Fried Rice Air Fryer – AirFryer Recipes – Tefal Actifry

what’s up everybody this is liable
they’ll get me barbecue what I’d be doing today is going to be some shrimp
fried rice and this video is going to be almost as much about this active fried
airfryer or any air fryer as it is kind of the recipe making fried rice is not
that complicated but I was thinking about this and I have a few people that
have actually watched some these videos about the air fryer whether it’s this
one or 80 another air fryer and I was thinking back to my days when I was in
the Marine Corps which would be kind of the living situation be kind of similar
to college I would rather have this active fry then like a microwave in Cuisinart air fryer reviews
college because this is such a versatile piece of equipment anyway let’s get over
all that I’m gonna bring you guys in to kind of take a look at what the
ingredients are then we’re going to get cooking I will put a link to some
information about the Actifry in the description below and the iCard above
also I’m going to put a link to the YouTube channel that actually got me
into using that to fry her name is Diane she has a YouTube channel called burger
500 us and she is an active fried genius so run by her paint she’s a lot more
creative than I am with it anyway let’s get cooking you’re using very simple
ingredients for the shrimp fried rice obviously we have the rice now this was
rice that I made yesterday and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight so
it’s not getting all gummy when you cook it whenever you’re cooking white rice
just plain white rice it’s always going to be 2 to 1 water to rice so that’s one
of our ingredients you can use sesame oil but I am using this same stir-fry
oil that was sent to me by another youtube channel called the rude boy
cooks and he uses a lot of this oil I thought it’d be perfect in this fried
rice and you know I’m gonna go ahead and put a link to his channel my card above
in the description below he puts out some good stuff always drinking good
beer so we got the oil I have some thinly sliced carrots and these are
fresh carrots frozen were probably even better I have some green onions
peas soy sauce salt and pepper and a little cornstarch so the first thing I’m
going to do is oh and our shrimp excuse me those are
pretty big shrimp those are like 15 count shrimp first I’m going to do is
just hit the shrimp with just a little bit of actually that might be a little
bit more cornstarch than I wanted but that’s going to be fun
so go ahead with some cornstarch some pepper I like pepper and then salt and
I’m going to finish turn this in off-camera once I did get done mixing
this in I’m going to let it sit for about ten minutes we do with this
actifry especially if we’re going to be cooking something that we want to be
cooked at a higher temperature is we’re going to go ahead and get our oil in
first now back to fry has a paddle in this application we’re just going to go
ahead and take this paddle out and we’re going to hit it with some oil now you
could be you know about a tablespoon of oil as far as the shrimp goes what I did
do was I did chop up some of those in thirds so sometimes I’m working on a
recipe and I say you know what those big shrimp are probably going to be a little
bit too big but I do want to keep some of them cool so I’m keeping about six of
them hole in the rest of my chopped in thirds but before I put the shrimp in
there we’re going to go ahead and shut this and let this heat up for about five
minutes so it’s extremely hot and we get the shrimp in it too
run for about five minutes let’s go ahead and open it up now I’m just going
to kind of get our shrimp in here and try to keep it spaced out if not it’s
going to be fine I’m not going to do this in two batches and what we’re
basically what we’re looking for is we’re going to want to cook this about
80% of the way through the top it looks like we are about eighty eighty-five
percent of the way cook so what I’m gonna do is just set the shrimp aside to
let quite a bit of oil in there so what I’m going to do now is just throw my
carrots in now if you’re using frozen carrots you may not need to cook them
but since these are fresh just kind of throw them in here just a few minutes
just to take some of the hardness out of them carrots go about five minutes they
look pretty soft what I’m going to do now is we’re going to go ahead and add
our rice first I’m going to do is hit it with just a little bit more oil on the
bottom I’m going to throw in our vegetables hit with some soy sauce as much as
little as you’d like all right so what I’m going to do now is I’m just going to
shut it and I’m going to let this go for about five minutes without touching it
then we’re going to stir it up and kind of see where we’re at camp took about
five minutes what I’m going to do now is I’m going to hit it with some more oil
about a half a tablespoon and then some soy sauce now I haven’t stirred this
rate thing while it’s been in there and this is going to be all to taste now I’m
going to go ahead and stir this in and I’m going to let it go for about another
five to seven minutes then we’re going to add our shrimp in about five minutes
go ahead and stir this up again now I’m going to throw in our shrimp I’m just
going to leave the shrimp on top we’ll stir that in later I’m just going to let
this go for about three minutes should do it he’ll I’m gonna go ahead and kind
of stir this in now let me take a taste of this you know it’s kind of thinking that it
was missing a little bit of that sesame flavor once I read the ingredients on
that Sangster foil I don’t use that often so I’m gonna go ahead and hit it
with some of this sesame oil now we’re just ready to go ahead and plate this up
for the finished product what I’m going to do is bring this camera back taste it
and see what is up little sample of this I don’t know exactly how this is going
to taste the let’s see if it’s somewhat comparable to fried rice being cooked in
a wok you know take this dude an excellent job Best Air Fryer
on it let me taste that shrimp this turned out real well again that air
fryer if you have kids in college you’re in college maybe you’re in the military
or you’re just cooking for one or maybe two I highly suggest that I think I
bought that for a little over a hundred dollars and it’s been well worth that
anyway thanks for stopping by no hippie BBQ comment subscribe and I’m out

55 thoughts on “Fried Rice Air Fryer – AirFryer Recipes – Tefal Actifry”

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  2. This is really good looking dish Lyle!!
    Will try this asap.. Have a nice weekend bud!
    Oh,, did u use the paddle in when adding rice and veggies?

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  6. Lyle I have a question. If this is stir fry, why would you not want the paddle in it? It seems like it would be necessary.

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  12. It looks lovely but surely the idea of the actifry is you don't use so much oil. You put the paddle in, all the ingredients and set off and let it go. Why take the paddle out n stand and stir? Doesn't make sense to me!

  13. thats too much oil….the point of the actifry is 1 table spoon and you put like ALOT more than that…. just use a pan, it will make no difference……

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