Fatiguing Priest: A Firebat Story

We’ve got a shitload of value so we should be all right against Priest. Deck is greedy as balls! Get him. 1/1 on 1/1 combat. We’re going to save the Murlocs to try and… land the Gentle Megasaur and get Divine Shield or something, to get outside of AoE range. Big board extension. Control v Control. I kept the Murloc in case we hit the 1-drop it’s nuts. Play 1-drop, buff it. It might have been just wrong. It might be better to hard mulligan for Truesilver, Wild Pyromancer and Equality. Pal-a-din. [laughs] March of the dudes. We’re beating the Hero Power now. Hmm, bye dudes. Heals, for what? Like Hammer of Wrath? The threat of the Murlocs… 8-drop? I don’t like THAT… Now we’ll see how this goes. I want to make it 4 attack, so he can’t (Shadow Word:) Pain it. Eventually we find Equality, right? [laughs] [whispering] He probably has (Shadow Word:) Death. Oh-kay. Is this Reno Pr- I mean Kazakus Priest? Gotta lot of one-offs in there, man! Aaaahhh, I need Equality. Or Gentle Megasaur, one of the two. Either of those is really good because we can then buff and let our minions stick. Right now we can get it to… this gets up to 6, this to 5. So we can blow our Warleaders and trade this down. Now Deathwing is finally dead. [laughs] He is way deeper than we are in the deck as well, so we can out-value him eventually. Our Gentle Megasaurs are going to kinda suck now though… but what are ya going to do. We didn’t really have another option. Now we have three Equalities. So it’s likely that we can remove every threat he plays for the rest of the game. [USB device disconnect sound] This seems pretty good. Just starting to get chip damage on him every turn We have enough activators for the three Equalities still. Another Consecrate and another Primordial Drake. So 1, 2, 3, 4. Four activators. Ooh. Now we just have to hope that THIS doesn’t destroy us. Hopefully he doesn’t get like four Elises, or something ridiculous that we can’t beat with our value plan. Never lucky. It’s probably going to be a problem if we don’t take care of it. See if we can get Getaway Kodo. Okay. We can just Getaway Kodo important minions like these guys. We need him to NOT get anything infinite value and he rips Sherazin. Ugh, now I got to deal with that shit. Just bounce that a few times. He’s fatiguing way faster. [louds sounds of a chip bag] [eating sounds] [Cartman: GODF***ING DAMMIT!] [airplane noises] [the exact same airplane noises again, these sound effect guys were really lazy] [car stopping, car door opening and closing [doorbell ringing] “Hello?” [loud thud] [munching] More infinite value cards! Goddammit. [munching] Did he ONLY get infinite value cards? Ridiculous. Okay. Some of those weren’t very good for him. He has three real cards and three from an Un’Goro Pack. Oh, he has another Un’Goro Pack, right. Because the first one was created by Shadow Visions. So he has five additional cards, because he has another pack. I don’t think Sherazin is worth Equality-ing over. I played the wrong one, now he knows I have two. [laughs] Oops! What are ya gonna do. That’s pretty good value. [welcomes new Twitch subscriber] Second Forbidden Healing! Let’s see if we can get a Getaway Kodo. All of these kind of suck. [welcomes new Twitch subscriber] All right, the second Pack! Second and hopefully final pack. Oh my! He should’ve waited until he could pop this and get the deathrattle, get two of them. What the hell is he doing. He has one Pain left. I guess he has it. Why would it make Sherazin die? I guess, maybe because of the text on Sherazin. I was playing this card earlier today, 8 hours ago, climbing with Hunter. It was actually sick. I’d get Coin, Rat Pack into this guy and 3 mana 5-5 after a Rat Pack is really good. I wonder why not many people play this card. It’s actually pretty good in Hunter. Well, he’s out of Pains, so it’s pretty likely to go off now. I guess he has some other answer. Ohhh… interesting. [sneer] Missed 3/3. I think this is good enough. He’s gonna get a Vine Cleaver, nooooo. Or Equality. I got like Vine Cleaver, Equality, Consecrate, Vilefin (Inquisitor) left. Drawing a card. [laugh] Why? Oh. Okay. He must not have a lot of minions left, man. That seems desperate. Right? See if we can finish. If we get… Windfury and attack, that’s twenty… I think I can just go face, right? I don’t know what’s in his hand though. [laughs] Half his hand is random cards. I should have just took Windfury, man. Okay. Well… glad we played this whole game out. [laughs] Uh, no. Well, he drew a card, that’s good! He’s drawing a lot of cards, that’s good. He’s fatiguing for… a little bit. Oh, Yogg won the Brawl. Now Sprint! Okay. He takes 5, and then we hit him for 4 + 2. …or he does this. I want to get this back if it’s Freezing (Trap). It’s Explosive (Trap) or Misdirection. Well, we kill him next turn. As long as we’re not dead, we Equality>Consecrate and win. This has been the weirdest deck to try and fatigue. RNG Priest with Yogg. And we’re fatiguing it. [munching] We almost died! If that Misdirection went towards my face, we died. We’ve successfully fatigued… Yogg RNG Priest! [outro music]

80 thoughts on “Fatiguing Priest: A Firebat Story”

  1. Don't trigger that Deathrattle, it doesn't spawn a second one! It simply puts the one you target into Dormant mode again!

  2. 13:10 that's not how curious glimmerroot works, it draws from any cards that STARTED in your deck.

  3. Ok , I'm going to get my ass flamed off here, but how is deathwing an 8 drop? I thought free from amber only included 8 mana cost cards

  4. at around 9 minutes, if he used forbidden healing on the 1/2 death rattle murloc he would have got another back and possibly won right? it was only used it to proc the shezian plant guy, it healed for 1.

  5. someone please tell me why attacking the DW with a 1/1 was the right play!? I'm not saying it wasn't but I just don't understand why attack it instead of face? Help?

  6. Did I totally imagine being able to attack with Sherazin the turn it revived? I think maybe you can do it as long as it didn't die that same turn?

  7. 8:46 Couldnt the Priest heal the murloc so it would return the heal? Anyone who could confirm a possible misplay?

  8. Pretty sure Sherazin doesn't work like that. Its deathrattle says "Go dormant", not "summon a seed", so if you trigger it without killing the minion, the minion itself turns into the seed, essentially dying. I'm surprised you didn't see, there are a few videos out now showcasing it.

  9. I doubt i would have won that matchup, i may have jsut rage quited after seeing the RNG of that guy…

  10. How does the interaction between Sherazin and getaway kodo work? Do you get two? Or does it just return to your hand? Does anybody know?

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