God Uses Broken People | eStudies with Lisa Harper | Episode 3

couple of years ago I was standing
outside of a Sunday school class and this girl came flying up to me it was
between worship service and you know the next one we had these these classes she
came flying up to me almost breathless and she went I just have to tell you I
am so glad you were leading this connect class because before you came like all
the girls in women’s ministry were like all perfect they’re all thin and blonde
but then you came and then she stopped because she realized I have basically
just accused you of being chubby and brunette and I started laughing I said
you know you don’t have to apologize I said I think what you’re trying to say
is you feel like you can be honest with me it’s just that’s exactly what I’m
saying you’re just not perfect you don’t seem to have it all together and y’all
that’s the whole point of the gospel God didn’t come to save us cuz we’re perfect
people who can justify ourselves he loves mistake-prone people like us
His grace is sufficient for us and the cool thing is especially for those of
y’all who are thinking man with my bio there’s really no way I could be used to
help other people at elevation I just need to sit here and be a consumer but
to be a leader mm I’m not so sure because of my history I want to
encourage you that God doesn’t call the the gifted necessarily he equips those
who recognize their need for him and I’ll prove that to you by the gospel of Mark
Mark was my least favorite gospel until I really began studying the Gospel of
Mark and the origins of the Gospel of Mark what I didn’t know is when they
canonized Scripture and that’s just a fancy word that means when they collated
it into a literary list when I can and I scripture they listed the Gospel of
Matthew as the first gospel but actually the Gospel of Mark is the very first
God’s what was the first written compilation of the life and Ministry of
Jesus Christ and here’s the deal you probably assume it’s written by mark an
you would be correct since it’s called the Gospel according to mark by the way
the word gospel comes from the Greek word yuan jelly on sword we get
evangelism from it means the good news so the gospel is not bad news it’s not
sober news it’s good news we actually smile and laugh about it but
it’s our very first gospel so you know that that mark wrote it you may not know
that the the voice and kind of the temperature of mark comes from Peter
because all of the Gospels we’ve got for you on gel eons Matthew Mark Luke and
John all the Gospels had to be eyewitness accounts and Mark was not one
of the original disciples and so while Mark is typing in his iPad all these
things that Jesus did during his earthly life a ministry it’s Peter
who’s walking back and forth in front of mark describing these stories to him
most scholars think that Peter was the narrator not the actual inscriber
because he was illiterate as a fisherman most regular people were illiterate in
the first century they’re called the am ha airs and so likely Peters describing
these stories that he got to see with Jesus and Mark’s writing them down you
probably remember Peters backstory he’s my favorite of the disciples because he
is just a train wreck waiting to happen I so identify with him because I am NOT
a perfect girl you probably remember it she usually
taught at Easter every year that Pete through Jesus under the bus at his point
of greatest need just prior to the cross Peter you remember vehemently and vulgar
Li denied that he even knew who Jesus was and through and some expletives just
so that he could convince the crowd that he was not a close associate of Jesus
through Jesus under the bus three times three times he betrays him and abandons
him and you may also remember at the end of John’s Gospel Jesus restores Peter
even though Peter I mean Peter failed with flying colors
Jesus restores him and says Pete even though you’ve messed up I’m not kicking
you off the team I’m actually naming you as team captain and I’m gonna balance
the entire New Testament church on your shoulders so God uses broken people you
probably know that about Peter but here’s the deal most people don’t know
Mark’s backstory and so I want to tell you a little bit about mark today mark
was probably the youngest in the early church and the book of Acts
the book of Acts records the early church that is after Jesus dies on the
cross after he he is resurrected but before the ascension he spent over a
month on earth in his glorified body appearing to people and those people
became the early church the disciples and those people who witnessed Jesus and
here’s what it says about Martin it before he was called mark he was called
John mark I think of him as a good southern boy he’s a lot of southern boys
boys have double names and they go to college and say don’t call me Jimmy John
just call me James but before he became mark he was John Mark and here’s what it
says in the book of Acts about him this is Acts chapter 12 verse 12 when he
realized this and and Luke wrote Acts and he’s talking about Peter here when
Pete realized this he went to the house of Mary the mother of John whose other
name was Mark where many were gathered together and were praying this is
talking about the early church so this is before they had brick and mortar
buildings they met in homes and so what we’re told in acts is that John mark the
one who wrote the Gospel according to Mark John marks mama was a leader in the
early church which means when he was supposed to be upstairs doing his
algebra homework he was probably hanging out on the landing listening as Peter
and James and the disciples were talking about amazing things he was there
listening when Pete comes busting in the living room and goes y’all would not
believe this but Paul and Silas got broken out of jail it was unbelievable
the Holy Spirit came the chains fell off mark is hearing all of this see who is
very likely the first youth group leader in the early church he’s this teenager
who’s experiencing all of the stuff after the resurrection the Ascension of
Christ which is probably why he was invited as the youngest member of the
very first mission trip very first mission trip so he goes on this mission
trip with Paul and Silas and this is recorded in the book of Acts he goes on
this mission trip youngest guy on the mission trip the mission trip is an
awesome success they’re seeing people heal they’re seeing people saved they
get to what was supposed to be the end of the mission trip and Paul you know
who had been Saul until God I’m on the road to Cascade Paul says
this was so stinkin amazing as a mission trip let’s just extend it a few more
days because the success has been unprecedented and we’re seeing people
get healed and saved instead of going home like we planned
let’s extend it a little longer well John Mark cuz he’s just a young guy goes
I don’t want to be with y’all any longer you know my iPad battery is dead I hate
being with a bunch of guys in one day Zen room I’m ready to go home to my mama
I miss my mama taking the tiniest bit of Liberty with the Greek but this is
really closest in the book of Acts in Chapter 13 so they go home well then in
acts 15 they plan the second mission trip Barnabas who is a cousin of John
Mark I think he’s the second or third cousin Barnabas says to Paul Paul I know
I know you’re kind of ticked that John Mark was whiney on the first mission
trip but I’ve been disciple I’m he’s really maturing in his faith so my vote
is that we give him another chance we bring him on this second mission trip
and Paul’s response and again tiniest Liberty with the Greek here but you can
read this in acts 15 is heck no he’s uh I don’t want some sissy baby mama’s boy
on the mission trip he ruined the first one I don’t want him in the second one
and after they disagree it says there arose this is an axe 15 there arose such
a sharp disagreement between Paul and Barnabas over the inclusion of John
Lauren they parted ways now for some of y’all they might that might not sound
like a big deal but y’all Paul and Barnabas were like I mean they were like
the Big Kahuna’s of the early church these two guys were like hollow notes
they were like the Beatles I mean they were it as far as leadership in the
early church so John Mark was essentially a first
Yoko Ono he splits up this incredible pairing of Paul and Barnabas that is
some heavy spiritual baggage I mean you talk about messing up you talk about
failing with flying colors sure mark absolutely blew it and then I go step
further in mark chapter 14 we read that there was a guy who was standing outside
the garden of cemani and this is right after Peter
betrayed Jesus there’s a guy standing there verse 51 and a young man followed
him with nothing but a linen cloth about his body and they seized him but he left
the linen cloth and he ran away naked took me a long time to figure out
through commentaries that that verse is actually about mark
that’s about John Mark so not only did he betray Jesus at the same time pbut
raid him but John Mark want a step further and he betrayed him but naked so
you got Pete who threw Jesus under the bus
legally vehemently and vocally betrayed them three times they’re not even new
you’ve got John Mark who later on as an older teenager breaks up the gospel duo
of Paul and Barnabas and before that actually betrays Jesus at the Garden of
Gethsemane right after Pete does so both of these guys knew what it was to fail
both of these guys knew what it was to disqualify themselves for leadership how
cool is it y’all that our king that our compassionate Savior said I’m gonna
choose these two these two who pretty much everybody else has said those guys
aren’t worth it I mean maybe they can serve you know they can be parking lot
attendants but no way these two can lead a Bible study I mean they’ve just blown
it too bad God says I’m going to choose these two to compile the very first
gospel account the very first written compilation of my life in ministry these
are the two I choose y’all our God is so redemptive the world says if you got
mistake chapters in your bio you have disqualified yourself God’s Word says
that he loves the Brecon that he loves the mistake-prone that if we repent he
is quick to repair us and he calls those who are available he calls those who are
cognizant of the fact that I can’t make it by myself
I can’t walk right apart from Jesus so I want to encourage those of you
especially those of you who may be your new believers or maybe you are prodigal
that have come back home don’t sell yourself short in the
body of Christ don’t sell yourself short as far as leadership you may be the very
one who leads people in your circle to Christ because they’ll look at your
story they’ll look at your testimony and go wow only God could redeem that only
God could set him right and set her right so I want to encourage you lean in
to Jesus and let his love and let his Redemption totally cover the messy parts
of your backstory my gut says for some of you your mess
will actually become your message you

34 thoughts on “God Uses Broken People | eStudies with Lisa Harper | Episode 3”

  1. This was absolutely amazing. So happy to be reminded of something so insanely important. Our brokenness makes us relatable vessels. God bless her, she is so comforting and warm and welcoming. Definitely will be on the edge of my seat waiting for more.

  2. I really enjoy this message and all the messages Lisa Harper brings me. Bless you and I look forward to your new messages.

  3. Tell this to my parents and siblings. If they see weakness in you at all, BOOM!!! be ready to get attacked BIG TIME!!! So sad when there is no love or compassion from your own family.

  4. Too bad she is so flippant and disrespectful of God’s word . God’s word is powerful and can stand alone , doesn’t need her story telling to to dumb it down and to reinterpret it . Sorry but no thanks .. and coming out of elevation makes it doubly questionable .

  5. I often feel as if I'm not even broken enough to be used by Christ. I'm not a David or a Paul, not even sure if I'm a Peter, though I can relate to him the most, I'm just…average. nothing special really. It's as if everyone else has these fantastic testimonies and stories they are able to preach with and share, and help people reach Jesus, and i still have no clue how to find my purpose/calling

  6. Amazing, this is speaking true in my life. the only right thing I've done this past year is meet and marry my husband. But I see how God is using my "failures" for his glory every single day. thank you Jesus for putting what I need to hear right in front of me.

  7. You are an incredible teacher. This message spoke to me so much. I feel like a failure and my family makes me feel that way. I make myself feel that way because I’m a total screw up.

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