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Let me ask you a question what have you talked yourself out of that God is trying to bring you into What are you talking yourself out of right now? That God is trying to bring you into in your relationships What are you talking yourself out of that God is trying to bring you into in your Personal life and I don’t care what category you use We’ve all got something that we we’re talking ourselves out of The message God gave me today is that you can talk yourself into it Just like you’ve been talking yourself out of it You can talk yourself into it one thing I noticed about myself from an early age is that I can be persuasive when I need to be and So sometimes in school and I would need an extension on a paper I knew I could usually get one because I have this way of talking myself out of things. Do you understand? It comes in handy as a preacher to be persuasive because you have to get people to do things that they need to do that They don’t want to do And so you’re trying to tell people to trust God in their finances in problem with that is they already feel broke and so now? That you tell them that they want to trust God with their finances if they need to trust God with their finance and they don’t Want to trust God with their finances because they don’t have many finances But you want to get them to see that the reason I don’t have any finances is because you’re not trusting God with your finances If you trust God your finances It would open your eyes to the supply that he has available for you And if you seek him first as this kingdom and his righteousness all these things, I’m preaching in my watch off my wrist That’s how excited I am about the word of God. Just hold it rough. So I don’t even want it bad I don’t even care what time it is. I might preach through lunch Cuz there’s some things in your life that you’ve been talking yourself out of one time my senior year of high school They put me in a AP English class with Eunice Cox and Eunice Cox was rumored to be a tough teacher, but it’s no problem for me I got this cuz I got the gift and So I came upon my first book report and I wasn’t gonna finish it on time I knew wouldn’t finish it on time, but I wasn’t worried about it cuz I could talk my way out of it I’ve always talked my way out of things speeding tickets and oh Of things I’ve talked myself out of why not this paper – but Eunice Cox was waiting for me at the door and she said I noticed you didn’t turn your Assignment and and I smiled real sweet cuz I got some southern charm I grew up in a small town I know how to talk to people I said miss Cox I saw I was gonna talk to you about this and she said I don’t want to hear it and She said she said Steven Furtick you have met your match in Eunice parks. I Said but Miss Carr, she said now I said I was gonna no I Said I said well, uh, what can I do? She said well you if I were you I’d try to get a good grade on all the other ones because you get a zero on this one And you might wanna bring up your average So now I want you to understand something when God called Moses Moses was reluctant to do what God had called him to do and Moses had a million excuses And so do you why you can’t be it why you can’t do it why you can’t go forward in it? Come on, how many of you are good at talking yourself out of things How many of you about the time I get done preaching sometimes and you’ve even had your lunch? You’ve forgotten what the sermon is even about shame on you. It looks good It’s how it works We are so quick to talk ourselves out of things But when Moses started telling God, you know I can’t speak and I can’t do it and I’m not eloquent and I’m not trained and I’m not equipped and I’m not Able God said to Moses you have met your match in Eunice Cox You have met your match in the Lord your God Have I not commanded you I don’t even want to hear it out of your mouth. Why you can’t I am the I am the power within you. I am the one who calls you by name I know what you got cuz I put it in you I know what you don’t have cuz I left it out and I Command you to be courageous So it occurs to me that maybe the reason that God is speaking to Joshua on this level is Because Joshua has seen firsthand the devastation that it causes when God’s people talk themselves out of What God is trying to bring them into? You know those five said to Moses we can’t do it. They’re stronger. They’re bigger and Joshua spoke up and he got everybody’s attention. The Bible says in numbers 14:6 that he tore his clothes and Said to the entire Israelite Assembly Hey Come on guys The land we passed through and explored is exceedingly good If the Lord is pleased with us He will lead us into that land a land flowing with milk and honey and will give it to us only do not rebel Don’t do this. Don’t die outside of your destiny Don’t let your fear keep you from your future Don’t be Discouraged don’t repel if the Lord is pleased with you Listen later slow milk and I know give it to us only to not repel against allure and do not be afraid of the people of the land and Stop get forfeiting your future for your fear of people Stop forfeiting your future for your fear of failure. You hear me? Stop forfeiting your future because of what they might think about you. Their protection is gone, but the Lord is with us I mean, you gotta believe down deep in your soul that God is with me in this moment He’s with me when I feeling he’s with me when I don’t he’s with me when I’m faithful. He’s with me when I’m faithless He swift me when I’m right. He’s with me when I’m wrong. He’s with me when I’m home He’s with me when I’m broken. Somebody stopped honest with me touch your neighbor say he’s with you – he’s with you – No matter how hard Joshua tried he couldn’t talk Moses into it. You know why because nobody can talk you into your destiny, but you But your neighbors say talk yourself into it Talk to yourself into it. It is interesting that when God speaks to Joshua He tells him what to do lead these people to inherit the land now the problem with a lot of us is that we have Shrunk our lives down to the size of our own personal interest We don’t have anything bigger than us worth fighting for So it doesn’t take much to discourage eyes If I didn’t preach every time I don’t feel like preaching you would hear from me three times a year you Know how I preach every week. I talked myself into it and I tell myself There’s somebody coming to church today who’s suicidal? There’s somebody coming to church today whose kid is on drugs There’s somebody coming to church today that has been told all their life They’re worthless and you get to tell them God loves them and maybe you could smile at him and make them feel through your countenance That God has not forgotten them that he knows them by name But by the time I stopped talking to myself, I’m ready to talk to you Now we can preach now we can do it now we can go But see you’ve got to talk yourself into Your purpose. I have a purpose. I don’t need to ask God to give me a purpose I have a purpose. You have a purpose to glorify God to be Transformed into the image of Christ to be conformed into the image of Christ It’s not that you don’t have a purpose It’s that everytime God tries to bring you into it you talk yourself out of it And so he says this is not just about you Joshua there are people depending on you Your destiny is connected to something much bigger than you so go do it and be strong and courageous but God is a good coach and a good coach doesn’t just motivate you he instructs you And so he gives him the mechanics and this is what I was excited about I mean that part I was excited about that part too, but I Really want to show you this he said in verse a keep this book of the law always on your lips This this stood out to me In Deuteronomy 31. I told you how the last scripture today In that kind of what you came for though Okay In Deuteronomy 31 before Moses died and climbed up on Mount Nebo and he died and God didn’t let the Israelites find his body because He knew that if they found his body they would continue to worship his bones because sometimes the only way for God to get you To move past something in your life is completely take it away But before he died, he called the nation together. He said And he gave a little speech he gave him a little talk to give him a little He said I’m not going into the land But you are Joshua’s gonna lead you he pulls Joshua beside him and he tells him be strong and courageous For you must go with this people and the Lord swore to their ancestors to give them and you must divide it Among them as their inheritance not you may but you must Not you should but you must And and and you must do it and as you do it know that the Lord Himself Goes before you and will be with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you do not be afraid Do not be So when God speaks to Joshua after the death of Moses Joshua has heard this speech before It’s not his first time here yet But when God gives the speech he adds one thing that Moses left out See Moses told him what to do Told him widen to it God showed Joshua Hal Would you like to know how to keep yourself encouraged? Because you need to know They aren’t always going to text you encouragement when you need it. That’s part of being a grown You need to learn to encourage yourself I gotta tell you touch your neighbor and say I can encourage myself if You encourage me. I appreciate it. If you’re nice to me. I appreciate it. If you say kind things to me, that’s cool but I need you to know that even if you don’t if you get too busy or if you forget about me or if you Don’t know what to say to me. I need you to know I can encourage myself Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world I learned to encourage Myself cuz I can’t always count on a text and I can’t always count on a hug and I can’t always count on a man And I can’t always even count on my own friends, but I can encourage Myself. So so God tells Joshua he says I’m not always gonna speak to you like this You know you have moments in your life where God Himself will speak to you and they’re awesome one time I was coming home to Charlotte when we were first starting the church and I was nervous and I was afraid and discouraged I was discouraged because People weren’t showing up yet And I was afraid because I didn’t know if they ever would And so I was afraid and discouraged and those are two states You cannot fulfill your destiny and then let me let me show you something if you are afraid right now It is not because the devil is making you afraid There is somebody on your road that has more to be afraid of than you and yet the confession of their life is I Have fear but fear doesn’t have me if you are discouraged. It is not because of your conditions or your circumstances They may have been a contributing factor, but they are not the deciding factor Discouragement is a decision that I make Discouragement is a conversation that I have with myself Discouragement is that thing inside of me that says this is the way it will always be see it’s not getting in better See that woman right there doesn’t like your sermon look how she’s looking at you and that guy’s asleep Discouragement is that little voice inside of your head that you listen to and our problem. Dr Martin lloyd-jones the great Welsh preacher once said our problem is that we spend too much time listening to ourselves and Not enough time talking to ourselves Now y’all are about to think I’m crazy But I talk to myself all the time. How many of you talk to yourself all the time? Well sure you do you’ve been doing this since you were three? boo Boo boo boo boo boo But somewhere along the the way between putting together Legos And the big one goes here and the little one goes hit and you talked yourself through it now Somewhere along the way you turned against yourself And so now you’re listening to yourself like the psalmist in he was having a bad day and So he started talking about the day he was having and he said in psalm 42 verse 4 he said these things I remember as I pour out my soul how I used to go to the house of God Under the protection of the mighty one with shouts of joy, you know right before this She said my tears have been my food day and night And he’s he’s in this cycle, but he did something in verse 5 it’s kind of a strange technique and and And if you do this people might think that you’re crazy But if you don’t do it you really will be crazy So you can decide whether you want people to think you’re crazy or whether you really want to be crazy Because he’s been listening to himself for four verses. He’s been listening to his tears. He’s been listening to his trials he’s been listening to his past but in verse 5, he totally shifts and Instead of listening to himself He starts preaching to himself It’s very powerful Why? My soul are you so downcast? What did you see the ship he’s like I’m done with this If I wake up in the morning and ask myself how you feel? I’m gonna be 50/50 at best So I’m a wake up in the morning and tell myself This will change your life and tell myself Today we’re gonna be blessed today. We’re going to be favored today We’re going to be a blessing today. We’re gonna take new ground today. We’re gonna encourage somebody else today We’re gonna see the fitness of the court Lord in the land of the living today. Why are you so downcast on my soul? Why so disturbed in me and then he does something very powerful. He puts himself in his place What’s your hope in God for I will yet praise Him Sometimes you gotta put yourself in your place sometimes you gotta make Discouragement bow its knee in the presence of God and fear must bow to faith in the presence of God Somebody give him a brace right now Hey, hey Joshua, here’s how you do it Keep this book of the law always on your lips There’s a land I’m taking you to there’s a promise that I’m leading you to But you’re gonna have to talk yourself into it Meditate on the law day and night the law was five books of the Bible That we have now Genesis Exodus a little bit. His numbers Deuteronomy Torah It was a Bible that Joshua had God said Your life will follow the direction of your conversation your courage Comes from your conversation so does your fear So does your discouragement? Not just your conversations with others but your conversation with your self So keep this book of the law on your lips Not just in your mind on your lips the Hebrew word for meditate is Haga and It means to mutter Because there was a Hebrew tradition that while they studied the text and reflected upon it they would mutter It’s not enough to read the Bible you have to rehearse the Bible Come on Gaston campus It is not enough for you to hear this word It is not enough for you to listen to me speak If you are going to live in that place what place I’m not going to the land of Canaan no, no But God has promised you his peace If you are going to have his peace in your life, you’re going to have to talk yourself into peace God has given you his courage if you are going to live in courage and fulfill your purpose. You’re gonna have to talk yourself into your purpose Keep it on your lips Hey, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed the message just do two simple things before you go Click the logo to subscribe to this channel so you won’t miss a video I promise I’ll make it worth your while and second take a minute and share it with somebody who could use it or just leave a comment I love to hear how these videos are impacting. You means a lot to me. Thanks again for watching

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  1. Pastor Furtick. have encouraged me today…and, since I already talk to myself, why not let it be something worth listening too! King David said, "I encourage myself in the LORD." That is exactly what I have decided to do today!
    Thank you so much my Brother!
    Love in Christ,
    Cathy ♡+♡

  2. I just want to let you guys know that my electricity did go out I live at 1819 greenbush and my house is going into foreclosure and I have a little girl so I'm just really stressed

  3. anyway I loved the guy I was with but I just I don't know just my anger got the better of me and I didn't know how to coexist and save everything and he left right before the electricity got shut off so you kind of know how that goes but I'm just really going through it but I'm being calm and try not to worry anybody but I'm kind of with no phone as well just keep us in your me and Brooklyn

  4. Last night a friend heard me talking myself into it at his balcony (motivating myself and reciting my goals) and then he started staring at me in an awkward way like he thinks im crazy, he might not say it but i can see that he is thinking that im crazy. And today im listening to this preach in 13:20 I don't know man. God is awesome

  5. Another fake Son of Fallen Angeles teaching his fore father's pagan deity for doctrine. God was spelt as Godd which was derived from Gott. Jesus is derived from Iesous

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  7. Amazing! Praise God. Our faith can be a much! bigger Giant and those things which merely pose as Giants – they're just deceiving distractions. Our God is Greater:- Fear must bow to Faith… Word! Amen. How does that encourage you to delve deeper, and deeper and deeper still into God's word? and into relationship with him – you are called. We must! grow and be made stronger and stronger. Yes Lord! Thank You Pastor Steven!! I have no idea what God is bringing me into, but he is strengthening my inner being, as I walk with my eyes closed – it seems and my arms out before me knowing that My God has Got me and my life… his path is straight and clear and he brings beauty from ashes. I'll go to bible school, I'll care for kids with disabilities, I'll support a dependent child through nervous system disorder -pain and awful symptoms, and another through chemo therapy side affects, I'll continue to keep my full time job too – Praise God. I'll be used to Bless, encourage and support other people too along the way and be called wise.. (that has to be God! let me tell you). I'll do it all on my own – in a human sense – but how far I am from that being the truth. I have way more grief from people than I should have/deserve… My faith is bigger – I have David Faith… Praise God. I chose his way, his truth and his light and – he grew it all within me. Our God is God of the Hills AND the Valleys! so Praise him. See him shower you all with Blessings and see his miracles, then shout the Glory of God from the roof tops. Faith is Grown but we have to choose it and live in it. He gives us all we need and he moulds, shapes and strengthen's us – for and through the battles, there is no-thing he can't make good/beautiful. Thank Him for Jesus coming and his Holy, Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit come, Welcome him here – Let him be your best! friend. Let your body be God's house – & 'for me and my house – we shall serve the Lord!'. Thank You Jesus for saving our souls and for the gift of the Holy Spirit and hearing our prayers at the right hand of God. Thank You for all your rich and beautiful Blessing's through the fire and the floods Lord, our God. You are Holy, you are Mighty, you are one of the Redeemed, set apart, brand new heart – you are free indeed – through. it. all. Amen. Holy! you are Holy, Holy is the Lord. Be Blessed, Blessed you are. Have peace – it's yours! Joy, patience, perseverance, kindness, goodness and self control – in Love… it's all yours. Take it all. Live in it all. – Let his Kingdom come & his will be done. That can't happen if your busy submitting to deceiving distractions… submit to your Father in heaven. Amen

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  9. Thanks, Steven for talking yourself into talking to us. Your obedience blesses my heart. I love the Lord with all my heart and am addicted to His word. Because I keep His word on my lips I can encourage myself. I have faced many difficulties, and struggles, and setbacks and yet, nothing can stop me. For greater is He who is in me than He who is in the world.

  10. I have known you for 4 weeks and it is a blessing, everynight I see a different video.Greetings from México

  11. Thank you Steven for your words of wisdom it hits the heart every time like I’m right in front of you ,there with you, keep up the great work an god bless your heart an soul for what you do for others I appreciate you thank you

  12. Powerful! Thanks Pastor Steven, I've been down a little lately and keep blaming others around me and talking discouragement to myself and wondering how it's going to turn out. This message uplifted me. God bless you

  13. Thank you for this message. I have been reciting verses in my head when thoughts of my failed marriage starts to take over. It has helped me so much. New doors are opening up to me. God is so good💜I love him so much!

  14. I want to thank you because I’m at point in my life all too familiar and your sermons have been my uplifting in the mornings and evenings and sometimes before I go to bed, every one has spoken to me personally and I love them, thank you

  15. I am 💯 % certain God was speaking to me about my current state through you in the last few sermons posted
    Thank you Pastor Furtick 💜

  16. Yes… just wanted to say that I do talk alot to myself…😁 it is my way of talking to our Lord… and have to remind myself where The Lord has been there for me in all types of situations. Amen He is greater that is in me than He that is in the world. Amen….

  17. I hope one day I can go to your church and listen to the word of GOD live. I really love to worship and praise GOD in live not just here in video😇🔥. God bless you brother, keep sharing the gospel!!! All for HIS glory!🔥

  18. I loveeee this message ! I discourage myself so much by the thoughts I let continue to roam in my mind. It makes me forget my purpose sometimes but I have to talk myself out of fear, anxiety, and manipulation because it isnt from God. I am continuing to grow and I thank you for the message !!!

  19. This world is blessed to have you. Your sermons talk to me in ways I can't even explain. God bless you for me. Continue doing what you do..because you touch so many lives

  20. just got this on 2k19 really touched me!
    I feel God presence when watching this video
    thank God the miracle still happening

  21. Hi Steven,

    I accidentally stumbled across you on YouTube about an hour ago. I just want to say something.

    For the longest time, I kept away from church and God. I went when I was younger and when I moved in with relatives who weren’t Christian, my faith and belief in God changed.

    You, today, made me remember that God is always within me and has given me everything I need to do what I want to do in life – without fear, without the enemy. Nothing but full belief and faith that I can do anything I want. Because God believes in me and I believe in him. Therefore, I believe in myself.

    Thank you for sharing your faith and for doing what it is that you are doing.

  22. I just recently overcome addiction of drugs which I had been on for 18 years I am a little over a year sober. This time I wanted to stay sober so I started working on my faith and really try hard to live for the Lord and the way he wants us to. I listened to you one day on tv and it has really changed my life. I really understand the message and get so much out of it when I hear you preach it.You are really the best pastor I have ever listen to.I know it wasn't an accident that I listened to you that day. That God knew that I could understand and really get the message I needed to by listening to you.Since that first day I listened to you I watch you every day now on tv, and several times a day on YouTube,and have even started reading the bible.I just want to thAnk you so much for making such an impact and change on my life.God bless you and your family and thAnk you for what you do you have an amazing gift.You are truly the best pastor I have ever listened to.

  23. Pastor Steven your videos are what keep me going you always have a video for what my heart is seeking my house caught fire about a month ago I though god was angry with me that’s why he took my house you have taught me that’s not true I have been un happy with my current job for a long time and question if that’s what god is calling me to do I have learned it’s time to talk myself into what he is calling me to you have truly helped me find a deeper connection with the lord thanks for all that you do! God bless you pastor.

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  25. Thank you God for encouraging Steven to share these messages with the world! Im so grateful to be able to get on you tube and meditate on Gods word and work on my self. We are so blessed to have this at our finger tips! Thousands of years ago people had to walk across the desert and gather in huge assemblies to hear a sermon. It's amazing how there is not more people using their phones to stay connected with Him.

  26. Thank you so much. Ive been having the biggest mental battle with myself for so long but it was of my own doing. Telling myself I can't handle this or that and I'm not smart enough etc this opened my eyes big time and I'm ready to stand with God and not be scared

  27. People forgetting what was preached by the time they leave church is something I've been praying about. Satan comes and immediately, says the Bible in Mark 4, devours the word sown in the heart. I have been declaring that when God redeemed us, He redeemed our memory too. Hallelujah. However, for now, not remembering the word cannot be an excuse. Our phones have voice recorders and we could also take notes or watch live stream or get the CD. Please people, don't forget what is preached to you. God said, He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying TO THE CHURCH! The word being preached to us at church is more important than what we read in the mornings in our study time because it is the word that PROCEEDETH FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD. Man shall not live by bread alone but by EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDETH FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD. The Bible says the letter KILLETH (written word) but the Spirit (God-breathed Word) giveth life. Our pastors preach what has been give to them by God Himself. Don't take it lightly. Meditate and meditate and meditate on this word day and night. He that hath an ear hear what the Spirit is saying through me.

  28. Pastor Furtick! My family, friends and the people I don’t know yet ALL benefit from your words! You’re a vessel overflowing into so many peoples lives. Gods word is strategically placed in your heart and you’re able to say it just the way WE ALL NEED TO HEAR IT! Love you brother from another mother! Don’t ever let the devil lie to you. YOU’RE A WORLD CHANGER!

  29. I needed this. I have to encourage myself. My words are power even the words I speak to myself.. ESPECIALLY the ones I speak to myself. I will now be more mindful of how I start my day with what I speak. Great message.

  30. Biggest question that i keep asking is HOW? because i am LOST and CONFUSE. So lost and Very very confuse of my life.

  31. I'm so glad I clicked on your channel today everything you said is what I've been avoiding, Talking myself into it!! I have lacked this for so long, I'm thankful God laid this service on your heart for me to hear Thank you and praise God!!!

  32. Steven, GOD has spoken to me thru u and ur sermons. I listen to ur messages every chance I get. The way u teach GODs word and break down the Bible relatable to today is awesome!

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    Oh wait, maybe I missed the whole point of this sermon 😬😊😉

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  35. Please be careful, this sermon seems to have word of faith preaching underpinnings. "You have to talk yourself into your purpose." This can be misleading as we can mistakenly begin to rely on ourselves and not the Holy Spirit. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. We must rely solely on Jesus Christ, and have faith in him in everything. Paul didn't even trust in himself when he prayed, so he asked the Holy Spirit to pray through him. As believers we must be like the Bereans who searched the scriptures day and night to make sure what Paul taught was true. I encourage you to not take in a sermon without considering if it lines up with the word of God. John told us from the inspiration of the Spirit that we are to test the spirits to see if they are of God because there are false prophets that will come. The devil disguises himself as an angel of light. The word of God has the final authority. God bless.

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