Eating Popeyes New Rip’n Chick’n

(SINGING) Fire and the wire. Just dancing through
the fire like you care. The fire. And you won’t even let me go. Fire. There’s a fire. There’s a fire. It goes so high. It’s so good, we’ll be so high. There’s a fire. It goes so high. Ooh! Fire and desire. Uh. Fire and desire. Uh. Rippin with the chicken. Uh. [MUSIC PLAYING] Daym Drops. Super Official Boogie! We’re about to get some of
this Rip’n Chick’n at Popeyes. You ready for the business? You ready? I say, are you ready
for the business? No! Now, you’re not going
to be reviewing Popeyes. I gave you Jell-O. So you can
review the Jell-O, all right? I mean, you know. When you get older,
you can review whatever you want to review. You might be a vegan, who knows? But Daddy’s about
this fast food life. Give me a minute. Thanks for choosing Popeyes. How can I help you? Oh, so your credit card
machine is not working? Give me one second. Let me double check for you. All right. I don’t know. We can take the
credit card, and I can do it in the lobby for you. All right. So come through
the drive-through, and I’ll just charge
you in the lobby part. All right. Cool, cool. I’m going to go ahead and
get your new Rip’n Chick’n. The Rip’n Chick’n? Yeah. So I’m going to assume
this one’s supposed to be a spicy one, eh? Yeah, the Rip’n Chick’n
is kind of spicy. Nice. I like that. I’m with that. I’m sorry? I like that. Good plan. OK. [LAUGHS] Does it come with– Do you want it as
a combo, or do you want the Rip’n Chick’n as just
a side order, with no drink? I’ll take it as a combo, thanks. Yeah. OK. And what kind of
side would you like? Goodness. I don’t know. You could just give me
extra fries or whatever. Fries will be about
two and a half minutes. All right. I’ve got mashed
potatoes, green beans– You can toss some mashed
potatoes in there. That works. Mashed potatoes? Yeah. With the gravy? Yeah, that’s fine. Thanks. OK. Now, is there a special
sauce that comes with the Rip’n Chick’n? I’m sorry? Is there a special sauce that
comes with the Rip’n Chick’n? No, there’s no special sauce. You can get any sauce you like. All right, then. I’m going let you– And what kind of drink
would you like with that? Let me get a fruit punch. A fruit punch? Yeah. All right. So I’ve got the Rip’n
Chick’n with a mashed potato as the side, and fruit
punch for your drink. Will that be all? Yeah, that will work. All right. It’s going to be $6.90. You can pull up to the window. All right. Thanks. All right. It looks like we’re getting
some Rip’n Chick’n action. You with it? Yes. [LAUGHS] We’ll see
you in two and two. So they can see me better. So they can see you better? All right. So now that we’re all
parked up and everything, you just want to get
out of the child seat. We ain’t going nowhere, so you
can be out of your child seat. So that’s cool. So Daddy’s going to review
the Popeyes Rip’n Chick’n. Are you going to
review this Jell-O? Mhm. Yes? OK. It’s a little baby Jell-O! All right. Let me do your thing. Here you go. You know what I’m saying. A little strawberry
Jell-O action. Oh. You’re a hater on the
line. [? That’s– ?] [? You hate ?] [? our Jell-O? ?] You hate [INAUDIBLE]. You hating right now. You’re hating. They don’t want
to see us hating. No we’re not. He’s not hating! I’m not hating. [? You’re ?] [? not! ?] Yo, they just hooked me up. Mm. With some straight mashed
potato action and some gravy. Ooh. Mashed potato and gravy. I ain’t even going to show you
all, because that right there– I’ll show you all later. I’ll take out the other one. You know what? Oh, but before I
begin, hey, guys, just to let you know, before
we begin, I know a lot of you probably didn’t even
get the notification. You know YouTube
is making changes. It’s cool, baby. I went up in the kitchen. That’s right, your boy, Daym
Drops, is in the kitchen, hooking up with my boy, Vinny
P. Blackened salmon and quinoa salad. Had some special guests. What I’m going to do,
if you want to watch it, I’ll put the link right at the
top, in the description box below. Go ahead and check it out. Be sure to follow
me on Instagram. OfficialDaymDrops. Expect to see this face
in a lot of reviews with me, because she just
graduated from kindergarten today. Congratulations. You know what I’m saying? Yeah, so many steps. Like a hundred. They gave you a bag
full of goodies, huh? Yeah. Because I was in Puerto Rico. I know. You were in Puerto
Rico for a week. So when we came back, they
gave you all the stuff you’ve been missing out on. I took a little piece. No, do your thing. Take more than that. You know what I’m saying? Hey, you know, she’s going
to review the Strawberry Jell-O. She’s going to let
you guys know how that tastes. What are you thinking of that
Strawberry Jell-O right then? Do you like it? You like it? Mhm. Is it smooth, or is it– is it sweet? Is it sour? What’s going– It’s smooth, and it’s sweet,
and it’s sour, and it’s red. It’s smooth, sweet,
sour, and red? [LAUGHS] Just kidding. It’s not sour. Not sour. So it’s a sweet little
something something? I was going to prank you. [LAUGHS] I know. You’re always with the pranks. That’s the part, you’ve been
watching YouTube too much. You know, and they’ll
be watching me, but you are watching
YouTube a lot. All right. So Daddy’s going to go ahead and
take this off for the people. This is my red
Jell-O, and I love it. That’s the Jell-O,
and you love it? And you know why? Why? Because it tastes
like strawberry. OK. And I know you love
your strawberries. You love your strawberries. You love your little Reddi-wip. All that good stuff. Strawberry shortcake, huh? Don’t call me
strawberry shortcake. I didn’t call you
strawberry shortcake. I was like, you like a
strawberry shortcake. [LAUGHS] Oh. All right. I’m about to– That looks like a claw. It does look like
a claw, doesn’t it? A claw, and it looks like they
made it out of Rice Krispies. It looks like a claw that they
made out of Rice Krispies. Mhm. Well, from the mouth of babes. I’ll tell you, man. I love it. I love it. So this looks like a
little claw to you, right? Uh-huh. I mean, they call it Rip’n
Chick’n, because you’re supposed to be able
to rip it apart. That’s why it looks like a claw. So you know, they look
like little fingers. So you could kind of take the
fingers apart on this bad boy, right here. It looks extremely crunchy. And in the actual picture
itself, it has chili peppers. So it means that this
is actually supposed to be a little spicy as well. Yeah. So it’s a spicy claw. A spicy claw? Mhm. That’s what you’re
going to call this one? A spicy claw? Mhm. All right. I’m with you on that. I’m with you. OK. You all know I already got the
biscuit action on the side, looking real buttery. I see how you do. You’re over there. Just don’t worry about it. You can leave it there. I’ll clean it up, baby. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Go ahead and make all the
mess you want to make. Daddy’s going to clean
this truck anyway. I’m not even worried about that. Do you? Do you? [INAUDIBLE] If you make a mess by accident? Yep. That’s all they are. They’re happy little accidents
when you make a mess. All right, y’all. Look at that gravy, right there. Oh. Wait. Somebody, they put
their pee in it. [LAUGHS] They didn’t put no pee in here. [LAUGHS] This is
called gravy, Boogie. It’s gravy over mashed potatoes. Ew. What do you mean, ew? Man, you can’t knock
it till you try it. You’re such a hater on the low. All right, y’all. I didn’t know exactly
which sauce to go with, so I went with the
Popeyes Sweet Heat Sauce. Yes. Yes. Oh, you took a big little bite. Ooh. You finished that thing, too. And I decided to go with the
Popeyes Blackened Ranch Sauce. So you done? [LAUGHS] So you done? Are you done? Are you finished,
or are you done? [LAUGHS] All right. So I’m going to go ahead
and mess around with this Rip’n Chick’n. I’m going to rip it apart. Keep that back there. I don’t need that, Boogie. [LAUGHS] I’m going to rip it apart. OK. Let’s rip the claw. Hey, let’s look in the
camera and make the err face. [GROWLS] [VOCALIZATION] [LAUGHS] Thumbnail. OK. That looks like the thumb. First thing first,
I definitely want to try the Rip’n Chick’n by
itself, without dipping it in anything, just to see– Yes, just try a little bit. Just a little bit. Just to see how spicy it is. So all right. Back up. I don’t want no chicken
hitting you in the eyeball. No, you can stand up. You can stand up. Just– ooh. We’ve got to rip that up. This is a little part. Oh, this chicken is
doing more than ripping. All right. I’ll just rip that chicken off. Just rip a piece
off, right there. Smells spicy. Is it good? Mm. Fire! You know, that is good. That is dead right. That’s dead right. (SINGING) Fire in the wire. Just dancing to the fire. Mm. Like you care. The fire. And you won’t even let me go. Fire. There’s a fire. There’s a fire. It goes so higher. It’s so good. We’ll be so high. There’s a fire. It goes so higher. Ooh! Fire and desire. Uh. Fire and desire. Uh. Rippin’ with the chicken. Uh. Rippin’ with the chicken. Uh. Popeyes. Popeyes. Popeyes. We just dropping the hot tracks? Is that what we doing? [LAUGHS] You’re crazy. Can I do my review? You got me choking on this one. All right, ya’ll. The chicken, I mean– This car is so
small [INAUDIBLE].. You’re standing up. That’s why. If you sat down, it
would be regular. Can’t nobody stand
up inside a car. And I can tell you probably
put that mark on my roof over there, too. I see a little
Kaitlin mark up there. Right there. Stop marking up my whips. [LAUGHS] All right. So I mean, this
one right here, I want you guys to take
a look at it though. But that– Don’t take a look at his face. That is, I mean, juicy and– this is like a nice– this is a nice, stripped bite. Y’all know I love saying
something is a tender fender bender. What it is. Light on the crisp,
not heavy on the spice. You’re going to
get a slight burn. It’s not behind the throat. It’s not topical, so it’s not on
the lips or anything like that. I mean, it’s a real– it’s extremely mild
that you actually taste the chili peppers on this one. But I love the way that you
can actually break it up. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHS] I love the way you can– I just want to
tell you something! I know. You want it today. You want it. I’m letting you
rock out, though. [INAUDIBLE] shoes. OK. Show your shoes. You staying. Great. Kick a foot up, so
they could turn it. So they can see it. Here you go. There you go. Your little gold shoes think
you’re doing something. Look. What happened? [LAUGHS] What you doing? I was there like a scarecrow. You were there like a scarecrow? [LAUGHS] Oh, goodness. Oh, you’re the best. All right. I’ve got to dip this in my– I’m silly too. I’ve got to dip this in
my Blackened Ranch Sauce. Blackened Ranch Sauce dipper. It looks very thick. Why did I say tick? [INAUDIBLE] Peace. We’re leaving. [LAUGHS] I’m just kidding. Don’t worry about him. Now, Blackened Ranch
Sauce isn’t bad. I’m getting more of a– Then try it by itself. Heavily seasoned. Heavily seasoned now
and still a savory bite. I’m getting that ranch
kick up on this one. That looks like a taco. Creamy, zesty. Now, that’s what you call–
that’s mashed potato. Creamy and zesty on that ranch. Nice little addition on a bite. Like I said, I did
get the Sweet Heat, so I want to give that
one a try as well. I’m very silly. [SINGING] [LAUGHS] Is this what you’re going to
be doing to me all summer? All summer? What’s in your hand? Put that thing down. All right. We’ve got a little Sweet
Heat action, right here. Sweet Heat. Uh. Blood. It’s not blood. It’s Sweet Heat. All right? That’s that little barbecue. Looking like a little Tabasco. Looking like some
sweet and sour. It looks like sweet and
sour from the Chinese spot. That’s what it looks like. We’re heated up with some
heated up Louisiana kick to it. It looks like [INAUDIBLE]. It looks orange, like– Mm. (SINGING) He chewing like
a booin’, like a chew, like a boo. Ow. [LAUGHS] It smells like poop. Sweet Heat is good. Sweet Heat. Too much food. Oh. Mm. (SINGING) That’s the fire. Master of the liar. It’s better up here. It’s even hotter. Ladies and gentlemen,
we have a winner. When you do Popeyes Rip’n
Chick’n, do it with the Sweet Heat. Do it with the Sweet Heat Sauce. You’ve got something
on your beard. That’s OK. You can leave it there, Boogie. Because I know you’re
allergic to stuff, so I don’t want you
to get it on you. [INAUDIBLE] Oh my goodness. You have to do
Popeyes Rip’n Chick’n with the Sweet Heat Sauce. Popeyes, you about to get
your first 10-piece from me. You about to get your
first 10-piece from me. Mm. Oh! Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Popeyes is the
winner of the store! Popeyes. You did right by me
with the Rip’n Chick’n. This Rip’n Chick’n. Again, very much similar
to a lot of the other chickens that you actually drop. I’m not going to say
it’s far the the left. Nice little design. What does the Rip’n
Chick’n look like? What did you say it looks like? A claw? A claw. It looks like a claw. It does? It looks like a
super chicken’s claw. Like a chicken that had
a couple of extra toes. Yeah. So the super claw goes
extremely well, perfectly pairs with the Sweet Heat Sauce. If you want to keep
pushing me in the head. Just keep pushing me in my head. Uh. [LAUGHS] It’s great. I love it. All I’m definitely
going to say is Popeyes, you’ve got a hit with this one. You guys have to get it
with the Sweet Heat Sauce. You’re definitely
going to enjoy it. Thank you for
watching this video. Understand I’m– Peace out. I’m going to peace out. I ain’t even done talking yet. Oh my goodness, you
hating on a low. I’m wrapping it up, though. Be sure to check
out my other videos. Like I said, I know
a lot of guys– I know a lot of you don’t
get the notifications. [INAUDIBLE] She’s going to be
in the videos, yes. I know you guys don’t get
all of the notifications, so I’m just letting you know now
that I do post more than what you actually get. So you probably missed a
lot of the older videos. Go ahead and watch them,
because I’ve been dropping them for the last past few days. Blackened salmon
and quinoa salad. I’m in the kitchen. We will have some more videos. And we will definitely
have some more videos. Thank you for watching. Be sure to subscribe. Be sure to like. Be sure to share this one
out with friends and family. Because it’s all
about family, baby. You know what I’m saying? You good? [INAUDIBLE] Oh, we out of here, man. All right! Peace. Peace out. Why you got me even
throwing up peace signs for? That’s so old school. She crazy. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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