Flat Earth Discussion, Rockets, Satellites, Gravity, Gyroscopes, Southern Stars, Heliocentric Lie

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NaTuberTv you said he had some consultations about
that war but that war was launched under a false pretext oh you actually
delivered that you can actually say these things is a testament to the fact
that the world has come a long ways from the days of the czars and the kings and
the queens and I’m the king off with your head
you’d be put in prison for saying a fraction of the things that you just
said but I wonder why why is it that freedom of speech is considered to be
the domain of a Western democracies freedom of speech freedom of science
freedom of exploration existed in a non democratic I’m the king off with your
head is a problem when science guys attempt to bully other people I mean
Nick you’re had to say I’m not a denier he had to get it up I’m not a denier
because really the science group has tried to shame anyone who dares question
this and the point of visible however the scare tactics have not worked it’s
not working with the public I’m sorry no you’re not hold on the others it’s not
true see you said you wouldn’t talk like I did okay I’m the King off with your
head if I don’t apply the force then it’ll stay like some sort of mistake
you know potato shape so that’s what gravity is doing really it’s activism
it’s a force that squashing it down it’s not true and and it’ll turn it into a
sphere because your act is the same in every direction and and and it’ll turn
it into a sphere it does it acts the same in every direction that’s not true
so so you spit you know when you spin pizza dough it kind of flattens out gets
wider in the middle and so earth throughout its life even when it formed
it was spinning it’s not true and got a little wider at the equator isn’t it
those are the poles so it’s not actually a sphere it’s in its oblate and
officially is an oblate spheroid that’s what we call it it’s not true but not
only that it’s slightly wider below the equator than above you will chubbier
little chubbier yeah Chubby’s a good way it’s like pear-shaped pear-shaped
pear-shaped pear-shaped that’s not true when I first heard this Flat Earth
subject I dismissed it without even giving it a second thought
but more recently at the beginning of 2015 I ran across a few Flat Earth
videos again and while looking into the fake moon photos circulating around I
saw that people were claiming that the images from Earth from space were fake
as well pretty soon the Flat Earth subject became viral online and after
looking at the Apollo missions one night I’m coming to the conclusion that they
were nothing more than a huge gone gate it jarred my memory about something and
for a very specific reason I decided to look deeply into the Flat Earth without
just dismissing it blindly as so many do why did I look into it this time I’d go
to the moon in a nanosecond it’s not true the problem is we don’t have the
technology to do that anymore it’s not true we used to but we destroyed that
technology it’s not true and it’s a painful process to build it back again
it’s not true well I do pray for knowledge and wisdom and discernment
but maybe the recent Apollo footage I watched held however I live near a very
large lake Lake Ontario and I happen to remember going to the beach as a kid and
looking across the lake and seeing new york state coast off in the distance I
never ever thought anything about it ever except I remember being there when
I went to the beach now I’ve been to that Beach a hundred times over the
years and once this topic gained more prominence in early 2015 the first video
I saw explain the curvature of the earth and what it’s supposed to be an inches
for life and it resonated with me because I remember that I could see
clear across the lake to the other coast something that broke all the sphere
Earth rules so with NASA fakery on my mind and the memory has seen this
coastline that supposedly was too far below the horizon for me to be able to
see it due to the curvature of the earth I read or through and as unbelievable as
it seemed it started to make a lot of sense especially since I did distinctly
remember being able to see that far coast basically any time I was at my
Beach and as I said I’ve been there hundreds of times over there but even so
I went back to the beach recently and stood at the shore I look south and
guess what I could see the New York State coastline just like I remember now
I googled the distance and it was approximately 36 miles I learned what
the curvature of the earth is supposed to be exactly at that distance and
according to the people that believed in the sphere and I found out that the
coast should have been buried below my ability to see it by almost 900 feet
that part of the New York State Coast had a top elevation of less than 300
feet so that left at least a huge 600 foot discrepancy and even more because I
could see some of the height of the fog shoulder was something really wrong with
the realities that they’ve been selling us ever since we were born well I ended
up becoming a little fixated on proving or disproving the concept at first I
truly thought disproving the flat earth would be rather easy I thought there had
to be a reasonable explanation why I could see so far beyond the so-called
curve barrier I learned about light refraction in superior mirages I learned
about perspective and horizons I learned about how our eyes work
I view dozens of similar experiences on YouTube I listen to experts and people
who thought they had logical but spherical explanations in fact I tried
for a few months to debunk the concept it just couldn’t the more I looked into
it the more sense it made and less likely that the severe model we’ve been
spoon-fed since earth was a reality it’s just flat-out wrong and as more people
share their experiences and proofs online it only added to my growing
pretty much unwavering belief that the world is not what we’re told and
learning about how our eyes work and how perspective work helps a lot with
understanding sunrises and sunsets and ships disappearing hull first at sea and
other suppose it’s sphere earth proves I can’t say for certain what shape the
earth is about big it is or if there’s an Antarctic ring or a barrier beyond it
or if it’s an infinite plane maybe everything we theorized is not completed
there are so many possibilities that it blows the line in the Flat Earth has no
real complete standard model because it’s all based on us finding out things
for ourselves we agree on the facts and certain basics but the rest is only
hypothetical even if it’s seemingly makes
and as the evidence mounts for both the flat earth and against the sphere I
wanted to create a special place where folks can learn and share what they’ve
learned with other supporters differences of opinion are certainly
going to come forth and should be expressed openly remember that the goal
of my videos and their corresponding threads is to provide the opportunity to
use each of us to learn and grow in any area that any of us has a problem if
there is a thing you can’t understand then ask someone will have an opinion
and we can go from there if you have a point to make
against what is considered an accepted Flat Earth fact please provide any
relevant links or supporting proofs or videos I am currently under the
impression that the entire space program even low-earth orbit and all that is
there is really just a sleight-of-hand trick by a group of illusionists that
have swindled the public the governments of the world the media and us into
believing alive everybody a small group of corporations and cabal’s of almost
complete control of the entire financial educational high-level governmental and
media systems leaving it up to real armchair scientists and normal people
that can critically think and recreate experiments themselves to independently
prove or disprove any accepted line of thought about our reality look I ain’t
the smartest man on the flat earth but I ain’t no dummy I’m educated I never ever
questioned or ever thought of an alternative to a sphere earth until this
year it never entered my mind to question this part of our reality at all
ever but now I question everything I’m a Christian and I think I see the big
picture it is the most marginalized ridiculed censored and hidden fact in
history if this fact was made known to the world
at large just this one fact has the power to completely transform the world
and everyone in it for the better holistically in a myriad of ways our
rulers are well aware of this and that is exactly why this truth has been held
from us so expertly for so long it is about the truth of who we are where we
come from the actual position and significance of humans earth the Sun
Moon and stars the fact is the earth is flat and motionless
that is all and that is the revelation that will finally break the matrix you
have been taught from the earliest ages that you live on a spinning ball that
nASA has sent men to the moon that satellites are hovering in perpetual
orbit overhead that an International Space Station contains astronauts
free-floating above us that the earth is a ball that tilts wobbles spins on its
axis and revolves around the Sun and that all these and you are the result of
a big bang cosmic enok explosion 14 billion years ago which created
everything out of nothing yet nothing could be farther from the truth the
truth is simple and easily proven you can see for yourself the horizon is
always flat and you can measure using sextants theater lights and lasers to
prove the earth and its massive oceans have absolutely no curvature whatsoever
you can feel for yourself that the earth beneath you is motionless and you can
measure as mickelson Morley Gale sagnik airy and other scientists have to prove
that the earth is completely motionless that’s right it has been long proven by
several scientific experiments even in the elitist peer-reviewed journals you
critics constantly harp on about that the earth is a stationary plane the
reason you haven’t heard about it before is because the media is controlled by
the same people who created this deception the only time you have ever
heard a flat earther mentioned in the media it was ingest or ridicule the only
thing you have ever heard about Flat Earth is that its adherents are ignorant
idiots sorry to burst your space bubble but if you still think you’re living on
a spinning ball in 2016 you my friend are the ignorant one millions of people
worldwide are waking up to this incredible rediscovery and this flat
earth movement has the potential to bring about positive change on an
unprecedented level like a balloon held underwater for 500 years the momentum of
truth rising to the surface is causing and will continue to cause huge ripples
in the control system as the spinning ball earth is finally being exposed
worldwide for the hundred-year deception it was Earth’s
entire population is suddenly being faced with the reality that every
government every Space Agency University secret society religious organization
mainstream and alternative media outlet have all been duplicitous and propping
up a monstrous manipulation to fleece and control the masses the resulting
mass mental exodus away from the control system is exactly what humanity needs
once the Flat Earth truth gets out these lying politicians spokesmen reporters
and teachers suddenly change from being heralded voices of authority to being
ridiculed shunned and announced as they deserve
once the Flat Earth truth gets out these government’s universities media outlets
and other entangled organizations which have long been hard at work weaving this
multi-generational cosmological myth suddenly and completely lose all
credibility once the truth of our Flat Earth gets out so does the truth of
these few elite families and societies who have kept this most important and
fundamental reality from us for these hundreds of years essentially once the
Flat Earth truth gets out so does every other important truth by proxy because
this mother of all conspiracies holds under its umbrella literally all of the
other conspiracies and exposes them as a result of deeply understanding this and
wanting to bring about a better world it has become my life mission to spread the
Flat Earth truth to everyone I’ve written two books on the subject the
Flat Earth conspiracy and 200 proofs the earth is not a spinning ball I’ve
restarted the International Flat Earth Research Society and maintained a
website with hundreds of articles on the subject I’ve done Flat Earth radio
interviews made Flat Earth fa Q’s Flat Earth shirts written Flat Earth rap
songs audio video books documentaries and created every other kind of media I
can think of to try and promote this message now in just a few short years
thanks to the efforts of the rapidly growing Flat Earth community this has
gone from a completely unknown undiscussed topic to one of the highest
ranked google search terms on the internet with tens of millions of hits
monthly if you still haven’t done your due diligence in researching to know for
yourself 100% that you are living on a flat station
plain please look into the links provided and for those of you who do now
I implore you to help my mission operation spread flat earth truth simply
knowing the truth yourself will not and cannot save the world
the only way to save the world is for the whole world to know the truth as a
means to that end the most important type of activism anyone can be doing
right now is spreading these important truths on a
mass scale there are innumerable creative ways to help achieve this the
following are several effective methods myself or friends have had success with
one conversation one of the best ways to engage people with the flat reality is
through conversation asking leading questions dropping hints or just telling
people various proofs and evidences is a great way to wake people up this only
works however if you are very knowledgeable about the subject yourself
and able to answer every possible question without hesitation like the
liars at NASA due to viewing parties another good way to engage people is by
getting them to agree to sit down and watch an informative documentary on the
subject such as my videos the world’s biggest secret were the masonic matrix
manipulators after watching you can then do your best to field any questions
people may have 3 book gifting a great indirect way of engaging people is by
buying and giving them copies of the Flat Earth conspiracy 200 proofs earth
is not a spinning ball or other good books on the subject if you own Flat
Earth books yourself be sure to let friends and family borrow them as well
for school projects if you are currently in school or university a great way to
expose this information is by writing essays or doing projects which tackle
various aspects of ball earth pseudoscience or exposed true Flat Earth
findings 5 social media I’ve had great success using social media to spread
Flat Earth truth simply create accounts with all the big social media sites like
Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn Instagram reddit StumbleUpon etc join
relevant groups and pages follow people interested in related subjects and post
the best Flat Earth material you can find to as many places as you can as
often as you can don’t bother arguing with the trolls and close minds that
will inevitably hound you but rather focus on dissemination spreading the
message far and wide if people ask genuine questions be sure to answer but
anyone merely looking to ridicule should be left alone to talk with themselves
six YouTube and other video sharing sites with 13 million hits and growing
my youtube channel has done an excellent job spreading this message we need more
people to start Flat Earth YouTube and other video sharing site channels either
creating original content or just reuploading other good content I
personally have given everyone permission to use any and all of my
content to help spread the word once you upload a new video to YouTube then go to
all your social media accounts and post each new video to all the relevant pages
groups and timelines you can seven translations for multilingual
flat-earthers one of the best things you can do is help translate good Flat Earth
material into your native tongue my book 200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball
has now been translated into twelve different languages and Counting
reaching people who would otherwise never have a chance of understanding
this material the majority of which currently exists only in English a
graffiti or artwork another great method of spreading the word is through artwork
or graffiti writing important search terms or keywords and phrases on paper
money is also very effective on the borders of your dollar bills simply
write Atlantean conspiracy calm I first dot one two three st the earth is flat
Google Flat Earth Google Eric Dubay or other such messages nine pamphleteering
or stickers creating small brochures or stickers with Flat Earth information on
them and handing them out in public spaces is an excellent way to spread the
work compile several photo proofs or text proofs and put them in an easily
printable and readable format than hand out as many as you can
ten radio or TV show Collins many different TV and radio shows give their
viewers or listeners the opportunity to call in and talk with the host about
certain subjects a great way to spread the word is either by calling into these
shows and engaging them on the subject on the spot
or contacting their producers beforehand and seeing if you could actually be
interviewed there are an infinite number of creative ways we can spread this most
important message but the key is numbers and consistency we need to hit a
critical mass tipping point of awakened individuals dedicated to helping unplug
everyone else from the spinning ball earth matrix if you have figured out the
truth of our Flat Earth and realize the amazing positive implications of this
being exposed worldwide please join me on my mission to help spread the Flat
Earth truth to the entire flat world so flutters for newbies flutters 101
when some people come to the flutters for the first time they can’t quite
grasp what our model looks like or how it works this video is a very quick
basic understanding of the model with an emphasis on basic the study of the
flatterers by the masses such as what is going on now is being performed by
amateurs such as myself and many others with absolutely no funding and and it
has really only been happening since Maeby’s at the beginning of 2015 while
we find it rather easy to disprove the spherical earth and the heliocentric
model we admittedly do not have all of our ducks in a row for the Flat Earth
model and what I am presenting is in no way is supposed to represent a complete
working model or a mechanism behind the model now with that understood let’s
just take a look at what’s going on here so what does the Flat Earth look like
well the oceans deepest point isn’t really that far and the Russian is a
super deep digging project only dug down about eight miles or so so I can’t
really tell you what’s under the crust of the earth except that the Bible says
it’s not such a nice place and believe it or not we’ve only really gone up into
the sky as high as maybe twenty or thirty miles so I really can’t tell you
what’s up there either beyond what we can see with amateur
Rockets and weather balloon footage in the Flat Earth model the Sun and the
moon are the same size and they’re both a lot closer and a lot smaller than the
heliocentric model claims whatever we think is holding space away from the
atmosphere of Earth is called for lack of better words the firmament in divide
and it seems that it’s bullshit like a dome the stars seem to be in that dome
and the whole things used to rotate above us right over the center of the
disk shaped earth which is the North Pole
spinning seemingly around Polaris every once every 23 hours 56 minutes so we
might have trouble describing the underbelly or the heavens above well we
can get a picture a basic idea of what the the plane of the Flat Earth looks
like from old maps from sailing records and from first-hand reports now as it
turns out it looks a lot like the UN logo which is taken from a map
projection called the azimuthal equidistant or AE for short for the Flat
Earth model to work the earth does not have to look exactly like this but it’s
close enough so you get the idea this is just a representation that most flat
earthers used for now until better data comes in as it stands flat earthers do
not believe that antarctica is an actual continent at the bottom of the ball we
know that the ball is a hoax meant to deceive people and keep the creator away
from their thoughts Antarctica is probably nothing more than
a small part of the ice ring that juts out a little bit or even maybe a
comparatively small island but it’s not an actual massive continent Island at
the bottom of the ball now there are bases there and and people there at a
place that they call in Arctica and the public can even take tours there if they
want and spend five thousand or ten thousand dollars but it’s a heavily
guarded protected area and there is a real treaty with the military presence
stopping people from going there on their own and they’ve even been caught
faking 24 hours son footage but but enough go to Antarctica that’s a
whole video on its own to which there are plenty online to choose from now
looking down from above the earth would look like a circle with the North
Magnetic Pole smack in the middle picture a dartboard or a CD or a disc as
you can see the land masses are spread out all over the flat disc and now
imagine the land having a raised edge at the end kind of like a pizza has but
we’ll pretend the crust is made of ice instead and it’s several hundred feet
high everywhere which keeps the water in so it doesn’t fall off the edge and just
to be clear we are not even sure that there is an edge to fall off of so to
speak the ice could go on forever or not we just don’t know that edge is
Antarctica and is not an island but it’s rather a ring of ice that surrounds the
entire disc and we’re really not sure how deep it goes or what is out there
the Sun and Moon travel around the face of the earth as described like like the
hands of a clock move around its face and as a matter of fact picture a circle
around you has a 24-hour clock if you point yourself due south with a compass
and and act as if that’s 12:00 noon on the clock then the sun’s position in the
sky will actually act like a giant clock hand and tell you what time it is now
this is based on 24-hour time like I said but the Sun acts like the hour hand
because the earth is really a circle like clock face and the Sun takes 24
hours to go and circle around it’s 24 time zones
now let’s see a glow outside point due south and try it remember not to factor
in daylight savings time the moon likewise circles above us but a little
slower than a Sun giving us the phases and showing us the months together they
are a real calendar the light is cast on the earth and how much of it you can see
will depend on your position relative to it perspective accounts for sunsets and
sunrises which other videos will attest you in greater detail the Sun is simply
moving too far away from the observer to see it any longer as it gets smaller and
disappears on the horizon the light is cast from the Sun onto the earth at
different diameters depending on the time of year and because the Sun spirals
in and out throughout the course of the year
this causes seasons let’s start out roughly on September 21st the equinoxes
where we supposedly have equal days and nights all over the earth the Sun
travels over the equator on that day now as the year progresses the Sun will
spiral outwards making even larger circles and maintaining the same 24 hour
rotation as it spirals outwards the days get shorter that’s the day light and
colder for each location north of its position well to the south that gets
longer to daylight and warmer this maxes out on December 21st while the Sun is
over the Tropic of Capricorn the Sun hangs out there for a few days and then
the Sun starts its journey back the way it came making tighter and tighter
circles thus the South now gets colder and receives less daylight while the
North gets hotter and whoa seems more daylight
the Sun will continue this Titor spiraling pattern for six months until
it arrives over the Tropic of Cancer which brings the hottest and longest
days for locations to its north and the opposite for those to itself it likewise
hangs out for a few days and then starts the pattern all over again in the Flat
Earth model the Sun and the moon are the same size and they’re both a lot closer
and a lot smaller than the heliocentric model claims North is always towards the
center of the map no matter where you are on it so if you appointed a compass
due north opposite of you would be due south because of this east of Western
never straight lines they are always curving slightly and our distance from
the central pole would determine the amount that that curve would be noticed
on a flat map Antarctica is not a continent on the bottom of the ball it’s
a nice ring that surrounds the Flat Earth so Antarctica is the South Pole or
opposite to the north and actually if we picture a speaker magnet that’s kind of
how it works a magnetic Center with an opposite outer ring
Magellan in Columbus did not prove a sphere on the flat map their travels are
merely east to west which are quite doable they could continue one direction
and get back to exactly where they started just as this image details now
boats disappearing bottom first from the horizon are not really going over any
curve of the earth its perspective and we have plenty of zoomed footage on
video to prove it gravity is density weight and buoyancy
it doesn’t have to depend on a spinning earth as pseudoscience would have you
believe now science is wonderful but astral theology is not real science they
should stick to writing fiction instead of teaching their religion as a fact in
fact it is the majority of flat earthers opinions that most people out there
really that still believe in the heliocentric why they don’t know what
they believe and if they did they probably wouldn’t believe it anymore see
the people that organize and run NASA along with some of the leading so-called
scientists in the world with the help of the media and the educational systems
that are controlled by the bad guys have reinforced the heliocentric lie that was
started a very long long time ago of course the church had a major role in
this now it’s had centuries and centuries to cultivate and prove itself
and the Flat Earth movement finally gained enough traction that in one year
it almost dismantled the whole thing I imagine that 2016 will be be even larger
more viral and the people of the world will no longer be able to avoid it but
or be shielded from it so I asked you are you ready for what’s
going to come next you okay here’s a little illustrator or a
little cartoon from a website called time and date comm it’s really funny
that they would have a perfect illustration of a Sun rising and setting
on a flat earth due to perspective you’ll notice that it rises from below
the horizon and sets below the horizon now you might be saying well how is that
possible I can see now you’re saying that it rises and lowers due to
perspective but how does it disappear below the horizon well I got a theory
about that because of the fact that all parallel lines and planes converge at
your eye level horizon this is according to the perspective I’m not making this
up if in fact and they do they converge at
your eye level horizon visually then it makes sense that after that point they
diverge meaning they then separate so the Sun would continue on a downward
track as you can see from my illustration here the lines would go to
your horizon and then afterwards they would spread out and separate kind of
like a starburst and the starburst being at your horizon
at your focal plane where is the curvature where no
curvature do you even know what you’re supposed to
believe when it comes to the heliocentric model is this what you
believe because this is what they say is going on the earth tilted at sixty six
point six degrees from ninety the Earth’s spinning at 1,000 miles an hour
the earth orbiting at sixty six thousand six hundred miles an hour the Sun moving
even faster through the galaxy as it races towards the so-called
galactic center and the galaxy itself moving even faster than that in its ever
expanding expansion and we don’t feel it we can’t even get a negative test to
prove any of this motion at all and the famous areas experiment showed and
michelson-morley and sag net gale just to name a few that was over a hundred
years ago yeah they soundly defeated the theories
of gravity and relativity and special relativity but unfortunately the
scientific community have been fooled by the leaders of academia as they buried
the results and their students and teachers alike they never even knew
these experiments took place when scrutinized all this movement just
doesn’t make sense remember that we always see the
constellations in the same place in the same order in the same height in the sky
every single night there is absolutely no stellar parallax
whatsoever showing that we we just don’t move
so do you feel it can you feel any of that incredible speed in motion you know
gas flows up butterflies float around when we when we view things from a
synthetic observation point we find out that we’re not moving the real
scientific tests also show that we’re not moving the Bible tells us that we’re
not moving common sense tells us that we’re not moving astrophysicists and
space agencies have tried to con the world into believing they’re very
satanic heliocentric lie and they have done rather well up until
now but the cats out of the bag and this light cannot continue forever Rockets can’t work in a vacuum such as
so called space there’s nothing to thrust against there’s no atmosphere for
the fuel to push on for an opposite reaction to occur so once we reach space
under a rocket power we couldn’t steer or accelerate or slow
down or stop certain space agencies and astrophysicists and myth-busting hosts
claimed otherwise but you know if they’ve even published equations that
prove otherwise but some other equations probably declare that the Rockets in
space work actually going through the math and performing the physical tests
proves otherwise and that’s why we never see a rocket or even the highly
televised shuttle missions actually enter this so-called vacuum called space and while their equations preface
certainly declares that they do going through the math and performing the
physical tests proves that Rockets can’t work in space in stage one of these two
similar experiments a balloon is blown up and it’s placed in in the place of
rocket fuel and it’s attached to this straw and it’s taped to a toy car now
the balloon is released in the air travels through the straw and the car is
propelled forward as expected in stage two the two scientists will try
to disperse the air that’s coming out of the straw to act as the vacuum would in
space let’s watch these two stage experiments unfold and see what happens
when the atmosphere is removed from the equation the person on the right tries
it with a vacuum cleaner and misses on his first attempt to get it in exactly
the right spot the person on the Left
makes a paper deflector to show that the opposite reaction is based off the fuel
pushing off the atmosphere outside that vehicle the person on the right tries a
few more times with the vacuum cleaner and on his fourth attempt he gets her in
just the right spot and the car doesn’t move he misses again on five but but on
number six he places the hose just perfectly and once again the rocket car
doesn’t mean even an inch the contention is that this shows that
the rocket is dependent on the atmosphere to push off of for its
opposite reaction the rocket needs an atmosphere to move when we take away
that atmosphere the rocket doesn’t move on the Left deflecting the motion of the
air rushing out of the straw shows that the opposite reaction needed for thrust
is escaping fuel hitting the atmosphere the person on the Left releases the
balloon and the air rushes out and is deflected to the right and left and the
vehicle doesn’t move forward rockets can’t work in space before satellites were thought of there
were already technologies allowing us to send long-distance messages without
wires ground-based systems for telephones and radio were being used by
people on both sides of the fund we were able to transmit through the atmosphere
and skip signals off with a firmament whatever that is to the other side of
the earth using ham radios there are many ham radio operators today
and lots of clubs all over the world Marconi sent a message across the
Atlantic over 100 years ago and all technologies were well established and
working fine using only ground-based operations today we still use
ground-based systems to connect to each other via cable television phone lines
the internet with fiber optic transatlantic cables and RF towers
there’s tens of thousands of huge RF towers used to broadcast all kinds of
signals all over the world and they’re still being built in today’s satellite
age your cell phone signal has a limited range depending on who your provider is
and how many towers their system is linked to even if satellites were real
they are simply not needed to do what they say they’re doing we can do it
better and cheaper from the ground people that work in the satellite field
are really working on tangible things things that really work and do what they
say they’re doing but it is not what those texts and the rest of us are being
led to believe since space and everything up there is simply not as
they’re telling us it is if their art device is up high in the sky helping
with communications then then NASA probably reconfigures them to work
wherever they want them to work and maybe doing it with hot-air balloons
or some kind of secret advanced technology but they’re definitely not
putting anything up in so-called space all right so what have we learned so far
well we’ve learned that we really can’t trust NASA and that they never went to
the moon they faked everything including
weightlessness from zero-g high-altitude planes they faked pictures of Earth from
space and that we never even went to space because Rockets can’t work in a
vacuum of course that starts to mess with people’s minds because we can
actually use electronic devices every day which supposedly depend on satellite
technology up in space now I’ve said this before and I’m sure it’ll say it
again the technology exists but none of it is based up in space there are no
satellites orbiting the supposedly spherical earth and people working in
the satellite technology sure there are but no one is denying that but whatever
is being done with that piece of hardware is not being strapped onto a
rocket and shot in outer space so I guess now it’s time to take a look at
satellites and see what’s really going on and how we can make sense of
satellite TVs and satellite phones and GPS and things like that so there we go
geosynchronous or geostationary satellites were actually a fictional
creation of the famous science fiction writer Arthur C Clark who was also a
high ranking freemason and about a decade later they became a so-called
reality that we all ended up paying for with our taxes and our higher bills for
such things as cable and internet things like that so basically a freemason
created a piece of fiction and then all those compare arts convinced us all that
it was tangible and a reality now I’m not saying that there aren’t people
working on tech that is supposed to be satellite related I’m saying that
satellite tech does not go into space where they say satellites are actually
located is in itself a work of fiction like the concepts of warp speed and dark
matter multiple universes or string theory just to name a few
the Google loon project plans to string hundreds of weather balloons all the way
around the earth at around the 40 degrees south latitude mark which has
very little land in this mostly open ocean they will be all the way around
the earth so that people living in the South can all get the Internet basically
just as easily as those of us in the North because most of the area down
there is over ocean water and there is no service over the ocean even though
they say we have tens of thousands of satellites in orbit 40,000 now I think
now this doesn’t make sense if the heliocentric model is true and it
doesn’t make sense if we have all those satellites in space plus it’ll be easier
and cheaper just to send a few satellites up compared to hundreds of
weather balloons that need to be constantly adjusted and maintained
so if satellites were real why not simply use them of course
when we look at the coverage area on the Flat Earth map things start to make a
little more sense many believe that our satellite
communication and GPS telephone internet etc is not coming from space over the
land they use cell towers to bounce signals to and fro but over the oceans
they can’t however over water balloons blimps boats and planes can bounce
signals to and fro which is exactly what Google loon plans to do because space is
fake and satellites are not up there satellites exist and function in some
fashion but they are not up in space orbiting the Earth and Google hoon is a
good example as to why plus they could use those balloons for other reasons
GPS black boxes telephone service TVs and just about anything else that
transmits digitally our example and we’ve been doing that sort of thing with
dishes and towers long before satellites were theorized in mainland USA TV
satellite dishes are almost always pointed at or near a 45-degree angle
it’s towards the nearest ground-based repeater tower if they were getting
their signal from a geostationary satellite in space then they should all
be pointing at between 80 and 100 degree angles which is basically straight up
into space since geostationary satellites by very definition match
Earth’s suppose it’s spin and stay in one location
the constant 45-degree angle that almost all dishes in the mainland US are
pointed to proves that they are picking up ground-based signals from repeater
towers and not from geostationary satellites and space think about it and
then go have a look at a few dishes in your own area what angle is your dish
pointed to supposedly geosynchronous or
geostationary communication satellites match the Earth’s rotation so that they
seem like they are staying over one location at all time if that’s the case
then satellite communications should always work and never go out
but satellite TV and satellite internet and satellite phones do not work well in
countries like Kazakhstan for example or in virtually any southern continental
island where there are coincidentally only a few or no cell phone towers
satellite tech does not work well and in places where there are few cell towers
compared to the US but if they were where they say they are will happen
space then we should always get a signal now regardless of the number of cell
phone towers that our particular location has even the best satellite
tech on earth can’t work without cell towers the atmospheric temperature is around
4,500 degrees where most satellites live the components that make up a satellite
cannot withstand that kind of heat and they would literally turn into molten
globs of metal pretty quickly nASA has a little fast talk to try to get them out
of this pickle but they very clearly contradict their own words and set of
laws by claiming that even though it is indeed really hot up there these crafts
don’t feel it because there the atmosphere is actually quite thin
how were they able to measure it to begin with let alone be able to compare
it to the surrounding area they couldn’t even last a minute in that
kind of heat nASA says that there are more than 20,000 satellites orbiting the
Earth actually it’s 40,000 bringing us such goodies as satellite TV GPS cell
phone signals and weather information and of course pictures of the Earth from
space they admit however that all of their images from space are really just
composites and strips of data that have been strung together to form images
after being photoshopped to make them look appealing now there are no real
images from space not even of the famous blue Marvel series from the Apollo
missions we’ve all seen the pics of Earth from space and satellites and
schools encyclopedias and in history books and they’re all demonstrably fake
green screens layers and CGI and paintings animations models and cartoons
but no real pictures people claim to see satellites with the naked eye even
though they are only the size of a small bus or smaller and supposedly orbit
hundreds or thousands of miles up in reality we all struggle to see a
commercial plane relatively close to us at you know five to seven miles high due
to the laws of perspective we simply cannot see something that small from
that far away even if it had the most powerful set of lights ever invented
strapped under to its underbelly now let’s have a look at some low-earth
orbiting objects such as the International Space Station or ISS for
short nASA says that the ISS orbits at only 250 miles high but that is only
1/32 of the Earth’s diameter higher than the earth itself and imagine an ant on a
basketball it’ll raise that ant to half an inch off the ground and now look at
that ball at the end from the opposite side of that ant and see if you can see
the ant but you can’t then the Sun can’t shine it’s light onto the ISS during the
night time the earth itself would block out that portion of the sun’s light from
reaching the ISS so how can we see a reflection of sunlight off of the ISS at
night well we can’t and the fact is that at least for now the truth community
doesn’t really know what’s flying around up there or how large it is or how high
up it is and the fact that we can see some light from something at all means
that it just cannot be the ISS orbiting at only 250 miles high
in my opinion in lieu of what has just been stated it’s kind of ridiculous to
think otherwise whether it’s a satellite flying so far away that we can’t
possibly see it from Earth or if it’s the ISS flying too close to Earth so we
can’t see it at night whatever it is we are seeing that’s not what we’ve been
told if it is a man-made object we know that it’s high up but it’s not in space
but for all we know it’s a natural body moving around like the wandering stars
that they have tracked and named the ISS before satellites were thought of there
were already technologies allowing us to send long-distance messages without
wires ground-based systems for telephones and radio were being used by
people on both sides of the plant we were able to transmit through the
atmosphere and skip signals off of the firmament whatever that is to the other
side of the earth using ham radios there are many ham radio operators today and
lots of clubs all over the world Marconi sent a message across the Atlantic over
100 years ago and all technologies were well established and working fine using
only ground-based operations today we still use ground-based systems to
connect to each other via cable television phone lines the internet with
fiber optic transatlantic cables and RF towers there’s tens of thousands of huge
RF towers used to broadcast all kinds of signals all over the world and they’re
still being built in today’s satellite age your cell phone signal has a limited
range depending on who your provider is and how many towers their system is
linked to even if satellites were real they are simply not needed to do what
they say they’re doing we can do it better and cheaper from the ground
people that work in the satellite field are really working on intangible things
things that really work and do what they say they’re doing but it is not what
those texts and the rest of us are being led to believe since space and
everything up there is simply not as they’re telling us it is if there are
devices up high in the sky helping with communications than then NASA probably
reconfigures them to work wherever they want them to work and maybe doing it
with hot-air balloons or some kind of secret advanced technology but they’re
definitely not putting anything up in so-called space before satellites were
even thought of we already had worldwide navigation systems in place Lauren and
Decca used radio signal pulses between RF towers to pinpoint vessels location
many people contend that today’s GPS is merely an extension of those old
ground-based systems and that GPS does not be any information down to earth
from space there is no such thing as real satellites space fictional sure a
real nope and the fact is that we don’t need satellites to provide the
information that they supposedly do we’ve been doing it from the ground for
decades and they still build RF towers today like crazy operating 24 hours a
day numerous nations maintain a network of Loran transmitting stations to
service the major shipping lanes there are a pair here for example Sakonnet and
Bodie Island one is known as the master station the other is the slave for a
moment consider these two stations operating as a synchronous pair
simultaneously emitting short pulses of radio energy leaving both short stations
simultaneously a pair of pulses travel out into space in all directions at a
constant speed roughly 186,000 miles per second or the
speed of light plus the pulse from the closer station will reach the ship an
instant before the pulse from the other station the Loran shipboard gear
measures this difference in time of arrival in millionths of a second or
microseconds it simply determines how much longer one pulse takes to reach the
ship than the other pulse now this same time interval will be
observed at many points within the range of the two Shore stations and when
connected these points form a hyperbola known as the Loran line of position to
aid the navigator in obtaining a fix specially prepared Loran tables and
charts contain accurately plotted lines of position on the various time
differences encountered in a particular area having one line of position we then
obtain readings from another pair of stations an accurate fix is established
at the intersection of the two lines of position you isn’t flat this is called remedy that’s
not treat what is you have no idea okay next question
whoa here’s the difference we can describe gravity we can say what it does
to other things we can we can measure it predict with it but when you start
asking like what it is it’s not treat what is when you start asking like what
it is it’s called gravity the formation and collection of matter
in the universe follows the laws of physics and when you add in the dark
matter dark matter this this extra gravity it turns the universe into the universe
that we see that’s why we know the dark matter is real that’s not true we don’t
know what it is but we know it’s there because we can’t make the universe as we
see it unless we put this extra gravity into our simulation so you know it’s
something does never interact with our light where there are telescopes but
that it has gravity so these particles are invisible to us but otherwise
attracting our matter into their nucleating us among if you fill a balloon with helium a
substance lighter than the nitrogen oxygen and other elements which compose
the air around it the balloon will immediately fly upwards if you fill a
balloon with hydrogen a substance even lighter than helium the balloon will fly
upwards even faster if you blow a dandelion seed out of your hands
a substance just barely heavier than the air it will float away and slowly but
eventually fall to the ground and if you drop an anvil from your hands something
much heavier than the air it will quickly and directly fall straight to
the ground now this has absolutely nothing to do with gravity the fact that
light things rise up and heavy things fall down simply a natural property of
weight and density that is very different from gravity gravity is a
hypothetical magnetic like force possessed by large masses which Isaac
Newton needed to help explain the heliocentric theory of the universe lady
Blount says most people in England have either read or heard that Sir Isaac
Newton’s theory of gravitation was originated by his seeing an Apple fall
to the earth from a tree in his garden persons gifted with ordinary common
sense would say that the Apple fell down to earth because for bulk it was heavier
than the surrounding air but if instead of the Apple a fluffy feather had been
detached from the tree a breeze would probably have sent the feather floating
away and the feather would not reach the earth until the surrounding air became
so still that by virtue of its own density the feather it would fall to the
ground Wilbur of all of a famous flat earther
in the early 20th century gave lectures all over America against Newtonian
astronomy he would begin by walking on stage with a book a balloon a feather
and a brick and asked the audience how is it that a law of gravitation can pull
up a toy balloon and cannot put up a brick I throw up this book why doesn’t
it go on up that book went up as far as the force behind it forced it and it
fell because it was heavier than the air and that is the only reason I cut the
string of a toy balloon it rises gets to a certain height and then it begins to
settle I take this brick in a feather I blow
the feather yonder it goes finally it begins to settle and comes down this
brick goes up as far as the force forces it and then it comes down because it is
heavier than the air that is all david Wardlaw scott says any object which is
heavier than the air and which is unsupported has a natural tendency to
fall by its own weight newton’s famous apple at Woolsthorpe
or any other apple when ripe loses hold of its stock and being heavier than the
air drops as a matter of necessity to the ground
totally irrespective of any attraction of the earth for if such attraction
existed why does not the earth attract the rising smoke which is not nearly so
heavy as the apple the answer is simple because the smoke is lighter than the
air and therefore does not fall but a sense gravitation is only a subterfuge
employed by Newton in his attempt to prove that the Earth revolves around the
Sun and the quicker it is relegated to the tomb of all the capulets the better
will it be for all classes of society Thomas Winship says the law of
gravitation is said by the advocates of the Newtonian system of astronomy to be
the greatest discovery of science and the foundation of the whole of modern
astronomy if therefore it can be shown that gravitation as a pure assumption
and an imagination of the mind only that it has no existence outside of the
brains of its expound errs and advocates the whole of the hypothesis of this
modern so-called science fall to the ground as flat as the surface of the
ocean in this most exact of all Sciences this wonderful feat of the intellect
becomes at once the most ridiculous superstition and the most gigantic
imposture to which ignorant and credulity could ever be exposed
Einstein’s theory of relativity in the entire heliocentric model of the
universe hinge upon Newton’s law of gravitation heliocentric lame that the
Sun is the most massive object in the heavens more massive even than the earth
and therefore the earth and other it’s by law are caught up in the Sun’s
gravity and forced to orbit perpetual circles and ellipses around it they
claim that gravity also somehow allows people buildings the oceans and all of
nature to exist on the underside of their ball earth without falling off now
even if gravity did exist why would it cause both planets to orbit the Sun and
people to stick to the earth gravity should either cause people to float in
suspended circular orbits around the earth or it should cause the earth to be
pulled and crashed into the Sun what sort of magic is gravity that it can
glue people’s feet to the ball earth while causing earth itself to revolve
ellipses around the Sun the two effects are very different yet the same cause is
attributed to both furthermore this magnetic like attraction of massive
objects gravity is purported to have can be found nowhere in the natural world
there is no example in nature of a massive sphere or any other shaped
object which by virtue of its mass alone causes smaller objects to stick to or
orbit around it there is nothing on earth massive enough that it can be
shown to cause even a dust bunny to stick to or orbit around it try spinning
a wet tennis ball or any other spherical object with smaller things placed on its
surface and you will find that everything falls or flies off and
nothing sticks to or orbits around it to claim the existence of a physical law
without a single practical evidential example is hearsay not science lady
Blount and Albert Smith wrote that bodies in some instances are seen to
approach each other as a fact but that their mutual approach is due to an
attraction or pulling process on the part of these bodies is after all a mere
theory I thought the seas may sometimes be
admissible but when they are invented to support other hypotheses they are not
only to be doubted but discredited and discarded the hypothesis of a universal
force called gravitation is based upon and was indeed invented with a view to
support another hypothesis namely that the earth and sea together make
the vast globe whirling away through space and therefore needing some force
or forces to guide it in its mad career and so control it as to make it conform
to what is called its annual orbit around the Sun the theory first of all
makes the earth to be a globe then not a perfect globe but an oblate spheroid
flattened at the poles then more oblate until it was in danger of becoming so
flattened that it would be like a cheese and passing over minor variations of
form we are finally told that the earth is pear-shaped and that the ellipsoid
has been replaced by an alloy what shape it may assume next we cannot tell it
will depend upon the whim or fancy of some astute and speculating scientist
how is it that gravity is so strong that it can hold all the oceans buildings and
people stuck to the underside of the ball earth but so weak that it allows
birds bugs smoke and balloons to casually made its grips completely how
is it that gravity holds our bodies clung to the underside of a ball earth
but yet we can easily raise our legs and arms walk or jump and feel no such
constant downward pulling force how is it that gravity can cause planets to
revolve elliptical orbits around a single center of Attraction ellipses by
nature require two foci and the force of gravitation would have to regularly
increase and decrease to keep planets in constant orbit and prevent pulling them
into direct collision courses thomas Winship says that the sun’s path is an
exact circle for only about four periods in a year and then of only a few hours
at the equinoxes and solstices completely disproves the might have been
of circular gravitation and by consequence all of gravitation if the
Sun were of sufficient power to retain the earth and its orbit when nearest the
Sun when the earth arrived at that part of its elliptical path farthest from the
Sun the attractive force unless very greatly increased would be utterly
incapable of preventing the earth rushing away into space in a right line
forever as astronomers say on the other hand it is equally clear
that if the sun’s attraction were just sufficient to keep the earth in its
proper path when farthest from the Sun and thus to prevent it rushing off into
space the same power of attraction when the earth was nearest the Sun would be
so much greater that unless the attraction were very greatly diminished
nothing would prevent the earth rushing towards and being absorbed by the Sun
there being no counterbalancing focus to prevent such a catastrophe as astronomy
makes no reference to the increase and diminution of the attractive force of
the Sun called gravitation for the above necessary purposes we are again forced
to the conclusion that the great discovery of which astronomers are so
proud is absolutely non-existent and and Crossland says we are asked by the
Newtonian to believe that the action of gravitation which we can easily overcome
by the slightest exercise of volition and raising a hand or foot is so
overwhelmingly violent when we lose our balance and fall a distance of a few
feet that this force which is imperceptible under usual conditions may
under extraordinary circumstances cause the fracture of every limb we possess
common sense must reject this interpretation gravitation does not
furnish a satisfactory explanation of the phenomena here described whereas the
definition of weight already given does for our body seeking in the radiused
manner its level of stability would produce precisely the result experienced
if the influence which kept us securely attached to this earth were identical
with that which is powerful enough to disturb a distant planet in its orbit we
should be more immediately conscious of its masterful presence and potency
whereas this influence is so impotent in the very spot where it is supposed to be
most dominant that we find an insurmountable difficulty in accepting
the idea of its existence heliocentric lame the ball earth is perpetually
spinning on its axis at a mind-numbing 1038 miles per hour or 19 miles per
second and somehow people animals buildings oceans and other surface
phenomena can stick to the underside of the spinning ball without falling or
flying take a ride on the Gravitron at your
local amusement park however and notice how the faster it spins the more you are
pushed away from the center of spin not towards it
even if the centripetal inward pulling force of gravity did exist which it does
not the centrifugal a word pushing force of the ball Earth’s suppose at nineteen
mile per second spin would also exist and have to be overcome yet neither of
these opposing forces have ever been shown to have any existence outside the
imaginations of heliocentric scientists David Ward law scott says we are not
like flies which by the peculiar formation of their feet can crawl on a
ball but we are human being who require a plain surface on which to walk and how
could we be fastened to the earth whirling according to your theory around
the Sun at the rate of 19 miles per second the famed law of gravitation will
not avail though we are told that we have 15 pounds of atmosphere pressing on
every square inch of our bodies but this does not appear to be particularly
logical for there are many athletes who can leap nearly their own height and run
a mile in less than five minutes which they could not possibly do if they were
thus handicapped in Crossland says the attraction of gravitation is said to be
stronger at the surface of the earth than at a distance from it is it so if I
spring upwards perpendicularly I cannot with all my might ascend more than four
feet from the ground but if I jump in a curve with a low trajectory keeping my
highest elevation about three feet I might clear a bound of space above the
earth of about 18 feet so that practically I can overcome the so-called
force pull the distance of four feet in the proportion of 18 to 4 being the very
reverse of what I ought to be able to do according to the Newtonian hypothesis
Newton also theorized and it is now commonly taught that the Earth’s ocean
tides are caused by gravitational lunar Attraction if the moon is only 2160
miles in diameter in the earth eight thousand miles
however using their own math and law it follows that the earth is 87 times more
massive and therefore the larger body should attract the smaller to it and not
the other way around if the Earth’s greater gravity is what
keeps the moon in orbit it is impossible for the moon’s lesser gravity to
supersede the Earth’s gravity at Earth’s sea level where its gravitational
attraction would even further out trump the moon’s not to mention the velocity
and path of the moon are uniform and should therefore exert a uniform
influence on the Earth’s tides when in actuality the Earth’s tides vary greatly
furthermore if ocean tides are caused by moon’s gravitation how is it that lakes
ponds and other smaller bodies of standing water remain outside the moon’s
grasp while the gigantic oceans are so affected Thomas Winship says if the moon
lifted up the water it is evident that near the land the water would be drawn
away and low instead of high tide caused again the velocity and path of the moon
are uniform and it follows that if she exerted any influence on the earth that
influence could only be a uniform influence but the tides are not uniform
at port natal all the rise and fall is about six feet while at birra about 600
miles up the coast the rise and fall is 26 feet this effectually settles the
matter that the moon has no influence on the tides tides are caused by the gentle
and gradual rise and fall of the earth on the bosom of the mighty deep in
inland lakes there are no tides which also proves that the moon cannot attract
either the earth or water to cause tides but the fact that the basin of the lake
is on the earth which rests on the waters of the deep shows that no tides
are possible as the waters of the lakes together with the earth rise and fall
and thus the tides at the coast are caused
while there are no tides on waters unconnected the see Samuel Rowbotham
says it is affirmed that the intensity of attraction increases with proximity
and vice-versa how then when the waters are drawn up by
the moon from their bed and away from the Earth’s attraction which at that
greater distance from the center is considerably diminished while that of
the moon is proportionally increased how is it possible that all the waters acted
on should be prevented leaving the earth and flying away to the moon if the moon
has power of Attraction sufficient to lift the waters of Earth at all even a
single inch from their deepest receptacles where the Earth’s attraction
is much greater there is nothing in the theory of attraction of gravitation to
prevent her taking to herself all the waters which came within her influence
let the smaller body once overcome the power of the larger and the power of the
smaller becomes greater than when it first operated because the matter acted
on is nearer to it proximity is greater and therefore power is greater how then
can the waters of the ocean immediately underneath the moon flow towards the
shores and so cause a flood tide water flows it is said through the law of
gravity or attraction of the Earth’s center is it possible then for the moon
having once overcome the power of the earth to let go her hold upon the waters
through the influence of a power which she has conquered and which therefore is
less than her own the above and other difficulties which exist in connection
with the explanation of the tides afforded by the Newtonian system have
led many including Sir Isaac Newton himself to admit that such explanation
is the least satisfactory portion of the theory of gravitation thus we have been
carried forward by the sheer force of evidence to the conclusion that the
tides of the sea do not arise from the attraction of the moon but simply from
the rising and falling of the floating earth in the waters of the great deep
that calmness which is found to exist at the bottom of the great seas could not
possibly be if the waters were alternately raised by the moon and
pulled down by the earth they’ve been Ward lost God says even Sir
Isaac Newton himself confessed the explanation of moons
action on the tides was the least satisfactory part of his theory this
theory asserts that larger objects attract the smaller and the mass of the
Moon being reckoned as only 1/8 of that of the earth it follows that if by the
presumed force of gravitation the Earth revolves around the Sun much more for
the same reason should the moon do so likewise instead of which that willful
or still continues to go around our world tides vary greatly in height owing
chiefly to the different configurations of the adjoining lands at CHEP’s Tao it
rises to 60 feet at Portishead to 50 while at Dublin Bay it is but 12 and
that Wexford only 5 feet but the earth itself has a slight tremulous motion may
be seen in the movement of the spirit level even when fixed as steadily as
possible and not the sea has a fluctuation may be witnessed by the
oscillation of an anchored shit in the comest day of summer by what means the
tides are so regularly affected is that present only conjectured possibly it may
be by atmospheric pressure on the waters of the great deep and perhaps even the
moon itself as suggested by the late dr. Rowbotham may influence the atmosphere
increasing or diminishing its barometric pressure and indirectly the rise and
fall of earth and the waters samuel Rowbotham says bearing this fact in mind
that there exists a continual pressure of the atmosphere upon the earth and
associating it with the fact that the earth is a vast plain stretched out upon
the waters and it will be seen that it must of necessity slightly fluctuate or
slowly rise and fall in the water as by the action of the atmosphere the earth
is slowly depressed the water moves towards the receiving shore and produces
the flood tide and when by the reaction of the resisting ocean medium the earth
gradually ascends and the waters recede and the ebb tide is produced this is the
general cause of tides whatever peculiarities are observed they may be
traced to the reaction of channels bays headlands and other local causes but the
earth has a vibratory or tremulous motion such as must necessarily belong
to a floating in fluctuating structure is abundantly proved by the experience
of astronomers and surveyors if delicate spirit level be firmly placed
upon a rock or upon the most solid foundation which it is possible to
construct the very curious phenomenon will be observed of constant change in
the position of the air bubble however carefully the level may be adjusted and
the instrument protected from the atmosphere the bubble will not maintain
its position many seconds together a somewhat similar influence has been
noticed in astronomical observatories where instruments of the best
construction and placed in the most approved positions cannot always be
relied upon without occasional readjustment in the past several decades
nASA has shown video of astronauts supposedly in low-earth orbit
experiencing complete weightlessness or zero-gravity how is this weightless
effect achieved if gravity doesn’t exist as it turns out for the past several
decades NASA together with Boeing have been
perfecting so-called zero-g planes and zero-g maneuvers which are able to
produce weightlessness at any altitude aboard modified Boeing 727s specially
trained pilots perform aerobatic maneuvers known as parabolas planes
climb with a pitch angle of 45 degrees using engine thrust and elevator
controls then when maximum height is reached the craft is pointed downward at
high speed the period of weightlessness begins while ascending and lasts all the
way up and over the parabola until reaching a downward pitch angle of 30
degrees at which point the manoeuvre is repeated therefore all NASA’s footage of
astronauts aboard space shuttles or the international space station can be
easily hoaxed and simulated in earth atmosphere aboard a zero g plane in fact
watching footage of zero g plane flights alongside footage of NASA astronauts
supposedly floating around their space shuttles and space stations no
observable difference can be seen between the two astronomers claim to
have measured all the planets distances shapes orbits weights relative positions
and times of revolution all based on the law of gravitation and without gravity
their entire cosmology folds under its own weight without gravity people cannot
stand upside down on a ball earth without gravity the earth and planets
cannot be revolving around the Sun without Newtonian gravitation Einstein
II and relativity Copernican heliocentric and the entire big bang
ball earth mythos cannot exist and falls to pieces
gravity both metaphorically and quite literally just does not hold any water
not as a sound theory of cosmology and not as a law supposedly responsible for
holding in the world’s oceans William carpenter says man’s experience
tells him that he is not constructed like the flies that can live and move
upon the ceiling of a room with as much safety as on the floor and since the
modern theory of a planetary Earth necessitates a crowd of theories to keep
company within and one of them is that men are really bound to the earth by a
force which fastens them to it like needles round a spherical lodestone a
theory perfectly outrageous and opposed to all human experience it follows that
unless we can trample upon common sense and ignore the teachings of experience
we have an evident proof that earth is not a globe if we could after our minds
had once been open to the light of truth conceive of a globular body on the
surface of which human beings could exist the power no matter by what name
it be called that would hold them on would then necessarily have to be so
constraining and cogent that they could not live the waters of the oceans would
have to be a solid mass for motion would be impossible but we not only exist but
live and move in the water of the oceans skips and dances like a thing of life
and beauty this is a proof that the earth is not a globe Gerard Hickson said
nearly a hundred years ago Kepler suggested that some kind of unknown
force must hold the earth and the heavenly bodies in their places and now
Sir Isaac Newton the greatest mathematician of his age took up the
idea and built the law of gravitation the names derived from the Latin word
gravis which means heavy having weight while the law of
gravitation is defined as that mutual action between masses of matter by
virtue of which every such mass tends toward every other with a force varying
directly as the product of the masses inversely as the square of their
distances apart reduced simplicity gravitation is said to be that which
attracts everything towards every other thing that does not tell us much
and yet the little it does tell us is not true for a thoughtful observer knows
very well that everything is not attracted towards every other thing the
definition implies that it is a force but it does not say so for that phrase
mutual action is ambiguous and not at all convincing Gabriele Henriette says
the system of gravitation which makes the Sun the moving center of the
universe The awkward principles of which are anything but certain since they
apply to invisible circumstances so that they cannot be checked is he replaced by
the old geocentric system universally accepted until the 17th century in view
of course of its indisputable obvious –mess and in which the earth in a state
of immobility and surrounded by the planets visibly moving round it
including the Sun is at the center of our universe these two facts which
explain almost everything are firstly the positive existence above the earth
of a solid dome constituting the sky and secondly the non-material nature of the
planets and constellations which are not physical masses but merely luminous
manifestations without substance these are the two circumstances which lead
today to the fundamental transformation of astronomy then professor Bernstein
and his letters to the British Association writes the theory that
motions are produced through material attraction is absurd attributing such a
power to mere matter which is passive by nature is a supreme illusion it is a
lovely and easy theory to satisfy any man’s mind but when the practical test
comes it falls all to pieces and becomes one of the most ridiculous theories to
common sense and judgment never conceived
you kind of the making of gravity I was
gonna show the person who put this out there at this in their video but they
have comments disabled so I’m actually not going to and at the same time like
suspend anywhere in his singing with this computation I mean it’s literally
like these rigs had your life in their hands if something broke
I had nothing to hold on to some camera came crashing through my face nothing I
could do you just say goodbye the Sentra has these dancer background so she took
this approach of prepping herself for a very complicated choreography she
trained like crazy for five months so that she could work with those rigs
without conveying the tension of the race so in the moment of the performance
is just pure expression whether it was the cage or whatever
rigging system they had you just embraced the pain because these were all
unique creations of brilliant people who had to think of something that doesn’t
exist in order to make a movie Alfonzo was told couldn’t be done did you guys hear that had to think of
something that doesn’t exist to create a movie they said couldn’t be made these
were all unique creations of brilliant people who had to think of something
that doesn’t exist these were all unique creations of brilliant people who had to
think of something that doesn’t exist International Space Station and
spacewalks yeah Explorer permission to retrieve dr. stone exactly liars I’m Don
Pettit I’m a NASA astronaut and I’m on the International Space Station I’d go
to the moon in a nanosecond the problem is we don’t have the technology to do
that anymore we used to but we destroyed that technology and it’s a painful
process to build it back again my name is Kelly Smith and I work on navigation
and guidance for Orion as we get further away from Earth we’ll pass through the
Van Allen belts an area of dangerous radiation radiation like this could harm the
guidance systems onboard computers or other electronics on arrival naturally
we have to pass through this danger zone twice once up and once back but Orion
has protection shielding will be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the
waves of radiation sensors aboard will record radiation levels for scientists
to study we must solve these challenges before we send people through this
region of space the problem is we don’t have the
technology to do that anymore we used to but we destroyed that technology the
kinds of technologies that we’re testing out on Space Station are definitely
helping us with our goals of going beyond low-earth orbit so we have a
really robust exploration program at NASA we’re also really pushing the
boundaries in terms of where we’re going forward with exploration I think humans
are naturally driven to do this and this is really the beginning I think of human
beings leaving low-earth orbit I certainly plan on being around to see
that the plan that NASA has is to build a rocket called SLS which is a
heavy-lift rocket it’s something that is that is much bigger than what we have
today and it will be able to launch the Orion capsule with humans on board as
well as Landers or other components – via two destinations beyond Earth orbit
right now we only can fly in Earth orbit that’s the farthest that we can go and
this new system that we’re building is going to allow us to go beyond and
hopefully take humans into the solar system to explore so the moon Mars
asteroids there’s a lot of destinations that we could go to and we’re building
these building block components in order to allow us to do that eventually once
we once we travel beyond low-earth orbit the crew will be exposed to larger
amounts of radiation so we have to design both the crew protection systems
and our electronic systems to withstand this radiation early in the next decade
a set of crewed flights will test and prove the systems required for
exploration beyond low Earth orbit the problem is we don’t have the
technology to do that anymore we used to but we destroyed that technology and
it’s a painful process to build it back again so there’s a rumor going around that the
earth spins on its axis roughly 360 degrees in 24 hours there are a number
of experiments and demonstrations that can prove this once we’ve proof is the
ability of a spinning gyroscope to remain rigid in space whilst the Earth
spins below the US Navy put out a training video in 1960 explaining this
using diagrams as shown here the link to the entire video is in the description
not only is it alleged to remain rigid in space the angle that the gyroscope
quote-unquote appears to rotate is said to be measurable using a very simple
equation which is wholly dependent on your latitude on earth and the actual
orientation of the gyro so through maths and based on an assumption that a
spherical earth is rotating about this axis we shall be able to predict the
angle that the gyroscope will rotate over a given time at a given latitude
this notion has been accepted as fact by modern day science without a shred of
evidence to support it no where can I find any video that demonstrates this
apparent proof I found the same assertion made about apparent drift all
over the internet including on aviation websites like this one which gives more
illustrations and the same equations for calculating the drift my experiment /
demonstration which is coming up next will be done using the super precision
gyrus cable these are manufactured here in England and if you haven’t guessed by
the name they’re works of precision engineering to exacting standards here’s
a video by the manufacturer just like you always wanted novel
innovative and precise the fascinating properties of gyroscopes with their
ability to maintain position and seemingly gravity-defying properties
will mesmerize both young and old alike the super precision gyroscope is
beautifully designed and manufactured to the highest precision the gyroscope
comes complete with its own electric starter motor there’s no need for string
to start it it’s less fiddly spins the gyro much faster and doesn’t put load to
the delicate bearings even when spinning at 12,000 revolutions per minute there
is hardly any noise or vibration and when it’s under full steam it spins for
a very long time the gimbals are modular allowing you to construct
numerous configurations you can build the standard setups to demonstrate
mutation and precession plus you can make your own setups to perform your
experiments the parts screw together as well as seven places around the
gyroscope frame it will provide hours of amusement and learning by showing just
how gyroscopic forces affect our daily lives today they can be found in
aircraft satellites and many other titles systems
from solid brass aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel all of the
components are precisely manufactured with state-of-the-art machines we use
some of the most accurate equipment available to detect the slightest
imbalance the brass rotor is dynamically balanced
to within a few thousandths of a gram and assembled with ultra-low noise
bearings this meticulous attention to detail produces a true precision
instrument that will last for years the set includes the super precision
gyroscope with electric starter motor and Gimbels kit complete with manuals
and storage case our gyroscope is ideal for schools universities or anyone who
just enjoys using well engineered kit it also makes a great gift for those with
inquisitive muscles okay so this is the setup I’m going to
be using and you’ll notice this side there’s like a blanking insert that goes
into the bearing housing on this side and on this side you attach the motor so
the hole is empty just the with the spindle sticking through so I quickly
realized that when I spun this thing up due to the presence of material here and
the absence of material here there was a weight in balance so I’ll contact the
manufacturer and ask them if this is expected and they confirmed it was and
offered to make me a one-off and insert to go in here for free and they also
suggested that what I could do is use some play-doh some kids plasticine so I
did that got some of my daughter’s play-doh just spin it up to speed with
the motor and then inserted this into the hole seems to do the trick I was
able to balance it perfectly before I put this in the the extra weight because
they start to drop every time and it was over here it would drop this way so
that’s how I overcame that and I’ve attached the whole setup to a protractor
which have blue tacked to the table and a blue TAC D yet till then the frame to
the table as well so this here is the angle that we’re looking for so what
we’re looking for is this effect see how the jury wants to rotate and say
in the original orientation well that angle that is rotating but
this bar is to be rotating the other device that is the angle that we’re
looking for that’s the angle that we should be able to calculate this
gyroscope moving due to the rotation of the earth underneath us so without
further ado let’s get on to the test so I’ve just attached the motor there
and we actually takes four AAA batteries to power it and I’ve run this test quite
a number of times now for quite a few batteries through it so I kind of know
how long they’re going to last and what sort of sound comes from the motor
depending on how much power is left in the batteries I’d say there’s about over
75% power left in them in a minute very much based on 12,000 rpm maximum that’s
probably about 8 or 9,000 rpm for this particular test let’s get up to speed now and remove the
motor and replace it with the piece of play-doh get it perfectly balanced and I’m going to demonstrate some
procession by gently pressing on the horizontal bar there and now I’m going
to line it up the best I can so that you cannot see the the Brack the brass
flywheel from above and it’s it is sort of them straight up and down as possible
so if we just take note of where we are now it you can see it a zero on the top
right just the top to the right of the bar you can see a zero just there and
you’ll notice that you cannot see the brass and flywheel from the bottom now
so we are sort of dead center above it then now it’s just a waiting game so while the weights let’s just have a
look at a brief history of the gyroscope look to the point where it was first
proposed that it could record the spin of the earth so this is just one example
I found on the internet there are lots and lots of different accounts and they
all differ slightly but this one seemed like a sort of all-around recount of
history so in early times people discovered the spinning top a toy with
the unique ability to balance upright while rotating rapidly ancient Greek
Chinese and raymon societies built tops for games and entertainment the Maori in
New Zealand have you tummy tops with specially crafted holes in mourning
ceremonies in 14th century England some villagers had a large top constructed
for a warming up exercise in cold weather tops were even used in place of
dice it was not until the late 18th and 19th centuries that scientists and
sailors began attempting to use spinning tops as a scientific tool at the time
sailors relied on sexton’s for navigation
measuring the angle between specific Stars and the horizon this method was
limited however if choppy seas or fog obscured the truth horizon or clouds
obscured the Stars surcin an English scientist noted in the 1740s that the
spinning top had a tendency to remain level even when the surface on which he
rested was tilting he suggested that sailors could use it as an artificial
horizon on ships unfortunately when Susan went to sea to
test the idea the ship sank and everyone was lost a French scientist in the 19th
century larae created a top that was
continuously powered by air gas blowing into mini-book is on the rim of the
wheel a process that had been used for thousands of jyro since the first modern
gyroscope was designed in the early eighteen hundreds by Johan Gottlieb
Friday on the a professor at the University of
Tubingen in Germany it was made with a heavy ball instead of a wheel but since
it had no scientific application it faded into history in the mid 19th
century the spinning top acquired the named gyroscope there not through its
use as a navigational tool French scientists léon foucault had
experimented with a long heavy pendulum in an attempt to observe the rotation of
the earth the pendulum is set swinging back and forth along the north-south
plane while the earth turned beneath is Foucault corroborated the observation by
using a spinning top in a similar manner he placed a wheel rotating at high speed
in a supporting ring in such a way that the axis of the spinning wheel could
move independently of the ring in fact supporting ring moved over the
course of a day as it was connected to the surface of the rotating earth the
axis of the wheel remained pointed in its original direction confirming that
the earth was rotating in a 24-hour period fuck-off named his spinning wheel
a gyroscope from the Greek words gyros which is revolution and scope in which
is to see he had seen the revolution of the earth with his gyroscopes so from
Wikipedia jean-bernard léon foucault born 18th of september 1819 was a French
physicist best known for his demonstration of the fall called
pendulum the device demonstrating the effect of the Earth’s rotation he also
made an early measurement at the speed of light discovered eddy currents and is
credited with naming the gyroscope although he did not invent it Foucault
was the son of a publisher in Paris where he was born after an education
received chiefly at home he studied medicine which had abandoned in favour
of physics due to a blood phobia he first directed his attention to the
improvement of Lewy dagur’s photographic processes for three years
he was experimental assistant to Alfred Donny in his course of lectures on
microscopic anatomy in 1851 he provided an experimental demonstration of the
rotation of Earth on its axis and became well known to the public by vocals were
Foucault achieved the demonstration by showing the rotation of the plane of
oscillation of a long and heavy pendulum suspended from the roof of the pantheon
in Paris the experiment caused the sensation in both to learn and unpopular
worlds and Foucault pendulums were suspended in major cities across Europe
and America attracting large crowds in the following year he used unnamed the
gyroscope as conceptually simpler experimental proof in 1855 he received
the Copley medal of the Royal Society for his very remarkable experimental
researchers in 1862 4-quart was made a member of the bureau
de longitudes and an officer of the Legion of Honour he became a member of
the Royal Society of London in 1864 and a member of the mechanical section of
the Institute a year later he’s also credited with determining the speed of
light to be two hundred ninety-eight thousand kilometres per second which is
only 0.6 percent in era of the currently accepted value and devising a method of
testing the mirror or a reflecting telescope to determine its shape so
reading between the lines he was a man of a significant academic accomplishment
and recognition at the time one has to wonder then why when you read the book a
PD article about Leon focal does it have this one line at the end near his death
he returned to Roman Catholicism that he had previously abandoned draw your own
conclusions so going back to the test we’ve exceeded six minutes now and
there’s no observable movement you can still see the zero to the right of the
bar in its entirety and he’s still cannot see the brass flywheel from above
so how much should the gyro have processed what angle should the gyros
axis have moved the calculation is the sine of the latitude times 15 degrees
per hour my current latitude is exactly fifty
three point zero six degrees north so the angle in which the gyro should have
moved in six minutes is 1.2 degrees now this doesn’t sound a lot but let’s
assume that Leon for kosis parents were performed in Paris he should have seen
even less based on his at latitude and let’s not forget that he didn’t have an
electric motor spinning his gyro up to 9,000 rpm so I’m
just going to stop it now you saw then that there was still plenty of energy
left in that flywheel and it was able to process when I moved it so out of sheer
curiosity I decided to fix the motor to the gyro and put a counterweight on the
other side which is slightly heavier than the motor so I counterweight at the
counterweight with more play-doh that’s all I got it perfectly balanced and
round the motor for ten minutes on this one I’ll show you a
few minutes of effort I’m going to show the whole lot because anybody wants me
to I can upload the whole video is pretty boring it was nothing and but
this is now the equivalent of I guess and modern aviation navigational
aviation instruments and you know with sustained rotation in vocals tests and
the rotational velocity would have been continually decreasing if the batteries
are fully charged I can actually get about 19 minutes of sustained rotation
once I’ve taken the motor off and which is a hell of a lot from this gyroscope
and I did actually try putting the motor on and keeping it on and just running it
and I think it was for about an hour with a full set of batteries and still
observed absolutely no movement whatsoever so it appears that whether
you’ve got the motor on or you’ve got it up to speed and then taking it off it
doesn’t matter still doesn’t move so I just cooked to
10 minutes like say if anybody wants me to upload the whole 10 minutes I will or
if anybody wants to see me put you through for an hour with the motor on a
video that I’m sure you know as well bearing in mind that after an
hour he should have rotated about 12 degrees these are some of the gyros that
léon foucault used in his experiments the large one at the back console of the
wooden tower was a later addition that one wasn’t manufactured until 1867 but
the the ones at the front were all part of the same settle and they were
demonstrated in 1852 so 15 years earlier and what what you do is you take the
flywheel out of the gimballed the brass gimble stand on the right and
you place it in this wooden sort of housing and spin it up quite how it was
spun up isn’t clear really fun at our but once it’s up to speed then then take
it out of this wooden frame and transport it back into the brass gimble
set then you see the long pointing arm the white pointing arm coming from the
sort of axis the rotational axis there onto the little measuring stand which
would have had graduations marked on it and then with the eyeglass he would he
would look through it and see what these of rotation is so you can see what we’re
looking at is very very tiny amount and that’s due to the fact that he couldn’t
spin his gyro up for very long back then Oh some of the sources I found said it
was only between 100 150 and 200 rpm which shorter than samurai because I
think I’ve been that so quickly with a piece of strength wrapped around the
spindle well that’s what it says and so you won’t have that long to actually get
this reading before the gyros slowed down to a stop what maybe three four
minutes let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say five minutes so based
on a latitude in Paris that’s less than 1 degrees movement in 5 minutes so you
can start to see why he needs the extended arm to sort of exaggerate the
angle and the sort of magnifying telescope looking device because the
movement is extremely small now this movement could purely be down to a
weight imbalance like I had or it could be the friction in the bearings
remember this was 1852 technology wasn’t as it is today and if you remember on
the manufacturers video they said that there’s absolutely no load on these
bearings so whether he was lying about seeing any movement or whether he did
see some movement but it was just due to the inferior setup we had I guess we’ll
never know now some of you might be thinking and
aircraft directional gyros do actually drift and this is true the pilot has to
realign the gyro compass with the magnetic compass every 15 minutes that’s
good practice on a lot from personal experience and and this is said to
happen because of apparent drift they say it quite clearly in the 1960s US
Navy video that I’ve linked to and they blame this completely on apparent drift
I’m gonna try and simulate what I think is happening and why pilots have to
realign the compass every 15 minutes so what I’ve done is up aligns the vertical
peg here with the vertical casing of the gyro there and aligned it and this bar
the bottom bar there with this foot here with its third foot so I’m going to
simulate turbulence and vibration from the aircraft track changes and by put by
just wiggling this bar so this is only a gradual thing every 15
minutes it drifts out slightly and it varies as well sometimes it drifts
quicker than other times and as pilots will be aware and after any sudden or
hard banks or you know sort of large turns the compass seems to drift even
further and quicker so let’s realign me that’s not not they’ve been doing it for
long you know get a few more there you can see it’s all it’s already
drifting that way and it doesn’t matter which way it just depends on the bias of
the turn or the bias of the number of turns in any particular direction it
will tend to drift that way now you can see look it’s gone quite a long way out
now so that’s why I think accounts for the and the corrections that the pilot
must make every 15 minutes to realign the gyro compass with the magnetic
compass and what to be able to fish off horizon
that’s a gyro as well why doesn’t that need and resetting every 15 minutes
surely that would be subject to the exact same drift as the directional gyro
but it’s actually considered bad practice to realign your artificial
horizon during flight because you don’t know whether you aligning it to a
straight and level orientation so why does the directional gyro drift that the
artificial horizon gyro doesn’t well I believe it’s because the directional
gyro is to axis so it’s allowed to move this way and it’s allowed to move this
way but if it moves this way the actual flywheel moves with it in a 3-axis gyro it can actually move
this the axis can move this way but the gyro flywheel stays aligned like this but logically if the if the directional
gyro precesses due to wanting to remain rigid in space and the artificial
horizon gyro would necessarily have to do the same but he doesn’t so for all
the naysayers out there who think I might be somehow deceiving or I’m doing
something wrong be my guest get yourself a gyro and demonstrate it
and rotating or appearing to rotate and to the exact angle because it should
wear like clockwork if you’re not willing to do that and then you are just
accepting the word of some dude that performed an experiment 164 years ago
that you’ve never witnessed yourself and nobody else alive today has ever
witnessed after all it’s a really easy experiment
all you need to do is get a perfectly balanced gyroscope set it running and
wait you can’t really do much wrong thanks for watching earth is a level motionless plane that
the Sun Moon and stars revolving over and around us just as you experience
every day the North Pole is the magnetic monopole center point with Polaris the
North Pole star situated directly above Polaris is the only motionless star in
the heavens with all the other constellations revolving perfect circles
over the earth every night the so-called planets known to the ancients as
wandering stars were named such because they were observed then as we can
observe today to wander the heavens taking their own unique spirograph like
patterns making both forward and retrograde motions over and around the
earth during their cycles meanwhile the fixed stars were named such because they
were observed then as we can observe today to stay fixed in their
constellation patterns night after night year after year
century after century never changing their relative positions if earth was
truly a tilting wobbling spinning space ball as NASA and modern astronomy
proclaim rotating a thousand miles per hour on its axis revolving 67,000 miles
per hour around the Sun spiraling five hundred thousand miles per hour around
the galaxy and shooting off several million more miles per hour through the
universe the star patterns would never look the same two nights in a row let
alone be fixed in exactly the same constellations for thousands upon
thousands of years the reality is that the earth and
Polaris do not move while everything else in the heavens revolves over earth
and around Polaris east to west like in a planetarium dome our earth planetarium
however is so vast that perspective won’t allow any observer to see all the
stars simultaneously from any one vantage point we can see Polaris ursa
major and minor and other northern constellations from every point north of
the Equator simultaneously but conversely cannot see the so-called
South Pole star Sigma octant s the Southern Cross or other outer
constellations simultaneously from every point south of the Equator because they
all sweep over a great southern arc from their rise in the evening to their
setting in the morning facing north the Stars turn counterclockwise from right
to left facing south they turn clockwise from left to right facing east they rise
in front and set behind while facing west they rise behind and set in front
so their apparent motion angle and inclination changes depending where you
are on earth and what direction you are facing but their actual movement is
always east to west

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  6. A good film called The Principal made me question my own preconceived notions regarding reality and our place in the Universe.I used to enjoy reading books on cosmology but thx to the internet and the free flow of information at least thus far I have been converted I wont say convinced of a flat earth because though it is a flat plane as far as we are able to discern its true shape still eludes us until at least we can explore what lies beyond the ice wall of Antartica which our authorities are hell bent on not allowing us to do so.But the heliocentric model , time to let it go and leave it all behind .Its both sad and also comforting that in my lifetime everything that I have been taught to be true (apart from the irrefutable but beautiful little truths) had been a lie.Thx Na Tube for some great videos.

  7. its not easy being a truther channel keep up the good work and thanx for sharing all the info and links in your discription πŸ™‚ TruthSeekers United

  8. Yes .. the owners of "Screwtube" are definitely on "team evil" .. and do everything they can to keep all the HONEST, sincere people from waking up all the sleepers to all of God's truth. Thank you for all of your efforts to spread truth to everyone. Much appreciated! πŸ˜€

  9. Why does my GPS work inside of a plane in the sky but yeah and I cannot get a cell phone signal inside of a plane past a certain height?

  10. Great video … Nail degrees Tyson is a moron πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ earth is flat πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜πŸ‘

  11. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘back to 0 unlike again ..

  12. yes its completly illegal cause you make peoples like me using youtube to watch those videos and they are supposed to pay you for this.

  13. I just posted a tweet that demonetizing your channel is wrong and people are leaving youtube if they go on with this bs

  14. How come at big airport's there's not big hill mounds at each end of the fields. Cuz of the curve each end or side would have to built up some right

  15. Google loon got caught a month or 2 ago on Maui. Reports came in of ufo near kihei Maui for a week then it was on the local news project loon is how the Hawaiian islands get internet. Im sure the telescopes out here are part of the conversation too. It's on Maui 24/7 look it up.

  16. I get why you make these videos & appreciate it unlike most of the sheeple in this non-global world who take our government, media,or NASA'S word as truth. Bu, if these people are just too blind & self absorbed with their ignorant lives to face reality why try to convince them? I am totally comfortable with knowing the truth of my reality & often feel pity for the fools who are more interested in selfies the newest iphone or the latest song to see GODS creation. I really appreciate your hard work and the fact that truth drives your content. Stay true brother & GOD bless you for trying to help open the eyes of the ignorant. Viva La revolution!

  17. Create Facebook and Twitter polls … asking ball or flat question, and then sharing the links of polls on the newspaper threads comments sections. I've noticed more and more people are aware in the past 2 years.

  18. I do not understand the argument that the earth is flat or round….I seriously doubt it is either. We are not what we think we are.

  19. Iceland is green and Greenland is ice. Ice in Greenland is geoengineered to cover up artefacts and ancient technology from the lost sunken continent of D'arya. Siberia, Iceland, Thule and Greenland were part of D'arya.

  20. ff 1 thing 1 day has 23:56 and minus why not 24 hours a day then we arrive at 6 2 + 4 = 6. and 2 + 3 = 5: 5 + 6 = 11 = 2 + 5 = 7 .. 7 days in 1 week. of which 6 working days and 1 day off just like a year actually has 13 months and not 12 … 1 month should be 28 days 4 weeks but this is not the case again .. 7 and 13 are already important in esotericism

    furthermore completely gold more than that I immediately shared and downloaded again

  21. To many people for far to long have been brainwashed into believing the lies that of Satan’s children when they teach contrary to God’s Word when God clearly tells us how He made the world in Genesis 1:1 to 18 , He made the deep waters and they were void and dark , so God made the Light , then He goes on to tell us that He brought the DRY LAND Up from underneath the Firmament of the Waters below and called the Dry Land EARTH , so if God brought the Dry Land up from the Deep waters it surely isn’t a Globe , and to confirm it’s not a Globe He goes on to say that in 1 Samuel 2:8 β€” β€œ For the pillars of the earth are the LORD’S , And He hath salt the WORLD upon them . Can’t get any clearer than that !!! Psalm 136:6 To Him who laid out the earth above the waters !!!!!! THE WORLD IS FLAT and that is that !!! God CANNOT LIE !!! He didn’t have to tell anyone but He did so there will be no excuses come Judgment Day !!! He tells us Choose you this day of whom you serve , For you cannot serve two masters. For you will either hate the one and love the other ; or else you will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. ( Satan ) you only have good and evil in this world just like God told Adam in the Garden Of Eden of all the trees you MAY eat thereof , but of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the midst of the Garden you may Not eat thereof , for in the day you eat thereof , you shall surely die !!! that’s exactly what happened, Eve chose to listen to Satan the liar and Adam partook as well , so Death entered into this world , into every last one of us , something you cannot escape unless you have The Son of God !!! A very real thing that you can count on is death , then your judgment when one faces the Real Creator !!! It’s a choice one makes to Believe or not !!! Eternal life with the Father and Son , or Eternal Damnation with Satan and the fallen angels in hell !!! He gave us all a free will to choose !!! Who are you going to believe ???

  22. Well, like most social media platforms, including and especially Fakebook, YouTube is owned by "Jews", the most truth-intolerant group EVER!

  23. The biggest wake up to the NASA moon landing hoax was that Neil Armstrong spoke on a phone to Richard Nixon in real time with no delay! In 1969?? Hmmmm what a load of bs. More like a landline call from area 51 to the whitehouse

  24. The graphic at 40:00 is gold. Any shift in any cork screw would change ALL the stars placements. They would be different every day.

  25. thanks for all the vids keep up the hard work guys it's working.. people are waking up, where I'm from though people are deep asleep.. geocentric, they don't even know anything about heliocentric.. They are the same people that actually think they created life..

  26. if u haven't done it yourself don't put so much stock into what another mere human tells you and I think it's much bigger than we think I also think there's about 12 more of us (societies)yes ice surrounds all 13 of us and the sun n moon cover all 13 we are huge the globe ppl kno this ifn u get around these peeps talk about the other 12 they'll slip up n that was priceless "its called the horizon because it's horizontal not curvontal" n our Father said not to trust the sky n stars in the last days because the sky can b faked…

  27. One of the best channels for full-length truther videos. Great content. The Bible says in Revelation that only those with the mark of the beast/NWO system can buy or sell. We're entering the last of the last days. A time will come when we will have to choose. Let's brace ourselves for more tribulation in the face of the Satanic cabal. Blessings!

  28. Just to drop this here. Satellites do exist. Most are called balloons. There are things that are up there that do go very very fast. You can see them at night.
    Not sure if they are in the aether like water current or what, but they go fast. Always East to West from the ones I see.
    Satellite video can actually be signals bouncing off the firmament from a southern point. Not sure how video could be near land based, when I am aiming it up. Maybe it is those large land based dishes in the Chile sending the signal up to bounce it off the firmament? Saying "NO" satellites exist (defined as balloon, or something we don't know) will shut down a listener who knows better. I like that the speaker said that they simply do not perform the function to which we have attributed it.

  29. Por favor meu querido veja esse meu video com imagens oficiais da nasa, são reveladoras e leia a descrição tbm: https://youtu.be/TIb-aJNGEjk

  30. Love the channel but I've got a gripe; is the background music really necessary? I came here for information not entertainment, I dare say I'm not in the minority.

    Keep up the good work πŸ™πŸ»


    Lesson 1: Earth is a ball (possibly: spheroidal, pear-shaped or some other-tba).

    Lesson 2: Earth spins on axis at 1,038 mph.

    Lesson 3: Earth elliptically rotates around sun at 66,600 mph with front facing moon elliptically rotating earth. (Just ignore apogee/perigee slow downs/speed ups-irrelevant).

    Lesson 4: Earth + solar system (sun in centre) synchronistically corkscrewing forward at 448,000 mph.

    Lesson 5: Earth + solar system hurtle in tail of milky way at 1,300,000 mph (1500 x speed of sound OR x 768 x faster than a speeding bullet).

    (NOTE: These stats may vary from time to time, depending on their source).

    Lesson 6: Gravity operates the entire cosmos with many magical powers by 'theoretical' physics/math, etc (convincingly taught as fact).

    (NOTE: Ignore ALL your God-given natural human senses-they are irrelevant.)




    " … Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived."
    [2 Timothy 3:13]

    "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie."
    [2 Thessalonians 2:11]

    "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad."
    [Luke 8: 17]

    "For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent."
    [1 Corinthians 1:19]

    Psalm 2:1-6


  32. There is truth to Astrotheology but not any that includes the sun as the center of the universe. Santos Bonacci and Martin Kenny have some pretty good info regarding this.

  33. You make great videos! Im starting to think the whole truther community should phase over to like but chute or some other platform of which the truthers have the control of what is monetised. Just saying means that youtube wouldnt get hits from the truthers anymore. But either way keep up the facking good work from norfolk the uk !!

  34. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€šπŸΌ

  35. It really doesnt matter flat or round.. its not shape but substance. . i think we are trapped in cell or maybe a band of frequency.. something like that.. lmao. idk is a great answer. .

  36. Youtube is my Shepherd; Nothing is missing with him.
    In green videos it makes me rest,
    to calm conspiracies leads me, gives me new strength
    and he takes me on flat roads, honoring his flat name.

    Even if I go through the most rational of the valleys, I will not fear any danger,
    because you, YouTube, are with me: your stick and your cane inspire confidence.

    You have prepared a video for me in the eyes of my enemies
    You have poured fanaticism in my head, and you have filled my fundamentalism to overflow.

    Your CGI and your paranoia accompany me throughout my days,
    and in your house, oh YoutTube, I will forever live in peace.

  37. This reminds me of that southpark episode with the planetarium that brainwashes mr. Garrison making him want to kill Kathy lee Gifford.

  38. Christ All-mighty forgive me for the thoughts of wrapping these lying sacks of meat up in miles of duck tape and using them for a pinata for the incalculable multitudes of children they have deceived.

  39. You been demonetised. What do you expect. It’s the fucking little jewboys whom they all stick together. Then these wankers always play the victim card. Oh they picking on me.

  40. If the earth is flat. Which I don’t believe it is. Why do they want to us to think to earth is a sphere. Doesn’t make sense.
    It’s all bullshit.

  41. THE Suns local like the moon…So why is anything gonna get hotter wen going up…it gets colder…coz theres No sunlight…Simples. !.
    And Space IS FAKE.!..for sure….cheers.πŸ‘

  42. So abc nbc cnn and all these television networks were part of the scam along with the cell phone companies,space agency's and The UN. Compartmentalization. The earth is flat and if your pride won't let your ego let your mind realize the truth then a strong delusion is necessary.

  43. The repetitive loops are so fucking annoying. no one wants to see that repetition, just make your point without the austim please

  44. Your channel rocks man! When you wake up every morning all hell is ALERTED! You are the devils Nightmare!! lol
    Thanks for what you do. You do such a good job, no wonder they persecute n hinder and attack you

  45. antartica-het woord alleen zegt alles its mean tegenover is antartica simpel het kan alleen bestaan op een vlakke aarde niet een bol daar is geen tegenover

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