Embracing Limitation | Gates of Change | Pastor Steven Furtick

this week I have one more installment on
gates of change and it’s in second Kings seven and I think this story for most of
you will be unfamiliar which is good it’s good because I’m praying that uh
God will use it to speak to you in a personal way and kind of catch you off
guard today and I’ll create change in your life here’s what the Bible says
second Kings chapter 7 verse 1 Elisha said hear the word of the Lord you’ve
been listening to your doubts so long you’ve been listening to your
dysfunctions so long you’ve been listening to your disappointment so long
but here the word of the Lord this is what the Lord says about this time
tomorrow Assia a flower will sell for a shekel and to Sears of barley for a
shekel at the gate of Samaria the officer on whose arm the king was
leaning said to the man of God look even this joker even if the Lord should open
the floodgates of heaven could this happen yeah you know how
certain people always want to put limits on what God can do
Taylor secret I actually love limitations I I know that you say in
church they say you know take the limits off I love limits in fact I’m I’m
calling this final bonus message in the gates of change series embracing
limitation embracing limitation I think limitation can be a good thing I think
it’s a good thing that sometimes we limit our consumption on certain foods
say Amen I’m a real strict person on my eating because I’m too wild I’m too wild
I need that I need the I need the what do they call it the gutters on the I
will I will bowl into the gutter every time if I don’t have those little guards
so I actually do it where I’m not allowed to eat past a certain time or
before a certain time but during that certain time I get
I can do it but I need limits I need limits oh you like me maybe I have no
self-control I need limits I don’t even like
restaurants with big menus Cheesecake Factory gives me heart palpitations the
menu looks like Encyclopedia Brittanica I can’t do it
I need Prozac to make it through my my order and you shall get Holly to narrow
it for me I’d be like can you tell me just three
things that I might like and can you just narrow the options for me because I
can’t do it I like limitations I like to know even
in preaching when I go somewhere to preach yes I take as long as you want
and I’ll say well how long are the people expecting me to preach because I
want to know how long I have to work before they tune me out because they
won’t I can preach as long as I want but they might not listen as long as I want
to preach why are clapping about that that’s a little awkward but I’m saying
it because limitation can be a good thing it really can it can be a good
thing and especially one one thing that I love is when somebody tries to put a
limit on me that contradicts what I believe God has called me to do
maybe it’s my ego maybe I’m maybe I have wounds from my childhood failed
wrestling career that I’m still compensating for but I like somebody to
tell me that I can’t do something I do it fuels my faith and when we were
getting ready to start the church one time I sat down with a guy and I was
sharing my vision with him and I was telling him that we were gonna start a
church and I didn’t have any better sense than to tell this guy my dreams he
was a little older and jaded because he had been disappointed in his life and
it’s a dangerous thing you’re ready to write something down it is a dangerous
thing to entrust your dream to someone else’s disappointments
and a lot of times that’s that’s what happens is we share our dream Joseph and
we show our coat to people who are not really ready to receive what we speak
and so then if if we receive their doubt they will dis our appointment I put that
in for Holly Holly dared me to put that in my sermon today and I didn’t get it
at 9:30 so there it is baby you owe me some but it’s a uh it’s a dangerous
thing to speak something so here’s what here’s what happen we’re sitting down
having lunch and I’m like I’m gonna start a church it’s gonna be awesome
it’s gonna be great we’re gonna we’re gonna reach the city
we’re gonna go to Charlotte we’re gonna we’re gonna have a church we reach
people will break the rules it’s not gonna be all this tradition and religion
we’re gonna do it it’s gonna be a G it’s gonna be for church people we reach
people far from God we’re gonna build and the more are talking the more he
stuffed his mouth and just smirked at me not scowled at me
he didn’t look mad he just looked amused he was just smirking at me and he’s
stuffing his face with french fries you know Oh overweight pastor just devious
I’m just trying to color the story a little bit I don’t even remember if he
was overweight but what I remember is I went on and on telling them it’s gonna
be we’re gonna write worship songs and we’re gonna do worship songs I’m gonna
touch the world and we’re gonna write songs they’re gonna go around in the
world oh it’s not just gonna be a white church it’s gonna be a lot of different
kinds of people it’s gonna be white people and black people and old people
and young people and Presbyterians and Pentecostals and atheists and agnostics
and just all kind of people and single people and marry people in the for civil
I’m going on and on and he’s just eating looking at me mm-hmm
and when I finished he looked at me and said not gonna happen but not in the
south not in the south Nach not gonna happen
look down your row real quick and check your row and I dare you to shout at the
top of your little sanctify Sunday morning voice
somebody shout is happening and as a matter of fact I kind of hope that he
watches this sermon on television y’all excuse me for a minute so he can see
black people and white people if something because the limitations you
embrace will regulate the blessing you experience and when you allow beliefs to
limit your God because your mindset is too small to accommodate the magnitude
of his glory you miss out on the very miracles that have your name on them
please follow me for a moment when the officer said to the Prophet look even if
the Lord should open the floodgates of the heavens could this happen what he
did is he closed the gate on the gift that God was giving him so it was a
desperate situation in the nation because the famine had been going on so
long that within the gates of the city walls the people had resorted to
cannibalism and I the baited weather to tell you this but it’s right in chapter
6 should you choose to read it they had started eating their own babies it
sounds extreme however I think we can all we can all see ways that at times we
compromise the next generation when our value systems get shifted and so as the
value system has shifted within the nation the favor of God has not been so
much withheld as it has been held up and here’s the difference when you read
about famine in the Bible you probably associate famine with
drought and usually when you see a famine in the Bible it is connected to a
pronouncement by a prophet like when Elijah said there will be no rain or Dew
in the land in the next few years except at my word to King eya
and God with hell the rain from the heavens and God cut
off the source of supply so that the people’s hearts would turn back to him
now in antiquity people did not regard famine and drought only with agriculture
or weather conditions in antiquity people regarded the rain as a sign or a
symbol of the presence and blessing of God because blessing was associated with
life and life with blessing and without rain there can be no life and so where
there is no blessing there is no life where there is no rain there is no food
where there is no presence of God where there is no worship there can be no life
no strength no hope however this is a different kind of famine that was not
created by a drought this famine started with a siege
Benna dad was an excellent military strategist and so when he surrounded the
the Northern Kingdom of Israel which was known as Samaria what what he did of
common military tactic was that he cut them off from their supply and when he
cut their line to their food supply it wasn’t that he eliminated the food it
was that he prevented them from accessing it and so since the devil
cannot prevent God from blessing you his only alternative is to put you in a
state of spiritual siege so that you cannot access the blessing that God has
freely given you sometimes we are starving not because of something that
God did not supply but because of something he supplied that we cannot
cease when the enemy puts you in a state of unbelief it blocks you from your own
blessing and kingj ahora m– had the wrong people around him at this time we
saw it in the text the officer verse 2 on whose arm the king was leaning
sidenote for all the students be careful who you lean on
he was leaning on a man who would not believe who would not connect to the
prophecy by faith and when you lean on people who insist on dragging you into
their dysfunctional way of thinking this might be only for five people but
sometimes something you lean on in one season that props you up can paralyze
you in the next season and sometimes we build in our lives support systems that
are unable to accommodate the weight of what God is speaking to us so be real
careful who you lean on ask somebody can I lean on you because see I don’t want
to get in the middle of a famine and be leaning on someone who doesn’t have
faith for the life that I’m trying to live I can’t just be surrounded by
people who refuse to believe that better days are ahead and that greater things
are in store so sometimes I have to restrict access and I can’t just be
around anybody and I can’t just listen to anything and I cannot believe
everything I see and I certainly cannot believe everything I think so sometimes
I’ve got to shut it down and sometimes I got a mute some people
and sometimes I got to spend some time in the presence of God because my
signal-to-noise ratio has caused me to miss the provision of God because I’m
leaning on the wrong people and listening to the wrong voices this is
the word of the Lord I’m not saying be mean to people just
don’t lean on them lean on the everlasting arms lean on the promises of
God build your house on a solid foundation not the shifting sands of
people’s opinions and the man on whose arm the king lean said could this happen
look how Elijah responded he said you will see it with your own eyes but you
ain’t gettin none of it that’s the new New International Version no no I was
just thinking how sad that was that it was a day of deliverance and the top
advisor to the king starved to death as a matter of fact he didn’t get the
chance to start because look when the people went into the enemy’s camp and
plundered the enemy’s camp in accordance with the word of the Lord verse 17 says
now the King had put the officer on whose arm he leaned in charge of the
gate question who have you put in charge of your gates what regulates your
thoughts what regulates your belief what regulates your self-image look he put
the man in charge of the gate there’s a lot of Revelation in this message I’m
gonna give you all of it I can’t but you will need to lean into this message
because sometimes you have put a past experience in charge of the gate to your
future listen and when you let your past experience regulate access to your
future you will always be stuck in a stage of life that can no longer
accommodate what God is speaking in this season not gonna happen by what if I had
listened to him we wouldn’t get to hang out today
what if I had listened to him I would have built me a little white church with
some little white people and it’d be about 50 of us and we would just preach
to the choir and we wouldn’t change anything and we wouldn’t touch anything
and we wouldn’t have even watching all over the world the devil is a liar is
happening and it’s gonna happen with or without you you might as well preach of
my watch off my wrist chef somebody say is happening and what
a horrible thing for it to be happening right in front of you but you don’t
experience it the man on whose arm the King leaned stood in the gate and while
the people were running to the victory the Bible says they trampled him in the
Gateway he died in the gate of what was possible now give me a minute I don’t
really know what to do it’s on to me that somebody say get out of the gate
till twelve people suck in happen by little time come on twelve people get
out of the gate nobody coming to help me either
I don’t need you I don’t need you Buck and do this myself I started with week
one I was saying did back in the gate but I heard the Lord saying this time
get out of the gate I said what is it he said make a move you hear all this
teaching you hear all this excitement is good but you gotta get started and he
died in the gate way he blocked his own breakthrough he saw it but he did not
experience it because he would not believe it it is our unbelief that
blocks our blessing not others some of us we block ourselves by blaming others
and so we stay locked in prisons of offense and we miss blessings because we
would rather blame somebody else then believe God say let me bridge this you
cannot believe God and blame them at the same time you can’t believe God and
blame others either you believe that what people meant for evil God means for
good or you don’t if you believe God it means there’s nothing life can do to you
there’s nothing people can throw at you there’s nothing they can say about you
think about you or lock you out of that will keep you from receiving what God is
assigned to your life so here’s the announcement Elijah you
can have your breakthrough or you can have your blame but you can’t have both when the king came to Elijah he said
this is God’s fault that we’re in this famine it wasn’t the Lord’s fault it was
the fault of the leader and sometimes we will not lead our own lives and take
initiative for our own repentance so we block our blessings voice do you hear me
we block our own blessings we not not the devil our disbelief God’s gonna do
it the other day I’m a great man of God was encouraging me great man of God if
you made a list of the top five people in the world he would be in my opinion
somewhere in the top 10 but I respect him so much now why I respect him he has
longevity and ministry and he was introducing me to speak he had invited
me to speak and he got him to introduce me and the things he was saying about me
they were they were so nice and encouraging I thought he was talking
about someone else it was a kind of introduction where he wasn’t just
speaking like he wrote a book or he pastored a church he was saying things
that he saw in me and how God had called me and our ministry and a voice to the
generation a bridge to reconciliation just things that are while he was saying
them at the same time that he was affirming me watch this
there was another there was another voice not on the stage but inside my
soul you ever had this happen like somebody is trying to affirm you trying
to love you trying to validate you but you cannot
receive it because your gates are blocked there is something in the way
called you that will not allow you to receive the love that God is trying to
give you through someone else and while he was saying these things about me it’s
almost like the more he said good about me the worse I felt because what I
thought is he doesn’t know me the problem with you is you’ve got too much
dirt on yourself and the problem with you is you think you know yourself
better than God does the moment the revelation hits your life
that the only one who knows you completely is the same one who loves you
unconditionally you will be unstoppable in the kingdom of God and while he was
sitting there affirming me and saying things about me the devil that will
slithering serpent that came crawling up the eave talking about that God really
say he was placing limitations it was my own limitation it’s hard for you to take
on giants when you see yourself as a grasshopper it’s hard for you to come
out of a famine when you are living in the depths of your own frustration and
even when I preach sometimes some of you play me off and hold me off and cross
your arms and close your heart and you lean back and it is your way of shutting
the gates but you are missing the miracle because you feel unworthy but God never predicated his blessing on
your worthiness perfection is not the price of admission to the kingdom of God
North to the great works and mighty thinks that he has called you to do in
the yard I feel anointed to tell you today
imperfection has never stopped God from blessing anybody the only thing that
blocks your blessing is unbelief but I dare you to shout right now loud enough
where that devil can hear you God I need y’all to shout my voice inspired shop Elijah said you’ll see it but you won’t
experience him ah he doesn’t say how you ever notice how God doesn’t give you a
lot of the details sometimes it’d be super nice you buddy doesn’t all he says
is this time tomorrow the famine is gonna be over how’s he gonna do it what
we gonna get some manna from heaven a little flashback Friday famine flashback
cuz remember we’re in wilderness gonna drop down the man out of heaven so you
cannot have it what’s it gonna look like how’s he gonna do it this time you might
be surprised how God blesses and delivers the nation cuz the Bible says
oh I love this part right here can you tell that I love what I do to preach to
you because I really feel like I’ve been
cooking this all week and we bout to eat something right now I mean I smell it
oh it smells good verse 3 now there were four men ever I say four four for a
number of creation in the north south east in the West you know winter spring
summer fall four represents creation so there’s a creative miracle on the
horizon now there were four men huh with leprosy at the entrance of the city gate
now contrast emerges I got somebody in the gate who doesn’t believe and then
we’ve got a group of men they are outside the gate not because they’re
coming back from Whole Foods this is a gated community in the sense that these
men when the white flaky spots started showing up on their skin they had to go
to the priests leprosy was used to refer to a wide variety of skin diseases in
this day from the most moderate being a change in coloration to bloody source
and since leprosy is a progressive disease eventually maybe your fingers
start falling off but it’s also a contagious disease so when you start to
see the signs and you are pronounced ceremonially unclean they move you and
quarantine you and position you outside the gate and now your only hope of
survival is to beg because you can’t even carry on a normal conversation if
you approach somebody you have to announce your condition before you
engage and so to even get into the gate you would have to start hollering within
about 10 or 20 feet unclean unclean can you imagine if you had to announce your
condition to people out loud before you met them
you would have no friends I’m serious if you had to externalize things that
people don’t know what’s what’s wrong with you some of y’all would have to
announce you know I don’t know Amazon addict huh what do you have to
announce everything that was wrong with you wait you had lost perversion what
would this be like what would it be like I talked bad about you the other day but
hi how you doing I can’t stand you announcer condition and there outside
the gate and they’re isolated and they’re desperate and they’re not
welcome and they’re starving and the doggy bags have stopped coming because
the people inside the gate are gonna take care of themselves first and
foremost and they’re outside the gate and there’s four of them like those four
men you remember the New Testament don’t you because Jesus was preaching maybe we
will preach about it in my next series and so many people were in the house
nobody could get in but there were four crazy men who were a friend to this man
and so they got creative and they don’t you try this if you come to Elevation
Church and it’s full they ripped the roof off of the house and lowered that I
promise security will wrap you up but this was Bible times they ripped the
roof I sit in an overflow yes–you’re they
ripped the roof lowered the man down and the man got healed because of the faith
of four crazy men now watch watch the crazy face so much like crazy faith I’m
just gonna say this right now I don’t mean to offend you but some of you have
way too many limits on what you will and won’t do to obey God you have too many
limits you have too many conditions you don’t want to look weird you don’t want
to be different you don’t want to stand out you don’t want people to talk about
you and so you’re starving inside but these men they didn’t have the option to
stay inside and they couldn’t stay where they were
the Bible says that they eventually after many days of this said to each
other why stay here until we die what a question in other words it is
complacency that kills us it is our willingness to stay in places where we
are starving because we fear the repercussions of our obedience and so we
don’t join an e group because we’re scared of being seen so we stay in
isolation I’m a push these e groups today and we die outside because we
won’t let anybody in but they didn’t have that option anymore
they did not have the luxury to sit back and wait and see what God would do they
no longer had the luxury of patience so they said to one another we can’t stay
here and if if we save verse four we’ll go into the city the famine is there so
we can’t go there and we can’t stay here so we only have one thing left to do
let’s go somebody shout let’s go you didn’t shout
it shop let’s go so let’s go over to the enemy’s camp and surrender if they spare
us we live if they kill us at least we die quick because I’m hungry
let’s go let’s go let’s go we can’t stay here and we can’t go there because we’re
outside the gate here’s what I love if you’ve ever felt like an outsider raise
your hand right now if you’ve ever felt yeah like an outsider that surprises you
right because we’re the insiders if we all feel like outsiders that was kind of
weird how more of us feel like outsiders here’s good news for the outsiders these
men were on the outside of the city gate because of their condition but what I
love is God was using their condition to position them in the place so that
they would not be comfortable enough to stay and their condition here’s what I
love I love preaching to you I’m a preach this whole point just to you
their condition position them to be God’s secret weapon
to save a whole nation I am trying to say that sometimes the thing that you
hate is the thing that God will use sometimes the thing that makes people
not like you and reject you it’s the very thing I’m about to fall off this
stage that will cause God to select you and choose you and use you before a
breakthrough does anybody believe let us stop the pillars rejected why are y’all
leaving a preaching good somebody salad you know God’s uses unlikely people if they had been inside the camp they
would have died it was the fact that they were not allowed in the camp that
led to them look what they did this is so stupid what they did it makes no
sense it makes no sense sometimes in order to see what God has spoken come to
pass you can’t be so focused on making sense your senses are killing you living
by what you see is killing you living by what you feel is killing you living by
what you hear is killing you and they had no choice these are not the people
who come to church to check it off a list cause it’s a nice thing to do in
there grandma would be proud if she was still alive today
these are the people who come to church because I need God to survive these are
not people who come to church so they can get a good parking space perhaps on
Tuesday morning these are the people that come to church because I can’t make
it I live and I breathe and I move and I have my being in him and that dust
before the light came they got up and went to the camp of the arameans and
when they reached the edge of the camp watch this nobody was there
God had already displaced their enemies all they had to do was show up see they
went to surrender to the enemy but the enemy had already surrendered to them
when will we realize that when we run from the devil we are running from a
defeated foe see the Bible says that he is already under my feet so all I have
to do to have the victory in my life is to take another step now I want to
apologise to John Gray because he preached so good last week but he said
something that I want to take a step further
he said these gates are voice-activated I’m not correcting him I’m simply adding
an addendum they are not only voice-activated they are motion
activated see God moves when you move the devil runs when you take your stand
when you put on your see little fake the fiery darts of the wicked one will be
quenched so when when they got to the edge such somebody say I’m moving I’m
moving I’m moving I’m not dying here I’m not dying like this I’m not living in
this mess I’m not passing this on to my kids I’m not going out like this I’m not
starving with my Carlos a cattle like this for the Lord had caused the
arameans to hear the sound of chariots and horses God costs the enemy to hear
an army that wasn’t even there when it likes to release the Word of God when
you make a declaration of faith it goes before you into your future
matter of fact why not shout right now because when we praise God the devil is
a panic attack now I’m real sorry if you don’t like it
loud like this but somebody is starving in this search today and it wouldn’t be
so bad if you were starving and there was no food but when Christ died to give
you life and the thief came to us kill steal and destroy I’m sorry but I can’t
stand by silent what the devil white silent suicide if we stay silent we die if we hide our
leprosy it kills us God used somebody who wasn’t even allowed in the city to
save it God’s gonna use all of you who feel unworthy and all of you who feel
not good enough and all of you who have been ostracized
and all of you who feel limited that’s how God works is through your limitation these men were so diseased and no one
was allowed to even touch up to me he didn’t even touch him and that’s what
God chose so they went in the camp let me show you this they went in the camp
and they saw that the enemy was already gone cuz a lot of times what you’re
scared from God got what you’re running scared from God has already dealt with
ya but the enemy has you under siege and he puts a spirit of fear on you because
if the spirit of fear ever lives you will find out who you really are in
Christ but when they got there they saw that it was theirs for the taking so now
the first thing they did wasn’t the praying give God the glory first thing
they did was he and they went in they went in this tent
and when they reached the edge of the camp they entered one of the tents and
they ate and drank I don’t know and then they start carrying away the spoils the
silver gold clothes vibranium that’s good this is good this is good
but then they went off and hid them why don’t that hid them because that’s what
you’re doing you’re a leper you hide that’s that’s what you do when you’re
ashamed you hide that’s when you do and you feel like an outsider remember the
man in the parable that said uh I was afraid so I took what you gave me and I
hid it the enemy wants to keep you in hiding
and if he can it give you a condition that will cause you to hide your gift you hear this word I’m trying to preach
to you I wish I could sit down one one-on-one with everybody in the church
and say what are you hiding because here they are God has given them the victory
and they’re hiding it and sometimes we hide because we are convinced that we
are not worthy and sometimes we hide because we are afraid of what might
happen if we let our light shine but they had a revelation in verse 10 I
believe it is those first nine and they said to each other you know this is not
right here we are we don’t deserve to be here this is a day of good news
and we’re keeping it to ourselves now if we wait till they lie if we hold this in
if we keep this to ourselves punishment will overtake us what you hold inside
when you don’t show your issues you die when you don’t share your gift you die
you are dying because of what you’re hiding if we wait if we sit on this we
die if we expose our sin we can be healed if we hide it we will die and
here’s the thing a lot of us are dying on the inside because our issues are
beneath our skin so we stay outside the camp don’t tell anybody
fine I’m good good good we poster would pretend to our thing but they had a
revelation God is blessing us now and we have to share what the Lord has done
even though we’re lepers even though I’m imperfect you know how preposterous it
is for me to preach to you when I struggle like I struggle I stand on this
stage before you each week by faith see but the thing about it is what if the
reason God chose the lepers to discover the treasure was because they knew how
to make an announcement see once they once they found the
goodness of God they said let’s go at once and report this in the Royal Palace
and then look at verse 10 so they went and called out because that’s what
lepers do only this time they were not shouting unclean unclean this time they
were shouting let’s go let’s go the only one who can really shout the
victory is the one that God has raised from the ashes of defeat so I want to
give you an opportunity if he healed you if he saved you if he raised you if he’s
been good to you if you have a testimony if you are not ashamed of the gospel
Christ all the grateful people shout right hey thanks for watching two things
I want you to do first click our logo to subscribe to this channel so you don’t
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thanks again for watching

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    2 Timothy 4: 3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
    4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

  10. your message has spoken to my heart, thank you, I was so discouraged these few days yet this message is a timely message to make me hope again. God bless you pastor..

  11. Its a 117 sad people that dont want nobody to know that they are unclean. And are to afraid to get clean.

  12. How about a Gospell message for an hour. Lift up Jesus. Preach on repentance. That we are sinners on our way to hell for all eternity, if we don't make Jesus our Lord and savior and be born again. That it is by God's grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ alone that we are justified before a holy God. Teach that scripture alone is our highest authority. That God gets all the glory alone. Their is no hope for anybody without repentance and making Jesus your savior. Picking up your cross and following Jesus is a reminder that you had a death sentence the same as Jesus. Jesus took the wrath of God the penalty for your sins on himself…for you. Their must be someone in that audience Steve who needs to hear that message the Gospell. Preach Christ crucified. Your just tickling people's ears. Feel good. Extra expieriances. Run from him everyone. Listen to some good expository preaching. John Macarthur RC Sproul. Steve Lawson. Voddie Baucham.

  13. Powerful encouraging lit sermon!Thank you, God Bless you guys!! Needed that today. Send Love to ur fam from ours!

  14. This was first time I have heard you preach, it's the best I have heard and what I needed to hear so bad. Past couple years things had been so bad, with health and now can't find a job. It's been very dark here lately, I know God and trying to keep my faith strong. Your words touch my soul, I know though you God just give me strength. Thank you for not giving up on your dream, if you had listened to "it's not going to happen". I wouldn't have just heard the words, that give me the most strength to keep fighting and walking in faith. Thank you again for this, and I thank our heavenly Father so much for you.

  15. What a Word Straight from God – Perfection is not the price of admission to the kingdom of God nor the great things he has called you to do on the Earth. Perfection has never stopped God from blessing us, it is many times our own UNBELIEF!

    Thank You God for using Steven Furtwick! This Page is like Dropping Atomic Bomb's of Faith on the Land of unbelief on God and wipping it off clean.

  16. @38:27 yes lol! But really a great and powerful message I needed to hear that today – Amen πŸŽ¬πŸ˜‡πŸŒžπŸ› #uproarchurch #kelwinkwel

  17. This man preaches straight outta the Bible. A lot of so called preachers these days preach outta their own lives

  18. God has blessed you with an amazing ability to excite those around you for Him, Mr Furtick, and I'm sure He wants to say to you, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." 2 Chronicles 16:9a: "The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him." Thank you for sharing your awesome messages!

  19. Please pray for my 17 year old daughter she is having some major issues going on in her life, we lost a precious uncle in 2015 to a tragic drowning and she was very close to him and she has been so mad at the world and at God, I tried to tell her it wasn't God's fault as to what happened to her uncle but she won't listen, she is about to lose her high school semester credits because of her attendance and the school said they would work with her if only she would go to school. She is a very sweet girl and has a beautiful heart.I need God to turn her around and make her run back to Him fast as she can. Thanks in advance.

  20. "When you let your PAST experience regulate access to your future, you will always be stuck in a stage of life that CAN NOT accommodate what God is trying to do in THIS season of your life…. We block our own blessings because of our own disbelief." Love when I feel like the word is just for me!

  21. wonderful and powerful teaching my day was just breaking into blames and my thoughts start cheating me to see the person as the one not understanding mr but after i receive the sarmon i shut down my thought stop leaning on pple but on mighty hand of God the devil is a lier who want to take me back to shame but my sit at the gate is occupied he have no place in my life anymore
    thank you pastor for shating this word today it saves my life thoughts and everything
    God bless you abbundantly stay safe

  22. Bless be the word of God forever…thank you pastor steve fr great powerful teaching this word move me from my comfort zone to fight despite my limitation,the spirit of fear is gone,no more hiding i have to move,i have to strgle to receive my blessings fully
    May God help me this is the word that i will stand with this is my testimoney
    God bless you pastor

  23. This is my first time testifying. I am a christian who was ostracised for something i had done in the past that was exposed in church. As a really young person, alot of persons especially some of my friends stopped talking to me at church, both many young and older persons alike. But a couple years passed and i experienced isolation from many persons, being by myself most of the time, crying and just feeling worthless with it affecting my self esteem, how i talked to my friends, and how i worshiped in church. It was always prophesied over me that i was special, had a powerful singing ministry and i needed to go deeper in God BUT i mean after that embarrassing event and all the shame i felt at the same time i never acted immediately on these things so i began to hide. Singing for God's glory became a burden and i was afraid of what ppl might of said because of what they knew had happened to me in the past. I was appointed the position over something major in my church and many of the persons under that ministry did not see it fit to support me, and i questioned God as to why he would appoint me over something like that. I was doubtful over my ability to do anything. But Thank God for using his servant Steven to reassure me that even an 18 yr old who has been rejected and isolated over something she has done in the past can be used to save and heal many people just through the use of her voice and singing abilities which God has blessed her to use to give glory only to His Name. At the time of writing this, i am currently an assistant choir director who is eighteen years old, who still is somewhat isolated, but has already given these problems to God and this sermon came as a reassurance at some three years after the embarrassing incident by which people still isolate me for in some way, even though it is kinda forgotten. But if God is able to use something rejected to become the chief cornerstone for His Glory, then i believe He'll use me and remove the past situation which is blocking my gates even now. Pastor Steven, if u see this, just know that not only are u more than inspiring people in the south, Ballentyne, University City and persons in the United States, but a simple teenager in the heart of Jamaica. This channel and the many sermons i have watched have literally changed my life, and i say this with tears in my eyes. Continue to encourage us with words we wont hear from persons around us, but from Lord who has put these words into your mouth. The Resurrected King is resurrecting me. God Bless from Jamaica.

  24. Amen….i want to lean on God…sometimes I got to shut out to people..#from India..thanks pastor keep preaching!

  25. Thank u God for the word πŸ˜‡πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  26. Pastor Furtick, I found your church, Via a video by Lisa Harper and have. been listening to you ever since. Your messages minister to my spirit, provide hope, encouragement and challenge me to believe God's promises like never before. and I'm delighted to be part of your E- Family

  27. "Prisons of Offense" was life transforming for me.Β  I love hearing confirmation of this message over and over again now.Β  I need to hear it over and over again to undo all the years of doing it wrong!Β  No more blame game.Β  God is in control of the plan for my life no matter what!Β  He is in charge of my destiny…not me or what others may do to me.Β  I got the message and am trying to walk it out in my daily life.Β  Thank you for listening to your call and not to the naysayers.Β  This generation is blessed to have you.Β  Praying for protection for you and your family.Β  The enemy would love to take you down but I am believing that will not happen.Β  May God continue to multiply the work that He has called you to do.

  28. Amen amen amen. Meant what I said about pastoring, but over and over, and over perhaps the best preacher alive. Seriously bless me again and again preacher

  29. I have been hiding for so long in the shadows I’ve even managed to fool myself because I’ve shoved it so far deep and now I realize I’m dying every day that I don’t speak.

  30. Thank you for this message! I'm claiming it through Jesus Christ & thanking him for using you to get this message to me! God Bless!

  31. Day 81 !

    You cannot defeat your giants if you see yourself as grasshoppers.

    Most of us die inside coz' our issues is beneath our skin.

    Unbelief stops everything.

    It's motion activated, when you move God moves.

    #Preach Pastor Steven πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
    Love from India πŸ’“

  32. I have watched almost all of your videos and I have to say that this one hit home the most ! Thank you so much and keep fighting for Christ. β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’―

  33. "Be careful who you lean on!!!!! It is our unbelief that blocks the blessings" πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

  34. 31:00 Sometimes God will use things that you hate to make his work through you (2 kings 4)
    Only one who can shout the victory is the one that God has raised from the ashes of defeat

  35. This sermon was an answer to a prayer. Something horrific happened a week ago. I've been frozen with fear. This blessed me thank you for the God in you.

  36. I Love Your Strength that you bring to us all you are Definitely a Blessing in our lives and world that needs you πŸ’žπŸ’«πŸ™ So Thankful for you…

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