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Six, five, four, three, two, one, zero, all engine running. (engines roaring) Lift-off, we have a lift-off! 32 minutes past the hour. (audience applauding) – Isn’t that incredible?
(audience cheers) We’re not gonna call it Fresno, it’s now called Fresyes, Amen?
– Amen! – Man, super excited. Look, who would have thought 20 years ago, when God said, “I want
you to plant a church,” he would give us a vision to literally see 500
churches planted in a time in which people are turning away from God? God is giving us the ability to allow them to turn back to him. Here’s the great news in Fresno,
that campus is debt free. We’ve had people step up. It’s not gonna cost us anything. People have put money out there. They’ve given offerings and
we’re so excited to do this. So let’s just praise God for that. (audience applauding) Isn’t that incredible? Absolutely incredible! Look, God is doing amazing things. People are literally saying, “Hey, take this church,
take this building, “take this property and use
it for the glory of God.” And let me tell you something, there’s something special in your life when you say, “God take this. “Take this, I’m no longer
gonna manage it my way, “I’m gonna give it to you.” And whether it’s a church building, your finances, or your soul, God handles with care those things that are entrusted with him. We’re in a series called “Loneliness.” Man, we live in a culture where people are more isolated than ever. Like we’re more digitally connected, but we’re more intimately,
literally disconnected and personally isolated than
at any time in human history. And I don’t know where you are today, but some of you feel very alone. You’re surrounded by people,
but you feel all by yourself. And I wanna talk today about how God can help you
overcome your loneliness. And one of the things God does to help us overcome our loneliness, I want you to write this in your notes, is he gives you purpose. You see, when you’re doing something you feel like you’re supposed to do, it doesn’t matter who goes with you. Like for example, if you go for a walk but you’re trying to lose weight, it’s okay to walk alone, isn’t it? It’s okay ’cause you have a purpose. If you’re drivin’ to work alone, it’s okay because you
know you gotta get there. It doesn’t bother you to
be in your car by yourself. Matter of fact, most of you want to be by yourself in your car ’cause you gotta get where you gotta go. And so God helps us
overcome our loneliness when we have a sense of purpose. Many of you guys have no
sense of purpose in your life. And the world’s not helping, the world’s just saying, “Well, be happy.” “Well, that doesn’t help “’cause I don’t know what makes me happy.” Well, I got good news, I
know what makes you happy and his name is God and he loves you and he wants to bless
you and give you purpose. We’re gonna look at one of
the most amazing passages in the entire Bible today. Some of you have ideas of what
you think what God is like. There’s a reason we need God’s word because our thinking can be
off, our feelings can be wrong and the world can be confusing. And that’s why God has to reveal to us who he is and what he’s like. And he’s gonna do that today in Isaiah 6. But let me just begin by praying over you and asking that God would
reveal himself to you and you would understand
how he can help you overcome your sense of loneliness. Father, we pray in the name of Jesus that your Spirit would be present. God, that you would move. Some of us are so
desperately lonely today. Many of us don’t like our jobs. Many of us are unhappy with our lives. Many of us, Lord, are unhappy
with our friendships, God, and we need purpose today,
we need meaning today. We need to feel like our life matters and that it’s making a difference. And God, I want you to help us understand how you want to give us meaning, you want to give us purpose. You want to help us get
through the mundane, the boring and even some of the
isolated parts of life. So speak to us today and
help us to understand how you are our cure for loneliness. We pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen. Now, I’m preaching out of the
word of God out of the Bible, but you have all the
notes in front of you. But if you have your Bible with you, you can open up to Isaiah and notice that Isaiah
starts in chapter one, but we’re gonna start in chapter six. And I’m gonna get to that in a minute. But we’re gonna look at Isaiah 6:1. It says, “It was the
year King Uzziah died.” Now you don’t know who he is because you’re from the
present and not from the past. Do you know that no matter
where you go in the world, everybody knows who Donald Trump is? It doesn’t matter where
you are in the world, everybody knows what Coca-Cola is, everybody knows what Snickers is, everybody knows what Pringles are and everybody knows who Donald Trump is because whoever is the most
powerful leader at the time, everybody knows. So thousands of years ago,
everybody knew who Uzziah was, he was the king. And so we get tired of our
presidents every four years, write this down, King Uzziah
had ruled for over 50 years. Think about that. If you’re under 50 years old, you’ve never known another leader. You’ve had one leader your entire life. Now here’s the thing you need
to know about King Uzziah, he was a good leader. Here’s the scary thing you need to know about King Uzziah, okay? He was 16 years old when he became king. Some of you 16 year olds are scared about your driver’s test. Can you imagine, not only
are you gonna drive a car, but you’re gonna drive this nation. You’re gonna be in charge, you’re gonna be in charge of everything. You’re gonna rule, right? You’re gonna rule! And so King Uzziah became king at 16. Now I got good news for
ya, he had a good momma. Amen, Mommas? And his momma helped
him, his momma guided him and King Uzziah became a great King. But like a lot of kings,
he became arrogant and he said, “I don’t
just want to be king, “I also want to be the high priest.” And you can’t do both,
there’s only one who did, his name is Jesus. He is both our King of
Kings, our Lord of Lords and he is our High Priest. He’s both and King Uzziah
said, “I’m gonna be both,” and God said, “Oh, no, no, no, you don’t.” And so he went into the Temple, he went into the house of worship and he grabbed the holy instruments and as he placed his hands on them, God struck him with a
disease called leprosy. Now praise God you live in a modern world where most of you will never
come in contact with leprosy. It’s a terrible disease
and it’s highly contagious. So when you get leprosy,
even if you are the king, guess what they do with you? They isolate you. So here’s King Uzziah, he’s
the king of all people, but he lives by himself. He’s alone his whole life,
but he lives a long life and he becomes a great king and he dies. “It was in the year King
Uzziah died,” underline this, “that I saw the Lord.” Sometimes your world has to
unravel for you to meet God. You see, some of you,
you’re crusin’ along, you though your marriage was fine and your spouse just left you. Sometimes your world has to
fall apart for you to find God. Some of you, you think
your kids are great. “Oh, my kids aren’t like their kids.” You thought your kids were fine until you find out your kids aren’t fine. Sometimes your king has
to die for you to see God. Sometimes you’re like, “Well,
I’ve never lost my job, “we’ve always been great,” and all of a sudden you find out your company’s downsizing, moving away. You’ve been outsourced. Sometimes your world has
to unravel financially for you to find God. I want you to notice
here, Isaiah meets God, think about this,
Christians, this is scary, in chapter six, not chapter one. You know what that means? You can go to church, you
can serve in ministry, you can do great things
and never meet God. You ever see on the news, you hear about these
pastors who do things, these priests who things and you say, “How on Earth could they?” Because they haven’t met God. Oh, they’re serving God,
but they don’t know God. Isaiah meets God in Isaiah 6 and it takes his life
completely unraveling for him to fully understand
and comprehend who God is. It was the year King Uzziah
died, “I saw the Lord,” and he was nothing like he thought. You see most of you have the wrong picture of God in your minds and
that’s why we need God’s word because God words gives
us an accurate picture of who God is. It says, “He was sitting
on a lofty throne.” You see, some of you
think God’s your buddy. God’s your king and you didn’t
elect him, he’s elected you. You see, we elect our
president, God has elected you. He is redeeming his elect,
he is calling his elect. He has chosen you, you didn’t choose him. That’s God, God’s in control, you’re not. He sits on the throne and
there isn’t room for your butt. “He was sitting lofty on the throne “and the train of his
robe filled the Temple.” You know what that means? There’s no room for
anything but God in worship. And you know what our problem
is when we come to church is we’re too full of ourselves
and too empty of God. And that’s what Isaiah experiences. I came in to worship. I thought I was a God follower. I thought I was right with God. I came in and I realized there’s no room for anything but God in worship, and the problem is we shove
everything else in worship. I want you to underline this
word attending, attending. We’re gonna come to this
later in the service, but, “Attending him were mighty seraphim.” They’re serving the Lord. You see this worship
service, you see God Almighty and you say, “Why on Earth would God “who has everything need anything?” Listen to me, your service
isn’t about God’s need, it’s about your calling. If the angels serve God, why can’t you? “Well, I’m too busy.” Are you a mighty seraphim? And some of you are like,
“Well, what’s a seraphim, “I don’t know what a seraphim is?” Look, man, there are all kinds of things we don’t even know as human beings. We are so arrogant, we don’t even know what’s in the ocean much
less what’s in Heaven. They’re constantly discovering new species that were extinct, oops! They don’t put that in the book, oops! “Not dead, still alive,
still swimming, there it is.” We’re discovering new
species all the time. We don’t know what’s on Earth
much less what’s in Heaven. There are seraphim, there are beings what we don’t understand. There are things that we can’t comprehend and some of these beings
are called seraphim. Let me give it to you in the Hebrew which is how the Bible was written. It’s not written in English,
it’s written in Hebrew and so it’s translated seraphim. Let me tell ya what it means. This is creepy. If you translate it literally here’s how you would
translate it, burning ones. Just this fire that’s
alive, think about that. This fire that’s alive. They’re not on fire, they are fire. Do you understand what I’m saying? “Attending him were mighty seraphim,” powerful, scary, terrifying. This is why in the Bible
when you meet an angel, the angel’s first words are
usually, “Don’t be afraid.” Do you know why that is? Because you just peed
yourself, that’s why! “Don’t be afraid.” “Attending him were mighty
seraphim, each having six wings.” They don’t look like Care
Bears, they don’t poop rainbows. (audience laughing) They don’t drop fairy dust. Each having six wings. A six-winged angel. With two wings they covered
their faces, do you know why? Not even the mighty seraphim
can look God in the face. When Moses said, “God, I want
to see you face-to-face,” in the Bible, and Moses is
known for the only person to see God face-to-face, do you know what the Bible actually says? “When God passed by Moses,
God put his hand over Moses “so that his glory wouldn’t kill Moses.” There’s only one who’s ever
known God face-to-face. And in your Bibles, in John 1:1, it says, “In the beginning was the
word and the word was God “and the word was with God.” In the Greek, it’s (speaking
in foreign language). Let me give it to you in English, “Face-to-face, forever with God.” There’s only one who can look into the face of God the
Father and not drop dead and his name is Jesus. Even the mighty seraphim,
they can’t look at God. “They cover their faces, with
two they cover their feet.” Do you know why? Because the place in
which they dwell is holy and even the mighty
seraphim are not pure enough to stand in the presence of God and so they cover their feet. “And with two they flew.” “And they were calling out to each other. They’re singing, they’re shouting, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.” Who is God? Different, other, unique,
there is no one like him, that’s what the word holy means! It doesn’t just mean
perfect, it means unusual, bizarre, totally different, nothing like anything
else in all creation. “Oh, my gosh, there’s nothing like this!” Yes, that’s God. “Holy, holy, holy is the
Lord of Heaven’s armies.” You’re like, “Why, why
if God is so powerful “does he have an army?” Well, in the ancient world here’s how you measured a king’s strength. A king’s strength was
measured by his army. God doesn’t need an army but he has one. And by the way, he still has an army because if you read the
Book of Revelations, it says that we’re all
heading for a great battle of all that is evil
against all that is good. And I don’t know why God has an army because it’s over as soon as he speaks. That’s unfortunate, we got
dressed up for nothin’, Amen? – [Audience] Amen. (laughs) – God’s like, “It’s
over,” everybody’s dead. “The whole Earth is
filled with his glory.” This weekend Tammy and I
had a great date night. We went to the Pageant of
the Masters in Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach is one of the
most beautiful places on Earth, filled with some of the most
least nice people on Earth. (audience laughs) And we went to the Pageant of the Masters. And you know what the
Pageant of the Master, does? It’s glorifies artists. I don’t know if you’re artistic. I don’t know if you’re talented. But there are just some people
who can, with their hands, create reality that is so
real it blows your mind. And not everybody’s great at
art, true artists are rare, once in a generation, once in a century. And there are some artists that literally, over all of human history, they stand out amongst all artists. And one of the things a
great artist can do is simply capture how light
actually reflects on things. The Bible says, “The whole
Earth is filled with his glory.” You know what a great artist does? A great artist spends a
lifetime capturing an event that God does every second of every day. The “Mona Lisa,” she’s not that pretty. I’ve seen her, but she’s famous for how
the light strikes her face. God sheds light on your
face every single moment of every single day because
he is the great artist and he fills the Earth
with glory and his beauty, and it shines every day. It’s all around you and for many of you, the reason you can’t see God
is you don’t want to see God because you don’t want
to see what Isaiah sees. “The whole Earth is filled with his glory. “Their voices shook the
Temple to its foundations.” Think about that! Think about how angels
sing and angles worship, and think about how Sandals
worships and Sandals sings. Like we are the golf-clapping
church of Heaven. If you want to find Sandals
when you die and go to Heaven, just listen for the quiet clappers! “That was a good putt,
Jesus, a very good putt, “very good putt. “Thank you, Jesus.” (audience laughs)
(audience applauds) No, no, don’t do that! Don’t clap!
(audience laughing) “Their voices shook the
Temple to its foundations.” Can you imagine a worship
service at Sandals that alerts Cal-Tech in L.A.? “What’s going on?” “It’s those Sandals people
again, they’re worshiping God. “I wish they would stop that.” “Their voices shook the
Temple to its foundations “and the entire building
was filled with smoke.” I want you to think for a
second, we’re worshiping God, the building shakes and
there’s smoke everywhere. Most of you are out of here! Like you don’t even care,
you brought your grandma, she’s old, you’re leavin’ her, boom! “Grandma, you had your time, you’re done.” You’re outta here! You know why Isaiah doesn’t run? He can’t. He’s paralyzed with fear. He’s overwhelmed with the
majesty, with the glory, with the incredible nature of who God is! And then I said, Isaiah’s
said, “It’s over, it’s over. “It’s over.” You know what scares me to death? Is every time somebody dies and they talk about their vision, “Oh, there was light and it was so warm “and I was so drawn to it.” Do you know the Bible says
Satan is an angel of light? Did you know that? Isaiah doesn’t see an angel of light, he’s not filled with warm
fuzzies, he’s filled with terror. He said, “It’s over, I’m doomed! “I’m doomed!” Listen to me, Isaiah is
way better than you are, way more faithful, way more
honest, way more of a servant and he sees God and he’s like, “I’m done! “I’m doomed!” Underline this, “I’m a sinful man.” Do you know why people reject God? Because they reject their sin! I don’t have a hard time getting
people to believe in God, I have a hard time
getting people believing they’re a sinner. Recently Tammy and I
were talking and I said, “I want to go back and I
want to get braces again.” And here’s why, when you’re
young you’re parents pay for it, you don’t do it right, you
don’t wear your retainer and then when you’re old
you get to pay for it again. I said, “Babe, I want to
go get my teeth fixed, “’cause this is the moneymaker
and we gotta make sure “this thing look spectacular.”
(audience laughing) My wife’s like, “Yeah, I think
your face needs some work, “so go do it.”
(audience laughs) So I go to the orthodontist, and I don’t know if you’ve
noticed this but I’m a talker. And when I’m nervous, the more nervous I am, the more I talk. And so I’m actually saying these words, “I know you think it’s
ridiculous that I’m in here “because my teeth aren’t like jacked up. “I’m sure you see like car
crashes that come in here.” And I’m like, “Oh, I’ve got a
little fender-bender up front “and I bet you can fix it in five minutes “and then I’m out of your way.” And he’s not saying anything and what they’re doing is
they’re taking a picture, they’re taking a 3-D picture of my teeth. And as they do this with light,
a laser is hitting my teeth and it’s reflecting the
image back to a computer. And as they’re doing this, my
mouth is going up on a screen. And I’m a little nervous,
I’m a little anxious, so I’m not really paying
attention to the screen ’cause my mouth’s like, aah. You know it’s totally awkward. And he says, “Okay, we’re done.” And he says, “I want you
to take a look at this,” and I look at a mouth on screen that looks like a pterodactyl. I’m like,
(audience laughing) “Oh, man, is that like
a worst-case scenario? “Was that like the guy before me?” (audience laughing) I’m like, “Whose mouth is that?” He goes, “Well, it’s
your mouth, Pastor Matt.” I was like, “It’s my mouth?” He goes, “Yeah, let’s
take a look at your jaw.” I was like, ooh! My jaw’s out of line, he’s like, “I bet you get headaches all the time.” I was like, “Yeah, I do.”
(audience laughing) He’s like, “Look at your teeth. “We’re gonna have to correct
this, this and this.” And what I thought would be five minutes and I got a sucker,
you know, “Here you go, “have some candy so you’ll come back,” that’s why the dentist gives you candy. (audience laughs) He says I think it’s gonna
take about a year and a half, to two years to fix your problem. (audience laughs) I walked into the orthodontist
feeling so confident and then I was X-rayed and I
saw my mouth for what it is. You know what my problem is? The Lord has blessed me with
extraordinarily large lips. Don’t look at ’em.
(audience laughing) Like try not to look at
’em, but they’re really big. They’re really big. They’re oddly big, okay, and I’m pullin’ ’em back right now. I can’t even let ’em out.
(audience laughing) And so my lips cover
up this damage, right? And so I can’t see
everything that’s going on because there’s not a lot of room for anything else but my lips. And so as they pulled it back
and as they looked at it, and as I was seeing for what I am I realized I am broken, broken. Listen to what Isaiah says,
he talks about his lips. (audience laughs) He says, “I’m a sinful man.” He says, “I have filthy lips.” Isn’t that interesting? Isaiah’s a prophet of God. Do you know what a prophet of God does? They speak for God. So the very thing that
he thinks is used for God he finds the most offensive. “I have filthy lips “and I live amongst a
people with filthy lips.” Isaiah doesn’t just see
himself for who he is, he sees people for who they are. And when we come encounter with God, we don’t just see ourselves,
we see each other, which is why the vision of
Sandals Church is not just real with yourselves and real with God. It’s real with ourselves, God and others. We don’t just need to see
ourselves for who we are, we need to see each other for who we are and we’re jacked up! Even those of us who are the best and think we’re goin’ in
for a little fender bender, it’s a miracle you’re alive! He said, “I’m doomed. “I’m a sinful man, I have filthy lips “and I live amongst a
people with filthy lips, “yet I have seen the King. “How is this possible
that someone as broken “as I am can see someone
as mighty as you are? “I’ve seen the King, the
Lord of Heaven’s armies. “Then one of the seraphim,”
the burning ones, “flew to me with a
burning coal he had taken “from the altar with a pair of tongs.” I want you to listen to
what was just said here. The burning one goes and
grabs a piece of fire that’s too hot for the burning one to grab so he gets a pair of
tongs, he grabs the coal and he puts it on Isaiah’s mouth, boush! And he said, “See, this
coal has touched your lips.” And Isaiah’s like, “I know, it hurts!” (audience laughs) He says, “Now your guilt is removed and your sins are forgiven.” You say, “Well, wait a minute,
Isaiah didn’t do anything.” Yeah, neither did you. Do you know why your sins are forgiven? Because God sent his son
to Hell who burned for you. He burned for you to save you. Isaiah didn’t do anything to save himself and neither can you. He says, “Now your guilt is removed “and your sins are forgiven.” Isn’t it amazing the attack in our society on all things that make shame and guilt? We don’t want people to
feel guilty for anything. We don’t want people to ever feel shame and yet our culture is more
filled with shame than ever. And do you know why that is? Simply pretending it isn’t
real doesn’t mean it’s not. Every single human being
knows deep down inside, there’s something terribly wrong and it’s because we’re separated from a Holy God who made
us and is calling us. “Then I heard the Lord asking,” I want ya to underline that. Many of you have questions for God, have you ever asked what
questions does God have for you? I hear people say all the time, “When I get to Heaven I got some questions “that need to be answered.” Can you imagine when people
stand before the God Almighty, who is surrounded by the burning ones, they’re like, “Hey,
Fred, you had a question, “go up to the front of the line!” He’s like, “Naw, no I don’t,
I don’t have a question.” (audience laughs) “No, no, Fred, I heard
you your whole life, “you have a question!” “No, I said I don’t have a question. “I am not gonna ask the
burning one a question.” “Then I heard the Lord
ask, ‘Whom shall I send “‘as a messenger to this people?’ “‘Who will go for us?'” Who will go for us? I thought there was only one God? Yeah, there is one God who is forever Father,
Son and Holy Spirit. That’s who God is. So Isaiah said, “Here is am. “Send me, “I’ll go.” Let me tell you something, the moment you answer this
call you are never alone. You will never be alone again because wherever you go, God is with you because you are following the will of God. Listen to me, 22 years ago, I was in Orange County
sittin’ in seminary listening to all these young bucks
that were gonna serve God and do great things. God was callin’ ’em to Laguna Beach, San Diego, La Jolla, Malibu, Hawaii, the Bahamas. God wants to break out
revival in the Bahamas. And I thought it was so interesting that all these mighty men
of God wanted to go places that everybody wanted to go. And then I heard the news
about the Inland Empire, how it was the fastest-growing
area in Southern California. All the people are going there, but God forgot to call
anybody to go there. So my wife and I, in Huntington Beach, said, “Here we are, “send us. “Send us.”
(audience applauding) Listen, we’re launching a church in Fresno. We have people that watch
Sandals from all over the world. There are now more
people that watch online than sit in seats. And do you know why that is? That’s what happens when
God says, “Who will go?” and you say, “I’ll go, “I’ll go.” Listen to me, you don’t tell
God where you’re gonna go, you say yes and God tells you where to go. – Amen.
– That’s what you do. That’s what you do. The problem is you, it’s not God! You want God to bless your
life, put your yes on the table! “Yes, God, I’ll go. “I’ll go!” Who will go for us? I said, “Here I am, Lord, I
got a burning lip problem, “but I’ll go! “I don’t know if I’m ever
gonna be able to speak again “’cause that burning thing
burnt my lips, but I’ll go.” What is God doing? Write this down, God is
inviting me to know him, him. “The eyes of the Lord
searched the whole Earth.” Some of you think you’re looking for God, you need to know God is looking for you. “The eyes of the Lord
searched the whole Earth “in order to strengthen those “whose hearts are fully committed to him.” Not to who you think he
is, but to who he is. You see, the problem is God
has created us in his image and so we’ve returned the favor and we’ve created God in our image. “Here’s what I think God is like.” We live in a world where
we get to choose everything about our lives. Listen to me, if you’re under 30, you have no idea how
different your life is from the rest of us. Okay, my kids don’t
understand commercials. They don’t understand that. “Dad, fast forward it, we
don’t have to watch this!” I’m like, “Well, how are we
gonna know which cereal to buy?” (audience laughing) My kids, literally, they don’t listen to the music the DJ plays,
they’re their own DJ. My kids don’t watch
movies, they are in movies. They make their own movies. That’s the world. Listen, if you’re a college student today and you go to college, you
can create your own major. That’s old people laughing,
that’s what that is. (audience laughing) “I don’t feel like any
of the 274 degrees fit “exactly who I am.” “That’s okay, we’ll let
you make up a major.” And so when we make up our own music and we make up our own movies, we make up our own world
and our own reality. We make up our own God and God says, “You don’t dare make up who I am.” Isn’t it interesting,
in a world that demands that everyone accept us
as exactly who we are, we don’t allow God the same favor? Oh, you get to tell God who you are, but God doesn’t get to tell you who he is? You know why that is? ‘Cause you’re on the throne, not God. And what that means is
you’re worshiping a false God because you’re a terrible God. God is inviting me to
know him, write this down. You’ll never hear this in the world. You’re never gonna hear this
on MTV, you know, music awards. You’re never gonna hear this on the news. Nobody’s ever gonna say this out loud. Let me tell you who God
is, write this down, God is terrifying. He’s terrifying! He’s scary! C.S. Lewis, when he writes
“The Chronicles of Narnia,” he intentionally chooses
a lion to play Jesus! And I’m not talkin’ about the lions that are in San Diego
Zoo that are on Prozac and are vegetarians! I’m not talkin’ about those lions! (audience laughs) You take your kids to San Diego,
“Look, kid, that’s a lion!” The lion’s like, “Yeah, what time’s yoga? “Yeah.”
(audience laughing) (groans) You know, you’ve seen those lions, there are animals running around, the lion doesn’t even care! That’s not a lion! A real lion, when it looks
at you, is simply thinking, “Maybe.”
(audience laughs) God is terrifying. We’re afraid of nothing today
and do you know why that is? Because we live in this fake world. Like I follow on
Instagram all these idiots that literally swim with sharks! “Oh, I’m swimming with a shark. “I’m swimming with a shark.” And one day you will be food for a shark! (audience laughs) And so I watched this video,
my friend sent it to me, of this guy getting into a shark cage. Well, at least he’s smart, he’s in a cage. He’s gettin’ in the
cage, here’s the problem, they’re feeding the shark,
they got the shark excited. The shark jumps in the air,
whoops, and falls into the cage! (audience laughs) I’m not a genius, I know you knew that, but cages are only effective when the animal is on
the outside of the cage! And this 14 foot great
white shark is in the cage, and oh, by the way, there
are divers in there. And you’re watching all these
experts go, “Ooh, ooh, ooh,” ’cause what do you do, nothing! Nothing, do you know why? There’s a great white shark in the cage and if it wants to eat, it will eat, and if it doesn’t, it won’t. And finally, the shark comes flying out and everybody’s just
waitin’, “Is Fred dead?” “I don’t know?” I don’t know why it’s Fred
today, I’m just pickin’ on Fred. (audience laughs) And Fred comes out and everybody
goes “Ooh, oh, my gosh!” I don’t think Fred’s
ever gonna dive again. Look, God is terrifying. The scariest thing you’ve ever seen, I want you to remember this, God made it. Do you understand that? God made it. He made it. Our God is terrifying, “For
our God is a consuming fire.” Why is it that the burning ones cannot approach the throne of God? Because even their fire,
as mighty as it is, is burned by the fire of God. Isn’t that crazy? The most powerful angels
in Heaven dare not look at God face-to-face. Our God is terrifying. I got good news, though,
our God is forgiving. Oh, thank you, Jesus! “The Lord is merciful and
gracious, slow to anger, “abounding in steadfast love.” Can you imagine if God
is as irritable as you? Right now in the middle of worship, some of you would just be going, pzzt, pzzt, pzzt, pzzt, pzzt!
(audience laughing) God’s watching us worship, he’s like, “Where’s those golf clappers?” Pzzt.
(audience laughing) Pzzt, pzzt, pzzt. Some of you would come to
church married and leave single. (audience laughing) Some of you would come in with
four kids and leave with two. You’re like, “Praise God.
(audience laughing) “God is good.” “The Lord is merciful and gracious, “slow to anger and abounding
in steadfast love,” but he does get angry. He does get angry. And there’s a world today
that says if God is love there wouldn’t be a Hell. And I’m here to tell you, if God is love there has to be a Hell, ’cause there’s a place these
shooters need to go, Amen? – [Audience] Amen. – Isn’t it amazing, all the
talk about gun violence, nobody ever talks about consequence? Has anybody noticed that? No politician brings up consequence because our culture is
terrified of consequence, which is part of the
problem for who we are. God’s not afraid to talk consequence, he actually lays it out for you. “Follow me or follow that fire.” That’s the choice. God is inviting me to join him. “My sheep hear my voice. “I know them and they follow me.” I can’t stand it when Christians say, “Well, God’s just with me wherever I go.” No, you’re supposed to be
with him wherever he goes. God doesn’t follow you, God’s not your dog that
you take on a walk, God is your king that you follow. And here’s the truth, some of you run around
pretending like you follow God, you follow your own whims, your own desires, your own passions and you wonder why you hate your life. Jesus said, “You need to die to your life “so you can find true life.” That’s what he said. God’s not trying to destroy
you, he’s trying to save you. You’re trying to destroy you. God is inviting me to
join him through service. What did the seraphim do? They attend him, they serve him. They serve him. Most Christians never serve God. You feel like you’re doin’ a good job ’cause you showed up at church, why don’t you serve God,
why don’t you do something? All of Isaiah 6 is a worship service. Some angels have to move coal. “I don’t wanna move coal, I wanna fly, “I want to be the singing one.” “Nope, you move coal.” Look, to have a worship service, there are un-glorious tasks. We got parking lot attendants, we should just change the name, call them the burning ones, Amen? (audience laughs) That’s what they’re doing today so you can have a parking space. And they go left and you’re
like, “I’m being persecuted! “They won’t let me park
in my parking space! “I’ve had a week, Lord!” as you sit in your car that’s 62 degrees. We could lose some
parking lot people today, just pfft, they’re gone. They wear orange, how would
we know they’re on fire? (audience laughs) “Each has received a gift,
use it to serve one another, “as good stewards of God’s grace.” Listen to me, God’s not
gonna hold you accountable for the gifts you don’t have. “Well, I would sing if I could sing.” Well, God didn’t give
you the gift of singing, but he has called you to serve. He’s called you to serve. God doesn’t want you to go to church, he wants you to be a part of the Church which means you serve at church. That’s the difference
between a child and an adult. A child complains when
they’re asked to serve, an adult gets it. Right? Next, through worship. “Therefore, let us be grateful
for receiving a kingdom “that cannot be shaken. “Let us offer to God,” underline
this, “acceptable worship.” “Well, God’s just happy
with whatever crap I serve.” No, he’s not. You know, at the end of service
when we have an offering? God says if you don’t want to
give it, he doesn’t want it. “Let us offer acceptable worship
with a reverence and awe.” We live in a world
where we revere nothing. At Sandals Church we
worship God on the weekends in a couple ways. Number one, we sing together. You’re like, “I don’t like singing! “Just get to the word of God, Pastor.” Okay, I’ll read a verse. “I will sing to the Lord
because he’s been good to me.” (audience laughs) Right, God’s been good to you. You know how I know? You’re not dead. You’re not dead. If I was God, most of you would be dead. (audience laughing) I mean, just pzzt.
(audience laughing) Pzzt, pzzt, pzzt. Pzzzt.
(audience laughing) I will sing to the Lord
because he’s good to me. Some of you are so mad at God and you are blessed at
how good he’s been to you. Next, I will listen to the
preaching of God’s word. What happens in this worship
service, listen to me, Isaiah is given a message and it’s a message that people
aren’t gonna want to hear. You know that Isaiah has
many, many famous passages, probably none more
famous than these words, “Woe to the people who call
good, evil and evil, good.” That’s our current culture. We shame what is good and
we honor what is evil. Listen to me, so many of
you are being pressured in the name of love and acceptance to reject God’s word and hate him. I’m all for love and acceptance. I’m all for love, I’m all for acceptance, but not if that means we hate
God’s word and we reject him! You gotta make a choice. It’s a difficult choice,
but we have to choose. “Preach the word, be ready
in season and out of season.” You know what that means? Sometimes preachers
don’t want to preach it and sometimes you don’t want to hear it, but the preacher has to
preach and we have to listen, that’s what it means. Then we give an offering. Some of you don’t understand this, but the offering is really
the desert of the service. It’s the crescendo, it’s the climax. It’s the most important
portion of the service because it’s where we all make decisions, and many of you, it’s when you bail. I don’t know what it is about our culture that leaves right at the end. When I was a kid, I went to
my first NBA basketball game. I’d never been to a game. I’m not exaggerating, we
got tickets on the floor of a professional NBA game. I was sitting next to Miss California, it was hard for me to watch the game. (audience laughing) My friend’s dad made us leave
the game three minutes early because he didn’t want to wait in traffic and the team we were rooting
for was down by eight points. We got in the car and turned the radio on and the announcer was in tears. “It’s the greatest game of my life! “I’ve never seen anything like this!” And I’m like, “Me neither!
(audience laughing) “Me neither, Miss California
saw it, but I didn’t!” What is it about our culture that we’re so afraid of traffic? Some of you guys on Judgment Day are like, “This line’s too long, I’m goin’ to Hell.” (audience laughing) That’s true! You’re like, “I’m done,
burning is better than this!” What is it about our culture? You know, Tammy and I, we went
to the Pageant of the Masters and if you’ve never been, it ends with the same painting every year, did you know that? It’s been going on for decades, they end with the same
painting every single year, considered one of the greatest works in all of history, by Leonardo da Vinci, and it’s “The Last Supper of Christ.” Do you know why that
painting is so remarkable? Some of you’ve never really looked at it, but every single thing in the painting, every beam, every beam
of light, every tile, every eye, every piece of fruit, every single thing in the
painting is looking at Jesus. – [Audience Member] Yes, Amen. – And yet people are walking away. Right at the moment when everything is
pointing right to Christ, all these people are walkin’ away. I’m like, “They must go to Sandals. (audience laughing)
“See you guys.” The offering is an important time, “Give to the Lord the glory he deserves.” You see, some of you
guys drive fancy cars, but you’re cheap with God. You know why that is? Because you want to sit
on a throne, not God. Some of you, man, you
can’t drink coffee at 7-11, but you give Starbucks more
money than you do your King. Starbucks can’t even get your order right. (audience laughing) Jesus Christ died perfectly
on the cross for your soul, you’re like, “Yeah, I
got no money this week.” “Give to the Lord the glory he deserves, “bring your offering and
come into his presence. “Worship the Lord in
all his holy splendor.” We live in a culture
that worships ourselves, we worship our image instead of his. Look, at the end of service, that’s not the time for you to bolt, that’s the for you to
give yourself, a prayer, an offering, a gift. That’s what it’s for. Last point, this is what
makes Sandals unique and I wish it didn’t. I gotta go fast ’cause you
guys are listening slow. Here we go.
(audience laughs) Here’s how we worship God at Sandals. This is an act of worship, some
of you guys don’t get this. Discussion is worship. We need to have a real
discussion and reflection about what God said. I want you to listen very carefully. Most commentaries, when you
read commentaries on Isaiah 6, everything is about what God does and nothing is about Isaiah’s message. We completely forget the message. Here’s the sermon he’s to give, God says, “Yes, go and
say to this people,” you know who that is? The people of God, the Church
of God, the Israel of God! “Say to this people,”
listen to these words, “‘Listen carefully,
but don’t understand.'” What the heck does that mean? What it means is you can sit in church, sit in worship, hear every
word and not get any word! That’s what it means! “Watch closely,” you can watch me online and miss every point! People say, “I watch
you online every week!” “Did you hear what I said?” I had a guy told me, he’s at the gym, he stopped me at the gym, he said, “Thank you, Pastor, for challenging me “to get married or break up.” I said, “You’re welcome, what’d you do?” You know what he said? “Neither.”
(audience laughing) I don’t know what to do with that. “Watch closely but learn nothing. “Harden the hearts of these people. “Plug their ears and shut their eyes. “That way, they will
not see with their eyes, “nor hear with their ears, nor
understand with their hearts “and turn to me for healing.” Here’s what God’s saying, “It’s a lot harder to get
right than you think.” And so many of you today
are sittin’ in here saying, “God, everybody needs
to hear this message,” and God’s like, “I’m talkin’ to you!” And that’s why you need
to be in commnity group where people can go, “Bro,
you’re full of crap,” and people can challenge
you and talk to you. And so when you say stupid
things like, “I hate singing,” people can confront that. ‘Cause your wife can’t confront that, she’s gotta go home with you, I don’t, I’ll confront it.
(audience laughs) We all need that, we
all need people who say, “What did you hear that
you didn’t understand? “What did you see that
you’re not obedient to?” Everything Isaiah is preaching
is meant to be discussed. Here’s the thing, listen to me, if you enjoyed the message
today, which I hope you did, you’re gonna forgot 90% of what I said, 10 minutes after you leave. You know what that means? You listened carefully,
but you didn’t understand. Here’s what the research
shows if you discuss it. You have 10 times more likely
to remember what was said and change your life. Look, here’s the challenge, get real. Get in a group and pray for
what God is doing in our church. Man, we’re reaching thousands
but that breaks my heart if thousands of people get
their life right with God but we miss you. I don’t want to miss you,
I want you to make it. I want you to get your life right with God and some of you need to
do that today, today. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, I pray
in the name of Jesus, Lord, that you would just
speak in this moment. And I know, Lord, that
some of us are tempted, we got places to go, things to do. God, I know it’s hot
and parking is a pain, but, God, can we just stop and listen? Could we try to understand,
could we be obedient? Lord, take our lives, let
us offer them up to you. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen. I love you, Sandals Church, God bless. – Here at Sandals Church,
we really do believe that this vision of being
real can change the world because Sandals Church is a non-profit that operates from donations
from people like you. Because when you donate, your
money goes to creating places for people to be real all over this world. So, man, I would love for
you to be a part of that and you can make a donation today by clicking the link on this
video, or going to So join us and join what God is doing through this vision of being
real and have a great day. (uplifting music)

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