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[Music] pastor Aaron pastor Chris thanks for having us here today so you have a busy week ahead of you let’s talk about the services that you’re inviting the city to come out to absolutely it is a busy week indeed it is a joyful week and so we want people to feel welcome to come here even if they’re not a member of First Baptist we encourage them this is a great week to find out who we are what we stand for and just to celebrate with us and we have some very unique services that we’ve got planned for folks the first one is on Thursday night of Holy Week and we call that a seder meal and what that’s going to do is it’s going to celebrate the Passover Feast that the Jews would be very familiar with and would celebrate every year at Passover time which is when the crucifixion and resurrection took place around and so Jesus would be very familiar with this so we’re going to invite people to come and we’re gonna go through all those elements and how they talk about Jesus it’s gonna be wonderful you have got RSVP for that one that was my next question yeah FB CSA org slash Seder sed ER and you can come be a part of that the next one is our Good Friday service now that’s going to feel very different we’re calling that a tenor very service which is a Latin word that means darkness and so as we think about Jesus on the cross on that day we just go through all that led up to the crucifixion it’s a pretty heavy weighty service but it’s a good way for us to think about what Jesus did for us and and that’s why we call it good because he took away that that penalty we deserve so you can come there’s choir and orchestra for that evening it’s a candlelit service it’s really beautiful and then Sunday morning we celebrate the resurrection in every way possible in our new courtyard we’re gonna have a sunrise service at 6:30 people are invited too and then our you’ve got special breakfast and special Sunday School classes and 8:30 service in our sanctuary 11 o’clock service in our sanctuary and in our new 4th street crossing with a contemporary service there’s a place for everybody so Pastor Chris let’s talk about First Baptist Church what makes it unique you want people to come out you have so many new neighbors out here yeah one of the things that makes us unique is being right here in the heart of the city downtown San Antonio and there’s a vibrant growing area and we love that we’ve had so many visitors come and participate with us and it’s been beautiful and so we want to be a church in downtown that church in the heart of San Antonio that represents San Antonio well and so is we’re here we are a traditional Baptist Church with all kinds of services English service that’s in traditional and English service that’s a contemporary service and then we have several Asian services a Spanish service and so we want to be for the people and what is the takeaway you want from everybody for a Holy Week coming out to the three different services because as you mentioned it is unique for a Baptist Church absolutely you’ll see even more participation than you would normally see in other kinds of services it’s going to feel more intimate than we normally do in their services and I think people are going to appreciate the ability to participate well in these services and I expect people to have a great sense of hope as they come out of these services I’m looking forward to it’s gonna be wonderful thank you so much anything else you’d like to add absolutely we would love to have you we’d love you to come and be a part of our services however if you can’t come to ours there are many other services just like ours across the city and we would love for you to go and participate in Holy Week with many of our great churches here in San Antonio thank you so much both of you and for more information on First Baptist Church fall at two and oh two two six zero three six three or you can find them online at FB CSA org

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