hopes that it would prompt
you to know that when faith skips a generation and when we start to stand in
the middle of something that God did that was extraordinary and treated as
common miracles start to dry up and all I’m asking you to do as we prepare for
next weekend online around the world you know we’ve already had the conversation
with our family here’s uh here’s Abby’s money it’s the biggest one of the kids
money that’s what God prompted them to do Holly and I have have been praying and
I didn’t tell you this yet but in my in my heart while I was preaching last
night my number went up so we need to talk again because one number was
comfortable and then the other number represented a
commitment to not rest on what God has already done but to make way for what He
wants to do and the ask is very simple ask God ask Him to prompt you some of
you have never been through this process so you’ve never taken it seriously and I
understand it’s uh it’s uncomfortable but this card is a prompt
it’s a prompt for you you know what a great word prompt
prompt prompt it also means immediate prompt prompt yes God it’s yours
of course God of course I would advance your work of course I would give to You
of course I would be generous of course I would want to make a way for someone
else like You made a way for me of course Lord it’s Yours when you get that
kind of spirit in your heart you begin to experience promises of God that you
could never imagine this is not some name it claim it blab it grab it weird
theology where I’m telling you that you can get a Mercedes if you give God $10 I don’t believe in that I don’t preach that I never have never will
what I’m telling you is a testimony that God has made away for me time after time
and I want to see Him do the same in your life if that means that right now
you’re in a season where you can’t give then let this be the season that someone
else carries the load there’s nothing wrong with that but you pray you pray
that those who are able to give will if not on the level that’s comfortable but
on the level that represents a true commitment to the cause of Christ may we
never become like this when we started like this so I want you to bow your head
and close your eyes no one moving this is a pretty important moment right now
is a setup for something that God wants to do in the future and I’d like to just
give you 1 minute just 60 seconds after I stop talking and if you would
ask God silently you don’t have to pray out loud or anything like that maybe you
want to just open your hands just physically like right in front of you
that’s what I do sometimes when I’m praying about a message or when I’m
asking God for direction in my life maybe just with your hands open
and just say God would you prompt me would you prompt me to respond to the
Gospel that you’ve freely given me as I get the opportunity to share with others
would you speak to me specifically God show me how I can be used as I prepare
my offering so I give it online this week or bring it back next weekend show
me what you’ve given me that came from you that I can now give back as an
offering and in just a moment I’m gonna allow you to sit you know God often
doesn’t shout He doesn’t like draw stuff in the sky He doesn’t always respond
with a big star sign that comes from heaven out loud He speaks in a whisper
still small voice He prompts you and it is your response to that prompting that
determines how much of His promises you experience so Father now speak to Your
people in this minute of silence and throughout the next week and prompt them
as to what You would have them to do in obedience hey thanks for joining us
today we really hope you enjoyed the sermon we want to give you some
practical ways to put what you heard today into practice now first of all
would you take some time and think about the stones you have in your life maybe
it’s the moments when God showed His faithfulness across your journey second
would you pray about what God would have you give to the year end offering here
at Elevation for some of you who call Elevation home maybe it’s just to start
tithing that’s giving back to God the very first 10% now for others of you it
may be to bring an offering a gift that will allow us to continue spreading the
gospel all around the world and we want everyone to participate by just choosing
a word or a phrase for 2019 something that you’re believing God for in this
next year you can visit elevationchurch.org/give for more details
and how to give and be apart we’re excited to see how God is gonna move in
our church in this season and believe that God wants to do something very
special in your life

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