Extra Crispy Air Fried Chicken Wings – Chicken Air Fryer Recipes

what is up everybody this is Lyle hippie
BBQ and what I’ll be making today is gonna be some air fryer Tabasco pepper jelly hot
wings I’m gonna try to change this up just a little bit if you’ve been
watching any of my latest chicken wing videos what I really started liking to
use to give my chicken some nice crispness is cornstarch well we’re going
to kind of change this up a little bit today what I’m going to do is we’re
actually going to double batter the chicken wings in cornstarch and see how that turns out the Best Air Fryer
little bit of an experiment as far as the air fryer that I’m going to be using
in this video I’m gonna be going old-school I’ve had a few people asking
what happened to my actifry so we are going to be using my t-fal actifry air fryer
in this recipe for those of you guys that don’t know i’m not going to be
seeing what temperature i’m cooking these wings at because the Actifry does
not have a temperature adjustment on it it’s either on or it’s up as far as our
ingredients go use whatever seasoning you like what I’m going to be using is
the seasoning called Rich’s River dirt and it’s his sweet version and we’re
going to be using this to season the chicken wings coating it and cornstarch twice and
we’re gonna hit with some of this tabasco pepper jelly which should melt down real good
on these wings so I’m gonna leave a link to where you can buy this in the
description below and the guy that has this for sale actually has a youtube
channel as well so I’m gonna leave a link to his YouTube channel in the iCard
above and description below run by there show some love anyway our first step
with these chicken wings is we just need to go ahead and get the wings seasoned up so
let me get my gloves on a little bit working on that let’s start seasoning
these up we’re not going to get to this Tabasco jelly till later so I’m gonna go
ahead and set this to the side and we’re just gonna go ahead and get a nice layer
of seasoning on these wings and these wings are still moist from when I rinsed
them off and that’s enough seasoning and here’s a
close up of this product in case you want to run by there and get some
there’s a few different versions of this like I said we’re rolling with the heat
in this sense or the sweet since we’re going to be having a little bit of heat
from that Tabasco jelly now we’re going to do is coat them with cornstarch and
now I’m just going to put these chicken wings on a wire rack and they’re gonna go in the
refrigerator for about an hour and then we’re gonna bring them back out
maybe dip them in some egg wash and then some more of this cornstarch I’m really
excited to see how this experiment turns out these wings just came out of the
refrigerator after sitting in there for about an hour we have our cornstarch and
then I have three eggs that are beaten with about a tablespoon and a half of
milk and I have that whisked up I’m going to add a little bit more of this
rope to the cornstarch and that’s just to give it a little bit of you know just
a slight bit of color more than anything else and now here’s what their
experiment begins so we’re going to come over get this in our egg wash bring it
over to our cornstarch we’re gonna do all of these and they’re gonna go back
in the refrigerator for another hour and you know see if this makes them even
crispier than before so these are our last two it looks like
we have just about the exact amount of cornstarch anyway I am so excited to see
how these turn out we will pick this up in about an hour
got to go get these chicken wings out of the refrigerator in the meantime what
I’m going to do is I’m going to take our Tabasco pepper jelly and I’m just going
to throw it in a pot and we’re gonna throw it on the stove and just heat it
up slowly until it becomes kind of like a glaze so that’s what we’re gonna do
with that and I’m going to go ahead and preheat this air fryer for about five
minutes I’m just gonna turn it on and let it run so now that we have the air
fryer preheated just go ahead and add our wings I’m gonna take this paddle out
and it looks like I’m gonna be doing this in a couple batches okay let’s roll about 15 minutes in on this and these
wings look like they’re getting a little bit dry so I am going to hit these with
some olive oil spray and with the Actifry if you don’t have the paddle in
things tend to cook a little bit hotter kind of around this area so we’re just
gonna kind of spin these around before we spray them alright let’s get it a
little coating on there and I guess at this point if I wanted to take https://fryersearch.com/power-air-fryer-xl-reviews/
everything out I probably could put the paddle back in here since the coating
has set but I’m just gonna let them roll the way they are now they might be done
in about ten minutes we’ll check back then wings have had a chance to cook for
about 25 minutes and looking through the looking through this window I can tell
that they are cooked about as much as I need them to now I’m just gonna go ahead
and drizzle some of this sauce on it smear fact let’s just go ahead pour this
in and I’ll kind of mix these up in the sauce so that’s been about a minute now we’re
just going to go ahead and kind of flip these over so that this sauce can get on
both sides of these wings so guys I got these things plated up already
they look good I’m gonna go ahead and just kind of drizzle a little bit of
this on top of them of these this sauce is extremely hot so I am going to go
ahead and let that cool down before we get into this taste test so let’s get into these chicken wings do we
think hmm I might want to let that cool down a
little bit all right so what I think well I think that these wings are good I
think that just going with the a set of double battering it because double
battery it almost took away the main thing that I like about using cornstarch
on wings this has more of a heavier kind of almost a flower base coating on it
but mister was good that sauce you know that Tabasco gently said it was spicy
it’s about it’s about as mild as you can get so good flavor though I’d like to
thank you guys for stopping by no hippie BBQ air fried extra crispy chicken wings Best air fryer chicken wings. Extra crispy chicken wings

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  1. Tabasco Pepper Jelly: https://amzn.to/2R8xETh
    Information on the T-Fal Actifry Air Fryer: https://amzn.to/2D0GBLf
    One of my other air fryers: https://amzn.to/2SfaHis

  2. Ohh we are going Air Fryer OG! Nice to see the ole actifry girl out again Lyle, those wings look mighty fine..you would think tobasco jelly would have some kick to it..hmmm…

  3. Hi Lyle, I really like the idea of a spicy jelly. I may just make my own that's REALLY spicy hot! Your wings look DELICIOUS. Thanks for continuosly showing new stuff! ๐Ÿ’ž

  4. The Air fryer work Great them Chicken Wings looks so very delicious i have subscribe to you. I also have a cooking channel maybe you could stop by my channel maybe we could support each other

  5. Looks great Lyle, I love the Richโ€™s river dirt, all of them are good. Also a bit of baking powder crisps up the skins too. The pepper jelly glaze sounds like a winner. Great job brother!

  6. The wings look great! I am using baking powder right now as suggested by Bad Beast BBQ. Not to push you, but I hope the review of the Z Grills is up soon while the sale is still going on.

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  8. Lyle, maybe single battering with cornstarch would have been enough, huh? Even double battered, your Tabasco Jelly air-fried wings fired up my salivary glands! Yummo!

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  10. Can not go wrong with a batch of wing. Great idea with the jelly, even though it was not as spicy as one would think.
    Nice cook Lyle.

  11. GREAT job air frying those chicken wings Lyle, they looked amazing man, and that Tabasco Pepper Jelly on those wings had to be outstanding. GREAT JOB MY BROTHER. GOD BLESS YOU LYLE.!!!!!!

  12. I was all excited about this Tobasco Jelly until you said it wasn't that hot. I have a Habanero Raspberry that is delicious and packs a good amount of heat, but it still might not be up to your levels.

  13. I like the idea of "hot pepper jelly wings" but I'd like some heat in mine. I'm surprised that the Tabasco brand was not hot. But the wings looked great and I would eat those for sure! Thanks!

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  16. Thank you, Lyle! I was skeptical of my spouses desire to get an air fryer until I started seeing your wings. We got one on Sunday and have not stopped frying since. Wings, Pickles, Onion rings. New cooking obsession. Love your content, Brother!

  17. I never used cornstarch on my wings, Iโ€™m stealing that one. Old Actifry still has it๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚They looked delicious, thanks for sharing๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  18. I love using cornstarch when I fry, it gives such a nice texture. I especially love it on orange chicken since it seems to really cling to the sauce. The red pepper jelly on these looks so good too ๐Ÿ˜‹ Great recipe as always Lyle!…….Also call a sista lol ๐Ÿ˜„

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