F*CK YOU! I Don’t Understand Why This Keeps Happening…

Phil: ‘Sup, ya beautiful bastards! Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday, Welcome back to the Friday community show! If you’re new here, which is a possibility since 270,000 beautiful bastards have joined in the past 30 days, the Friday show is where I take a look
back at the past week of videos, look at your comments, and I reply to some of them. I’m a big believer that this channel
isn’t just me reporting news, it’s me having a conversation with you. Also, I like to use these videos as a way to give back to you beautiful bastards. In the last real Friday show, where
you guys made me dress like this: Thanks again for that by the way, I gave away a Gtx-1060 graphics card
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I am glad you guys are enjoying it. Also, and not connected to the sponsor thing- Thank god I had sponsors this week! Several times this week right from the beginning, “Videos demonetized”… We go though the appeal process, They go, “Oh Whoopsy!” That’s why I’m always so thankful to my sponsors. One, apparently I’m not “Advertiser friendly.” And two, if I didn’t have sponsors this week,
I would have LOST money making videos. But that ridiculousness aside,
let’s jump into the Monday video! Monday, we talked about the new California age law, Michael Irvin loving his selfie stick
and or a stick of another nature, the Snapchat sunglasses, and YouTube being sneaky with a ninja edit. (A girl and her bike) wrote: Phil: Yeah, when it comes to choice,
it can actually be a little bit confusing. Sometimes, there is a fear that “There’s just one thing, one style.That’s not enough-” ” – you need to give people choices.” But there are also studies that show if you give people too many choices – they might not engage. That’s why people latch on to specific brands. When I offer a shirt, if I offer too many options, the sales will actually go down. Give people the fewest barriers and stops from “I think I want this!” to “I bought this!” That said, I think the price point
for the consumer they are going for it is low enough that people will go “Oh yeah these are just the Snapchat-glasses!” and if there’s even remote success, I imagine we’re going to start seeing a bunch of different styles. (John B) wrote: So, this was in reference to the final note
I made on the video that our house had gotten broken into
while I was out of state. I don’t know if Lindsey will talk about this on ’cause I know that she is just over the situation. Which really quickly, as an aside – To anyone who works at YouTube that might actually be watching one of these videos- Why would my wife upload a video in “People and blogs” about a break-in into our home and you list it in “Comedy”?! The video, where my wife is crying ’cause she’s just remembering how scared she was for her and Trey, where she’s [laugh] that gets put into “Comedy.” I mean, I’m annoyed but I’m also – that’s hilarious. ‘Cause I’m just imagining someone going to that video and being like, “Okay, let’s – let’s laugh!” And then watching the whole damn video and being like, “I don’t get it. Is it a thinker?” And oh my god. She’s had such a nice community of 50 to 100,000 people. So all of the sudden, just the WORST people on the Internet hit that video because it was trending. I don’t know if I’ve ever had to see the phrase “Fucking white people, man” as many times, ever, in my life. But I also saw a lot of you guys in there,
giving her love, so thank you. Yeah, I am also proud of how
my wife handled everything. I saw a lot people were giving her shit because she mentioned that she had a gun
and she was ready to defend herself. People were tweeting me “Phil, that’s so wrong. You need to address this.” Ok! Lets address this. If someone breaks into my home, not only my home, but where my wife
and my baby are asleep, the last thing on my mind
is the health and safety of the intruder. What happens, happens, and this exact situation
is why I’ve always been “pro-guns.” I think there’s a conversation to be had
about mental health, background checks, how to properly store your weapons at home. And I know that viewpoint’s gonna alienate some of you guys, but it’s the viewpoint that I have. (Maddie Taylor) wrote: Phil: Damn you! I know, and I think in large part it’s the burnout. I feel like I’ve mastered fighting the burnout
of making videos on this channel. There was a while where like I just, I wasn’t really feeling it. But I stuck with this because I knew that I loved this. And I was just dealing with my ups and downs
and depression like I always have. But I never and still have not mastered doing my show and then picking up a camera and going “Hey, I also have other things to say!” Which is a big reason why this time, I made the creative choice to have someone follow me and some of the crew with a camera. It’s also eventually gonna be the stuff that you’re seeing but also the business side. And it’s why I’m starting up with so few videos a week and then ramping up. That said, I’m glad so many of you are loving these. (Sophia Astatine) wrote: Phil: As a country, yes. As a private organization, no. The way I personally see the first amendment
is that hate speech is not an exemption. That’s why those horrible fucks
from the Westboro Baptist Church can go somewhere with a sign that says “God hates fags.” So if Jim Bob Mc-Fucks-His-Mom goes into work with a “God hates fags” shirt, you could get fired. I guess “Freedom of Speech” doesn’t protect you from criticism or shame or mockery or consequences. Phil: Pretty much, as long as you’re not inciting a crime, spewing quote “fighting words,” making “true threats,” or sharing an obscenity as defined by the Miller test, you’re pretty much good. Then, (Austin Andrews), what up buddy? I always see you on Twitter: Phil: So, I-I learned this about five seconds after I uploaded the video. I wanna say now that you say it: Okay, I can see it easier. So okay, I get it now. I-I wanna ask the question: What kind of man, in every single tweet, feels it necessary to remind people that he was a Dallas Cowboy who won a Superbowl? Like if he’s ending a call with Domino’s, he’s like Phil as Irvin on phone: Yeah, double cheese, soda. Perfect, you got it. Okay. [voice gets louder] Michael Irvin out, I’m a Dallas Cowboy who won the Super Bowl!!! [quieter] See you in ten minutes. Phil: Which one, ten minute turn around time for pizza… not gonna happen. and two, it’s a bit obnoxious. Then, let’s jump to Tuesday. Tuesday, we dug into the Presidential Debate. Talked about who was lying, who wasn’t lying. Tuesday’s comments. How do I even pick any? Here-Here, let me-let me summarize every comment: “Why’d he go so hard on Hillary?!”
“Why’d he go so hard on Trump?!” “Why’d he go so SOFT on Hillary??”
“Why’d he go so SOFT on Trump??” “It’s OBVIOUS he’s votin’ for Trump.”
“It’s OBVIOUS he’s votin’ for Hillary.” and finally,
“Hey, I really liked this. You seemed really not biased.” Phil: Thanks, last person. And this is what I mean about elections
in general but also specifically this election. People that watched the debate,
people saw completely different things. There are people saying Lester Holt kept interrupting Donald Trump and that he’s being rude to Trump. People who were watching the same exact thing said Lester Holt was just stopping Donald Trump because he was going over his time,
he was interrupting Hillary. People said Trump consistently stopped and interrupted Hillary Clinton, other people said he was correcting her. And I’m glad so many of you agreed that I did a good job because yesterday was actually very interesting. There was a drop-off of subscribers and then
a HUGE surge of new, moderate subscribers. I think yesterday we went up around
3,000 subscribers but it was actually way more. ‘Cause there were people unsubscribing
in the middle of that. Then we had the Wednesday video. Wednesday, we talked about the Anti Defamation League labeling Pepe the Frog as a “Hate Symbol,” live-action “Lion King” confirmed, the top 10 paid comedians, Tinder boosts, and Miss Universe’s allegations against Donald Trump. (Neo Noir) said: Phil: What are you talking about?! What I’ve said and a lot of people say,
“Why do you keep repeating it?” Because people keep misunderstanding me like this. I’ve said I am not voting for
Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. but I’ve gone on to explain I am still voting
because, as you’ve said, the votes this year are very important but also
more than just for the presidency. There are a lot of people that are gonna be voted in, and there’s also a lot of state measures
that need to pass or fail. If you haven’t registered to vote yet,
just whatever device you have free, vote.usa.gov. Go there, select your state, register. (John Shannon) wrote: Phil: Then another comment so I can fully answer, (Lokrow P) wrote: Phil: Okay, right. So the main thing I was trying to get across in the story and I said it in the video is if you hit Trump, you gotta hit him clean. And the reason for that is if the story Hillary Clinton
and her campaign are trying to get across is “Miss Universe, this beautiful woman
who just happened to gain weight-” was fat shamed and called offensive names,” that speaks to who Donald Trump is as a human being. But when you’re dealing with a Trump or anyone
that’s decent as cross-examination, they’re gonna go after her character. And that’s why for the public, specifically the middle who seem to be flip-flopping almost every single week, it’s huge when Donald Trump goes down
in the polls because he’s been hit clean. His comments around the Gold Star family CRUSHED him, but given enough time, he can build back up. You can’t really shit talk a fallen solider. But with her, they go “Okay, so you’re taking at her word-” “Would you take her at her word if she was maybe involved in with a murder?” “Maybe she had political connections-” “She threatened to kill and ruin someone that didn’t go along with what she said.” Would that make the people in the middle go, “I wonder if Trump really did call her ‘Miss Housekeeper’.” “She did porn in the past, and she was hiding it.
What else is she hiding?” “What about when she was called out for having gone on record about having an eating disorder-” “-before she was Miss Universe but in the video,
blaming it on Trump?” Well, the real answer to that is: she could’ve
had an eating disorder before, was trying to deal with it,
and then Trump made it worse. But because there’s all this other “razzle dazzle shiny stuff” around the situation, people aren’t seeing it. And once again, when I say “people,” I’m talking
about the people in the middle. the independents, the undecided. So many people are already locked down for Hillary.
So many people are already locked down for Trump. I mean, Trump’s even joked about this. Way earlier in the campaign,
remember when he said this: Trump: …Where could stand in the middle
of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay? It’s like incredible. Phil: There are a LOTTA voters this year
that’re just LOCKED into their candidate. But also, a quick note to this story: Trump might not have played this off
as good as possible. He tweeted this morning about her “porn star past,” but like we were saying,
I couldn’t tell if it was actually her in the tape. And Snopes.com has now confirmed
that it’s actually NOT Machado but Angel Dark. But the tape everyone’s been sharing has Alicia Machado’s name on it. And then let’s jump to Thursday. Thursday, we talked about the David Beckham look-alike [joking] Which one’s which?! sixteen terrorists killed by their own explosive vests, horrifying police body cam footage being revealed, a teenage YouTuber who was arrested, and a woman who sent nudes of herself
to her ex-boyfriend’s child- You know, for revenge. (Don) wrote: (Theodore Williams) writes: Phil: In response to that, some people like Miles had this opinion, saying: Phil: Oh wow, and then they went after each other
over and over. This is a tricky topic that is made even worse
by the “auto-clumping-in” of certain people with giant groups of people. Example: the way Miles worded the stuff at the end, [quoting last sentence of comment] Phil: Unless you know Theo and he’s been
a part of protests and riots, I don’t know why you’re giving him ownership. It’s not helpful to the conversation being like
“All black people riot!” But also, I think it’s important to address
why some people are saying “Well, why aren’t people rioting over this white kid?”
“Black cops, white kid.” I think that comes from a frustration of people
that look at every single police shooting, justified and unjustified, being treated as equal reasons
to protest and then sometimes riot. It doesn’t help that during one of the
last big protests and riots, there were people going like, “Fuck white people!” Man in hat: -That all white people are fuckin’ devils. Man in hat: All white cops are fuckin’ devils,
and white people!” Phil: When it turned out that it was actually
a black officer that had shot a black person. But it’s also important to realize that not everyone that was angry was saying, “Fuck white people!” They were angry at law enforcement in general. And that’s the problem is that
we take these clumps of people- -and we attribute it to the whole. And that kinda thing goes into the bigger conversation of people getting angry when you talk about white privilege. I know being born a white man in this country
at this time- Amazing! I’ve seen friends and family treated completely different than myself just because of their gender or their race. But also some people confuse
being aware of that as having white guilt. I don’t feel guilty. I just acknowledge that in my life, if me
and two of my white buddies are hanging out at night in the middle of the street,
some people might go, “Oh, some drunk guys.” But if we were three Black guys, Hispanic guys, women- we would be treated or what people might assume
be completely different. You might not think different
but some other people would. But also, on the other end, I’ve been friends with people that are infuriated when they hear about white privilege. Overloaded with debt, don’t have a job,
things aren’t going well. And then someone goes, “Hey, white privilege.” I’m not even sure the level of rage I would feel. I-I, my shit is going horrible
and you’re saying I’m “privileged”? That I have this invisible advantage
in life and my life sucks? And this is me trying to understand people on both sides and trying fully understand the situation. I just wish more people could understand
where other people are coming from. Doesn’t mean that everyone on any side
is going to agree with anything but at the very least, we can start a better conversation. But I’d love to know your thoughts. But on that happy note, that’s where we gonna end today’s episode. I wanna thank you guys for another fantastic week. Also, some final notes: Thank you for all the love over at… This week, we uploaded two brand-new docuvlogs. So much love and what’s really awesome
is that Wednesday video we posted, probably the least interesting
of all the new ones coming out. I’m starting it two times a week right now,
Monday, Wednesday. My hope is that once we figure out the work flow,
we can go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. But we’re not gonna rush to get to that schedule. But uh, my fear is getting to a point where
we’re just throwing out garbage videos. and I’m just really loving this part again. Also, yes, I know that last week I didn’t have videos on this channel over the weekend. Come back tomorrow, there will be a Saturday video and we MAY do something special Sunday. But that said of course, as always: My name’s Philip DeFranco, you’ve just been “Phil’d in,” I love yo’ faces and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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