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Here we are with Emmett LaFave, driving. We’re going to check out some classic fast food spots. Doing sort of a review of the food and the whole experience. Yeah, we’ve got a lot of secret menu items we’re going to talk about. Yes, yeah. The theme for this week is going to be secret menus. First up: Burger King! Burger King, the king of the burger. I miss the Burger King mascot, that guy was creepy. Hey, welcome to Unfazed Review. And I’m Ben Stirek. And we’re going to talk about Burger King today; we’re going to take a look at the secret menu items. The most iconic burger on the Burger King secret menu is the Suicide Burger. Loaded with bacon and cheese, stacked down the line. Everyone knows. We’re going to go check it out and see if they have it. Uh, could I do this please? Also, get the Vintage Kid’s Classic? Alright, so the reason we were really excited about coming here and looking at the secret menu at Burger King, is because they have a vintage kid’s meal. So as you can see, you get a regular King Jr. meal, right? But the difference is, at select locations in the United States and Canada, you can actually get vintage toys that they have stockpiled. So this one we have… From 1997: Land Before Time. I don’t know if you guys can see that. Now, some locations don’t have them, but certain ones in North America and Canada do. So just ask for a vintage kid’s meal, and you might get lucky and have some toys to add to your collection. Alright, let’s see what Emmett got in his. We just got our food, again, the vintage toy thing, I have no idea what I’m going to get. Let’s check it out. A burger toy! Very meta. I’m a fan. It opens up, It’s a Transformer Burger. Alright, so, another one we’re really excited about is called the Elvis Presley Burger. So, some locations have no idea what we’re talking about, but luckily, this one had it. Basically, it’s just got crazy amounts of meat. So you got… Chicken, the regular burger patty, cheese… and bacon as well. It’s a heart attack waiting to happen, pretty much. And uh, yeah. Sometimes they also call it just “The King” but if you ask for the Elvis Presley a lot of places will know what you’re talking about. Let’s give it a shot, let’s see how it is. Surprisingly decent. I should really go to the doctor. We’re on our way to the next… Toy Station, Stop. Fast Food Restaurant… Fast Food Restaurant. Emmett. Sorry. Ah, the smell of fresh cheese. We’re here at Arby’s. Now, Ben and I are pretty well-versed in the realm of Secret Fast Food Items, but… Arby’s has something called the “Dirty Burger”, I’ve no idea what to expect. We’re about to order it, check it out. Uh, could I get the “Dirty Burger” please? The Who-burger? We just ordered the “Dirty Burger”. We just sat down, it’s a beautiful day, let’s check it out. I have no idea what to expect. Not really sure about that one… kind of confused. There’s something else in here, it’s probably the burger. Never seen anything like this before. Man there’s always someone in front of you in the drive-thru that’s just a fucking dickhead. They always take a fucking eternity to order their shit for their stupid kids. Always in a GMC. Fuck ’em. They seem like nice people. We just got back from Filibertos, one of the most authentic Mexican cuisines in all of Arizona. I got the classic chicken tacos. Let’s check it out. Here- Okay. There are the chicken tacos, uh… I don’t know what this is. We should probably get out of here. Yeah. We gotta get out of here. So all in all it was really a good time checking out these different restaurants, and checking out their secret menus. And maybe we’ll do a Part 2 if you guys are interested. Dude, is my nose bleeding? I feel like my pulse is fucking insane right now. Can you, like, look up if there are any ER’s nearby? Dude, I’m gonna fucking die. Have you seen the old-school toys from the nineties?

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  1. Holy Balls! I had that exact Land Before Time kids meal toy when I was in kindergarten. I remember it squirt water out the beak, and I took it to a friend's birthday party at the park. I don't think I've thought about that toy since I had it, 20 years ago. Ha!

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