Don’t Let The Enemy Distract You | Pastor Steven Furtick

this is what always happens when God is
trying to do something in your life the enemy will always present another enemy
that is not the real enemy to keep you distracted from fighting the one that
you’re called to defeat in David’s case it was his brother his big brother
his name kind of sounds like Goliath but it’s not Eliab he was tall for a
minute Samuel thought he was supposed to be the king cause Saul was tall and he saw
in Samuel saw in Eliab what he had seen in Saul which is height not heart and God
said don’t look at his height look at his heart stop judging your situation
externally it’s what’s inside that counts
it’s what’s inside the counts and Eliab starts judging David’s motives he’s like
look at this in verse 28 he goes why have you come down here and with whom
did you leave those few sheep now all of these things David had taken care of
he’s a very responsible young man but but really what’s happening here is I
believe the enemy is trying to trigger David to get him to fight the wrong
person because watch if he stands here and argues with his brother he will
never even see his enemy this might be the whole sermon for somebody now just
look straight ahead if you’re married sometimes you’re fighting against what
you’re supposed to be fighting for and you have to call a timeout sometimes you
have to you have to sometimes be like wait a minute you’re not my enemy
wait a minute you’re you’re you’re not who I’m supposed to be fighting and
if David gets caught up fighting Eliab he never sees Goliath if he gets
distracted some of us are defeated simply because we’re distracted now you
know how the story ends but think about how it could have ended David for the
next two hours defends himself to Eliab I was the other day checking on some
Instagram post seeing if they were touching people’s lives you know I would
like to say that I always do it with a pure heart but sometimes I’ll scroll to
look for people who say mean things to me and that’s a dysfunction and I’m not
saved all the way yet I am saved I was saved I’m being saved this is the part that’s
in progress cause sometimes I just like to imagine the response I could send you
know what the spirit of the Lord told me the other day first of all it’s 1 out of 300
people who say something negative that’s number one number two if you would
invest a fraction of the energy into blessing people that you put into
defending yourself you would be Mother Teresa
you would be Saint Paul you could change the world
if you would stop trying to defend yourself and I’m coming right for you
because some of us trip over an offense and so we never defeat the real opponent
because we stand and argue with Eliab and we never even get to Goliath isn’t that so powerful it could
have had a whole different ending it could have been a whole lot different
and I bet Aunt Jackie wouldn’t have taught me that Bible story in Sunday school if
David had stood there and argued with Eliab now here’s the thing that’s
practical about this some of you are fighting Eliab today and because
you’re fighting Eliab Goliath continues to go unchallenged in your life you know
you’re fighting Eliab if you’re still blaming people David did this move
that I want to learn how to do when I realize I’m fighting the wrong enemy
when I realize I’m fighting something outside when I really need to be dealing
with something inside when I realize I’m trying to control how other people are
versus trying to have self-control the fruit of the Spirit for myself this a
word today this is a word today it said that David did something very strategic
and this is like the turning point of the story
it said in verse 30 that when Eliab was going back and forth and David David hit
him real quick with an insult just to let him know I’m not a punk and then
after he said what he had to say watch what he did David turned and asked
somebody else and watch this when he turns away from Eliab it positions him
to face Goliath so whoever it’s for you’ll never even get
to Goliath you will never even get to the insecurity that is causing the issue
if you keep blaming the people who are bringing it out for you to look at Eliab
wasn’t the giant Eliab wasn’t the enemy Eliab was his brother that he was
supposed to fight for so now we’ve watched David two different alternate
endings if he argues with Eliab then he misses Goliath if he doesn’t obey his
father in a simple thing then he misses Goliath it could Graham was so prophetic
he said it could have ended a whole lot different I was so mad at my mom for
forgiving my dad I didn’t think he deserved it what would that funeral have
been like if she had listened to me rather than listening to God if we
weren’t even on speaking terms when he died it could have ended and I only
bring it up because every story in this room is still being written and
sometimes you think you know how it ends but what if it’s not over yet what if
it’s not over yet I’ma preach it through that little facade that you have right
now what if it’s not over yet what if what if you’ve wasted a lot of time but
what if God really is able to redeem the years that the locusts have eaten what
if it’s not over yet I’m just posing a question what if it’s not over yet what
if your best days are not behind you what if the devil is a liar
what if everything that you have been through to serve a greater purpose what
if a generational curse was being broken through your battle
what if God brought you to the Valley of Elah cuz he’s the God of a turnaround
the God of a second chance the God of a new beginning and a God of a new
ending Mary and Martha said I know how this story ends but one thing they
didn’t know is that Jesus doesn’t provide resurrection he is resurrection
so if he’s on the scene watch this when David showed up he said I come
against you in the name of the Lord now one more thing I gotta show you
y’all calm down it’s a Bible study not a football game
not a basketball game there’s nothing to be excited about in here it’s not like
the blood of Jesus is enough for you it’s not like depression is defeated
it’s not like the devil has to back up when you call on the name of your God
it’s not like worship can push back darkness it’s not like praise can break
chains y’all sit-down because now he has to go
through Saul the one that should have been celebrating him the one that should
have been supporting him David kills Goliath stop being so boring
when you read the Bible the Bible’s boring you’re boring read it
better this thing could have had so many endings it could have ended when David
had a bad attitude toward the ordinary it could have ended when David was
fighting against who he was supposed to be fighting for he could have got
offended it could have ended with ordinary it could have ended with
offence and it could have ended with only do you know only the spirit of lack and
limitation do you know only what Saul said to David David was like showing
Saul his resume he’s like I’m pretty good at beating
stuff that’s bigger than me I beat a lion one time I beat a bear put me in
coach Saul said you’re only a boy I wonder
what you’re only in your own mind remember Saul wasn’t the enemy Saul was
supposed to be a friend you ever have something inside of you turn on you
you’re only I had it this week I was thinking that I’m just a preacher
because I was thinking how really influencing culture is done through
rappers and fashion and others and and I was thinking about changing a generation
and I felt discouraged about it like I’m only a preacher but there’s this one
verse that always comes up when I think that way and God told Jeremiah one time
he said do not say I am only when I was thinking about that I know this isn’t
exactly what the text means but I was thinking how God’s name is I am so when
you say I am only and you’re supposed to take God’s name you mess up the name
that he gave you by diminishing it in your own sight I am only do not say I am
only do not say I am only I’m only a boy but David said no no no I’ve never faced
this giant before get ready to shout but I brought the same God to this valley
that I brought to the last Valley cause the only reason I’m preaching it
is because you’re standing in front of something right now you’ve never seen
this before but David said here’s the common pattern I’ve noticed okay
I dropped the lion I dropped the bear it only stands to reason that if the lion
didn’t stand a chance if the bear didn’t stand a chance because they opposed my
father’s business if this giant opposes the purpose of God
I predict an upset victory over everything in your life that is bigger
than you that opposes the purpose of God within you come on he’s the God of a
turnaround so I know somebody shout I know how this story ends
cuz I know who wrote it I know who wrote it he is the author and
the perfecter of my faith she looked at me last weekend on our date night and
and this movie was gonna have a nice ending but then she remembered that the
writer of this particular movie is noted for everybody dying in the end and
she looked at me now I want you to get this when I say it okay
she said it can’t be over I just remembered who wrote it come on you know
it’s a word for you you know there’s some things cuz cuz we tell ourselves
these stories but if God wrote it it’s not over til we win it’s not over
until the light overcomes the darkness come on Nairobi come on Gaston
come on Ballantyne it’s not over hey thank you for watching make sure you
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  2. This man is a prosperity preacher! Jesus is the truth the way the light! Dont be blinded by his ear tickling talk he is not of Christ he stated himself his stadium is not of Jesus. Its not a church its a concert hall all you led astray people have paid for.

  3. 2:55am wondering why I’m up & I see this. I needed this ❀️ this is not how the story ends… my turnaround is coming πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  4. and we KNOW that all things work together for the good of those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose

  5. These sermons are needed daily . Thank you Pastor Steven Furtick for the messages of victory and faith now I know my God is bigger in every situation I face in this life .Amen

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  7. This really has gotten to me because my parents has abounded me, accused me of soo many things. Continue tanishing my name back home after sending to North Cyprus a place I have no-one. Even food,neccesities or anything is difficult. I started haven't hatred for them for putting me through this misery. But hearing this words I have a change of heart God bless you. I will continue to pray for them even through my suffering

  8. im choosing the wrong battle for my life ….. in the wrong time …….at the wrong season for my life…. wow….. #ThankYou #PastorStevenFurtick im fighting the wrong ”Eliab” instead of fighting within ~ reminds me 2 weeks ago me and my mom were escalating with intense conversion ppl around me are trying to encourage me with a punch of attitude with what needs to be done~ stop looking at ure past ansel ppl love u were fighting the wrong battle~ fight within to have the ’remains of the remains’ which is #Remains of Christs Hope for ure life~ #SomethingsStirring i dont know what it is butim getting abreakthrough im launching into something my tipping point is happening ~ the inside of the remains of the remains~ #Wow #ThankYouPastor dont revert the promise or reverse it to ure own illusion

  9. Amazing……on point and right in time for me and my family here in England uk. How can people even say half they do about Pastor Steven???? The devil has no anointing, and the anointing of God is always upon Pastor Steven. Thank you Lord for your servant

  10. Steven you're the Enemy. Stop preaching the False Gospel of Prosperity and Word of Faith. Repent and believe that Jesus was both fully God and Man. Stop associating with other False Teachers like Joel Osteen and TD Jakes.

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  12. I wonder when will these boys understand The Kingdom Of God. I pray for these preachers to stop preaching for the crowds and start preaching about THE KINGDOM OF GOD!! Luke 4:43 Matthew 10:7 Mark 1:15

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  14. Please never say that you're just a Pastor with relevance to your statement about changing a generation. I'm in Nairobi tuning in on a Wednesday evening and my life is being transformed. Thankyou for giving to the Lord!

  15. It’s ironic that Christians believe they are Godβ€˜s chosen people, but none of them are doing God’s commandments? Commandments such as wearing fringes with Thakalath colored ribbon ( bluish-purple) sewed around those fringes according to Numbers 15:37-41 (kjva) is what I am referring to. πŸ‘‰πŸΏπŸ‘‰πŸΏπŸ‘‰πŸ½πŸ‘‰πŸ»Also, the Christian church always wants to mention β€œGod” or β€œThe Lord”, but doesn’t know his name. πŸ€”πŸ€”The Christian church always wants to mention the lamb, but does not know his name and no, it’s not β€œJesus Christ”. See, ask yourself this question. Have you ever seen or heard Christians make mention of THE ACTUAL PALEO HEBREW names of β€œGod” and β€œJesus” which happen to be: Yahawah, The God of the Israelite people(𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄) & Yahawashi, the lamb (𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀔𐀏)? All christians are hypocrites. None of them love Yahawah or his son Yahawashi, because they do not do their commandments.β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-1 John 2:4 King James Version Apocrypha (KJVA)

    He that saith, I know him (Yahawah/Yahawashi), and keepeth not his commandments, IS A LIAR, and the truth is not in him.

    1 John 5:3 King James Version (KJV)

    3 For this is the love of Yahawah (𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄) God, that we KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS : and his commandments are not grievous.

  16. Lord, I dont want to miss defeating my Goliath bc I'm fooling with irrelevant ppl and circumstances. Help me stay focused.

  17. THIS SERMON WAS FOR MEEEEE‼️ yesterday an anonymous page lied to the public saying I did something sexual in school in a fake screenshot (which was so evident that it was fake) and I was defending myself to prove that it was fake. Now I know to have self control and to not defend my myself. Thank you✨

  18. Especially true of those who attack those giving them criticism or correction. Nowadays correction is seen as an attack, instead of as a growth tool. We fight the pastors, mentors, teachers who say the truth that hurts.

  19. I really needed this this morning. I have been battling so much inside. This reminded me who the real enemy is, thank you for sharing everything. I enjoy everything you share

  20. John 14:15
    15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.
    The laws, statutes and commandments of the most High were never done away with.


    Lets all stop making excuses and come out of sin and love the holy one of Israel with our whole heart, mind and soul.

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