First Baptist Jackson, June 17, 2018 Worship

good morning and welcome to first
matters Jackson I like for you to meet my good friend Lilly Ford
I’m joined by her dad Michael as well Lilly is the second grader at MRA this
coming August and I hope you have a chance to get to know Lilly and her
sweet spirit and her joyful spirit because she’s precious we’re excited
about her decision today I like to ask if you were a family member a friend or
have taken part in Lilly’s discipleship journey that you stand at this time
Lilly I now asked is it true that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord
and Savior based upon that confession and the Baptizer name of the Father the
Son and the Holy Spirit buried with Christ in Baptism raised to walk in a
new way alive amen what a wonderful day to begin what
a wonderful way to begin this day and to begin Father’s Day to see a father and a
child there in the baptistry together if you’re visiting with us today we welcome
you to First Baptist Jackson and if you’re joining us online welcome we hope
that you enjoy your visit today and today that you experience a wonderful
day in the Lord’s house we’d like to invite you to stand and to greet those
who have gathered with you to worship today because he is everlasting we have a
blessed assurance that he is ours and ours forever to sing this blessed
assurance and then maybe seated as we turn to the
Word of God and hear the words of our Savior from John chapter 10 it says I am
The Good Shepherd the Good Shepherd lays down his life for the Sheep a hired hand
will run when he sees a wolf coming he will lead the sheep because they aren’t
his and he is not their shepherd I said the wolf attacks them and
scatters a flock the hired hand runs away because he is merely hired and has
no real concern for the Sheep I in the Good Shepherd I know my own sheep and
they know me just as my father knows me and I know my father and he said he
would never leave me but never for safety do you have a father in heaven
who’s loved to you before the foundation of the earth he’s a good good father
would you sing this with us well amen thank you brother Tim and
choir a music ministry you have stirred our hearts greatly this morning brothers
and sisters delight to see in the Lord’s house to worship together to celebrate
Father’s Day together to look together to God’s Word many of you week in a week
out so sweetly ask me if there’s a way you can be praying for me or my family
and I do wanna bring one request to you this morning if you would in the days
ahead be intentional to pray every day for the
Mississippi State Bulldogs that would be great as you know my nephew plays our
Mississippi State and we’re enjoying watching them
we have many Allen family members in Omaha right now and Providence would
have it we as a family care and the children will be going to Orange Beach
in the days that follow so we are in the wrong part of the country and have
committed ourselves to a lease or we would be in Omaha which is just up the
road from Kansas City so I know we have Ole Miss fans here and Mississippi State
fans I remind of Jacques Chirac after 9/11 who famously said the French
premier said we are all Americans now so for the next 10 days we are all Bulldogs
fans okay let’s coven it together terms Bend your Bibles this morning to first
Timothy chapter 6 first Timothy chapter 6 we’re looking together at just a few
verses that speak to us about the man of God first Timothy chapter 6 we’ll be
looking at verses 10 through 12 in particular and thinking about the topic
this morning how to leave a legacy that matters how to leave a legacy that
matters first Timothy chapter 6 be reading verses 10 through 12 how to
leave a legacy that matters I want to invite all the men in the room to stand
with me as we read these three verses let’s stand together gentlemen first
Timothy chapter 6 we’ll begin reading in verse 10 with special attention to 11
and 12 for the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil and some by longing
for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs
but flee from these things you man of God and pursue righteousness godliness
faith love perseverance and gentleness fight the good fight of faith take hold
of the eternal life to which you were called and you made the good confession
in the presence of many witnesses let’s pray together father we bow
this morning around this auditorium are hundreds of men standing men who perhaps
her father’s husband’s grandfather’s great grandfather’s sons grandsons great
grandsons nephews cousins and all the rest even as these men stand were
reminded through the physical representation of the great contribution
these men to make to this church and to your kingdom and father I pray today for
each man in the room father or not that we would be spurned on to greater works
and good deeds for the Lord Jesus Christ that we would consider a new the reality
that each one of us leaves a legacy each one of us leaves awake and for us to
leave a legacy awake that indeed influences our children and all of our
posterity for generations to come towards God lead us in Christ’s likeness
in Jesus name we pray amen you may be seated first Timothy chapter
six presents us with this designation man of God Paul is writing to Timothy
his son in the faith and instructing him throughout the chapters at first Timothy
what a healthy church is to look like how a churches to function how a church
is to order itself what it is to believe how it should worship and so forth as
the book comes to an end he begins to zero in on Timothy and speak to him in a
most personal and even spiritually paternalistic way he invokes in chapter
6 in verse 11 this title that is quite rare in the New Testament this title man
of God in the Old Testament it shows up in many places the prophets of old were
often referred to as a man of God the patriarchs of old were often referred to
as men of God but here it shows up and in the Old Testament if you search it
from Matthew revelation you will see that designation is only applied to one
person and that is Timothy by the Apostle Paul in this passage he speaks
to Timothy and thus to us today about what it means
to be a man of God in my aspiration for myself and for each of them in the room
today is that we would wear that label that we would be worthy of that label in
the truest sense and that we indeed would be legacy leavers through our
children and through their children and so forth in such a way that we would
shape and leave a legacy that matters what self-respecting man in the room
doesn’t aspire to leave a legacy of course you do I do we often think of
these indifferent superficial ways seeking to influence our children let’s
say and how they would steward money and leave a financial legacy steward them
culturally with certain cultural convictions incur a steward certain
aspirations or desires or or even teams and sporting the teams that we would
follow and pass down from father to son and so forth
all of those may be appropriate and fitting and right but there is a legacy
greater than all that we should aspire to leave that is a legacy of godliness
the reality is that we can leave a legacy that is powerful and strong and
true for the good of our families and for the broader glory of God in the
church and throughout the kingdom close to a hundred years ago a profound study
was undertaken by two different individuals one many of you have heard
of the other you probably haven’t it was in the early part of the 20th century
the first half of the 20th century and a major longitudinal study was done on the
life of Jonathan Edwards and the life of a man named Max juice Edwards of course
was the great preacher of the Great Awakening in the 1740s and 1750s and
1760s he was used by God the preaching of Edwards and the preaching of
Whitfield to to kickstart a revival on the continent here and to establish our
nation on a Christian footing Edwards has been described as the greatest
preacher of the English language by some the greatest mind America ever produced
a great theologian and pastor he was true
brilliant he would die president of what would come to be known as Princeton
University by undergoing and experimental smallpox inoculation that
took his life but when Edwards died he had already set in motion a legacy that
would impact the world max Jukes one of Edwards contemporaries they did not know
one another but lived in the same season he was known for the total opposite max
Jukes was a man who lived a life of outright debauchery a life of rebellion
a life of sin and was notorious for that sin so in the first half of the 20th
century this longitudinal study was done over the course of about two centuries
to trace the descendants of Edwards and the descendants of max Jukes it’s a bit
dated now but the point will ring home the descendants of max Jukes over 200
years roughly 440 of those live lives of debauchery 310 of his descendants were
paupers and vagrants a hundred and ninety of his descendants were
prostitutes a hundred and thirty of his descendants were convicted criminals a
hundred of his descendants were alcoholics 60 of his descendants were
habitual thieves five of his descendents were victims of impurity and seven of
his descendants were convicted murderers all from one man Jonathan Edwards on the
other hand and start contrast throughout a similar time horizon the longitudinal
study revealed that of Edwards descendants 300 of them became clergyman
missionaries or theological professors a hundred and twenty of his ascendance
became college professors a hundred and ten of his descendants became attorneys
60 became physicians 60 became authors 30 became judges 14 became university
presidents numerous giants in American industry three US congressman and one
vice president of the United States I want you to take away from that
opening illustration this your life men gentlemen fathers your life makes a
difference how you lead it how you order it the words that come from your mouth
the convictions you hold the way you shape your children and their children
and their children you have the power to send your family tree on a trajectory
that will be defined by great health and great godliness or by great sickness and
great worldliness how do you resolve this morning when you resolve with me
this morning to be a legacy lever to leave a legacy that matters in the
kingdom here’s what we’re gonna do see with me in these verses quickly three
truths or three action steps three action steps for the man who would seek
to leave a godly legacy a legacy that matters notice with me first verse 11
the man of God is known by what he flees from now wait a minute
is a man of God one who runs absolutely I thought a man of God would stand
boldly he does I thought a man of God would fight he will but first notice
what Paul tells Timothy and thus tells us this morning that the man of God must
be ready and prepared to run away from certain things those ways tells Timothy
and verse 11 it opens with these five words but flee from these things now
anytime you see the word but in your Bible of the word therefore in your
Bible you need to draw a circle around it and ask yourself what is this in
contrast to Paul here is linking back first of all to this pursuit of money
this this Craven love for money and then more distantly back he’s referring back
to a life of impurity as it relates to sexual
desires and sexual pursuits notice verse six what he says he says to Timothy
godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment for
we have brought nothing into the world so we cannot take anything out of it if
we have food and covering which with these things we shall be content but
those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish
and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction for the love
of money is a root of all sorts of evil and some by longing for it have wandered
away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs now we have
to right-size this concern clearly Paul is charging Timothy not about money but
about the love of money verse 10 in fact is one of the the most often misquoted
misrepresented verses in all the Bible money is not the root of all evil the
the love of money this endless pursuit of money finding your well-being and
your identity and the accumulation of money Paul tells Timothy that is the
root of all sorts of evil I’m a card-carrying capitalist I believe when
it comes to economic structures that is the closest thing we can derive from
scripture as to how an economy in the nation should so organize itself so I’m
a free-market capitalist and proud of it and believe I stand on solid biblical
grounds being such moreover we notice even in this passage other commendable
words about work and about resources for instance notice chapter 5 verse 8 here
in this context who we’re reminded that if anyone does not provide for his own
chapter 5 verse 8 Paul says if anyone does not provide for his own and
especially for those of his household he has denied the faith and is worse than
an unbeliever so that’s that strong wording Paul is
saying look you’re to work you’re to care for your family provide for your
family suit their needs notice
also verses 17 and 18 here speaking in particular to the pastor or to elders
pastors who serve in the context of the local church verse 17 of chapter 5 the
elders who rule well are to be considered worthy of double honor that’s
a reference to compensation especially those who work hard at preaching and
teaching for the scripture says you shall not muzzle the ox while he is
threshing and the labourer is worthy of his wages so Paul says look you are to
care for your family moreover compensating someone well here this
reference in 17 and 18 to someone who would faithfully preach and teach God’s Word
and faithfully Shepherd God’s people you know you’re not only trying to figure
out how you know what to pay them the least but you want to care for and to
bless so I’m bringing those other verses into verse 11 here of chapter 6 to put
in context and say look there’s a balance here Paul’s point is not that
we’re to be lazy or or or not to have ambitions for our family financially his
point is we have to right-size those the man who’s always in search of the next
deal who’s on an endless pursuit to line up a get quick rich scheme the man who’s
always at the office to satisfy his own materialistic desires he’s not gonna
leave a godly legacy why because leaving a godly legacy goes back to the word
love which most often is spelled time2go elling in fact to flee from this thing
flee from the snare of an endless pursuit of wealth and also a reference
earlier in the text here flee from the pursuit of sexual pleasure God has given
us a wife and Families most all of us in which the context of health is right in
ordered those who would be wayward and who
we drift and seek an annual seek seek sensual desires and pleasures outside of
the god-ordained relationship given us that is a train wreck for disaster and
Paul doesn’t merely say like be guarded against it or be aware of it or be
cautious about he says you flee flee men I care about you know if this morning
speak with you with all the candor I can muster and I say to you if you find
yourself in either of these compromising situations you run from it moreover you
should be crystal clear with your wife and in as much as their age is
appropriate with your family about the own guardrails and parameters you have
in your life to prevent not only the occurrence of evil but even the
appearance thereof do you want to leave a godly legacy it begins by knowing what
you are to run after aren’t you taking this a little bit too seriously this
morning pastor no I’m not because I can’t tell you how many families over
two decades of ministry I’ve seen wrecked by these two areas spinning out
of control secondly you want to leave a godly
legacy secondly the man of God is known by what he follows after by what he
follows after notice verse 11 you man of God you flee from these things and you
pursue you follow after and notice this line you follow after you pursue
righteousness godliness faith love perseverance and gentleness now whenever
we read our Bibles look at me whenever we read our Bibles and we come across a
list that there isn’t there is a an inclination to kind of skim it and
almost assume it it’s just a pileup of words in
thus each word probably isn’t that important that’s not the case here
that’s not the case anywhere each one of these words are important because this
is Paul given a specific instructions gentlemen as to what we are to cultivate
in our hearts the type of lifestyles we are to pursue and he’s saying we must be
deliberate we must be intentional we must be directional and here’s what we
are to pursue after notice righteousness the outward appearance of just doing
what is right before God and man a wise man once told me it’s always
right to do what’s right and you want your children and your wife to see that
to see that instinct within you that there is a moral compass God’s Word
there is a backbone it’s a spiritual one to be to be committed to God’s Word and
every time a family crisis or a moral question comes up people aren’t
wondering how’s dad gonna come down on this there’s a predictability because
they know you to be a man of the word and thus a man of righteousness pursue
godliness this here is the inward reality of righteousness righteousness
refers to the outward acts the outward lifestyle godliness he refers to the
inner person the inner man the the attitudes we might say God likeness
reverence for God that flows from a heart of worship so that we run the race
in such a way as Paul would say that we don’t run aimlessly we’re not boxing
beating the air moreover we’re not going to run in such a way that we find
ourselves one day being disqualified from the race but we’re pursuing it
faithfully that’s the kind of man you want to be men you want to be the kind
of man that your children look to your look into your eyes and they see dignity
and godliness and righteousness you’ll to be the kind of man that when you look
in the eyes of your children you see emanating from their eyes respect and
trust and affection because you’ve proven yourself true a thousand times
over third pursue faith pursue faith a
confident trust in God that everything is going to work out in accordance with
God’s plan that dad granddad he’s not a hand ringer he’s not pacing the floors
at night he’s not emotionally volatile because he’s always worried about what’s
about to go wrong but he’s a man of faith because his roots have went down
deep in the Christian life and in the Word of God and when the winds blow that
tree is not swayed over love love this word here agape this this sacrificial
love this givenness love choosing to love the wife choosing to love the
family in a way that is not zero-sum were there winners and losers but
willing to give all sacrificially for the well-being of your family
notice also perseverance perseverance to means to remain under the type of person
who under pressure or under trial continues to be steady and to push
through and again regardless of who is doing what and how everyone else is
acting irresponsibly this man is mature he persevered that I love this the final
word to pursue gentleness kindness meekness especially with family I mean
if you’re gonna be the kind of man that barks and I suppose we all are on
occasion bark at your colleagues at work not at your wife and kids give me the
kind of man that barks bark at the guy at the automotive dealership let’s try
and take advantage of you bark at the guy at the business encounter who’s
trying to get over on you bark at the person in the marketplace who’s trying
to make you a pushover don’t be the kind of man who’s a
pushover at work and a pushover in the Commerce and a pusher over the city and
push everywhere but he comes home he sure likes to rule the room
tell me that kind of man be the kind of man that with the wife and children
especially there’s an even keelness there’s a gentleness to where when you
raise your hand they’re not bracing when you open your mouth they’re not wincing
they understand you love and you care that’s what the man of God is to pursue
is to follow after now ladies and wives some of you’ve been there elbow on your
husband and saying are you taking notes or you getting this all down you have a
tremendous impact on the extent to which your husband pursues these things as you
root him on as you honor him with supportive and kind words as you ease
him into these traits by encourage him accordingly you’ll be amazed at his
response and how happy he is and eager he is to make you of all people proud
and thankful for him now time is moving here so notice with me the third step
the third key to leaving a legacy that matters and that is the man of God is
known by what he fights for notice verse 12 I love this we go from running to
standing to fighting verse 12 fight the good fight of faith take hold of the
eternal life to which you were called and you made the good confession and the
presence of many witnesses fight it’s on the heels of gentleness notice the end
of verse 11 this reference to gentleness yet men are fighters here the word is to
to agonize this an athletic or even military term that refers to to to an
ongoing struggle and ongoing givenness and Paul says here you fight the good
fight it’s a noble fight it’s an excellent fight you give yourself to
fighting this noble fight of faith where do you fight it three places
first of all you fight for in your own heart every day beginning your day with
a intentionally putting on the mind of Christ and seeking to be a man of the
scriptures you fight for it secondly in your home and thirdly you fight for it
in your church that your church understands you to be a man of biblical
conviction and a man who wants to do the right thing before God and man but back
to that second place you fight for do you fight for it in your family men in
20 years of ministry I have seen thousands and thousands literally of
wives and mothers who dragged the kids to church but their husband stays behind
on rare occasion do I see the man who drags the kids to church with the wife
staying behind what I mean by that I mean this it is uncanny men if you will
take the spiritual leadership and prioritize the Lord today it’s uncanny
how your wives nine times out of 10 will fall in and want to be a part and
supports you and go with the kids as well with that is the reality of a
profound stewardship that you have to fight for the faith in your home to set
the temperature spiritually speaking to prioritize the Lord’s Day and to lead in
that way in such a degree that your wives and children find themselves
naturally leaning in with you and behind you and under you and beside you unto
these things don’t you want that I know you do
prioritize it the good fight of faith notice verse 12 the faith here is
referring to the faith in other words we see faith use really two different ways
in the Bible sometimes faith is an expression of belief I have placed my
faith in Christ or don’t worry friend I have faith in you I believe in you
other times we see faith referred to as as the faith referring to the Christian
truth like when when Jew tells us to a contend earnestly for the faith
delivered once and for all for the Saints here Paul is telling Timothy the
man of God he he fights for thee faith it doesn’t mean you had to be a
theologian but but you are intentional about the Scriptures and the gospel and
again to pass this legacy of truth on to your family and beyond those who else he
says in verse 12 take hold of the eternal life to which you are called
he’s saying get get a grip on it have a a grip on the reality of the eternal
life he says look you made the confession the presence of many
witnesses we know you’re a believer Timothy you’ve placed your faith in
Christ you’ve made that public confession but you leaned into it you
see the Christianity isn’t a box to be checked the Christ life is not an event
that occurred to you 28 years ago and you haven’t revisited since Christianity
is not simply about coming forward or getting baptized yes those are essential
steps absolutely but if your Christian life resembles more a date or an event
that happened in times past than a living active dynamic within your inner
person I am concerned about you you take hold of the faith you grow in it you
pursue it and as you do the ripple effects are profound man look at me this
morning there are a lot of things your children need they need a well tempered
father they need a predictable income so they’re not having eight-year-old stress
about whether or not they’re gonna have clothes or food they need to see a
father who loves their mother they see does he see a father who’s behind them
all of those things and more are essential but most of all let me tell
you what every kid needs every kid needs a daddy who loves Jesus and the greatest
gift you can give your family this Father’s Day is not a nice meal
not even a special afternoon outing the greatest gift you can give them is the
greatest gift you can give yourself is the greatest gift God has given any of
us it is on this Lord’s Day this Father’s Day to say I am putting my
faith in Christ perhaps your wife drug you to church there you came
because you want to be with your family I’m thankful for whatever the motivating
factor is but know this this day can be a turning point for your life you may
have blown it day after day for the past 15 years with your kids I tell you if
today you’ll make that turn and take a step towards Christ and believe him I
promise you you’ll find your wife and kids exuberant with you not criticizing
you for a past that didn’t measure up but today is that day if you don’t know
Jesus I plead with you repent of your sins believe in him today and give your
kids your wife this day a gift that they will forevermore praise your name for to
become a father who’s following Jesus will you pray with me father we come to
you this morning we pray during this moment of response I pray father for
people in the room I pray for the men in particular here today that you would
spur us on to greater works and good deeds by the ministry of your spirit
father I pray that these verses would resonate profoundly with us in
particular the men and in our lives we recommit ourselves to leave a legacy
that matters more than money more than things a legacy built on the Word of God
in the gospel of Christ and father I speak now a intimate word to them in the
room who don’t know Jesus father I pray in this moment as we sing him a response
you would tug their hearts here tug their hearts to Jesus tug their hearts
to you so that they may have life and have it abundantly in Jesus name we pray
amen we’re gonna stand together sing a hymn of response I want to invite you to
come today perhaps some other spiritual decision to pray we glad to meet you
here for you to come to join the church
pursue baptism or most of all to give your life to Christ
let’s sing out to the Lord come today if God has touched your heart leadest him we’re gonna we’re gonna sing another
stanza together Tim’s going to lead us but again we’re not going to drag this
out but if God has touched your heart step out now and come we’ll receive you
will encourage you in Christ step out now if God has touched your heart come
this moment latest him please be seated before we go to the
Lord for our offertory prayer I’d like to ask for the winshape camp staff to
please stand this group of young and went young and men and women from all
over the country they are going to give a great ultimate camp experience to over
200 children and families this entire week so I’d like to ask that you would
continue to pray for them this week if you’re interested in volunteering and
partnering with them this week we’d love to be able to answer any questions after
our service this morning but let’s go to the Lord in prayer gracious Heavenly
Father guy lord ease thank you for this morning of worship we thank you for your
word being proclaimed God and applying it to our own hearts Jesus I thank you
for the opportunity to serve and Lord we lift up this team today this morning
Jesus that will minister to countless children not only this week but
throughout this entire summer father we pray for safety we pray for the biblical
example they are to service Jesus of giving of their own hearts to make an
eternity difference God we ask for your blessing upon this offering and for this
week of ministry as well your holy name we pray amen amen thank you brother
ladies and gentlemen brothers and sisters it’s been great to be in God’s
house today and what just a wonderful time of year to get to celebrate
Father’s Day and there’s so many dads and husbands in the room a couple words
reminder first of all you should received a letter this week pointing you
towards July we’re emphasizing to catch up on our budget in July I know
historically that’s been an emphasis over the years periodically and so we
have little work to do as I said in the letter we often times in the summer with
traveling people going and coming and giving tends to lag but it’s also a
heightened season for ministry and so you have a lot of mission trips a lot of
ministry dishes a lot of ministry taking place and so that combination means
things are often tight so we’re not in a crisis but it does remind us that we
need to be faithful and so I just want to encourage you and to challenge you to
a to stay current to catch you up and your giving and perhaps even God will
touch your heart to give above and beyond so our goal we’re praying God
would give us a $900,000 month the month of July over five Sundays and so be
thinking about that praying for that and please hop into the best of your ability
by the Lord’s grace so that’s before you I also don’t say a word you can pray for
us seriously we’ll be at the beach Orange Beach for actually several weeks
my wife and I on our kids we were we were broken up for two weeks our sons
were at Kanaka camp my wife got them yesterday Friday and we were able to
rally here and gather here with you guys they’ll be going to orange beach so do
pray for us that the Lord would give us a wonderful time together and just a
wonderful time of recreation there I was debriefing with my sons about camp last
night and I will not say which one one of my sons confessed that over the full
two weeks he took one shower and that shower was occasion by there was a co-ed
line dancing event so he felt the need to refresh himself before that my wife
pressure washed their teeth in the hotel room and my other son did not speak in
the shower conversation so I’m assuming that to mean he took less not more
showers than his brother but we’re here we’re together were
thankful so this is shaping up I trust to be a great ministry season this
summer for the church and for you as well so enjoy it manager
your family make special memories have seasons of recreation but let’s do to
the best of our ability also keep the church and our ministry responsibilities
here top priority so I’m going to read a brief poem I was given this morning on
Father’s Day and this will serve as our benediction ok this was given to me by a
mr. Johnny Griffin written now 40 years ago in the occasion of his father’s
untimely death my dad he isn’t much in the eyes of the
world he’ll never make history he’s just a man to everyone else but dad’s
everything to me no king or even president could ever be as great no
person here on earth I know could ever take dad’s place he’s a friend just when
I need him his love cannot be told for to me he stands 10 feet tall and my eyes
he’ll never grow old he’s so much more to me than words can ever say and
someday I’ll see my dad again when God takes me away amen
god bless you brothers and sisters we look forward to seeing you very soon you
are dismissed

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