END TIME CHURCH: The Great Falling Away | David Wilkerson & Paul Washer

the gospel of accommodation now to
accommodate means to adapt it means to make suitable or acceptable it also
means to adjust to make something very convenient it means to yield to the
desires of others to placate them now you put that together and I’m talking
about a gospel that’s been invented in hell they’re now being propagated all of
the united states it’s a suitable acceptable convenient a gospel that has
yielded to the desires and the weakness of sinful men we are excited that John
Gray and avender gray are going to be your pastors and I really believe that
John and aventure have always been anointed but the anointing that is going
to fall on them now that their senior pastors is gonna do amazing damage to
the kingdom of God so I’m excited about that message of hope usually delivered
with his trademark smile God is not in the condemning business he’s in the
restoration business his sermons are relentlessly positive and that’s made
him a target of critics who say Osteen sometimes sounds less like a preacher
and more like a motivational speaker you have to take the hand you’ve been dealt
and make the most of it you know you’ve been criticized for church light yeah
that’s for her a cotton-candy message do you feel like you’re cheating people by
not telling them about the hell part the books part yeah I really don’t because
it’s a different approach you know it’s not Hellfire and brimstone
but I say most people are beaten down enough by life they already feel guilty
enough they’re not doing what they should do raising their kids or that you
know we can all find reason so I want them to come to Lakewood or our meetings
and be lifted up to say you know what I may not be perfect but I’m moving
forward I’m doing better and I think that motivates you to do better so
here’s the big question are there many paths to get to the one
God well I believe Oprah that they’re I believe that Jesus is the way to the one
God but I believe there are many paths the G
you know you don’t know how Jesus would reveal himself to somebody so I’m not
into excluding people Jesus can reveal himself to anybody does that mean that
all people all races obviously in your career your church we see all people all
races I can’t imagine that you would have 16,000 people in there and none of
them would be gay so our gay people also included absolutely will a gay person be
accepted into heaven as you see it well I believe they will because I believe it
the power of God was in Jesus the healing power of God the restoring power
of God the same power that made demons flee was in Nazareth but Jesus could not
release it because it was trapped in their unbelief and there’s one thing
that even Jesus can’t do one thing that even the Son of God can’t do even Jesus
cannot override your unbelief I see y’all looking at me like is that true
thought he could do anything they said he could not he wanted to he was
prepared to he was able to and he couldn’t the power of God was in
Nazareth but it was trapped in their perspective
now this is called the drench inator you see the drench inator and the drench
inator operates by I’m praying about whether to follow through that’s still
the good news of the gospel our fight in New York for instance is to try to make
sure everybody can get in and hear it because we’ve been told if you disagree
you are disconnected and we don’t believe that we believe everybody
deserves the right who told me that yeah I don’t think
anybody told me that I think that’s the cultural religious norm right now is if
you and I disagree we’re done I don’t believe that has it yes you think you
feel that the religious groups are putting that out
I do uh-huh yeah and other sides I think people right now are so caught up in
this unity on every front that it’s also kind of invaded the church world and
what I love about our church is you have different races different faces
different backgrounds but people are committed to one cause and so it’s not a
sin in your church to have an abortion that’s kind of conversation we would
have finding out your story where you’re from what’s really yeah I mean God’s the
judge people have to live with their own convictions and I think if I have to
tell you that’s that’s such a broad question to me I’m going I’m going
higher I want to sit with somebody and say where do you believe do you believe
that only Christians can be in relationship with God
no I believe that when Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life in the
way I read that Jesus said he is the he’s the road marker he’s the map so I
think God loves people so much that whether they accept or reject him he’s
still gracious and he’s still moving and he’s still giving you massive red
blinking lights four chances to take a right turn where maybe you would take a
left but I believe God loves people and that’s what this whole gospel is based
on it’s love you take the love out of it I call it the gospel of a call
nation because it’s adapting and adjusting the gospel to appease and
attract sinners this gospel accommodation is primarily an American
cultural invention to ease our lifestyle it appeals primarily to white America
rich and prosperous it was invented out of Hell itself
this new gospel is sweeping the America and the nation is influencing ministers
of every denomination it’s giving birth to mega churches some of the largest
churches in the United States are involved in this gospel it’s a non
confronting convenient gospel adapted it is spoon-fed to the congregation by
skits humorous skits and drama short non-abrasive 20-minute messages and it’s
all called seeker friendly the seeker friendly searches and one of these days
there may be somebody move into the city and try to bring one of these churches
right into New York City they are springing up now overnight and
suddenly thousands attend this new gaas was being propagated by bright young
intelligent talented talented ministers they came upon a formula by which you
can go into the city in any town and almost overnight build a mega church and
as I understand this formula you begin by going into the community with your
workers and you pull the community to find out what the sinner found offensive
about attending church well why don’t you ten shirts and what was offensive
about it and what would it what would we have to do to bring you back into the
church what would make you comfortable what would you like to see you don’t
like choirs will do away with choirs you you don’t like suits in church you come
the way you choose just tell us what you want and they survey the community and
then sit in there with their computers and in their conference rooms and they
design a program that will make it comfortable for the sinner and make it
friendly for if they they call it sinner friendly they would
call it seeker friendly and try to attract them to come into the house of
God it’s becoming the most prosperous most flourishing of all religious
movements in the history of America the churches are run like corporations the
past was the CEO chief executive officer and it’s big business and this formula
has not been cleverly packaged and it is now being pushed in seminars all over
the United States it sounds good what they say sounds very
good it sounds spiritual and it’s girls it sounds like Jesus is the central
theme and folks I’m not going to name any names because I’m not talking about
the character of these men I’m talking about the gospel that they preach I am
here to remind you that Paul the Apostle warned of the coming of another gospel
which we have not preached he said there is coming another gospel that’s going to
preach another Jesus you’ll hear his name it’ll sound sweet but it’s not the
Jesus that I preach Paul said it’s not the true Jesus Paul goes on there Paul
was amazed he said that you were so removed from him that called you into
the grace of Christ to another gospel folks listen to me there is in the land
right now with thousands of people sitting under another gospel another
Jesus being preached by ministers who have lost the touch of God had been
transformed into Ames’s of light to comment to deceive if possible even the
elect of God Paul goes to warn the church it’s really not another gospel
but it’s a perversion of the gospel of Christ which is really not another Paul
said but there’d be some of the trouble you and pervert or change the gospel of
Christ he said they’re going to change it they’re going to accommodate the
sinner they’re going to accommodate their pleasures they’re going to
accommodate all of their needs and they’re going to design a gospel with
their own Christ for their own doctrine then this awful warning from Paul but
though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you but that which
we preached unto you let him be accursed let him be accursed
folks I didn’t say that the Apostle Paul said it if anybody preaches another
gospel what you’ve heard if anyone preached anything but the crucified
Christ if anyone preached anything that
appeases mad in his sin that’s not the gospel for me Paul said and anyone
preaches another let him be accursed and he said it’s going to be dangerous
because it’s going to come from seemingly pious sincere ministers that’s
what made the doctrine called antinomianism so dangerous because it
was in the hands there’s some very fine good living men like dr. Christian who
is one of the founders of that anti law movement back during the Puritan Age
anti law they they cast aside the burden of the law and the reason it was so
accepted because the men who preached it seemed to be so pious
and I trembled when I hear Paul warned us that Satan’s going to come right into
the church disguised as an angel of light he’s going to infiltrate into the
church with his own ministers they’ll come angel like he said preaching a
false gospel of righteousness for such a false prophets false apostles deceitful
workers transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ and no Marvel for
Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light therefore it’s no great
thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of
righteousness whose end shall be according to their works
Paul said they’re going to come and they’re going to glory in the flesh
they’re going to glory in their might their money they’re going to glory in
their bigness their numbers and they’re going to glory in the fact that they’re
so contemporary they’re going to glory in the acceptance by the world
jesus warned beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing
there to come like gentle sheep sincere lute elegent bright but said in word
their ravening wolves and folks Jesus gave that in the context
of his message he said because Strait is the gate narrow is the way which leadeth
to life and few there be that find it and the very next verse he says beware
of false prophets here are the common sheep’s clothing but there ravening
wolves its Christ himself warning us false prophets false pastors false
evangelists housing of some as submissive sheep gonna come saying the
way he’s not that narrow the way is not that straight and they’re going to
accommodate they’re going to change the gospel to suit the needs of the people
let me share with you something that I see in the youth group but I also see in
the church at large individual congregations because we have dumbed
down the gospel because we’re not preaching the true gospel and we are
using carnal means to attract people if you use carnal means to attract men
you’re going to attract carnal men and you’re going to have to keep using
greater carnal means to keep them in the church so what has happened is this we
have these large churches filled with many unconverted carnal people but in
those churches we also have this small group of people that honestly want
Christ and they honestly want his word and they honestly want to be transformed
they don’t need anything else all that he need is true worship of the true God
and scripture being preached to them and lived out before them that’s what they
want now I want to tell you the great sin of the American pastor and this has
got me in a lot of trouble but it’s true this small group of converted people in
that local church all they want is Jesus and all they want to do is the right
thing they want purity they want truth they want Christ
but the pastor in order to keep this larger group of unconverted people he
caters to them so while he is feeding these carnal men and women with carnal
things he is letting the sheep of God starve to death and he is going to stand
before God one day in judgment listen brother if my wife was going grocery
shopping and when she was going out to her car
some men assailed her attacked her brutally and you walked by and you did
not want to get involved because you didn’t want to cause trouble you didn’t
want to put yourself in harm’s way he just wanted everything to go smooth
after all that was done I would look for those men to deal with them but I want
you to know this I’d look for you too because you had a chance to stand for my
wife my bride and out of self-preservation or wrong ideas you did
not do it you’re just as much responsible as those men who attacked
her and that’s what’s happening all throughout America with pastors it’s the
Bride of Christ there are sheep in all these churches many of them even
churches it seems somewhat heretical in places you usually find a group of
people who truly want Christ but the leadership is catering to the carnal and
letting the Bride of Christ starve to death impoverished and that is wrong
there’s going to be judgement for it and the same thing is happening to the youth
I know young people that say you know brother Paul I listen to you all the
time and I said well what about your church well they don’t preach this it’s
not what the other young people want and so they give them what they want I’m
starving to death a little child of God it would be better than a millstone be
tighter knack then you cause this little one to
stumble you

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