Don’t listen to the lizard. | Pastor Steven Furtick

Do you see how we get intoxicated in the
age we live in theres so much information coming at us we’re drunk and we don’t even know it and we can’t defend ourselves and we’re getting eaten alive
God gives us peace and the enemy eats right through it cuz he’s a lion at
least that’s what I always thought I thought I thought he was a lion and this
week I slowed down and read the verse and I realized that the Bible never says
the devil is a lion he’s a liar I know he’s a liar you know how you can know when the devil is lying when he’s talking he’s a liar but he’s not a lion give me the verse Peter
says watch out one translation says pay attention wake up or be alert and of
sober mind here’s why your enemy the devil your enemy God’s enemy is pride your enemy is the devil who wants to
fill your mind as if we don’t already suffer enough as if we don’t already
have enough to deal with today he wants to put you in a hypothetical
tomorrow where things may or may not happen or put you in a in a past
replaying what you wish you would have said to the person who offended you
how many come up with great comebacks about three weeks too late
God let me see them again please let me see them again and let them say it just
like they said it I’m ready now the devil is a lion but he does not say watch out for the lion the devil is not a lion what’s it say your enemy prowls around
like he’s not a lion he’s loud like a lion but he’s not as powerful as a lion
unless you let him be in the realm of our minds that’s where
the attack happens we’ve been looking for a lion but it’s not a lion coming to
attack us it’s our minds it’s in our minds and
we’ve been calling the wrong stuff the devil I’ve got a flat tire it’s the
devil no it was a nail it was a construction site they’re building
houses across the street I ate a doughnut it was the devil no it was delicious it’s the devil it’s the devil’s it the devil
I’m under attack a spiritual warfare I need you the devils attacking me what do you mean the devil’s attacking you well my mother-in-law is coming to visit that’s
not the devil that’s your prayer request remember when you asked those women to pray that you would have more patience well God wrapped patience in a package
that look like your mother-in-law and she’s about to get FedExed to your
doorstep God delivers that’s not the devil so now he’s loud but he’s not a lion
what is he I remember hearing years ago about the part of our brains again bear
with me I know there’s like neurologists in the crowd you don’t make me feel bad
about that I won’t make you feel bad about the Bible we just agree together
that everybody stays in their own lane but I did hear something about in the the
phrase got my attention called the lizard brain and I wrote a book one time
about the Chatterbox and I think I was trying to talk about what they call
the lizard brain and and I just remembered it the other day
cuz Abby wanted to show her brother’s she’s our youngest child and our only
daughter our smartest child I’m just kidding my sons in here but she
does have a little advantage over the boys cuz she’s she’s always had to step it
up to keep up you know and she’s superior by virtue of being female so
she working my pulpit winning some points she um she wanted to go all the
way across the pool and hold her breath which her brothers couldn’t do till they
were 10 she’s 7 so she’s like I could do it I could do it alright let’s
do it and she wanted everybody to see her and I said you can do it but just
know that the lizard the lizard brain is gonna be telling you that you can’t do
it but the lizard is lying she said there’s a lizard in my brain I said no
baby and I you know she’s 7 so I just pretended to be an expert I said
the human brain and I gave her some outdated theory on the
triune brain that probably isn’t even accepted anymore but I was talking about
that that thing that is real in our brain that doesn’t process at the
level of wisdom and doesn’t process at the level even of emotion but processes
at the level of fear and they call it lizard brain or they called it lizard
brain because it’s no different than a than a reptile a snake or a lizard
and so when I told her don’t listen to the lizard I was explaining you’re gonna
go down and you’re gonna think that you’re gonna die but you’re not gonna
die just don’t listen to the lizard and she went down under that water and she
swam clear to the other end and she came up she took the biggest gasp the biggest
gulp of air and she was so proud and she said man that lizard is loud
I said well what did you say back to him she said I told him shut up lizard I’m
doing this now hold on I know the enemy has been telling you some stuff I know
he has cuz that lizard has been talking to me too but I came to tell you today
that lizard has no power over you he might bruise your heel but you’re
gonna crush his head in the name of Jesus I am gonna make it
I shall live and not die I’m gonna raise my kids I’m gonna make a difference in the
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