First Baptist Jackson Sunday Morning Worship July 28, 2019

good morning Anton
great job good morning welcome to first Baptist Jackson. We’re so happy that you’re
here with us today. What an incredible opportunity we have this morning to
worship the Lord part of our worship today will be the observance of the
Lord’s Supper now you may notice in front of you there’s some tables that
have some white cloth, so no I don’t want that to make you nervous at all we’re
not going to embarrass you in any way but as part of our worship this morning
as a church family we will be celebrating this incredible observance
that the Lord gave us and we’ll give you some instructions on exactly how that
will be done but if you’re a guest with us this morning, first of all thank you
so much for choosing to come to first Jackson we know you could have chosen to
do a lot of things on a beautiful summer Sunday morning like today but you chose
to be here and we value that very much so thank you first of all. Secondly if
you’ll notice in front of you there are some connect cards in pew racks to
your left or to your right. If you would do us a huge favor and pick one of those
up, fill out the information that we’re requesting on that card, at the
conclusion of our service this morning when our guys come and take up the
tithes and offerings if you’d just place that filled out connect card in the
offering plate we would greatly appreciate you doing that. Again we’re so
glad that all of you are here today. What an incredible opportunity, I’m so excited
about today, the opportunity to gather together as church family and friends to
worship. Will you join me in a word of Prayer as we continue our worship this
morning. Our Father we bow before you here today
and what a glorious day you’ve given us. Thank you for the beauty of your
creation. Thank you for the opportunity to gather here together as church family
and friends and to be reminded of who you are and be reminded of who we are
and who you want us to be. We thank you for how you’ve been faithful to us over
the previous week, there were some times over the past week some difficult times
but you carried us through them. We had some good times over the past week and
you allowed us to celebrate so thank you for your grace everything we needed
regardless of how difficult the days may have been you were faithful. Thank you
for bringing us here and Father as before we even begin this next week we
begin right in your presence, we come right the
center. We come and we sit before you and your presence desiring to know who you
are and in turn to Lord learn more about who we are. Guide us as a church Oh Lord
may our worship be pleasing in your sight for you are worthy of our greatest
worship in your name we pray amen. Thanks for coming Good morning thank you for
being here let’s begin our worship standing together. How can I keep from
singing let’s sing together. It is well with my soul when peace like
a river. Let’s all sing this together. amen
please be seated. If you have your copy of God’s Word, I
want to ask you to turn to the Old Testament book of Joshua. We’re looking this morning at Joshua chapter 5. You know there’s no way that you and I can
imagine what it must have been like for this new generation of Israelites.
They’ve just crossed the Jordan River. They had been wandering in the
wilderness or the desert for the last 40 years many of them because all the way
back 40 years ago was their fathers and grandfathers who had not gotten quite as
far as they were at this moment but they were on the edge of the promised land,
the land flowing with milk and honey that that God had promised to give his
people but they didn’t have the faith to follow God and to go on into the land
and so as a result God caused them in discipline to wonder in the desert for
40 years and if you remember all of those original Israelites 21 years and
older with the exception of Joshua and Caleb actually perished in that desert
journey. But now this new generation of Israelites having grown up all of their
lives hearing about God’s promise for their people, having been fed by manna
and from heaven and drinking from water from a rock and just surviving on God’s
provision over the last 40 years while they dreamed of what life in the land
flowing with milk and honey would actually finally be like, now they have
seen God do an incredible miracle on their own in stopping up the Jordan
River and allowing them to go past on dry land and now they are right on the
cusp of experiencing what they and their ancestors had been promised for so many
years. They are ready to go into the land and all of a sudden here in Joshua
chapter 5 God says to Israel the absolute unthinkable. He says this; hurry
up and stop. That’s what not what they would have
wanted to hear. They were away waiting for the command to go in and take the
land. They were waiting to finally fulfill that dream that they had had for
so long. And they’re right on the edge and God says hurry up and stop. Why in
the world did he tell him to do that ? And what in the world does that have to do
with you and me and with the observance of the Lord’s Supper ? Let’s look together
Joshua chapter 5 beginning in verse 1. Scripture says, “so it was when all the
kings of the Amorite hsihu were on the west side of the Jordan and all the
kings of the Canaanites who were by the sea heard that the Lord had dried up the
waters of the Jordan from before the children of Israel until we had crossed
over that their heart melted and there was no spirit in them any longer because
of the children of Israel.” So the scripture writer is helping us to see in
verse 1, listen this is a no-brainer right? God is giving Israel the land. The
people in the land are scared to death. If the land is ripe for the takin, they
have them right where they want. It’s never been a better opportunity to
finally grab hold of this incredible promise from God. And then we come to
verse 2, “at that time the Lord said to Joshua make Flint knives for yourself
and circumcise the sons of Israel again the second time. So Joshua made Flint
knives for himself and circumcise the sons of Israel at the hill of the
foreskins and this is the reason why Joshua circumcise them. All the people
who came out of Egypt who were males all the men of war had died in the
wilderness on the way after they had come out of Egypt. For all the people who
came out had been circumcised but all the people born in the wilderness on the
way as they came out of Egypt had not been circumcised. For the children of
Israel won’t forty years in the wilderness till all the people
who were men of war who came out of Egypt were consumed because they didn’t
obey the voice of the Lord to whom the Lord swore that he would not show them
the land which the Lord had sworn to their fathers that he would give us, a
land flowing with milk and honey. And Joshua circumsized their sons whom he
raised up in their place for they were uncircumcised because they had not been
circumcised on the way.” So again 40 years of wandering in the desert. All of those
years of misery for a lot of them because they knew that God was going to
give them that land 40 years ago but because of the unfaithfulness of their
fathers and their grandfathers now they were experiencing this discipline from
God and now this place that they’d always heard about, this promise from God
they were about to embrace and God says hurry up and stop. Instead of giving them
the command to now go on into the land and take Jericho he tells Joshua to
circumcise all of the male’s of the children of Israel. Why in the world
would he do that? Here’s the first point that I want you
to think about today. God wants Israel before they take another step to
remember to whom they belonged. You see circumcision was introduced to
us in Genesis chapter 17 when God called Abraham to to go to a land that he would
show him and he gave him those incredible promises actually in Genesis
11 and Genesis 12 about he was gonna make a nation from him and he was going to to
give him this land and he was going to make their name great and he was gonna
provide through this nation one day a one who would be a blessing to the
entire world. You and I know that was a promise of the fulfillment of it would
be fulfilled in Jesus Christ as the Messiah. And in Genesis chapter 17, God
tells Abraham that he’s to circumcise all of his children at 8 days old from
then on out to identify them as the people of
God. They would be reminded of the promises of God, they would be reminded
that he was going to be God to them and they were to be his people, it was to
remind them how he was going to provide them a land and it also was to remind
them that they were to be totally surrendered unto Him. But over the course
of the years Israel had gotten away from that but now they’re about to enter into
the land and God wants them to know that they belong to him. When they get into
this land it’s not about doing whatever you want to do, it’s not about just
taking the incredible blessings from God and and living how you want to live, no
no. They belong to God they were to be a people special of people unique unto Him
and so before they take that next step God says hurry up and stop. Let’s make
sure we get this down pat. You know it would it was forcing him to slow down.
None of us like to slow down right ? All of us like a vacation from time to time
but my goodness when you see the land on the other side, when you’re right at the
cusp of finally what you’ve been waiting for which you’ve been working for for
for all of these years. When you’re able to see the light at the end of the
tunnel you just want to go for it right ? The hardest thing in the world is to
stop. But God says hurry up and stop. Look though at the next couple of verses once
you see verse 8 it says, “so it was when they had finished circumcising all the
people that they stayed in their places in the camp till they were healed.” Now
once you think about this what God has told them to do when he says to hurry up
and stop and he wants to make sure they’re circumcised not only is this
slowing them down but it’s also making them vulnerable. The Israelite men that
was the army right ? and remember the scripture told us that the kings on the
other side they they knew what was coming.
they knew that Israel was coming into the land and their hearts had melted it
means they had liquefied. They were scared to death because they
knew that God was with Israel and they didn’t have a chance in the world but
now that the Israelite army, now these guys have been circumcised, now there’s
going to be a period where they’re going to need to heal they are left in an
awfully vulnerable position aren’t they? you know what God’s forcing them to do
here with this mark of identification he’s also before they take another step he’s given him an opportunity of faith because see Israel knows if the enemy
found out what they had done if the enemy found out that they had been left
vulnerable that would be their chance to strike so they had to make the choice
either we’re gonna obey God and leave ourselves vulnerable or we’re not going
to obey God and protect ourselves and do things our own way well that’s exactly
what it got an Israel in trouble for all of these years wasn’t it but this is a
different Bunch and so they do what God says to do they
hurry up and they stop verse 9 then the Lord said to Joshua this day I have
rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you therefore the name of the place is
called Gilgal which means rolling to this day so as Joshua and the Israelites
have done exactly what God told him to do God says to them as they stopped and
as they’re vulnerable he says it’s fixing to get really good
around here I have rolled away the reproach in Egypt when you were enslaved
you were mocked they talked about how you were a people without a country oh I
had made a promise that your name was gonna be great but they were slandering
your name you certainly didn’t look like my people
when you were enslaved in Egypt but all of that all of that is gone it’s a
different day you’re coming into the land your name is going to be made great
and all of those things in the past are going to be left in the past now you
were right here on the edge of something incredibly great but it didn’t stop
there look at the next verse now the children of Israel camped in
Gilgal and kept the Passover on the fourteenth day of the month at Twilight
on the plains of Jericho and they ate of the produce of the land on the day after
the Passover unleavened bread and parts grain on the very same day and the manna
ceased on the day after they had eaten the produce of the land and the children
of Israel no longer had manna but they ate the food of the land of Canaan that
year it’s astonishing there in verse 10 the children of Israel camped in Gilgal
and kept the Passover seriously seriously forty years now
right I mean when you go to the grocery store and you stand in line it drives
you crazy that there’s two people in front of you or when you come to the
Lord in prayer and it takes him I don’t know thirty minutes or an hour to answer
you begin to question who God really is forty years they had been wandering in
the wood at forty years they have seen the work of the Lord with the Jordan
River stopping up the hearts of the kings were mounted they did what God
told him to do in the circumcision they they slowed down even though they didn’t
want to they left themselves vulnerable even though that was not what they would
have chosen they trusted in God and God was faithful and now God says stop again
and they observed the Passover why would you stop and observe the Passover can’t
you do that after you get into the land but God wants them to hurry up and stop
why well let’s understand Passover for one Passover was an
opportunity for Israel to remember where they had been all right so if you
remember when Israel was enslaved in Egypt and and and God through Moses
brought all the plagues on Pharaoh and the Egyptians for the releasing of the
Israelites to go out of Egypt and towards the promised land that final
plague was the killing of all the firstborn in Egypt and if also if you
remember God told the Israelites that on this particular night that he was going
to come into Egypt and all the firstborn in Egypt were gonna be killed but the
Israelites they were to take a male unblemished lamb they were to sacrifice
that lamb they were to eat the lamb but they were to take the blood of the lamb
and place it over the doorframes of their homes and so when God came through
to bring judgment on Egypt he would pass over the homes that had been covered by
the blood of the lamb hence the name Passover because God would pass over
those homes that were marked or identified with that blood but also in
Exodus chapter 12 we see where God through Moses is speaking to Israel and
he says listen when you get into the land you need to be observing the
Passover because it’s gonna be an opportunity for you to teach your
children your children are gonna ask you dad why in the world are we doing this
and this is an opportunity for you to say
we were once enslaved in Egypt but God with a mighty hand and an outstretched
arm he brought deliverance for us as a people son and as a result we are now
free so before they take another step into the land of Canaan before they take
Jericho before they embrace this incredible gift from God God says hurry
up and stop and not just remember to whom you belong but remember where you
used to be you were enslaved what you’re about to experience is an incredible
gift but don’t forget where you were secondly Passover was an opportunity to
remember what God had done for them listen it’s important that the
Israelites remember that they didn’t get to this point in life because of their
strength or because of their wisdom or because of the incredible leadership of
men like Moses and Joshua they are where they are because of the grace of God and
only because of the grace of God it was imperative that they remember what God
had done for them because remember they’re going into a land flowing with
milk and honey they’re going to inhabit houses that they did not build and
they’re going to inherit vineyards that they did not plant and it would be
really easy for them wasn’t it to forget who brought them there and then finally
it was important for them to hurry up and stop and observe this Passover
because it was an opportunity for them to remember God’s purpose for them what
was God’s purpose for Israel they were to be a nation set apart unto Him they
were to be a nation that as they trusted in God God would do so many things in
them and around them and through them that the rest of the world would look at
Israel and say I want a part of that right that they would look at Israel and
they would see Israel’s God working through them and be drawn to him as a
result something about prosperity that causes us to forget purpose wouldn’t you
agree and these guys were about to experience
more prosperity than they ever had before what they had been waiting on all
of these years they’re about to have it and you know what God knew quickly that
they could fall into that old trap of everything being all about them again
and so he said hurry up and stop seriously I can’t imagine that I can’t
imagine experiencing 40 years of discipline
I can’t imagine wandering in the desert for 40 years and watching my ancestors
die as a result of their sin I can’t imagine here in all of my life
about this incredible promise from God that I hadn’t been able to see or be
able to taste or be able to touch I can’t imagine having experienced all of
that and then be right on the edge of finally being where God wants me to be
and finally experiencing this incredible promise and God says listen I don’t want
you to do anything for a moment I don’t want you to take up your spear I don’t
want you to rally people together and give an incredible speech I want you to
just hurry up and stop because we got to get this right you’ve got to remember to
whom you belong you got to remember where you’ve been and never forget that
you need to remember what God has done for you and you need to remember the
whole point of it all God’s purpose for you get it right before you take the
next step now you ask what in the world does this have to do with first baptist
jackson and what in the world does it have to do with the observance of the
Lord’s Supper and I’m telling you everything next Sunday listen I’m so
excited about next Sunday I just can’t stand it it’s like Christmas is a week
away next Sunday you see in your bulletin that we’re gonna have what we
call identify Sunday it’s kind of like a state of the church kind of a deal kind
of like a vision Sunday I’m not gonna bore you with a business meeting we’re
gonna look at the text and what God has to say but in that we’re going to be
identifying how God has been at work at First Baptist Jackson because it’s not
the pastor’s Church it’s the Lord’s Church it’s ours
its ability though to identify how God’s at work and communicate that so I am so
incredibly excited about what God has in store for First Baptist Jackson in the
next year I’m telling you I am just you just got to believe me I’m just telling
you I love getting up and coming to work every single day and I cannot wait until
Sunday because I absolutely believe in what God’s gonna do but you know what I
do believe God’s telling us to hurry up and stop some of us have been waiting
for a long time for things to get better some of us have
been waiting for a long time for the church to be who God wants it to be a
long time for some direction a long time for some good and I’m telling you God’s
plans are greater than you can possibly imagine but it’s important that we get
it right the Lord’s Supper is a gift from Jesus Christ because his you and I
as believers in Jesus Christ as we celebrate the ordinance of the Lord’s
Supper when we eat that bread which is representative symbolic only by the way
but is representative of the body of Jesus Christ that was given for us and
we drink of that juice which is representative of the blood of Jesus
that was shed for us it’s an opportunity for you and me to remember to whom we
belong we are not our own Paul says you were bought at a price and absolutely we
were it is also an opportunity for us to remember where we’ve been do you
remember where you’ve been it’s not fun to think about that is it the Bible
tells us where we’ve been the Bible says just like the Israelites
were enslaved to Egypt we were enslaved to sin all of us have sinned and fall
short of the glory of God anyone who commits a sin the Bible says
is a slave to sin so you and I were enslaved by the enemy the Bible says the
wages of sin is death does it just mean physical death but also spiritual death
you and I were separated from God’s land you and I were separated from God’s
greatest good you and I were separated from God himself because of our sin and
we absolutely are in need of a savior we can’t fix that just as Israel couldn’t
just decide they were going to run away from Egypt on their own we were in need
of God’s intervention and so when we observed the ordinance of the Lord
separates also an opportunity for us to remember what God has done for us you
see God loves us so much he didn’t want to leave us separated from him he didn’t
want to leave us and slave to our sins so God intervened and he gave us more
than a lamb he gave us as John the Baptist said when he looked at Jesus
Christ behold the Son of God who takes our the Lamb of God who takes away the
sin of the world he came himself to be that perfect sacrifice for you and for
me and Jesus the Lamb of God he died in our place so that when we place our
faith in him it’s as if his blood which was shed for us is covered over the
doorframes of our lives and so even though the wages of sin is death the
Bible says the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord the
Bible says in him we have redemption through his blood the forgiveness of
sins so when we observed the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper we remember to whom
we belong we remember where we were we remember what God has done for us but
when we observe the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper it’s also hey it’s an
opportunity for us to remember what it’s all about okay what it’s all about as we
seek to step into better days as a church family as we seek to take those
neck stamps and experience the goodness of
the Lord it is imperative that we not ever think that we deserve it it’s
imperative that we not ever think that it’s because a decision we made or
because of something that we have done to straighten things out it is
imperative that we never think that we’re better than anybody else it’s
imperative that we never think that God owes first bebés Jackson of Fame cuz he
dunno us anything it is imperative that we remember the whole point that we
don’t step forward as a church family into greater days so that our friends
and neighbors can say oh how wonderful is First Baptist Jackson it looks like
they’re back to their old selves how great it is how great a church it is no
no the purpose is so there are friends and business associates and neighbors
will look at first babies Jackson and say oh my goodness how wonderful is
there God see Peter told us at first Peter chapter two he said you’re a
you’re a chosen generation you’re a holy nation you’re a royal priesthood his own
special people he’s not talking to Israel he’s talking about to believers
to the church his own special people that you may proclaim the praises of him
who called you out of darkness and into his marvelous light who once were not a
people but now are the people of God there’s no question in my mind that the
best days of first babies Jackson I’m telling you or a step away we are
right on the edge we have seen God stop up the Jordan River
we have taken steps further than maybe you believed were possible and you know
God is just waiting to shower his blessings down upon this place not for
us but for the glory of his name in the city and in a state and in this world
and we are a step away but this is a moment for us to hurry up and stop
because we got to get this right so as we observe the Lord’s Supper remember to
whom you belong remember where you been remember how God brought you here and
remember God’s purpose for your life I don’t know about you but I’m scared to
death about messing this up I don’t want to mess it up so let’s do it right
pray with me before they observe the supper father we bow before you here
this morning and how wonderful you are you are so good
God I just I think of my own life and there’s so many times that you could
have given up on me and honestly Lord I would have said you should have but you
didn’t your grace is amazing and Lord I am so excited to be a part of this
church family I am so happy to be a part of these people and to know them and to
love them and oh how great it is to hear laughter how great it is to see smiles
how great it is for to see a full room how great it is to your stories of
already how you’re at work and all of a sensit we all sense that
we’re just steps away from things being greater than we would have even known to
pray for but we thank you because we need to hurry up and stop
thank you for knowing what we need better than we know thank you for asking
us to do things that we wouldn’t do on our own thank you for this gift of the
Lord’s Supper that causes us to make sure we get it right help us O Lord as we partake of the
elements to remember to whom we belong to remember where we were to remember
how you brought us here and remember the point of it all for it’s in your name we
pray amen listen in just a moment our deacons are
gonna stand and they’re gonna come and they’re gonna pass the elements to you
we’re not gonna ask you to stand up and come anywhere they’re gonna come to you
they’re gonna bring to you the bread they’re gonna bring to you the cup we do
want you to know that the Lord’s Supper is for those who have placed their faith
in Jesus Christ because that’s where the meaning is and they unites us together
as a church family if you choose not to participate that’s fine just pass the
plate on down to the next person but as they come in just a moment and we begin
to pass those elements once you get your piece of bread then once you get your
juice after that instrumentalists behind me will be playing and this is an
opportunity for you to process through what we’ve been talking about here in
just a moment so gentlemen at that last supper Jesus was with his
disciples he took the bread he broke it and he passed and gave it to them and he
says this is my body which is given for you this do in remembrance of me may eat
your wafer our Father we praise you for your love
for us demonstrated in the sending of your son Jesus Christ to this earth
thank you for your lamb who came and lived a sinless life in order to be the
perfect sacrifice for us thank you for seeing us in our enslavement and seeing
our helplessness and providing this incredible gift thank you for doing for
us that we never could do on our own thank you also for showing us who you
are through him and father I pray that you will help us as a church family to
realize that the life you desire us to live is a life that imitates you just as
you called those disciples to follow you you would make them fishers of men
help us O God to hear that call to follow you and to remember that’s what
this is all about in your name we pray you on that night Jesus took the cup and he
gave to the disciples and he says this cup is the New Covenant in my blood this
do is often as you drink it in remembrance of me our Father is we bow before you here
this morning we praise you so much for the blood of Jesus Christ which cleanses
us from our sin thank you that in him we are passed over in judgment thank you
thank you so much for your unblemished lamb God we’re reminded this morning
that we absolutely were bought at a price where we are and where you’ll take
us is not of our own doing it’s not because we’re deserving it is by your
grace so father we bow before you as people of your grace a people who have
been touched by you a people who have been brought out of darkness and into
your light by you and we come before you O Lord having hurried up to stop ready
to take the next steps father please remind us please protect
us from ever thinking too much of ourselves please protect us from trying
to do things on our own please help us O God to be the people you’ve always
desired us to be so that your name may be made known in your name we pray amen Well I feel like I need to be saying
tapes and CDs will be available in the foyer as you exit. My goodness how
wonderful, my goodness thank you all so much for that. Listen we are again so
grateful to have you here today we have one that the Lord has added to our
family and I want to make sure that you know Cathy Broome if you’ll come and
stand with me right here. Cathy has come in this morning as a believer in Christ
but coming by transfer of letter from another Southern Baptist Church so will
you join me in showing your excitement about her. Just a couple of things before
we dismiss one is don’t forget now I mentioned to you about next Sunday I’m
so excited about that, you Dale and so hope you’re excited as well and I hope
that you’ll plan to be here next Sunday morning as we look at how God’s leading
us in the future also though before next Sunday I hope you’ll come back tonight
this Sunday at 6 o’clock our evening worship service will be back here in the
sanctuary Tom Washburn will be leading us through God’s Word tonight and then
also don’t forget it’s kind of a custom here first babbies Jackson when we do
the observance of the Lord’s Supper to take up another offering that we call a
cookie jar offering that the cookie jar offering goes to benevolence ministries
it doesn’t go towards just budget stuff it goes to benevolence ministries and so
our Usher’s will be at the doors if you would like to make an extra offering to
that you may do so if you’re not prepared to do that don’t worry about
that at all there’ll be another time but if you’d like to do that you may do so
today well you stand and allow me to close this out on a word of prayer and
then we will be dismissed father again we thank you so much for the blood of
Jesus that speaks for us father may we be a people who are known as people who
are covered by your blood a people who have been purchased by you a people who
point others to you a people who long and live for you God may they see
in us every single day help us so God to truly be the church that you’ve always
wanted us to be and we can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do through us in the
days ahead thank you for your grace in your name we pray amen you’re dismissed

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