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Bill Clinton was really the result of having presidents who were very carefully researched, very carefully workshopped. Well, I mean, it’s funny that you mention Clinton. I think that in two ways, he’s an essential precursor to Donald Trump. In one way, it’s this odd idea that the president is somehow the chief executive of the American economy. And so people were able to put up with a lot of disgusting behavior with the president during the Clinton years because they thought that he was the daddy who was making it rain. And I would say the second thing is, with the Monica Lewinsky scandal, you have…well, what happens? You have a nihilistic media industry that makes billions of dollars feeding the American public tiny little salacious tidbits about the American president. And I think really it’s at that point where the president becomes, not just the Commander in Chief, but the Celebrity in Chief.

14 thoughts on “From Bill Clinton to Donald Trump | We The Internet TV”

  1. Really no different from a 3rd world nation president.
    In the Philippines, your neighborhood's shitty pavements are the president's fault. xD

  2. God bless President Donald J Trump for ending the inheritance tax and giving us a bigger earned income credit

  3. I do remember the Clinton years, and I stopped reading newspapers when I realized that they were 60% focused on Clinton's sex life / Lewinsky, 30% ads, and 10% relevant news.

  4. Tooooo short of a clip. My good lord! Now I actually have to tap a few buttons and stuff! STUFF!!
    Oh, and par for the course, write my outrage out in a message. Yep. That step was oh so important.

  5. They thought that because they were told that by the Democrat news machine or MSM that we call them now plus internet was still new people were just beginning to question and learn the truth in spite of there lies on the nightly news.

  6. Disgusting behavior from Bill Clinton? Please. What exactly did he do before a Republican actual witch hunt decided to expose a private tryst he was having with a horny intern. The American people didn't need to be none the wiser about that, and we didn't want to be.

    Trump on the other hand. That guy is a profoundly immoral, utterly incompetent, pathetically weak, continuously lying, massively corrupt, treasonous traitor criminal.

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