Essential Worship Insights: Multi Site Worship Leading – ELEVATION WORSHIP

so London you mentioned about how all
the seven current campuses that we have sync up together
for point-to-point can someone explain a little bit more about what that is and
what that looks like yeah it it really is one of the most powerful parts of our
worship experience I believe we we try to create the best experience that we
can leading up to this moment where one worship leader at our broadcast campus
can can lead our entire church so it’s a way for you know seven different
locations to join together to do the same song at the very same time it’s
just extremely unifying for our church kind of a little bit of behind the
scenes of how it works I create the click tracks or little loop
tracks that we play with each weekend at our broadcast campus our drummer will
fire a click that’s then broadcast to all of our locations and we have you
know live bands at every location we also have live worship leaders as well
but in this point-to-point moment the worship leader at our broadcast campus
would would lead our entire church with live bands playing in every campus so it
gets really really technical one thing that really helps is we have a musical
director and indie that’s at our broadcast campus as well that is only
heard in the bands and the worship leaders in ear monitors so he can lead
our church so if we go through this song and we and we land it and we were
celebrating at the end and pastor you know comes up on stage and wants to take
this song into another moment he can have that freedom and that MD
then lead us wherever Pastor is going so his job is to follow where pastors go in
our job is to follow the MD as he’s following Pastor in that moment so it’s
been it’s been like incredibly powerful for our church yes really like one of my
favorite moments that I look forward to in the worship experience yeah so just
one more time I know it kind of sounds a bit crazy but so like all seven campuses
that we currently have are playing to one click track are playing um for the
most part the the whole set is typically fired from our broadcast campus that way
the the whole worship experience not just that one song but the whole worship
experience stays synched up at the exact same time so they can some churches
we’ve seen they they work off of a clock that they just have to hit that clock so
it you know 20 minutes is counting down or something like that
and as long as different locations are hitting their mark at 20 minutes
anything can happen well for us to line up exactly we currently have that one
system where that one quick track is being sent to the Greater Charlotte area
and and everybody’s playing like with live bands at every location to that one
single click sent over fiber wire or Internet I’ve world
in other technical terms which to that I mean that means we need to see the save
setlist at every campus so every campus is doing the same thing and just because
I know it’s a hard concept to understand until you see it but if you were at one
of the other campuses that last song you would see the worship leader from the
broadcast location come up on your screen welcome you and then your band
would play along with them and so you see your local worship leader there and
then you see the worship leader on the screen from the broadcast location
actually leading you in the song also know that we’ve had plenty of times
where that hasn’t worked when we were first started to figure it out
so model someone you share some of our trainwreck stories and uh where to begin
um I remember one of the times when uh like it was like one of the I think our
first experiences with it you know we’ve got the click truck coming down one
channel and then we’ve got the worship leader singing coming down another
channel from a broadcast campus and for some reason they would just flip-flop
sporadically so sometimes the click would be in the house and sometimes dog
worship leader would be singing in our ears and we wouldn’t know why and I just
remember every like for it was like it was for one of our Christmas experiences
and just every worship experience we went into we’re like right we’re just
gonna have to be ready to go with it no matter what and I definitely had our
fair share of train wreck there’s also been uh points where we’ve had um to
even up to three different cliques playing in our ears at the same time so
technically I don’t really know how that happens but we would up in it one of our
other locations it’s not the broadcast campus so receiving the click but it’s
just being sent down different channels and
and I’ve been on the receiving end of three different clicks going like cut
cut cut cut like that and singing it we’ve also had those times where like
we’ve heard someone from another campus singing in our ears but they might be
seeing in a different key altogether that’s actually probably the biggest the
biggest train wreck that I’ve experienced yet was actually Mac’s fault not your fault so Mac was singing or leading from the
broadcast Cass campus and I was at one of the other campuses and like like Wade
said earlier we you know do the exact same songs Oh at the same time so I had
his vocal in my ear but I only needed it in my ear for the point-to-point song
but somehow it got put in my ear for the very first song of the worship set which
were in completely different keys and he was like delayed by several words and so
he he would begin to sing the line in his key in my ear and then like two
seconds later I’d have to sing the same line in my key and my brain was on such
crazy overload like I could not handle anything else so when it came time to
just kind of like engage the crowd and just like sort of talk to them I
couldn’t I couldn’t concentrate on anything else so I just began to repeat
everything Mac was in so Mac could be like let’s you know let’s just cling to
this I was like Church let’s cling to this
is awful a factory was there when that happened actually and I remember
thinking that was the worst goodness but you pulled it off great just
concentrating on singing in there right key was like enough yeah for me the good
news for the most part is uh all that happens in our heads like in our ears
and no one I was like as a church like rarely even those that any of that stuff
is happening and unfortunately it doesn’t happen much at all anymore um
but uh but yet like for the most part like you can talk to someone afterwards
and I’ve just had like this train wreck in your in your head and like no one’s
even noticed and had you know an incredible encounter with the Lord so I
think when it happens now it follows you around yeah maybe yeah you look cool
thing is they’re like at the beginning we did have a lot of these obstacles to
push through and I’m glad we didn’t give up on it
right because now it really is one of the best things for setting the
atmosphere especially for the sermon right um and there’s just something that
happens when you’re at one of the other locations
besides the broadcast location especially and when you go into that
moment you do feel like you’re part of a church that’s much bigger than the room
you’re sitting in right at that moment yeah

8 thoughts on “Essential Worship Insights: Multi Site Worship Leading – ELEVATION WORSHIP”

  1. Hey, you guys could play tracks and then have the animatronic robots from Chuck E Cheese play and fire all these people.

  2. I get it and soubds cool, but I don't know if I want a music director preparing for what's coming next. As a worship leader it's my job to be well prepared and try to lead the band and congregation. Our ears at all time has to be prepare the Holy Spirit. It's great to be organized and technical and I'm all for that, but we also need to be lead by the Holy Ghost. We are Worshippers meaning we are more than musicians.

  3. What is the point of having each location singing the same exact thing at the same time? Seems like a lot of work for no reward.

  4. I grew up in a pentecostal church that believed you were only lead by the Holy Spirit if everything transpired in the moment. They believed that you could not plan and prepare and that somehow pre-planning would hinder the spontaneous move of the Holy Spirit. It was not until I sought the Lord for myself, that it was revealed to me that The Holy Spirit already knows what He wants to do even next year! It is the Holy Spirit that gives you the plan in the first place. Even God knows the plans He has for us a far off. We are under a mandate by scripture to STUDY to show ourselves approved unto God.

    God bless you EW. God increase and expand you for your excellence in ministry!!!

  5. Love Elevation.. Great things happening there, but as a worshipper its hard when the worship experience is timed and very controlled.. Worship lasts about 30 minutes and in between the songs there are needless announcements that stifle the moving and deep contemplation of God's presence.. It is THE most frustrating thing about this church. It's hard enough to come in and get into focus.. It takes time to get there.. Its a serious time to transform us and to let the Spirit of God manifest corporately and to bring Him a sacrifice of worship and praise without man's agenda getting in the way.

    In all the years I attended the worship leaders/team never stepped out of their comfort zone by the spontaneous or prophetic song. There is no room for the Holy Spirit to move spontaneously or for the prophetic to move. This is essential but it does not happen. Not to compare, but Bethel and IHOP are very in tune to allowing the spirit of God to move in whatever direction desired, every other agenda can wait.. If b2b church services are an issue change service times to allow flow of God's presence much more freely. Flip the script on the live campus locations.. Let it be a time where each worship more freely. People love Pastor Steven.. They're gonna hear what he has to say.. Now imagine a worship team that worships freely coupled with incredible preaching?.. I believe THIS is what God is waiting for..
    If this happened there's no telling what would happen in Charlotte! 💜

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