Gay Christian Punished Because of Bigoted Congregation

There was
a story I read earlier this week about a pastor,
his name is Mark Brewer, at Crosspoint Wesleyan Church
in New Brunswick in Canada. And basically at this church there was this 20 year old
guy who has been going to the church, volunteering with the church. He’s like the model churchgoer,
if that’s your thing. He’s gone on mission trips with this church.
He’s volunteered for them so much. And he’s gay. And recently, you know,
it became known that he’s gay. And so the church’s leadership had a decision to make
which is, how do you respond when there’s an openly
gay person in your congregation? And I would have thought the right thing to do
would be to say to this student, you know, “We may not love your homosexuality, but we love you and
we’re gonna stand up for you, because look at all
the amazing things you’ve done with this church.” They didn’t do that. They didn’t even think about doing that.
What they told him is: “You need to stop volunteering, because we’re afraid that some parents might
be upset about your homosexuality and not want to leave you
with their children.” That’s what they said
to this kid. Like, “Stop being
a volunteer, because other people
might be bigots and they’re
really homophobic.” “And so, you’re on your own here.
Yeah, you can come to church. You can tithe and
give us money all you want, but you can’t really
volunteer with the kids.” And my first thought is like, “Oh, really, pastor?
Like, what do you think he’s gonna do with the kids?” Like, let them finish the bigoted thought
that’s in their head right there. Because they’re–
You have to be, you know, using some sort of
awful prejudice to say gay people
can’t be around children. So, I’m just–
I’m upset for that kid, because, you know, honestly,
I could go two ways. I could say I’m glad the church did that, because it makes them look
bad. And I hope other people leave that church and other
churches, because of that sort of
anti-gay sentiment. But at the same time, you know,
if you’re this 20 year old kid and you’ve dedicated so much
of your life to that church, how must you be feeling right now? You have to
be feeling horrible that they’re saying, you know, “All the work
you’ve done for us we don’t care.” “Your sexuality says– precludes you from doing any of these
awesome things you’ve been doing, because some people might be, you know, prejudiced.” It’s an awful thing
for a church leader to do. I hope this kid leaves the church
and I hope he finds a better one, if it’s a Christian. But I’m just appalled that anyone
could say and do such a thing. At least, here’s what makes him
feel a little better. If you go on Crosspoint Wesleyan
Church’s Facebook page, there were a lot
of people just criticizing them for that decision,
including a lot of Christians who can’t believe any church leader
would do such a thing. So, at least there’s that, you know,
light at the end of the tunnel, but it doesn’t help
the kid. He’s not allowed to volunteer and
he’s not allowed to be around these children, because they can’t get
around the stereotypes. My name is Hemant Mehta.
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88 thoughts on “Gay Christian Punished Because of Bigoted Congregation”

  1. Take him the edge of town and stone him to death so he can be thrown in a lake of fire for eternity.

    Why would anybody want to be a part of or want the approval of this immoral cult?

  2. I personally don't like gay people, but doesn't mean I think bad of them. Plus he's in a church that says you can't be gay, and still stays in it, I don't really understand that, but whatever.

  3. Just the utter… lack of thinking involved. "Oh, he's volunteered, he's helped out for all this time, he's been perfectly fine but… hey, we found out he's gay, we have to ignore all that!" Same person, you freaking idiots… *sigh*

  4. The last thing children have to fear in church are gays, they should be watchful of clergy instead, which isn't really that much of stereo type.

  5. We're trying to establish a "church" of atheism for people exactly like this kid… people who want to do good but don't think they can, because they've associated all these good deeds with a bigoted, discriminatory body, even if their good deed have NOTHING to do with the Christian faith.

    This kid can be good without god – this lesson should teach him that even his church isn't about worship, it's about just hiding behind a bible becuase it's the only place left where their kind is tolderated.

  6. i think that's what secular humanism is. all the morality and kindness and good deeds religions preach but done for your fellow man rather than to please an easily angered god or a reward in heaven.

  7. I hate the stereotype that all gays want to do things with every guy they see. I've had gay teachers and have gay friends and they can be some of the funniest people. I feel bad for this guy

  8. that's what the bible says to do with gays and since the church ex comunicated this devout follower just because of what th book says about his homosexuality they should follow what the book says in its entierty and basically kill the guy. it's to highlght the absurdity of how religious folk do what they do cuz a book tells them to do but they can choose not to listen to the book when it's inconvienient.

  9. I listened to it. He does not sound sorry. I hope the gay community takes him up on all are welcome and show up for service wearing raiinbow shirts.

  10. So if you were born gay, you can't become a Christian. That's so loving of you. You just keep on alienating people from your religion 🙂

  11. When did I say sexuality is only determined by genes? Please don't put words in my mouth. And, precisely what developmental processes cause a person to become gay is really irrelevant. My point is that sexuality isn't something you choose, and it isn't something you can change.

  12. Yes, although I don't understand why ANY gay person would willingly tie their world view to Christianity. Let's see…I wanna join this club that despises me…

  13. Actually, you're dead wrong. So-called "gay conversion therapy" doesn't work. Even Exodus International, an "ex-gay" organization, has admitted that they were wrong and apologized for the harm they've caused to LGBT people.

    And really, with the way holier-than-thou dirtbags like yourself treat gay people, don't you think they would choose to be straight, if it was just a simple choice??

  14. And why would you have to change your sexuality anyway? What's wrong with loving another man, or another woman? I just can't understand how you bigots reason.

  15. "You have no evidence that I have ever mistreated or even insulted a gay person in my life."

    Aww, how sweet of you. I bet you even allow them to use your bathroom.

    "A person trying to change their sexuality is like a drug addict trying to free himself of addiction"

    So being gay is like being addicted to drugs. Do you have any more bigoted and insulting statements about LGBT people to make, or are you done?

  16. No, it's not being "stuck in a certain lifestyle". Your sexuality is not something you can control or change. Will you at least concede this point?

    And by the way, what's so wrong with being gay anyway? You still haven't told me.

  17. "Oh no…."weeee" aren't bigots….it's 'those' guys who are bigots….but since 'those' guys think it's wrong for you to be who you are, not us….'we' are going to kick you out and ostracize you….you understand…don't you? Most probably followed by "It's nothing personal".
    What a load of garbage.

  18. No one saying to behave like animals,He's is pointing out the similarities between humans and animals which proves it to be natural. the definition of natural is anything that isn't caused by or existing in humankind,since it exist and occurs in the animal kingdom it is by definition natural.Your implying that b/c their is a similarity between humans and animals,that means humans behave like animals,but you forget that there are many behaviors human and animals have alike that are "ok".

  19. Yep because, I'm obviously a bigot for not liking what someone does with their personal lives, even though it's my opinion, but whatever. I say I don't think bad of them because, I can still think their a good person, or cool to hang out with them.

  20. You're a bigot because you stated you don't like gay people. You just stated that you don't like a whole group of people. You do think bad of them–you say you don't like them. That's thinking bad of them. Yes, it's your opinion, and it's a bigoted one. If you say you don't like people that's thinking bad of them. If you don't get this you are not only a bigot you're stupid.

  21. And really, you hang out with people you don't like? Do they know this? I bet they don't like you either because you're a bigot. I don't like things you do in your personal life but I don't brand all heterosexual males because you're a bigot.

  22. Ok, let's put it this way, I don't do drugs, and think people are stupid for doing them, but my friends do them, but I still hang out with them, because their my friends.

  23. Any intellectually honest Christian, would and should persecute the gay. The Bibble says to kill him. The least you could do would be some persecution.

  24. I can't believe there are Christians who "cant' believe" what church leaders did to the gay kid. The Bible says to stone him to death. If you call yourself a Christian, at least have the nuts to stick up for what your book says.

  25. @Robert Kerr Sexual orientation is something you're born with. Are you heterosexual because you choose to be ? If you think sexual orientation is a choice, then you're saying that you could be persuaded to be gay. I know from my personal experience, that I couldn't become gay. There's nothing anyone could say or do to turn me gay.

  26. So, at one point, you did not know if you wanted to be gay, or straight? How exactly did you decide to become straight? You claim that being gay is a choice, but then say you couldn't be convinced to be gay. That is plain illogical. If it were truly a choice; you could be persuaded to be gay.

  27. The only point that I could concede is that gay people choose to have sex with others of thier sex. Don't confuse a sex act, with sexual orientation. Straight couples have a anal sex. Why do we never hear the condemnation of these people?

  28. I choose to have relationships with both sexes. So what? Choice doesn't matter in this discussion, it's about whether it's moral.

    For the record though all evidence points to sexual orientation being set young enough that it's before choice comes into the picture.

  29. Totally nothing to do with the topic at hand but I just wanna say if thats you in your avatar, you're gorgeous

    … also, Hitmonlee? Awesome choice

  30. what if the church said "you cant volunteer because some parents wouldn't be comfortable leaving their kids with a black man"

  31. Christians claim that sexual orientation is a choice. Because, if is not, it implies that their god made them that way. If that's the case, their god is a hypocrite. He condemns people for being the way he made them. However, if people are choosing to be homosexual, they are choosing to disobey god. And, that is what they claim is immoral. BTW.. That passage in the bible, talks about a man laying with another man. It sais nothing about two woman. Guess the desert dwellers liked girl on girl.

  32. The wise man recognizes that he knows nothing. The socially inept kid sees himself as smarter than others know him to be.

  33. What about all the people that get beat up because they're gay what about all people who get disowned do you think they made a choice and if it's a choice why are so many people being put in straight camps if it's just a choice

  34. Where did you read up on the Cancer? What cancer is affected by gay people that straight people can't get? Please explain this to me.

  35. This is sadly common friend of mine found out that if it became known you have a homosexual relationship you will be fired from the Church and unable to hold any leadership paid or voluntary.  He found this out at Church and just got up and quietly left and never returned. 2 years later and he was openly an atheist it likely started before that but that was a major blow to his faith and I have known him my whole life and while he was never militant this guy was a devout Christian. So yeah this was a bad idea for the Church I think thanks for the favor for all us atheists. 

  36. Heard stories about priests actually punishing parents who disown their children because of their sexuality. Idk, world's trying to fuck you no matter what you are these days.

  37. O_O Ok where can I find some of the stories that you talk about? This one, for example. Where did you hear about this? Was there a news article? I'd like to read it for myself among others that you've talked about in your videos.

  38. most gay christians are not OPENLY gay in their church.. they keep a "dont ask don't tell" because theyve been taught self hatred. Their desire to be like the heteros is as vile as a left handed person attempted to be a right handed person to fit in. Doesnt work. 

  39. This should be a lesson to the 20yo to leave the church and seek a secular organization that aids the community.

  40. If you're not loved by the ones you're with, be with the ones who love you! Oh, and don't let homophobes alone with kids

  41. i know right, that is some ridiculous logic. us gay people aint gonna do nothing to your kids. there are plenty if not more straight paedophiles out there. you should be more afraid of leaving them with the priest if you know what im saying jk jk jk. 

  42. I always suspected us Canadians, by and large, were just as stupid and bigoted as Americans. This sort of stupid shit seems to confirm that.

  43. When I was a Christian, I spent two summers doing a youth ministry internship. I was told that as a male, I could not have an earring because some parents thought that it was a sin. When told this, I 'responded that I did not wish to upset anyone or make uncomfortable. However, I said "you are going to make the girls take out their earrings right?" 
    Don't get me started on religion and double standards. 

  44. I volunteer with youths and there are background checks and filters to protect children.There are specific rules that keep counselors from one on one alone time with children.I am a straight married man and I stopped volunteering because I was uncomfortable when everyone watched each other like we were all child molesters.Child protection is priority so everyone is scrutinized.If someone is molested everyone looks bad.

  45. So, I would like to ask for a second, the bible has several versus stating that the act of homosexuality is wrong, but where in the bible does it talk about the orientation of a man or woman? I have read the bible once, not really looking for anything in particular so I am not 100 percent positive it doesn't say that a mans sexual orientation must be towards a women. 

  46. I wouldnt want to leave my child with prostitutes, drug addicts, sex fiend pornographer, alcoholics if the church doctrine says these things are sins than they have a right they are following their doctrine. I went to a catholic school and the principal decided to be a little more open about his gayness and he was fired. Lots of people feel that being gay is a choice, just like any other iniquity. I respect your perspective, but if you are relying on science to disprove what the bible says they haven't I will pray for you tonight!!!

  47. I wonder what would happen if atheists and religious people united and worked together to make the world a better place? Would there be a balance of faith and non-faith? Would there be war? Or peace? I've always wondered that. Because a guy I like is an atheist, and I am catholic. So I was thinking about what would the child turn out to be if I taught him about God, and he taught him/her about atheism. Any answers? I'd love to hear 🙂

  48. Okay one to go ahead and pay attention to who this guy is what the Bible says doesn't mean anything 2 gay doesn't mean that you have any interest in children it doesn't mean that they're going to try and have sex with your kids because they're gay it means they're want to your sexual interest in people of the same sex adults of the same sex and considering that you're saying what you went to a Catholic school well you know I rarely hear about a gay guy that uses a child usually most often here recently you hear more about priest Catholic priest that sexually assault children so maybe you should take a look back at what you're saying here and rethink where you're getting your values from in the people that you put States in to read you down a morale patch

  49. And a lot of people believe a number of stupid thing gay is something is biologically chemically hormonally different then the more common heterosexual biology

  50. I have a four year old little girl and have had gay friends babysit her before with no issues that opinion makes you ignorant and a bigot

  51. The Bible also says that Christians shouldn't eat crab lobster trap bottom drawer but how many people listen to that in fact it says more times in the Bible to not eat bottom dwelling seafood then it says anything about being gay that is a heterosexual fear of being dominated by another man that's all that is there's no actual reason to have any problem with someone being gay

  52. hmm…i wonder what they would do if he was transgender. i have a friend who is transgender and he was ex-communicated, so it could be worse, besides the church is basically obsessed with gender and gender roles so i could understand why a transgender person would confuse them, he was called demon-posessed among other things, but it still sucks big time, in either case the church should listen to jesus and stop judging people, i don't really agree with jesus on a lot of things, but he was a revolutionary during his time (at least) churches this days are like pharasies, they need to do the "tax collectors and sinners", you know, jesus said, the well do not need a physician but the sick, so, just cause you don't agree with someone doesn't mean you should shut em out unless they're of some direct, physical threat to you or someone you care about
    Christians often ask me why the lgbt community aren't Christian, the church is the reason why they aren't Christian, they're literally shutting them out, i guess some people don't know how hard it is for an lgbt person, especially if they want to keep their faith

  53. The kid sounds like a tool, he should have left the church years ago if he's a homosexual. I'm glad that he got shunned from it.

  54. Please stop trying this hard to find an argument against the church, just because you disagree with their beliefs.

  55. I'm confused. How can other "moderate" christians criticize this church and stand up for the gay guy, when they believe the exact same stupid book that condemns homosexuality?

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