Former Member Of Secretive Church Speaks Out About Alleged Violence | TODAY

47 thoughts on “Former Member Of Secretive Church Speaks Out About Alleged Violence | TODAY”

  1. That is so wrong. Exposure is happening in the church. GODS EXPOSING ALL RIGHT NOW. So I am sure you wint be shocked. That's a occult

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  3. If your being abused and controlled by a "church" then its not actually a church or even a religion, its just an occult. Some religions have lent where your supposed to give up something temporarily but they don't force it. Things are not supposed to be forced like this, religion is supposed to be kind, forgiving and other positive things. It hurts me as a Christian and just as a human to see such misrepresentation of Christianity and of God himself, especially in such a horrific way.

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  5. As a Catholic this insults me. If you want to leave the church you have the fundamental right to do so. This "church" is a false one and needs to be shut down. As a catholic I was taught to be tolerant and love others. This isnt love. I pray for this man and his family and for the 2 "directors" I hope the Almighty himself doent send them to Eternal Damnation.

  6. The Jehovahs Witnesses are very similar in their mental emotional abuse, child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, domestic abuse with holding critical medical treatments.
    All of these types of “religions” should be investigated and have their tax exempt status revoked if they violate human rights

  7. That's clearly NOT a church!! And every member of places like that one should be running out of there!! Find a real church where the love and truth of Jesus Christ is preached and model!

  8. Lol church's always claim god but are the most oppressive and abusive church's and governments act like nazis if you say no you have to die

  9. I’m a preachers kid, we were in church all the time ,all day sometimes,so by the time I was about 13/14 my mom made my dad stop forcing us to go to church all the time ,she said my kids are going to get to be kids,and it worked, so this was my take on religion, when I was raising my kid let me make sure he knows who God is, I introduced him to my religion the way I was raised ( church of God and Christ) have respect,and not to force religion on him,then when he grew up ,he’s 33 now,he went to a lot of churches and picked the one that spoke to him ,and I’m okay with that. I use to have a best friend that was Jehovah’s Witness, I didn’t see it at first,when I did ,everyone else religion was wrong except for hers, I just looked at her one day,” I said wow I hope I’m in the right one “ because they can pick apart every religion if you listen to them ,they are TYRANTS .No religion can raise me I’m not a child, I have already been raised,and yes this young man was in a CULT,I didn’t like the way the Today show cut them off.

  10. Another form of Scientology. A cult leadership calling themselves a church ,and using corrosive control to pray on the weak minded .People who are looking for a life of utopian vision, a perfect dream .People do not need any organization telling how to live their lives .Unplug that umbilical cord people, Look to inner self for the answers. Your Mind, body, and soul …Anytime you are Controlled by another, essentially your creating your own prison.

  11. one of the most interesting thing about religion is how it can control people in a good and bad way. this is more like a cult.

  12. They want to control their members because they want to control their money it is as simple as that. Most of the church in USA is after the money of their members and the pastors are the only one being rich sucking the blood of their members and they use your faith to do that.

  13. Love is the fruit of truth. If a world view doesn't exemplify and teach love it is not the truth. People flourish with love but are destroyed by hate. Anyone who abuses others in speech or action is corroding society since the ripples of that person's pain pass on from one person to the other. My favorite verse in the bible says:
    "If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.
    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." (1Corinthians 13-3-7)

  14. I live in Rutherfordton Nc and it’s all true what they are saying they have ppl all over the county and own a lot it’s hard for anybody to get them on this stuff it’s all a dirty cover up they have lawyers doctors etc.

  15. There's a difference between a religion and a relationship with God the Father through Christ Jesus. I pray that God the Father will bring these two men into relationship with him. Yes in Jesus name. Yes Jesus. We are to follow Jesus and learn of Jesus. When Jesus cast out devil's did he scream. No. Did Jesus knock people down. No. But them devil's came out screaming. Did Jesus knock people down. No. But them devil's fell down rolling on the ground throwing the person down they where in. Study Jesus. Follow Jesus. Many people in churches follow the pastor or the wolf's and not Jesus. If you are not following Jesus you will get caught up in cults. False religions. False churches. And whatsoever else that's out there. Jesus said follow me. Learn of me. My yokes are easy. My burdens are light.

  16. Organized religions can be dangerous often promoting bigotry towards others of different color, sexual orientation, political choices, religious beliefs etc. spirituality doesn't require a church or your time and money.

  17. Everything is a business money and power is the principal goal .its so sad how some people take advantage of innocent person to do this kind of things . Oh and of course they use GOD the lords name to this 🤔 think about it

  18. why does TODAY make denials for the World Church of Faith? that was an atrocity to the claims made by these victims. Let this church send a representative to speak for itself… or say nothing in their defense. shame on TODAY


  20. Not any different than jehovah's witnesses and mormons…. Christians are pushing it too, I've been to some scary sermons, where they start "speaking in tongue" and they'll touch people and they'll convulse or fall to the ground. Absolute insanity.

  21. I commend these men for politely sitting through this interview when they are treated so disrespectfully by the male anchor. I know you have to make certain statements for legal protection, but not 4 times, one after each sentence. Shameful treatment from Today

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