Foo Fighters Vs Westboro Baptist Church Protest

the flow fighters are put together a
counter protests they were counter protesting add the westborough baptist
church it turns out that they were uh… section to a concert in kansas city
missouri and prior to their concert they did a
special shall for the last for about two shirts which was their protesting their
concert pain so i’m on this we have a little sad that
of a video i’ve it shows you the foo fighters performing the audience is loving it the
westborough baptist church is upset added it’s great let’s watch scheme doesn’t matter here ho go i’ll on that pile of fighting hate with
with comedy with something that your skilled and something that you’re good
at you know that i’d love that they’re making light of the ridiculousness
unless for about two shirts julia i mean your do you use your
influence what you can i mean obviously they are fused popularity and hope one of us are blocking when i
read this anatomy with a song all of those who want to do a song that
they’re going after if there’s a report says and i believe
they do whisper about districts i mean you know this is a said the particular
song that they were going to play that there was so the clip from company had some phone newly demand and that you know
they were told they would do a lot of things of course if there’s a probably
process since while they do actually despicable things on the side sought from an ass that’s been beaten
you how do you how do you dislike that i needed that admits the rays mortensen
politician to what they want rather than the negative side of the woods just as
yelling back or get mad at someone else’s causes big divide which is of course work but first
wanted right dvds you get a positive reaction absolutely you get the pa
positive press which is what they’re getting right now it makes people respect you as it bans and it’s a great way to do a
camera protest that makes the other side look like absolute class and you may
need help in looking like laughing already work last but here you see what
i’m saying like it’s making them look even worse seemed to have the full
fighters i can do a counter protest in this way in this nature so i i i love it
i think it’s great and by the way this on to be clean in
that big created like a spoof music video to it and they dressed up in the same fashion
would like the beers unlike the fate of the funny get-up how we’re going to
priya’s did u would you know that was there with him i wouldn’t have known either but how do we know that was done let me just in the beginning of the
video you see them getting dressed and i get up by the way i’m some lyrics from the site
i found interesting and they say drip driving all night got
a hankering for something thank them in the mood for some hotmail
nothing’s been sounds good so five yes indeed pleasure this caucus was very
brief conclusion

51 thoughts on “Foo Fighters Vs Westboro Baptist Church Protest”

  1. I like the foo Fighter mainly their song The Pretender and Its awesome to see some famous people stand up to these Idiotic Fools….

  2. That is what alternative music was about — presenting an alternative to mainstream or traditional thought. Well, it was at least until it became something that they could market…After 1994, "alternative" was just a label to sell stuff.

  3. there is no mention of hell until 2000 years ago.
    not in any belief system before that , had any concept
    of this hell that is taken for granted.

  4. I'm a proud Kansas Citian since birth but it sucks that I gotta share my hometown with shitbags like the Westboro Family.

  5. why don't all these people fight the islamists who hate gay people………
    why don't they respect religious diversity……

  6. i am sick of all these people who never of course stand up for anything that might be unpopular and damage their careers..

  7. Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne protesting the Baptist Church that would be fantastic what would they do if they had to come up to Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper

  8. Are the Westboro Baptist Church members Christians OR Cultists.They re for damned sure ignoantass Yankees

  9. I'd love to see them get protested by a satanic metal band. Not only is metal awesome, but the reactions of WBC would be priceless.

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