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okay so I am going to confess something
to you I am a forgetful person do I have any forgetful people in the house any
forgetful friends okay some people just aren’t forgetful like Jess Mitchell is
not forgetful so if I want to ask her if I want to remember something I ask
her to remind me later but I am really forgetful and it’s really funny the
things that we can forget like awhile back I left my wedding ring at
the tanning bed I haven’t told my husband he just found out I got it back I got it back I mean how can I leave my ring at a tanning bed I’m not even supposed to go to the tanning bed right one time I forgot my contact lenses on a 10-day trip to
Australia I had my glasses so it was okay but you know if you wear contacts
and glasses you can’t wear sunglasses if you have your glasses on and I was in the
airport and I went to take my contacts out because I wear the dailies and I
went like this and I went I was like this is my only pair of contacts and so Amy who is
not forgetful um and travels with me she happened to have a like half used ziplock
bag and a little bit of contact solution so we salvaged them I did wear them a
couple of times on the trip my eyes are okay it was a while ago one time I
forgot to take my son to a birthday party that I RSVP’d for and I bought a
present and I forgot um even last week I mean I
forget I could go on and on here’s my last example last week my husband took
our boys to the Clemson game and he said to me Holly yeah go Clemson go Tigers
he said to me Holly will you please put pillows and blankets in the car because
it’s a school night so the boys can sleep on the way home I was like oh yeah sure I
got it I forgot and I was Iike I’m so sorry that’s probably the number one
thing I apologize for is forgetting things it’s the worst feeling in the
world too like maybe you’ve we’ve all done it before maybe you showed up at
school and you forgot that that you had a homework assignment that was due maybe
you spoke to a friend on the phone and forgot that it was her birthday have
you ever done that before it’s the worst maybe you went to the grocery store and
you went for one thing and you spent $74 came home without the one thing the title of my sermon tonight don’t
forget to remember I wonder how much I could accomplish if I never forgot
anything like we live in the day and time where memories should be sharper
than ever right we have iCal and we have subscribe and save and we have a nice
woman named Alexa who is there to help us with anything that we should need we
can save we have thousands I have thousands of pictures on my computer from
memories and we have we should have all this freed up brain space right because
we can now even set reminders for things that we no longer need to
memorize we can just say call Steven and you know you don’t even have to know your
husband’s phone number anymore you don’t have to know people’s addresses you
don’t have to know directions on how to get somewhere but still we forget the
things that we need to remember and we remember the things that we wish we
could forget like 382-4110 that was my phone number
when I was like five years old still taking up space in my brain I love this
scripture it’s in Psalm 103 it says and I’m gonna read it to you praise the Lord oh my soul all my inmost
being praise His Holy Name praise the Lord my soul and forget not all his
benefits who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases who redeems your
life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion who satisfies your
desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagles forget
not all his benefits what if we actually lived each day like this what if we were
really able to shake free of the shame of our past and live like our sins were
forgiven how much more confidence would I have if
I really believed that I was crowned with love and compassion I wouldn’t have
to compare myself to anyone because I would walk around knowing I had a crown
on my head what if no matter how dark my situation became I was able to live like
I knew that he satisfies all of my desires I know that many of you came
here or you’re watching online and you’re tired or you’re afraid or you’re
anxious or you’re disappointed because the very thing that you’ve hoped for the
very thing that you have fought for prayed for has not happened and you feel
ready to give up in this moment I understand that when you’re faced with a
great disappointment that it’s almost impossible to remember that there is one
who satisfies your desires with good things and renews your youth like the
eagles and I know that many of you did come here tonight hoping that maybe God
would just reveal something to you maybe just a morsel of something that
would give you the strength to get through the next moment but somehow
that’s not my prayer for you tonight I’m not praying that God would reveal
something to you that you would have this revelation I’m praying tonight that
God would simply remind you that he is with you so how do we forget God forget
not all his benefits does forgetting God really mean that like I don’t believe in
him I don’t think that’s what forgetting God means does forgetting God mean that
he’s not important to me like when I was a young girl in my youth group I
remember them saying you know God has to be the most important thing in your life
and he is God is the most important thing in my life of course he
is but importance does not always trigger your memory right so for
instance just because someone is important to you doesn’t mean that you
will remember that it’s their birthday right or just because you forgot to
pay the water bill doesn’t mean that running water is not important to you
real-life example from one of my friends down here in the front since I’m picking on her I’m gonna be
honest one time I forgot that my husband was a father I’m just gonna be real with you guys
tonight so here’s what happened um Father’s Day snuck up on me in my
defense my children were very young okay it was like eight years ago so that
means Elijah was about five Graham was three and Abbey was four months old so if
you’ve ever had a four month old your brain is not even there yet it’s not
back so before I go any further into the story I can hear some of you thinking
well celebrating holidays like Father’s Day are just ridiculous because the
greeting card companies made those up for you to buy cards and spend money and
that’s just silly well I like holidays and I especially like the ones where you
get to celebrate an individual like a birthday and Father’s Day so Father’s
Day snuck up on me that year we were at the beach on vacation coz Father’s Day
is like it’s during the worst time for me because it’s the summer and I get so lazy in the summer like
when we go on vacation I just loose I don’t know I’m just keeping everybody
alive and we’re getting sun you know and and so we’re at the beach on
vacation and all of a sudden it dawns on me that Father’s Day is a week away and
so so don’t get don’t get excited this story is still bad okay Father’s Day is
a week away and so I realized I hadn’t got any gifts so I hopped online and I
picked out a gift for my dad and for my father-in-law and I even ran the gifts
by my husband you like these gifts is this okay we wrote notes and we
sent the gifts off but for some reason it never dawned on me to purchase a gift
for the father of my children or even write him a letter or even have the kids
make cards or anything okay so here’s a picture this is us on the last day of
our vacation I don’t look like a woman who knows what’s about to happen and so
I checked the date on this picture it was June 17th 2011 and Father’s Day is
two days away I obviously have no clue so on our way home from Florida we
decided that we would stop off at Steven’s parents house and spend a
couple of nights just break up the trip or whatever so Sunday morning comes and
I’m sleeping in because my mother-in-law got up with the kids which is awesome
and Steven comes bounding into the room and he jumps on the bed like playfully
like a little kid and he says happy Father’s Day to me I’ve only had this experience one time
in my life but have you ever woken up and immediately burst into tears
I started sobbing I was sobbing like ugly cry hyperventilating sobbing cuz
that’s that I obviously have to hyperventilate when I’m crying and I
can’t breathe and I can’t talk and at first I’m crying because I forgot and
then I’m crying because I feel so bad and and and then I’m crying because I
my husband’s the one comforting me and he’s the one who should be upset and
then I’m crying because I can’t stop crying and it was just a really bad day
and actually I don’t even think I told anybody for years because I was so
embarrassed that I forgot Father’s Day I have never forgotten Father’s Day since
I did learn my lesson the most frustrating thing about forgetfulness is
that in order to forget something you had to have known it at one time it’s
not that you didn’t know you had to have known so how could I have how could
I have forgotten that like I knew that my husband was a father an incredible
father I couldn’t have asked for a better partner but somehow I forgot and
somehow sometimes I forget God too I know all of his benefits but I forget
them and it’s not like I actually forget God it’s more like I lose my awareness
of his presence in my everyday life and when I lose that I have nothing to grab
on to when disappointment comes because you can live a long time in that place
of forgetfulness of just not even being aware of God’s presence in your life so
I want to go to the Bible and I want to share one of my favorite Bible stories
with you that’s found in Luke 24 actually two of my favorite Bible
studies are found in Luke 24 because I don’t know I just love this chapter of
scripture so much I preached on it last year at Reflect and then this year and
my husband says he wants me to do a series so here’s my series
just one year in between the two sermons how many of you were here when I
preached last year about the women at the tomb remember the bras on the stage
we talked about support systems okay no bras this year but we’re gonna pick up
exactly where we left off so we pick up where Jesus has just died and he’s been
buried and he has appeared to the women at the tomb and he told the women go and
tell everyone so they did their job they told everyone that’s what we’re good at
I think that’s why he appeared to women first but the followers of Jesus Luke
tells us did not believe them and they began to scatter even more so we’re
gonna pick up in Luke 24:13 and it says this now that same day two of them
were going to a village called Emmaus about seven miles from Jerusalem so we
have these travelers and some people actually think that they were maybe
husband and wife but we have these two people and we know that they heard from
the women that Jesus was alive somehow they didn’t believe that that they were
afraid the Gospel of John tells us that the disciples of Jesus were so afraid
of the Jewish leaders that they were gonna come after them they all thought
like they killed Jesus we’re next we got to get out of here so they fled and when
I read this text I can understand these these guys had a reason
to fear right but fear doesn’t always need to have a reason sometimes you can
be afraid for no reason at all like my 14 year old son he is like a
man-child I don’t know if you’ve seen him lately but he’s the size of a man
and he is afraid of bee’s he has been afraid of bee’s since he was 18 months
old I have no idea why I don’t even think he’s ever been stung but he has
this irrational fear and if anything even remotely buzzes or sounds like it’s
buzzing near him he completely forgets that he needs to be cool because he’s 14
and he just runs he’s like oh so there’s reasonable fear and there’s
unreasonable fear right okay so these guys have reasonable fear
they’re afraid and so they decide that they’re gonna go home but this is not
the right time for them to go home this wasn’t the time for them to disperse
this was the time that they needed to rally together and be around each other
and remind each other what Jesus said that he would rise again on the third
day guys it’s okay we need to stay together but for some reason they
couldn’t because fear will block your mind and make you forget everything that
you know and then it will cause you to flee like I gotta get out of here it
will cause you to go back to what is easy and what is comfortable they’re
going home have you ever been afraid to fight afraid to hope afraid to step out
in faith again we don’t actually forget that God exists we just somehow mentally
our fear causes us to emotionally detach from what we know deep down to be true
about God they they they knew they heard he is risen but somehow they couldn’t
compute because they were afraid and and and they they had they just they had to
get out of there so let’s keep going sorry I stopped after only
one verse but verse 14 I have a lot to say tonight they were talking with each
other about it they’re walking along they were talking with each other about
everything that happened and as they talked and discussed these things with
each other Jesus himself came up and walked along with them how comforting is
it to know that even when you’re walking in the wrong direction Jesus is right
there with you so verse 17 he asked them what are you
discussing as you’re walking along they stood still their faces downcast one of
them named Cleopas asked are you the only one visiting Jerusalem who does not
know the things that have happened in these days what things he asked I love
it when Jesus asks questions because he knows he just wants to know what you
know they said about Jesus of Nazareth they replied he was a prophet powerful
in word and deed before God and all people the chief priests and our rulers
handed him over to be sentenced to death and they crucified Him but we had hoped
that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel and what is more it is the
third day since all of this took place the third day when they say what’s more
it is the third day that’s like saying it’s over it’s dead dead dead no chance
of Jesus coming back to life this time has been three whole days and it’s over
and they left because they were afraid and because they were disappointed they
said we we had hoped that he was the one but obviously he’s not now so we’re
going back home have you ever been in a place where you were so disappointed
that you couldn’t remain in the place that you needed to be and and maybe not
physically because physically we can pretend and physically we can stay in
the right place right but maybe it’s mentally like you just could not keep
your mind in a good place my husband preached a sermon to us a couple weeks
ago about remaining do you remember it was called the mystery of potential
which by the way we love you Pastor Steven and I was just thinking like how
blessed are we to have a pastor who is like a fireman
he also looks like a fireman I like that I need a calendar that wasn’t in my notes no no okay
he’s like a fireman because he goes into the fire every
single week and he grabs the sermon and then he delivers it life-changing
message and he comes off the stage smelling like the smoke of the Holy
Ghost okay anyway do you remember that
he said how the seed must remain remember that okay but remaining is
hard like that sounds easy like just remain just stay but it’s it’s
funny to think about how every time every time fear or disappointment
strikes me I start all over again with my faith like like ground zero you know
I start my mind just goes off in the wrong direction and I start to worry and
I start to get anxious cuz I’m a number 9 on the enneagram
and 9’s when they’re not healthy are a 6 and 6’s like totally worry
about everything and so I get anxious I get worried I get angry because I have a
8 wing and you know 8’s are really passionate you can really make
the enneagram say anything you want it to say but my mind my mind goes off in
all the wrong places I feel anxious I feel worried I feel angry I feel alone
and I go off to places I should not go and I start making up elaborate
scenarios and worrying about things and problems that don’t even exist yet
rather than just staying where I should stay and remaining and you know what else I do sometimes in order just to cope I fill my days with busyness we are
so good we are masters ladies at being busy I can fill my day with 1 million
things for all of my people so that I never even have to stop to think about
what I’m going through what I’m feeling my disappointment my fear my hopes I can
get up at 6 o’clock in the morning which seems like a good enough time to wake up
and like pray or whatever it’s not in my house I get up at 6 o’clock in the
morning I get my kids to school I go and work at our church some days and still
busy busy busy busy I pick my kids up from the school I
drive my people to their practices and their lessons
and I cook dinner for my family and I do the dishes and I help with
homework and get people bathed and in bed and never once take a second to process
my feelings because fear and anxiety I don’t want I don’t want it I don’t want
to think about it but they’re boiling just below the surface and then I wonder
like why I’m so mad or why I’m blowing up it’s not like I’m doing all these
amazing million things like with this you know angel halo on my head oh honey
what do you want for dinner you know like I’d be happy to my love my children
no I’m just barely barely functioning filling all my stuff
blaming it on all my people I’ve gotta stop so here comes Jesus and Jesus is
literally gonna say to them how could you forget and then he’s going to remind
them of all the things that they already know so verse 25 he said to them how
foolish are you and how slow to believe that all that the prophets has spoken
did not the Messiah have to suffer these things and then enter into his glory and
beginning with Moses and all the prophets he explained to them what was
said in all the scriptures concerning himself when you are in a third day
situation you don’t need a new revelation from God you need to remember
what you already know about him I want to read you something that
Jeremiah wrote I don’t spend a lot of time reading Jeremiah’s writings but
because they’re kind of confusing but I like this passage of Scripture I
memorized it when I was actually when I was in college my husband and he taught
me a song that was the end of this verse but Jeremiah says this and I want you to
look at these words and see how much it relates to what I’m talking about
it’s an Lamentations 3:18 it says so I say my splendor is gone and
all that I had hoped for from the Lord I remember my affliction and my
wandering the bitterness and the gall I well remember them and my
soul is downcast within me have you ever been in that place before and then he
says yet this I call to my mind therefore I have hope
because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed for his compassion’s fail
not they are new every morning great is your faithfulness sometimes when my mind
has gone off in the wrong direction I literally have to force myself to recall
the faithfulness of God I can say God I don’t understand God this hurts this is
not the way that I thought it was gonna turn out to be but I know that you are
faithful I know it and even if it’s not resonating in my soul and even if
I can’t feel it I say it God I know that you are faithful and if you can’t get to
that place if you can’t force yourself to even say
that then you better stay around the right people who will the men arrived home and there’s just
something about this traveler who’s going with them who’s talking about the
teachings of Jesus and reminding them there’s something about these words that
are resonating with them and so it says in verse 28 it says as they approached
the village to which they were going Jesus continued on as if he were going
further and they urged him strongly stay with us for it’s nearly evening and the
day is almost over so Jesus stayed with them I have to say this to you like I said I’m probably gonna say this every time I’m on this stage but if
you are struggling don’t isolate yourself stay around people who will
remind you of the things that you already know I gotta get on this soapbox
a little bit longer here okay ladies because friendship is important we need
each other the men in our life can only hear so much it’s like something happens
like I can only hear about this so many times Holly I have a limit and that is
why we need each other I so strongly believe that we were meant to have
life-giving relationships with other women are there backbiting jealous bad
influence women out there yes but we are not all like that we’re not I want to
challenge you to see that in order for you to get to the next level that God is
calling you to in order for you to get through this disappointing situation in
order for you to move through your fear you’re gonna need to surround yourself
with some women who believe in you and who will encourage you and who will
support you the seed has to be in the right soil you’ve got to get that soil in
your life my friend Lisa Hughes is here tonight she actually was just videoing me
she’s sitting on the front row she lives in South Florida she has never missed a Reflect she flies up here every year to sit on the front row and to cheer me
on and to eat french fries with me afterwards but she doesn’t just come up
here to support me she’s walked with me through some really difficult seasons and
especially lately and she calls me and she checks on me and she listens to my
long stories they’re really long I know but she listens or at least she sounds
like she’s listening and she tells me that I’m a good mom and
she tells me that I’m a strong woman Lisa is one of many people in my life
who love and support me and every woman in this room deserves to have people in
their life like that you have to reach out you have to work you have to develop
those right relationships but we were not meant to do this alone
so back to our story they urge him to stay because something about this man is
resonating with them so they’re like don’t leave stay here let’s eat
so they sit down to eat because how many of you know that bread makes everything
a little bit better just a little less bread but still bread bread
makes everything better no seriously though Jesus is about to show up to
these men in the most ordinary act of sharing a meal together and so often I
miss God because I want him to do something new because new is pretty and
new is new is always better and you know like I hate all the clothes that are in
my closet I want something new it’s like I think I’d do that to God I want
something new and would you just speak something new to me I want to I want
this extraordinary something from God but God wants to show up in the middle
of your everyday situation in the carpool line in the kitchen in your
classroom at your cubicle whatever you’re doing God can show up right there
in the ordinary but we have to learn to position ourselves around the right
people and we have to force ourselves to pause in the middle of the busyness in
the middle of the disappointment in the middle of the fear and just do something
ordinary like they probably they might not have even wanted to eat like you don’t
want to eat when you’re but they’re like no let’s sit down let’s have a meal
together and in a split second if you’ll do that if you can pause if you can
bring yourself into the moment you can get a new perspective not a new
revelation a new way of seeing the same situation so watch this verse 30 when he
was at the table with them he took the bread gave thanks broke it and began to
give it to them then their eyes were opened and they recognized him and he
disappeared from their sight they asked each other we’re not our hearts burning
within us while he talked with us on the road and opened up the scriptures to us
one moment they’re sitting down to eat something ordinary this ordinary act but
Jesus he pauses he gives thanks he breaks the bread and their eyes are
opened in just this split-second and I like to imagine that all the
sudden they saw everything in reverse have you ever had a moment like that
where they were able to just possibly maybe they were able to just recall everything
that Jesus had spoken to them everything that they had seen over the last three
days over the last three years however long it was that they followed Jesus and
saw him do these miracles and heard his teachings and then they’re on this
journey home and then all the sudden everything comes together and they
realize they’re like he was with us all along they said we’re not our
hearts burning isn’t it funny how when you look at your past in reverse when
you picture yourself in that place of your past fear not your present fear and
your present disappointment but the last one or the one before the one or
the one before that when you think back and you look at it in reverse you may
not have felt him with you in the moment but there was this there was this now
that I think about it there was this sense there was this there was this
warmth there was this flicker and now that I think back he was with me all
along he was your peace when you were afraid he was your provider when you
lost everything he was your comfort when you felt alone
he was your protection when you were under attack
he was your reason when your mind was just spiraling out of control
he is your rest when you were weary he was guidance when you didn’t know which
way to go he was that sliver of light when
felt so dark we could have testimony time in here tonight and I could bring
my friends up on the stage and they would testify to this I know my friend
Jenni Lusko who is in this room that she would stand on this stage and
she would say that the night that her daughter went to heaven that God was
with her in that moment I know that my friend Lysa TerKeurst who is
here tonight that she would say when she was absolutely sure that her marriage
was over that God was with her in that moment my friend Taylor is here tonight
she would stand up here and she would say that God was with her when she lost
her baby he was with you and you wanted to die he was with you when you were
having chemo treatments he was with you when you slept in your car and he is with
you right now in this moment too I would never I would never stand on this stage and
tell you that I know how your situation is going to turn out I don’t know I
don’t know why this happened to you I don’t know I don’t know how long it’s
gonna last but I can promise you one thing He is with you He’s with you if you could just remember that don’t
forget that don’t forget that He’s with you hey thank you for watching make sure
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