Ethiopia’s Chapel in the Sky

(religious inspired music) – [Narrator] The Tigray
Region in Northern Ethiopia is known for its assembly
of rock-hewn churches. Sculpted out of sandstone, the most wondrous of
these is Abuna Yemata Guh. There’s only one way up. You have to climb this cliff face. Welcome to the world’s
most perilous church. Established in the fifth century, the church is named after its founder and builder, Father Yemata. Perched 650 feet above a steep cliff, some say he chose its location to be closer to heavenly spirits, others argue it was a strategic
move to avoid his enemies. Either way, the church’s location, ceiling frescoes and
precious goat skin bible have attracted worshipers for centuries. The church has 20 clergymen. And is managed by this
high-ranking priest. He has lived here for over 47 years. And he makes the climb everyday. (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] For fearless worshipers, the two hour trek to
the top begins by hiking to the bottom of the rock
from the valley below. Visitors must first remove
their shoes before climbing. (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] The final obstacle
to the church’s entrance can test the most ardent pilgrim’s faith. A narrow cliff ledge with
a deadly drop to left and no room for error. Once through you may
think you’re in heaven, but you’ve never felt more alive. (speaking foreign language)

100 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s Chapel in the Sky”

  1. God bless my beautiful country!people in ma country are amazing. They go trough a lot for their faith.but this days false believers and selfish politicians are trying so hard to destroy orthodoxy in Ethiopia.please pray for u all!!

  2. Thank you the nation of the World for your beautiful comments about Ethiopia ! Ethiopia has a lots of History most of them are untold ! Go and see them and tell to the World ! Stay blessed

  3. Ethiopia and it's relationship with religion and God is like no other. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all have amazing past in Ethiopia.

  4. What a full of sh*t Christian propaganda
    Jews lived with Jesus for many years and they didn’t believe he was a god or part of trinity, nether his decibels during his five year breaching
    Why Christians today worship a trinity while it doesn’t exist in the Bible !!?? it is called paganism ideology

  5. Interesting how the ancient murals inside the church have white skin and white features. Apparently a lot has changed Since the construction of the church.

  6. They're even brainwashed there too. Omg! Whatta waste of life and energy. Do something like go inside yourself and find out what's going on rather then crawl up a cliff as if there's some amazing thing up there that isn't within you already. Bogus religion garbage they're caught up in made of bits and pieces of lies. No one gets it that it's an elaborate mind control game to ensnare the soul in this matrix grid system of which is ruled by those who aim to direct mankind towards an end that has nothing to do with religion but food. Someone reach these people with information they're highly misinformed!

  7. Just want to know 3 things:
    1) how they handle the climb under harsh weather conditions?
    2) how many people have falling over the years?
    3) how do they use the bathroom up there?

  8. This is just freaking nonsense carrying your baby up that dangerous mountain so if there's only one way up that means was one way down that's even scarier

  9. Can't wait for the return of this earth to it's indigenous people.

    The "Pink Aliens" have brought so much greed, corruption and imbalance to the natural order of life on this planet.

    They are truly a cancerous plague upon humanity.

  10. Interesting…However, why are they still following an Italian (Roman) religion? God is not a name, it is a German title. What is His name? Christianity was started by the Romans and help from the Greeks. Jesus is Not the name of the messiah because there was not "J" in the original language. What were their names in ancient Abry? Wasn't He from Yashr'al? Abyssinia (Ethiopia=Greek name), is too old of a nation to be following a European religion. What was the belief system in the beginning; With Adam, with Abraham, with Yaqub(Jacob), with Daud (David), with Shalamah(Solomon)….And all the rest?!!!
    All of todays religions seem to be a mixture with other pagan practices.

  11. Cant stand that its narratives by some wht condescending chick. Stop showing them our stuff. Pretty soon they show up talking about they discovered it.

  12. My palms got sweaty and my legs are shaking while watching the video….Hats off the priest and to the visitor's

  13. I think this is the Tower of Babel based on the fact that Nimrod was a cushite could try being based in Ethiopia Iraq couldn't be Babylon

  14. Anyone else notice that whenever he says "Christianity" it's being translated to "church"? These Ethiopians are believers of Jesus Christ, yet this video does not mention it.

  15. When I saw those people climbing up that dangerous path I said to myself. Oh my God. Then I realized I said Oh my God.

  16. Greetings, I am a Orthodox follower from Kerala, India. Ethiopian, Egyptian, Syrian, Armenian, and Indian Orthodox are all part of the Oriental Orthodox branch.

  17. That’s Amazing I would like to see the church with my own eyes one day! It must be a great privilege they are very brave to be up so very high!

  18. Pobres gente siempre queriendo creer en algo son tal y como los descríben en la biblia un montón de ovejas, necesitadas de vivir con la fé puesta en alguien siguiendolos como borregos al matadero, sin intelecto o voluntad propia creyendo y viviendo en algo que no existe.

  19. God bless to my Christian brothers there in Abyssinia from predominantly Roman Catholic Philippines.

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