Exploring the SCP Foundation: The Church of the Broken God

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  2. wait… thats like 4 months from now…
    welp we gon get turned into mutants from rick n morty season 1 damn

  3. I’ve watched scp-610, please find the rest of the broken god.
    EDIT:months left ladies and gentlemen. I’m 1 1/2 hours away from NYC. I’m investing in a flamethrower.

  4. So every 'fleshy' and sentient scp was created by Mekhane and every robotic and machine-like scp was created by Yaldabaoth

  5. I love how people weave these stories to low key or sometimes straight up explain past points in history

  6. Mekhane sacrificed himself to protect humanity he didn’t want the church of the broken god to turn humans into fucking cyborgs.

  7. This is part 2 of the oroboro cycle that has been told to us but we have just never noticed til now, ha well I relilased that he told us the same story but only a glimpse of the cycle

  8. The two gods, metal and life sound like they're from Xenoblade Chronicles, not to mention one of them is named Yaldabaoth, like from Persona 5…strange.

  9. Every time I see the black and white illustrations in the video I can only think of the opening theme of Windwaker

  10. What I'm interested in is if The House of the Worm fits into the church. In the journal associated with the SCP, an "Iron Worm" that "had no teeth, but masses of grinding gears that tore flesh and stone to pulp" is described. My initial thought was that the worm might have been the false Mecha that tore up Mexico, but the vision showed the worm destroying Europe. After considering it a bit more, I think I realized something. What if, the mechanism that the man was building under his house was actually Mecha or some part of Mecha and that the soul of Mecha was what gave him the visions of the schematics. However, during the process was interrupted by the soul Yaldaboth (is that how you spell it?) which changed the schematics to create the body parts in the vials, and affected Eudora to create the counter cult in the limbo world. This is all speculation, and probably far from the intent, but given how one of the final floors is what appears to be a church made entirely out of gears and pipes makes it hard not to believe there is some kind of connection the the Church of the Broken God.

  11. sarkics= plague marines and other
    mekhanites= proto adeptus mechanicus
    SCP foundation= proto imperium of man ( without the god-emperor )

    me: just a random guy with too much free time and lots of college debts.

  12. “It’s believed that a massive outbreak of SCP-610 will occur on December 31st, 2019”
    Looks at calendar. Welp. I guess we’ll soon find out if the SCPs are real.

  13. Would you rather get infected with:

    A totally sick [;)] virus that turns parts of your body into cogs and metal, basically making you a cyborg.


    A crappy virus that just causes you to sprout some weird flesh thingies making you look gross.

  14. It's gonna happen in a few months, get the fuck ready, people!!! The best New Year's ever!!! We're gonna hit the reset button!!!

  15. The Church was never really interesting for me, compared to the Factory and Dr. Wondertainment… until this video. The story behind it was really interesting. Thank you for making that video and casting more light on this subject.

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