First Baptist Church of Jacksonville Broadcast opening (1977)

From all over Northeast Florida people are
coming to the First Baptist Church located in downtown Jacksonville Dr. Homer G. Lindsay Jr. is our Pastor &
Bible Teacher here people are finding Jesus Christ can
change their lives they’re discovering love joy peace in God’s
will for them we’d like to share these blessings with
you Join us now live as we broadcast the services of the First Baptist Church Downtown in Jacksonville, Florida.

2 thoughts on “First Baptist Church of Jacksonville Broadcast opening (1977)”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. Do you have any full services? My grandparents were in the choir at the time this was. I was @ 7 years old. Thank you again. I am in tears.

  2. in the 80s I was goofing off with a friend, waiting for my mom to come out of the auditorium, I tossed a small umbrella above the exit door. There was a kinda roof above the door all to itself.
    I still see it every time I ride the skyway

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