EXPOSED: Witchcraft In The Church!!!

PROPHECY TIME Hallelujah. Prophecy Time There is a brother there – you are a witch doctor. Let me call you a spiritualist. That is the modern name now. You cannot hear ‘witch doctor’ or ‘babalawo’ again. All are now spiritualists. Ok. Modern spiritualist – he’s here. Please, come. Jesus loves you. Hallelujah. Thank you. Prophecy Time I am a traditional doctor – a chief priest. Chief priest, you wear a modern t-shirt? Yes, sir. Assuming I did not call you out, you would still go back to the life of a chief priest. Can you move back – see the chief priest. He wears the latest. Prophecy Time I told you, they are spiritualists nowadays. You see the t-shirt and the latest canvas. Prophecy Time Man of God, everything you said about me is true. TESTIMONY CONTINUES Emmanuel! (God With Us – Matthew 1:23) I am Dr Samson Omaye. I am from Edo State (Nigeria). Dr Samson Omaye – Edo, Nigeria This man is my younger brother. He is also a community leader. The next person is my immediate brother, from the same community. The next person is my elder brother – the head of our family. The next person is my younger brother. The brother in blue attire is a relative. I am Dr Samson Omaye, the chief priest of sango and obaluaye. What do you mean by that because many people do not understand? These were the idols I worshipped. They did some things for people who came to me for help. In other words, you are a chief priest serving idols? Yes, I served idols. I served these idols for 35 years. I reside in Ologbo, Edo State. I want to testify about the prophecy the Man of God gave me on June 5, when I came to The SCOAN. I sat at the extreme end of the church. The day I came to The SCOAN, I disguised myself. I wanted to know if the Man of God would be able to identify me. I came with jeans and a t-shirt. The prophecy he gave me that day was very correct. When people came to me, I would give them medicine and different charms but at the end of the day, they would come and tell me that the things did not work. I started realising many things in my life – that this had been obstructing me and giving me problems. Things were not working well with my family and it gave me sickness and many other negative things. Each time my wife gave birth, the baby would die; this happened four times. So, I felt as a chief priest, why should I serve deities that were not working but made me to suffer. So, I wanted to denounce them and said that I didn’t want to do it. Each time I made a move, these things would strike me with stroke. So, I would go back and serve them again. After serving them, I would recover; this happened three times. I was worried and complained to my younger brother who works here in Lagos. I told him that I wanted to stop this job of serving idols because there was nothing good in it. It has given me a lot of problems – no peace, resting or peace of mind. Other people who also worked for them were also saying that it wasn’t working for them. So, what is the point. My brother told me to come to The SCOAN. I told him that I had never been to Lagos before. Since I was born, I had never stepped into any church because I believed that idol worshipping was the best. He said that I should watch Emmanuel TV. I installed DSTV, GoTV and MyTV and started watching Emmanuel TV. I saw the way the Man of God was delivering people and I was excited. I was convinced. When I wanted to leave my place, I did not tell my family and wife that I wanted to come to The SCOAN. I told my wife that I wanted to travel. My wife asked me where I was going and I told her not to ask me. So, I left. I took my jeans, t-shirt and canvas shoes and left. That was why I came to The SCOAN that day. I disguised myself and sat down. I thought to myself, “If he is really a man of God, he will identify me. Let me see”. Indeed, he identified me. He called me out and delivered me. We only want to take you a bit backwards to when you said you decided to come to The SCOAN through your brother who introduced you to Emmanuel TV. When you came, you said you intentionally disguised yourself? Can you tell us why you disguised yourself. Why? Because I wanted to know if the Man of God could identify me as a witch doctor, spiritualist and chief priest. That was why I disguised myself. Ok. How did you feel at the moment when the Man of God spotted you out among the crowd? When he spotted me out, I was very happy because that was the reason I came. When he called me and I came out, the people who sat near me were looking at me because the way I was dressed and disguised, they never knew that I was that type of person. So, they held me but I removed their hands and said, “Leave me, do you know the reason I am here? I came here for a reason”. When I came out, the usher asked me for proof that I was a witch doctor. So, I brought the photographs to show them so that they could believe that I was the person. The reason I want to quit this job – I served these deities for 35 years but I encountered problems in my family and with my wife. My wife gave birth to a baby four times but each time, the baby died. The people I worked for would also come back and tell me that the charms were not working. So, I decided to quit and that was why I came to The SCOAN. I had bad dreams – I would fight with demons and they would chase me, eating in my dream and they would hold cutlasses and axe and chase me in order to kill me. These were the bad dreams I had at that time but after my deliverance, I slept like a baby. There was nothing like that again. Shall we put our hands together beautifully for the miracle working God! We want to hear from you where those idols are that you are talking about. The idols are outside, I decided to bring all of them here in order to denounce them. You mean that you brought everything? Yes, I brought everything from my shrine. They are outside. Dr Samson Omaye – Deliverance Testimony They are outside. Can you go and show us where they are. Dr Samson Omaye – Deliverance Testimony Dr Samson Omaye Explains How He Used To Serve The Various Idols In His Shrine These are the idols; I brought all the idols. These are the idols in my shrine because I don’t need them anymore. I don’t want to serve them. These are the deities; I don’t want to serve them anymore. I want to serve God; I want to serve Jesus. Dr Samson Omaye Explains How He Used To Serve The Various Idols In His Shrine This is the skin of a cow. Dr Samson Omaye Explains How He Used To Serve The Various Idols In His Shrine This is sango. Dr Samson Omaye Explains How He Used To Serve The Various Idols In His Shrine If anybody came for anything, from anywhere or asked anything, I would serve sango for the person. From there, I would give it to the person to go with, for whatever they had requested it for. At the end of the day, it didn’t work them anymore. This one is oleru. This is oleru and ayelala. I used it to work for people. After working for them, I would give it to them to go with. At the end of the day, it wouldn’t work for them. Dr Samson Omaye Explains How He Used To Serve The Various Idols In His Shrine This one is olugbowu. That is, after they had come for their consultation, I would use it to pray for them. But in the long run, everything stopped working. They would come back and complain. I don’t need to worship them anymore. This is esu, the deity we used to send to work for people. Esu means demon – satan. That is, the person they are casting out in the church. We would send it to people and something would enter the person we sent it to. This esu would go into that person. It would motivate that person to do wrong, bad things. The demon would be in that person to do wrong things. Before an esu worshipper can serve sango and sango to get into that person, he should tell esu to go out of that person. That is the work of this. Dr Samson Omaye Explains How He Used To Serve The Various Idols In His Shrine This one is olugbowu. After you serve esu, you need olugbowu. That is it. This one works together with esu to enable esu – that demon – to leave the person immediately. That is it. It destroys. Then this one is orunmila. After serving sango and everything, you serve orunmila to crown them all so that it would enable the deities to work fast. That is this. Dr Samson Omaye Explains How He Used To Serve The Various Idols In His Shrine This one is the head of a ram given to sango before he goes to work. When they came, I would consult the Ifa to know the type of things he wanted to take from the person before he went out to there to work for the person. For instance, someone says that someone stole his property. It is this deity that enters inside this person to go and steal from the person. Before we did that, we would first serve esu, then give this ram to sango. Then we would let esu go for the deity to come out of that person before sango would get there. If not, sango cannot get that person arrested if the deity does not come out from the person’s body. This one is a calabash. We don’t use glass to serve sango; it is always a calabash. Each one of these things has their own calabash we use to serve them. This one is two – one for sango and one for ayelala and oleru. It is two. This one is the ram. When we give sango the ram, they will then bring somebody to take the skin away. Then the chief priest will use the skin to sit down to worship the deity. That is how all of these things are made. In line with your explanation, sir, you said these idols are no longer working? Yes. What do you mean? When they were working before, what kind of work were they doing? They destroyed things. They worked for destruction. Now, I don’t need to serve them anymore because they are destructive items. So, I had to come and denounce them because it is not good for a human to serve them. I want to tell my colleagues out there who are serving idols that they should stop serving them because nothing good comes from there. It is Jesus Christ that everybody should embrace and totally submit to. There is no light in serving idols, when they give you a pot, they will take your stove. Whatever they give to you, they will take it back a hundred times. It is not good to serve deities. Thank You, Jesus! I am no longer serving idols. I have given my life to Jesus. Our father, we rejoice with you greatly for the deliverance and salvation you received through the message of prophecy that came here at The SCOAN. I also want to advise you by saying that as much as you have been delivered through the Word of God, go and make His Word the standard for your life and we pray as you go and maintain your salvation through the Word of God, it will remain permanent in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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