Fox News: Westboro Baptist Church is Left-Wing Cult

fox nation has labeled the west for a
baptist church as state left-wing cult dot these guys are unreal mandar unreal westborough baptist church is the
definition of right wing it their religious zealots who believe that
we have taken god out of our driver went out of our schools out of
our military it’s ever their religious fundamentalist with and democrat well nowadays in the city is somewhat fair outlining the note they deserve that one
point fred phelps did identify as a democrat buddy sure as
hell doesn identifies one now so they’re like going back to like decades ago and
they’re like yeah i was democratic no he’s not a democrat and this is not a
left-wing uphold you guys are you know that and by the way in agnew town so the west for a baptist church one to
protest at the funerals of these children that were gunned down and um…
you know bikers came to do it under protest to keep them away from the
services right uh… box nation referred to those
bikers as conservatives when they have absolutely no political affiliation yet and my guess is that my crews are
not necessarily about the political type let alone conservative like you know what progress twelve respecting established authority yeah that’s that’s really the the
service of alert someone like this could be
conservative and other ways without no right these guys have sold monumentally full
of crap and there and easy income reason they
are remember have it has been mistakenly
hideout on a at people like mark foley who was the one that was molesting your
trying to molest that teenage in terms of the house is a
congressman anecdotes did we label the democrats
several different times focal issue but we see a republican
former state now this comes they seven on television
all the time right but was somebody once it analysis of how many times that fox made a mistake in the opposite
direction and happen once served twice where that label a bad guy was a
democrat a republican the number of times they did that
mistake of take labeling a bad guy a democrat when he was actually republican
was dozens water to rices doesn’t straight they don’t all tupelo was for a baptist
church or the right wing we know that we
thought they were roughly says simple for all right well it is the same guys who
were able to pick her left with so and the fact again literally the definitions of extreme
right where the governor

100 thoughts on “Fox News: Westboro Baptist Church is Left-Wing Cult”

  1. Or both sides could cut the crap, 'Stalin was a socialist', 'Christianity invented antisemitism', 'Hitler was a fascist, right winger.' I don't actually like to drag out other people's dirty laundry, because it doesn't make sense to blame modern lefties, or right wingers for something they had nothing to do with. When either side uses a very sad, human tragedy as a political tool, they are no better than fred phelps and his minions. Fox should be ashamed, and apologize. Period.

  2. oh don't you have a answer, 🙁

    so it's stupid you use a question mark when asking a question, :O and I agree it was a stupid question because I knew you wouldn't give a answer,

  3. Actually Hitler was left wing. Socialism is a left wing political ideoligy and that has a large government that took care of its citizens with large social programs and that is what he preached. Hence why Americas left leaning politicians vote for a large government that takes care of its citizens with large social programs.

  4. I don't need to have an answer. You don't understand how debate works. Nazis as rightwing has been a long established fact. You guys are the ones claiming the contrary. In order to do so, you have to provide evidence to support this and just the word socialism in the acronym in Nazi is not enough. I don't need to prove what is already widely-accepted except for a relatively few Fox followers.

  5. The left-right paradigm is a little bit of a false dichotomy.
    It ignores authoritarianism and it ignores the difference between social and financial policies.
    This means that parties can potentially be described as both left and right wing.

    The Nazi's were socially conservative, if not reactionary. They were authoritarian and they had somewhat socialist policies.
    For instance poor people would be given help for food bills, however they made sure everyone had jobs whilst supporting big buisness

  6. so you believe they are right wing because other people do not because you do,

    I'm not debating the fact if he is or isn't I just read your old comments when you kept asking for evidence to support the claim he was left wing yet not giving any to support "your" claim

    I'll list some socialist policies they had
    -free health care
    -state ran education,
    -social assistance for the poor
    -state ran infrastructure projects
    -Volkswagen (the peoples car) founded by the Nazi trade union,

  7. The Nazis banned labor union, collective bargaining, and the right to strike. The Nazi Charter of Labor gave power to the employer not the worker and the employer was answerable to the Nazis. It was more of a capitalistic aristocracy with heavy emphasis on typical rightwing sentiments – nationalism, racial superiority over others, competition rather cooperation, merit rather than equality, one man rule instead of democracy. Hitler personally despised Marxism BTW

  8. no he wasn't. He originally said he supported the workers to woo them away from Marxists then under the Nazis labor unions were abolished and the right to strike done away with. And his government was one of autocratic rule with most of the power residing in one person which is more of rightwing sentiment.

  9. Stalin did most of them as well, so is Stalin right wing as well,

    and the main reason people say he is right ring is because he disliked communism Hitler disliked communism not because he disagreed with it, but because of the jewish influence he believed was in it,

    he actually agreed a lot with communism ideologue,

    And i quote what you said "Being for or against capitalism does not make one completely right or left wing" yes he believed in aristocracy,

  10. Funny you mention Stalin because the USSR especially under Stalin was hardly the ideal Marx believed in. The core of what liberals believe – tolerance, equality, anti-war are completely missing with Hitler and Stalin. Hitler admired Stalin because originally he felt Stalinism was a type of Nazism which as I said before is viewed by all except some "clever" Fox followers as the epitome of right wing.

  11. It does not matter whether MSNBC apologizes or not, fox put out the misleading story. If you want to argue that MSNBC misrepresented the tea party in a similar way, ok, but that's a different issue.

  12. Marx didn't kill anyone. He was dead long before the Russian Revolution and never would have recommended for either Russia or China because they had not gone thru the necessary evolution of society and economies. As it was both Stalin and Mao used elements of Marx for their own autocratic-style of governments.

    And socialism doesn't equal left wing automatically. Your ignorance of history aside, many rightwingers of the 19th and early 20th century believed in a form of socialism

  13. no religious leaders and followers kill in the name but that doesn't make the founders guilty. Marx died long before the russian revolution.

    Nothing else you wrote is even a rebuttal. Study some history if you wish to make a real argument. Look up Oswald Spengler and just accept the Hitler-left wing is a ridiculous notion that a desperate propaganda channel came up with in order to throw a bone to their dwindling followers.

  14. That last paragraph is nonsense. While there are such descriptions of plutocracy and capitalism as 'socialism for the rich', the very fact that it is limited to the rich means it is not socialism.

  15. I see you're pulling the 'too far up his own ass' card. The irony of that is sublime.

    You blame Marx for all the deaths under Stalin and Mao (a highly illogical assertion given Marx's emphasis on political activism), then proceed to scold Ronin for not using 'logic and reason' is just blatant hypocrisy.

    Hitler only included left wing policies to widen his electoral base. He had no intention of implementing it. Hence his policy on women, gays, youth media etc.

  16. the majority of your last comments are just quotes from me with barely a sentence from you in rebuttal which is hardly a rebuttal worth commenting on. The fact that you use such phrases as "typical liberal defense" shows your childish mindset. What is a typical liberal defense and how do you know I'm a typical liberal. You are just making assumptions which is what you have been doing thru-out rather making a real argument. What little you have presented I have already countered. Try harder.

  17. It appears Fox News has gone the Orwell route of 'double-speak' and 'double-think'. Or is is just stupidity on their part? The latter would be correct.

  18. hypocritically deranged? What does that even mean? Look, you presented your argument that Hitler=left wing and I countered that. Now are are wasting character bits quoting half of my posts in your responses. I gave you a name – Oswald Spengler who supported a rightwing authoritarian socialism yet later fell out with the Nazis whom he felt were vulgar. Anyway more productive use of your time would spent in reading up on him than in making these useless responses which say nothing.

  19. A dictionary will tell me or anyone what hypocritically deranged means? I doubt it. Those are two separate words, you moron, that cannot go together like that.

    Anyway, the Nazis were in part inspired by the nationalistic rightwing version of socialism of Spengler which I mentioned.

    The Nazis were a rightwing group. Your only arguments against the vast general consensus are not convincing because the ultimate core of the Nazis being racial superiority&nationalism is rightwing

  20. sorry but racial superiority is a key element of extreme rightwing such as the KKK and the Nazis. This is not my opinion that I just made up. One of the defining aspects of the rightwing is the belief in social hierarchy in contrast to equality. Racism is the extreme form of that.

    Other classic rightwing elements – looking towards the past and being authoritarian both of which the Nazis heavily emphasized. when Fox said Hitler was leftwing they were showing their appalling ignorance yet again

  21. Yes and Republicans freed the slaves. Times have changed. Republicans courted southerners opposed to Civil Rights and the parties changed significantly. Southern Strategy – look it up.

    The nazis were not socialists in your simpleminded view of what socialism is. Nazis were extreme rightwing – their aristocratic social hierarchy and authoritarianism is proof of that.

    Hardly anything you have written is supported by proof. You are arguing from emotion not logic. Try harder.

  22. wrong again? And where is your proof? You cannot say someone is wrong and that's it. That's how a child argues which is what you have been doing here.

    MLKJr supported democrats when the democrats embraced Civil Rights which is what started the switching of the parties.

    To this day democrats have reenslaved the blacks as voter stock? What does that even mean? You keep babbling nonsensical talking points.

    Try to construct a response that is more your own words and less mine, k? You're failing.

  23. Well, the way I grew up, mature people take responsibility for their own actions instead of demanding the other side apologize first. Second, I never said I refused to acknowledge MSNBC has been wrong, so stop putting words into my mouth, and actually present evidence of where MSNBC has done what you say, and I would be more than happy to attack bad reporting. Oh, and btw, my "side" isn't the one who believes the president is a kenyan muslim socialist.

  24. The Z in "Nazi" may stand for socialist, but trust me, they're not socialist. They were fascist. Big difference.

    The KKK was founded a long time ago, when Democrats and Republicans were much, much different things.

    And yes, fascism is right wing. Ask any political science professor.

  25. I assume you didn't ask a political science professor. And I love how you capitalize "opinion," as if you are the most objective person in the world.

  26. If anything, the WBC belongs to the Republicans. However, seeing as nobody wants them, and really there are a good deal of good Republican folks as well as Democrats, we should shun them altogether. Forget their ilk, and let them scream their nonsense 'til they can't any longer. They're only one family after all, and soon they will die. The end. : )

  27. Hitler was a nationalist totalitarian. It's debatable whether he is right or left wing, despite the fact that Hitler consider himself a socialist. After all, Nazi is short for National Socialism. I find many people putting him in the center in that aspect.

  28. LOL. The Westboro Baptist Church is left-wing like Rev. Al Sharpton is a member of the Ku Klux Klan and Richard Simmons is a champion-scoring ladies man at the Playboy Mansion.

  29. Unless they are communist, there is no way to make a religious fundamentalist organization like that seem left wing. To attampt to do so is running counter-fact.

  30. The WBC wants more of the government bending to their will on every Jesus and controlling as many facets of people's lives as possible. Sounds pretty left wing to me. Radical Islam is left wing terrorism. If they were Muslim the TYT would be mad that Fox was being "islamophobic"

  31. Hitler, left wing? I learnt the definition of fascist in year seven through an analogy of the Nazis. To fox news, left wing is anyone they either don't agree with, or anyone that the majority hates, so they say that they are left wing so the majority thinks all left wing politics are bad. Guess what fox, not everyone is as dumb as you!

  32. Left-wing politics is only government regulation of the economy. It is not government regulation of religion, homosexuality or other social issues. Secularism is left-wing. Government endorsement of religion is right-wing. Taken to an extreme, it is theocracy. Theocrats are far-right. That's why Islamic terrorism is right-wing, because it hopes to bring about Islamic theocracy or sharia law. Islamic terrorists believe Muslims are superior to everyone else, which is far-right.

  33. Do you really think posting the same comment on every video you watch is going to make people listen to you? Il give you a hint the answers no

  34. Granted, you took three months to come up with that, but nevertheless I may actual have smiled at your comment. Just a tad. And albeit briefly. 8/10.

  35. Lower than you imagine, Fox has infinite stupidity budget and they're actively searching to find the most moronic people in the world to be their "news" anchors.

  36. Some of us do this thing called working for a living. Maybe you should get off your lazy ass and try it some time.

  37. Wow. You don't even appreciate compliments. That's quite something.

    I work. But I work in a pretty pointless, easy job in the local government sector which gives me plenty of time to surf the net.

    I'm what you might call "red tape". That job which people read about in the papers and moan that it sounds like an example of public sector wastage.

    I know they say this because I'm reading their angry comments on forums when I should be working.

  38. all tyt do is fox says this rush Limbaugh says that the right wingers do that glenn beck said this and all I can hear is obaaaaaaaaaaama nothing original

  39. I hate WBBC more then anything else I can possibly think of. Being a proud veteran I counter protest them when ever I can. I asked 5 of them including Shirley Phelps what political party they attach themselves to, they all claimed to be democrats and called me derogatory names. Although I am not a fan of fox news, based on a real life encounter with these scumbags its hard for me to disagree when I heard the words from the degenerates mouths.

  40. Must be really left wing considering they've referred to Obama as "THE Anti-Christ" at several of their protests since 2009.

  41. everyone at wbc is so uneducated they cant even understand the bible is a fictional concept created to help people through tough times, and now with our great understand of science its proven irrelevant

  42. Really? And here I thought left wing politics was regulation of "social justice". But if you say its not than its not and I wont question because Im a good left winger. 🙂

  43. Westboro isnt conservative. Westboro isnt reacitonary, they are a radical extremist group. Their biggest targets outside of gays are against conservative, right wing, religious and military groups.
    Even with that, being anti-gay isnt conservative, its extremism. Plus, "Left Wing Jesus" Che Guevara, was anti-gay & still clearly considered left wing.
    The Young Turks are spreading hate & ignorance based on political beliefs which is equivalent to having it based on sexuality so look in the mirror.

  44. It doesn't matter if they're left or right wing: WBC is a cult plain and simple. I say we give them the stage and they have to explain themselves. Then the actual Christians use the Bible (the text WBC claims to use) and rip Fred Phelps a new one. They have to explain and show where it says God sent shooters and bombers. They have to explain why they blatantly ignore Israel's place in end time prophecy (1/3 of the Bible is prophecy and dreams). These people worship Satan simple!

  45. In reality Fred Phelps supported Al Gore, and ran for Governor as a Democrat. They are registered KKK Democrats who hate individual liberty, like Communists, and National socialists. If you actually cared about minorities like gays, and black people, you would treat them like individuals, instead of using them to build an oppressive control freak government.

    Hitler was totally left, all of Europe is left, of the US Constitution. The far right in Europe are still National Socialists, today. An American Conservative means you support the Constitution. Do you see how Cenk manipulates reality by omission.

  46. No, it doesn't matter which side, WBC just sucks. Many atheists, monotheists, and polytheists get along just fine but when the WBC comes in people get mad. I get mad, my Democrat friend down the block gets mad, even my Bull Moose uncle gets mad. W. B. C. Sucks!

  47. Left Wing? Albert Einstein once stated that human stupidity is infinite, here is an example.

    They are fundamentalist right wing extremists. Lunatics that completely contradict the teachings of Christ. They are an extremist cult which renders them a terrorist group.

    They are not a church they should be called Westboro baptist extremist cult.

  48. Well FOX news would be right. The WDC are democrats, they backed ol' Bill Fuck the Intern Clinton, and would have backed Al, but disagreed with his stance on homosexuality. I read that they backed Obama as well under his first turn. All these ass holes need to do is research, but no they want to spread hate and lies.

  49. Yes fox is full of crap but so are they all. Media do whatever they like, mostly what corporations want them to do. Big free press farce.

  50. Fred Phelps was a Democratic politician who started the monster. He wasn't a republican either. The young Turks is messed up WBC is way more messed up though

  51. In all fairness, WBC is not the definition of right wing. They are the definition of religious fundamentalism and literalism. I don't think conservatives would say God hates America and thank God for dead soliders. And yet, they are still farther away from liberals than conservatives, but that's not saying much because they are light years away from human civilization in general.

  52. westboro baptist church is neither right or left wing. trying to associate the church with either side of politics is wrong.

  53. westboro baptist church doesn't deserve the right to have the words baptist church in its name… it is a mockery of a church and im sure no one in their right minds would side with them…besides fox news

  54. Westboro Baptist Church hated Obama and considered him the anti-Christ. They hated Hillary as much as the right wingers did. They hate gyas who have been championed by the Democrats. But they are left wing. Fox News is like a funhouse hall of mirrors world.

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