Finding God in Church: Good News for Everybody

(upbeat music) – So I’ll just say I
think in the beginning one of the things that was most important to us was to translate
church into our culture so that we could have people
come who had never been in a church or maybe went to
a church as kids occasionally, maybe are looking for something now, or maybe their friend goes to church, and so they’re willing to check it out. We wanted to provide a space where somebody could potentially
have loads of questions, have no idea if they
believed in God and be okay in that space and not be
judged and participate to the extent that they wanted and maybe find Jesus in the process. (upbeat music) Three years ago, we
became fully inclusive, which is a big deal for church that has conservative beginnings. For many churches, maybe
somebody who identified as LGBTQ would be welcome
to come, welcome to attend, but there would be some of what our old denomination
would call a foul line. Like, you can come. You can give your money. You can sing your songs. Can come to our small groups,
but you can’t be a leader, or you can’t become a
member, and certainly, we could never marry you, and
you could never be ordained, but we shifted dramatically
over the course of years for all kinds of reasons, and that no longer seemed
like good news to us, no matter who you are and
what your sexuality is. We’re thrilled for you to worship here, and we want you to serve according to your gifting like anybody else would. (upbeat music) Our understanding that a big piece of what it means to be
Christian is to invite those who have existed on the
margins into the center. One of the reasons that I
love doing church today is that we have a chance
to declare that we think that the black lives matter sentiment is at the heart of the gospel. We think that God sent
Jesus for everybody. We believe that the good news
is good news for everybody, and if it’s not good news for everybody, then it’s not good news for anybody. (upbeat music)

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