Do you believe that your father was an ape? Your grand-father was a reptile? Before was explosion?

the popular modern scientific
materialist Atheist worldview propagated by NASA the mainstream media and the
public education system is that you are here because nothingness for no reason
exploded and created everything before time space matter consciousness
intelligence and life there was nothing then the nothingness exploded and
instead of destroying things like every other explosion ever this explosion
created things created everything the nothingness explosion somehow created
space-time and all matter in the universe in an instant and for no reason
at all then all of the creationary explosive debris flying outward at over
670 million miles per hour for fourteen billion years culminated to create you
yes first some of the more gaseous nothing came together forming suns and
stars then solid pieces of the nothing came together forming planets and moons
then the nothing turned hydrogen and oxygen came together forming water on
the nothing planet earth out of which single-celled living organisms magically
appeared got to work dividing and multiplying into multi-celled conscious
organisms which multiplied and divided and mutated into various forms of sea
life which adapted and evolved and crawled onto land replacing gills with
lungs lost tails grew opposable thumbs and started grasping at straws like this
ridiculous nihilistic notion of Big Bang evolution this anti-god materialist
theory of evolution has been staunchly protected by the infallibility of
science for over a hundred and fifty years but an actual fact just as science
has failed to find one true valid proof that earth is a ball spinning around the
Sun scientists have failed to discover a single piece of evidence that the
material world is a product of blind chance evolution furthermore Big Bang
evolution actually requires and presupposes many other claims which have
already been proven false in previous chapters such as the plurality of worlds
Newton’s theory of gravity Einstein’s theory of relativity stars being distant
Suns and earth being a planet not a plane Harun Yahya wrote evolutionary
theory claims that life started with the cell that formed by chance according to
this scenario four billion years ago various lifeless chemical compounds
underwent a reaction in the primordial atmosphere on the earth in which the
effects of Thunderbolts and atmospheric pressure led to the formation of the
first living cell the first thing that must be said is that the claim that
inanimate materials can come together to form life is an unscientific one that
has not been verified by any experiment or observation life is only generated
from life each living cell is formed by the replication of another cell no one
in the world has ever succeeded in forming a living cell by bringing
inanimate materials together not even in the most advanced laboratories the
theory of evolution faces no greater crisis than on the point of explaining
the emergence of life the reason is that organic molecules are so complex that
their formation cannot possibly be explained as being coincidental and it
is manifestly impossible for an organic cell to have been formed by chance how
could all be interconnected and compartmentalized components the cell
wall the cell membrane the mitochondria proteins DNA RNA ribosomes lysosomes
cytoplasm vacuoles nucleus and other cell parts
magically come together and create conscious intelligent life from
unconscious dead matter just making one average-sized protein molecule is
already composed of 288 amino acids of 12 varying types which can be combined
to tend to the 300th power different ways of all those possibilities only one
forms the desired protein molecule and there are over 600 types of proteins
combined in the smallest bacterias ever discovered astronomer Fred Hoyle come
the odds that all the multi-faceted and multifunctional parts of a cell could
coincidentally come together and create life analogous to a tornado sweeping
through a junkyard and assembling a Boeing 747 from the materials therein
Hoyle wrote that if there were a basic principle of matter which somehow drove
organic systems toward life its existence should easily be
demonstratable in the laboratory one could for instance take a swimming bath
to represent the primordial soup fill it with any chemicals of a non-biological
nature you please pump any gases over it or through it you please and shine any
kind of radiation on it that takes your fancy let the experiment proceed for a
year and see how many of those 2000 enzymes protein produced by living cells
have appeared in the bath I will give the answer and so save all the time and
trouble and expense of actually doing the experiment you will find nothing at
all except possibly for Atari sludge composed of amino acids and other simple
organic chemicals even if scientists placed all the chemical substances
necessary for life in a tank applied to them any processes of their choice and
waited for billions of years not a single living cell could or would ever
form astrobiologists Chandra we Kerman Singh wrote the likelihood of the
spontaneous formation of life from inanimate matter is one to a number with
40,000 zeroes after it it is big enough to bury Darwin in the whole theory of
evolution the beginnings of life were not random they must have been the
product of purposeful intelligence from my earliest training as a scientist I
was very strongly brainwashed to believe that science cannot be consistent with
any kind of deliberate creation that notion has had to be painfully shed at
the moment I can’t find any rational argument to knock down the view which
argues for conversion to God we used to have an open mind now we realize that
the only logical answer to life is creation and not accidental random
Haroon yeah I wrote scientific proofs from such branches of Sciences
paleontology microbiology and anatomy reveal evolution to be a bankrupt theory
it has been stressed that evolution is incompatible with scientific discoveries
reason and logic those who believe in the theory of evolution think that a few
atoms and molecules thrown into a huge vat could produce thinking reasoning
professors university students scientists artists antelopes lemon trees
and carnations moreover the scientists and professors
who believe in this nonsense are educated people that is why it is quite
justifiable to speak of the theory of evolution as the most potent spell in
history never before has any other belief or idea so taken away people’s
powers of reason refused to allow them to think intelligently and logically and
hidden the truth from them as if they had been blindfolded consciousness life
the beautiful diversity complexity and interconnectedness of nature and the
universe simply could not be the result of some
random coincidental physical phenomenon if the likelihood of life forming from
inanimate matter is one to the 10 to the 40 thousandth power then those are
precisely the magnificent odds against which the universe could be
unintelligently designed even the simple formation of DNA and RNA molecules are
similarly beyond the reach of chance to come together equivalent to one times
ten to the six hundredth power or ten with 600 zeroes afterwards such a
mathematical and probability actually so closely borders the impossible that the
word improbable becomes misleading mathematicians who regularly work with
these infinitesimally small numbers say anything beyond ten to the fiftieth
power should be considered for all intents and purposes impossible dr.
Leslie Orgel an associate of Francis Crick the discoverer of DNA wrote it is
extremely improbable that proteins and nucleic acids both of which are
structurally complex arose spontaneously in the same place at the same
yet it also seems impossible to have one without the other and so at first glance
one might have to conclude that life could never in fact have originated by
chemical means or as Turkish evolutionist professor Ali
Damir saw faded the probability of the coincidental formation of cytochrome C
just one of the essential proteins for life is as unlikely as the possibility
of a monkey writing the history of humanity on a typewriter without making
any mistakes some metaphysical powers beyond our definition must have acted in
its formation Haroon Yahya wrote let us suppose that
millions of years ago a cell was formed which had acquired everything necessary
for life and that it duly came to life the theory of evolution again collapses
at this point for even if this cell had existed for a while it would eventually
have died and after its death nothing would have remained and everything would
have been reverted to where it had started this is because the first living
cell lacking any genetic information would not have been able to reproduce
and start a new generation life would have ended with its death the genetic
system does not only consist of DNA the following things must also exist in the
same environment enzymes to read the code on the DNA messenger RNA to be
produced after reading these codes a ribosome to which messenger RNA will
attach according to this code transfer RNA to transfer the amino acids to the
ribosome for use in production and extremely complex enzymes to carry out
numerous intermediary processes such an environment cannot exist anywhere apart
from a totally isolated and completely controlled environment such as the cell
where all the essential raw materials and energy resources exist the Big Bang
Theory is easily proven false as the nature of explosions is to destroy to
break things down into their constituent parts increasing chaos and decreasing
order explosions simply do not and cannot
create things causing disparate parts to combine into a more ordered holes as the
Big Bang Theory contends similarly the theory of evolution is proven false by
entropy the second law of thermodynamics it is a
fact that systems left to their own devices tend to become corrupted
disordered and dispersed over time all things living or not wear out
deteriorate and decay they do not spontaneously come together over time in
incredibly implausible combinations creating diverse complex and beautiful
living forms thus the theory of evolution is in direct opposition to the
law of entropy evolution supposes things become more ordered more structured and
more complex over time but from rust to mold to rotting corpses nature is
everywhere at odds with such a notion furthermore according to the Laetoli our
principle in chemistry life could not have been formed in the sea as
evolutionists allege any way since the peptide bond created by amino acid
chains produces water molecules it is not possible for such a reaction to take
place in a hydrous environment Haroon Yaya wrote organic matter can self
reproduce only if it exists as a fully developed cell with all its organelles
in an appropriate environment where it can survive exchange materials and get
energy from its surroundings this means that the first cell on earth was formed
all of a sudden together with its amazingly complex structure what would
you think if you went out hiking the depth of a thick forest and ran across a
brand new car among the trees would you imagine that various elements in the
forest had come together by chance over millions of years and produced such a
vehicle all the parts in the car are made of products such as iron copper and
rubber the raw ingredients for which are all found on the earth but would this
fact lead you to think that these materials had synthesized by chance and
then come together and manufactured such a car there is no doubt that anyone with
a sound mind would realize that the car was a product of an intelligent design
in other words a factory and wonder what it was doing there in the middle of the
forest the sudden emergence of a complex structure in a complete form quite out
of the blue shows that this is the work of an intelligent agent an
extraordinarily complex them like the cell is no doubt created
by a superior will and wisdom in other words it came into existence as a
creation of God many facets of nature are far too complex specialized and
perfect to have arisen simply due to blind chance changes over time for
example the eye with its various parts and mechanisms all working together with
the brain producing the sharpest clearest 3d color images imaginable even
the most advanced cameras and plasma screens ever produced by humans cannot
provide an image as perfect in detail and clarity as our own eyes Charles
Darwin the originator of the theory of evolution himself admitted that the
thought of the I made him cold all over as he knew what an impassable obstacle
the I presented for his theory and it is the same with ears and audio equipment
for over a century many thousands of researchers scientists and engineers
have been working in factories across the world trying to produce sharper
clearer audio and video playing and recording devices never coming close to
the capabilities and perfection of the human ear and I have Ernie I wrote look
at the book you read your hands with which you hold it then lift your head
and look around you have you ever seen such a sharp and distinct image as this
one at any other place even the most developed television screen produced by
the greatest television producer in the world cannot provide such a sharp image
for you this is a three-dimensional colored and extremely sharp image no one
would say that a hi-fi or a camera came into being as a result of chance so how
can it be claimed of the technologies that exist in the human body which are
superior even to these could have come into a being as a result of a chain of
coincidences called evolution it is evident that the eye the ear and indeed
all the parts of the human body are products of a very superior creation
Charles Darwin in his Origin of Species the veritable Bible of atheist
materialists stated that if my theory be true numberless intermediate varieties
linking most closely all of the species of the same group together must
assuredly have existed consequently evidence of their former
existence could be found only amongst fossil remains Darwin himself knew no
such transitional forms had been discovered and hoped that they would be
found in the future he even admitted in his difficulties on the theory chapter
that these missing intermediate forms were the biggest stumbling block for his
theory he called it the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged
against my theory Harun Yahya grow according to the theory of evolution
every living species has emerged from a predecessor one species which existed
previously turned into something else over time and all species have come into
being in this way according to the theory this transformation precedes
gradually over millions of years if this were the case then innumerable
intermediary species should have lived during the immense period of time when
these transformations were supposedly occurring for instance there should have
lived in the past some half fish half reptile creatures which had acquired
some reptilian traits in addition to the fish traits which they already had or
they should have existed some reptile bird creatures which had acquired some
avian traits in addition to the reptilian traits they already possessed
evolutionists refer to these imaginary creatures which they believed to have
lived in the past as transitional forms if such animals
had really existed there would have been millions even billions of them more
importantly the remains of these creatures should be present in the
fossil record the number of these transitional forms should have been even
greater than that of present animal species and their remains should be
found all over the world Darwin hoped that transitional forms of
animal species gradually evolving into different species would eventually be
discovered at some future time in the fossil record to this day however no
such transitional forms have ever been found anywhere in the world
Darwin’s observations regarding natural selection and adaptation were certainly
correct so-called micro evolution of various traits and characteristics
within a species has been confirmed and widely exists
but macro-evolution the supposed transformation from one species into a
completely different species has never been observed and no evidence of such
evolution exists anywhere in the fossil record Colin Patterson senior
paleontologist for the British Museum of Natural History and an ardent
evolutionist even he admits that Darwinists must concede natural
selection has never been observed to actually cause anything to evolve he
said no one has ever produced a species by mechanism of natural selection no one
has ever got near it and most of the current argument in neo-darwinism is
about this question Harun Yahya wrote even in the most scientific books
about evolution the stage of transition from water to land one of the
unexplainable points of evolution is given in such simplicity that they do
not prove to be believable even for children according to evolution life
began in water and the first developed animals on earth were fish according to
the story one day fish species developed the ability to climb out of the water
and moved on land the theory continues that fish which chose to live on land
had feet instead of fins and lungs instead of gills in most of the books
about evolution nobody explains why the transition occurred even in the most
scientific sources writers suddenly jumped to conclusions like an transition
from water to land occurred without providing a satisfactory answer
regarding how the process worked yet how did this transformation occur is obvious
that a fish cannot survive out of water for more than one or two minutes if we
assume that a drought really existed as claimed by evolutionists and fish were
for some reason drawn to lands then what would happen to fish even if this
process lasts for ten millions of years the answer is straight fish leaving the
water would inevitably die in a few moments even if this process lasted for
ten million years the answer would still be the same all fish would die one by
one nobody would dare say maybe after four
million years some of the fish suddenly acquired lungs while they were trying to
survive this would no doubt be illogical assertion however that is
exactly what evolutionists claim the theory of evolution supposes that life
somehow originated and evolved in the sea until somehow something that had
their two four lived only under water grew lungs and feet and started living
on land Darwinists claimed fish creatures living only under water turned
into amphibians creatures living on both land and water and then amphibians
evolved into reptiles creatures living only on land then they proposed some
reptiles evolved wings and became birds while other reptiles evolved and became
mammals none of these transitional forms have
ever been found however nor could they realistically exist either
for example amphibian eggs develop only in water whereas amniotic eggs develop
only on land so some sort of gradual step by step evolution scenario is
impossible since without perfect complete eggs a species cannot survive
reptiles allegedly evolving into mammals is another example of evolutionist
wishful thinking reptiles are cold blooded lay eggs do not suckle their
young have one middle ear bone three mandible bones and bodies covered in
scales whereas mammals are warm-blooded have
live births suckle their young have three middle ear bones one mandible and
are covered in fur or hair far too many distinct differences for
gradual evolution reptiles evolving wings is another sheer impossibility as
the structure of land dwelling reptiles and air dwelling birds are far too
different engine choir Turkish evolutionist admits the problem wings
present to Darwin’s theory the common trait of the eyes and the wings is that
they can only function if they are fully developed in other words a half-way
developed I cannot see a bird with half formed wings cannot fly how these organs
came into being has remained one of the mysteries of nature that needs to be
enlightened Harun Yahya grow although it is cloaked in the guise of science the
theory of evolution is nothing but a deceit a deceit defended only for the
of materialistic philosophy a deceit based not on science but on brainwashing
propaganda and fraud the theory of evolution is a theory that fails from
the very first step the reason is that evolutionists are unable to explain even
the formation of a single protein neither the laws of probability nor the
laws of physics and chemistry offer any chance for the fortuitous formation of
life does it sound logical or reasonable when
not even a single chance formed protein can exist that millions of such proteins
combined in an order to produce the cell of a living thing and that billions of
cells manage to form and then come together by chance to produce living
things and that from them generated fish and that those that pass to land turned
into reptiles birds and that this is how all the millions of different species on
earth were formed they have never found a single transitional form such as a
half fish half reptile or half reptile half bird nor have they been able to
prove that a protein or even a single amino acid molecule composing a protein
could have formed under what they call primordial earth conditions not even in
their elaborately equipped laboratories have they succeeded in doing that
Darwin’s theory is a concept that concerns not only biology chemistry
astronomy and metaphysics but actually formed the basis for a new political
outlook as well within a very short time this new progressive political attitude
was redefined as social Darwinism and as many historians have suggested social
Darwinism became the ideological basis of fascism communism and new genex
Darwin’s idea of natural selection and survival of the fittest were central to
the insane ideologies of many of the 20th century’s worst mass murderers
including Mao Stalin Lenin Trotsky Marx and Pol Pot Charles Darwin himself was a
blatant racist who elucidated in his book The Descent of Man how blacks and
Aborigines due to their inferiority to Caucasians would be done away with by
the civilized races in time freemasonic records state that Charles Darwin’s
grandfather Erasmus Darwin was a philosopher scientist and physician who
advanced ideas on evolution back in the 18th century before coming
to Derby in 1788 dr. Darwin had been made a Mason in the famous time
immemorial Lodge of Canongate Kilwinning number 2 of Scotland he also maintained
close connections to the Jacobean Masons in France and Adam y saps Illuminati Sir
Francis Darwin and Reginald Darwin two of his sons were also made Masons in
Tyrion Lodge number 253 at Derby Charles Darwin does not appear on the rolls of
the lodge but it is most likely that he liked his grandfather his sons and his
Bulldog th Huxley was a Mason Charles wrote that he used to listen to his
grandfather’s ideas of evolution and was greatly influenced by them Erasmus was
the first man to put forward the notion of evolution in England he was known as
a respected person but he had a very dark private life and at least two
illegitimate children Charles himself would go on to marry his first cousin
and have three children died due to complications from inbreeding Harun
Yahya wrote Masons thinking that Darwinism could serve their goals played
a great role in its dissemination among the masses as soon as Darwin’s theory
was published a group of volunteer propagandists formed around it the most
famous of whom was Thomas Huxley who was called Darwin’s bulldog Huxley whose
Arden advocacy of Darwinism was the single factor most responsible for its
rapid acceptance brought the world’s attention to the theory of evolution in
the debate at the Oxford University Museum in which he entered into on June
30th 1860 with the Bishop of Oxford Samuel Wilberforce Huxley’s great
dedication to spreading the idea of evolution together with his
establishment Connexions is brought into further light according
to the following fact Huxley was a member of the Royal Society one of
England’s most prestigious scientific institutions and like nearly all the
other members of this institution was a senior Mason other members of the Royal
Society lent Darwin significant support in short Darwin wasn’t acting alone for
the moment his theory was proposed he received the support that came from the
social classes and groups whose nucleus was made up of Mason’s an important
example which proves the fact that Darwinism is one of the biggest
deceptions of atheistic Freemasonry is a resolution carried in a mason meeting
the 33rd degrees Supreme Council of MS Ram Freemasonry at Paris reveals in its
minutes its promotion of evolution as science while they themselves scoffed at
the theory the minutes read as follows it is with this object in view a
scientific theory of evolution that we are constantly by means of our press
arousing a blind confidence in these theories the intellectuals will puff
themselves up with their knowledge and without any logical verification of them
will put into effect all the information available from science which our edge
antara specialists have cunningly pieced together for the purpose of educating
their minds in the direction we want do not suppose for a moment that these
statements are empty words think carefully of the successes we
arranged for Darwinism if the ax stick Freemasonry in the
United States has picked up the resolution of misery and before long New
Age magazine in its March 1922 issues stated that the kingdom of atheistic
Freemasonry will be established by evolution and the development of man
himself as seen above the false scientific image of evolution is a
deception set in the 33rd degree atheist Masonic lodges atheist masons openly
admit that they will use the scientists and media which are under their control
to present this deception as scientific which even they find funny the meme are
seen in Journal published by the Turkish great Freemasonry Lodge has openly
discussed their mission to use Darwinism to overthrow religion and belief in God
one article mentioned today the only valid scientific theory accepted both by
most civilized countries and underdeveloped ones remains to be
Darwinism however neither the church nor other religions have collapsed yet the
legend of Adam and Eve is still being taught as religious teaching in holy
books in other words it seems that one of the main goals of modern Masons
besides convincing people of the ball and Big Bang is to abolish creationism
and replace it with their godless myth of blind chance evolution just like
Copernicus never claimed to have any new or special evidence for his heliocentric
theory Darwin never claimed to have any verifiable scientific evidence proving
his evolution theory yet here we are 150 years later no closer to a proof of
either but with the vast majority of indoctrinated sheeple convinced they are
monkey men hanging from a spinning ball Haroon yarrow when we look at the
Western media carefully we frequently come across news dwelling on the theory
of evolution leading media organizations and well-known and respectable magazines
periodically bring this subject up when their approaches examined one gets the
impression that this theory is an absolutely proven fact leaving no room
for discussion ordinary people reading this kind of
news naturally start to think that the theory of evolution is a fact as certain
as any law of mathematics they print headlines in big fonts according to Time
magazine a new fossil that completes the gap in the fossil chain has been found
or nature indicates that scientists have shed light on the final issues of
evolutionary theory the finding of the last missing link of the evolution chain
means nothing because there’s not a single thing proven about evolution in
short both the media and academic circles which are at the disposal of
anti religionist power centers maintain an entirely evolutionist view and they
impose this on society this imposition is so effective that it has in time
turned evolution into an idea that is never to be rejected denying evolution
is seen as being contradictory to science and fundamental realities the
information we have considered throughout this book has shown us that
the theory of evolution has no scientific basis and that on the
contrary evolutionist claims conflict with scientific facts in other words the
force that keeps evolution alive is not science the theory of evolution is
maintained by some scientists but behind it there is another influence at work
this other influence is materialist philosophy materialist philosophy is one
of the oldest beliefs in the world and assumes the existence of matter as its
basic principle according to this view matter has always
existed and everything that exists consists of matter
this makes belief in a creator impossible of course because if matter
has always existed and if everything consists of matter then there can be no
super material Creator who created it the fact of the matter is evolution is
was and always has been a foregone conclusion by people looking for any
answer other than God when you metaphysically exclude the existence of
an intelligent creative consciousness behind the creation of the material
world the only answer left is random happenstance everything must be the
result of coincidence chance and circumstance
once you have excluded the possibility of a supreme intelligent creator but no
matter how diligently it is denied the truth remains you simply are not some
cosmic accident not the result of random happenstance chance or coincidence your
eyes your ears your feelings your life and consciousness are all the result of
the most supremely intelligent design my previous book spiritual science is a 284
page refutation of materialist science and philosophy which proves far beyond
any reasonable doubt that atheistic materialism is an invalid untenable
destructive philosophy and that consciousness and intelligence existed
before and beyond all space time and matter Malcolm Muggeridge an atheist
philosopher and supporter of evolution for 60 years finally admitted before his
death that I myself am convinced that the theory of evolution especially the
extent to which it’s been applied will be one of the great jokes in the history
books in the future posterity will marvel that so very flimsy and dubious
and hypothesis could be accepted with the incredible credulity that it has her
own Yaya wrote according to these professors a number of simple chemical
substances first came together and formed a protein which is no more
possible than a randomly scattered collection of letters coming together to
form a poem then other coincidences led to the emergence of other proteins these
and also combined by chance in an organized manner not just proteins but
DNA RNA enzymes hormones and organelles all of which are very complex
structures within the cell coincidentally happened to emerge and
come together as a result of these billions of coincidences the first cell
came into being if you put a carved stone a wooden Idol in front of these
people and told them look this Idol created this room and everything in it
they would say that was utterly stupid and refused to believe it yet despite
that they declare the nonsense that the unconscious process known as chance
gradually brought this world and all the billions of wonderful living things in
it into being to be the greatest scientific explanation in short these
people regard chance as a God and claim that it is intelligent conscious and
powerful enough to create living things and all the sensitive balances in the
universe one of the first frauds in the history
of Darwinism known as recapitulation theory and heralded as undeniable proof
of evolution was an idea proposed and propagated by a racist eugenicist
professor named Ernest Hagel in the late 19th century a contemporary and friend
of Charles Darwin and Thomas Bulldog Huxley Haeckel postulated that human and
other animal embryos experience a miniature form of the entire
evolutionary impulse during their development in the womb displaying first
characteristics of fish than reptile and lastly mammalian or human it has long
been eliminated from scientific literature but many people and popular
sources still unknowingly quote and believe in Hegel’s fraudulent work
several popular magazines and school textbooks as recently as the 1990s over
a century after being exposed were still publishing Hegel’s hoax pictures and
recapitulation theory as science fact Harun Yahya wrote it has since been
proven that this theory is completely bogus it is now known that the gills
that supposedly appear in the early stages of the human embryo are in fact
the initial phases of the middle ear canal parathyroid and thymus the part of
the embryo which was likened to the egg yolk pouch turns out to be a pouch that
produces blood for the infant the part that had been identified as a tale by
Haeckel and his followers is in fact the backbone which resembles a tail only
because takes shape before the legs do another
interesting aspect of recapitulation was earnest tackle himself a faker who
falsified his drawings in order to support the theory he advanced equals
forgeries purported to show that fish and human embryos resembled one another
when he was caught out the only defense he offered was that other evolutionist
had also committed similar offenses Haeckel was charged with fraud by five
professors and convicted by a university court at jena where he admitted that
several of his drawings were forgeries that he was merely filling in missing
links where evidence was thin and that hundreds of his contemporaries were
guilty of the same charge during the trial he said after this compromising
confession of forgery I should be obliged to consider myself condemned and
annihilated if I had not the consolation of seeing side by side with me in the
prisoner’s dock hundreds of fellow culprits among them many of the most
trusted observers and most esteemed biologists the great majority of all the
diagrams in the best biological textbooks treatises and journals would
incur in the same degree the charge of forgery for all of them are inexact and
are more or less doctored schematized and constructed what an admission not
only did heckle confess his own forgeries but he admitted that there
were hundreds of other scientific fraudsters
similarly doctoring findings in the best biological textbooks treatises and
journals several of which will be examined in this chapter as it turns out
Hegel had simply copied and printed the same human embryo pictures several times
over claiming each for various other animal embryos with exact parallels when
in fact the parallels do not exist and the pictures were copies he knowingly
and intentionally made to suit his recapitulation idea malcolm Bowden wrote
to support his theory Haeckel whose knowledge of embryology
was self-taught faked some of his evidence
he not only altered his illustrations of embryos but also printed the same plate
of an embryo three times and labeled one a human the second a dog in the third a
rabbit to show their similarity dr. michael richardson wrote this is one of
the worst cases of scientific fraud it’s shocking to find the
somebody one thought was a great scientist was deliberately misleading it
makes me angry what Hegel did was to take a human
embryo and copy it pretending that the salamander and the pig and all the
others looked the same at the same stage of development they don’t these are
fakes for the past hundred and fifty years evolutionist scientists have been
working diligently to propagandize the public into believing that modern humans
are descended from ancient Apes the final and most difficult theoretical
leap for the theory of evolution is this supposed million year transition from
ape to human the utter impossibility of evolving abilities like bipedality erect
spinal columns and complex linguistic skills has been debated since the theory
was first presented but such obstacles will never stop diehard evolutionists
set on discovering or inventing a believable monkey man transitional
species the first of these convenient evolutionary discoveries was the
Neanderthal man found in the neander valley of germany in 1856 just in time
for the release of Darwin’s Origin of Species to this day reconstructed
drawings of hairy ape-like Neanderthal men are depicted in scholarly journals
and school textbooks and claimed to be a missing evolutionary link the fact is
however that all so-called Neanderthal remains have never been shown to be any
more different from modern humans than an Asian from a Caucasian or an Inuit
from an Aborigine also the skull size shows it’s brain was actually 13% larger
than the average brain of modern man making it impossible to be an
intermediary between men and ape even Time magazine in 1971 proclaimed the
primitiveness of Neanderthal to be unwarranted that he could walk the
street today unrecognized one writer even commenting that historians of the
future may declare all of us insane for not detecting and refuting this
incredible blunder with adequate determination one of the main proponents
pushing Neanderthal man as an authentic species nowadays is Reiner prash a
german professor who dated the fossils at 36,000 years old
allowing them to fit perfectly in the evolutionist timeline in 2005 however
prash was forced to retire and disgraced by a panel of Frankfurt University heads
who determined he had fabricated data and plagiarized the work of his
colleagues over the past 30 years the once renowned carbon dating expert has
presently been completely ostracized from the scientific community it has
since been determined that all neanderthal skeletal remains are no more
than a few thousand years old some only a few hundred they have also found
modern human DNA in the bones that their brain capacity was 13% larger than the
modern average their height 5 foot 9 comparable to our average and they had
advanced tools buried their dead and enjoyed art university of berlin
professor rudolf virchow ernest tackles former professor and the father of
modern pathology back in 1872 concluded the original Neanderthal remains were
simply that of an unfortunate Homo sapiens who had suffered childhood
rickets adult arthritis and was victim to several damaging blows to the head
Erich tren cows a paleoanthropologist from New Mexico University concluded his
examination stating detailed comparisons of Neanderthal skeletal remains with
those of modern human have shown that there is nothing in the and earth all
Anatomy that conclusively indicates locomotor manipulative intellectual or
linguistic abilities inferior to those of modern humans in 1891 the next
eight-man discovery was found in Java Indonesia by Eugene Dubois who
coincidentally happened to be a student an apprentice of evolutionist hoaxster
Ernest achill Du Bois found a skullcap a leg bone a jaw fragment and three teeth
from which he reconstructed the ape-like Java man within 10 years of its
discovery Java man was the main subject of over 80 evolution books and articles
it was given the scientific name of anthropologist erectus and later changed
to Pithecanthropus erectus and finally homo erectus undoubtedly four super
official pseudo scientific reasons Hank Hannah Graf wrote Java man was
discovered by a Dutchman I’m a little embarrassed by that because I’m a
Dutchman myself name was Eugene Dubois the bones were
found in 1891 on an Indonesian island of Java in Southeast Asia along the banks
of the Solow River and there was an interesting assortment he found a leg
bone a skullcap a jaw fragment and three teeth and that’s what he concocted Java
man from interestingly some of the teeth were old and some young the bones
belonged to ape female and male it was an interesting conglomeration and the
reason that people didn’t catch on to it is because the find of Du Bois was kept
from scholars for about thirty years he also withheld the discovery of modern
human remains which were found in the same stratum as to have a man of course
that would have ruined his claims that Java man was the ancestor of modern-day
humans finally enough pressure was placed on him that the actual bones were
allowed to be examined and the discrepancies were found and eventually
enlightened America as well as the world found out that this was a hoax
unfortunately hoaxes die hard recently Time magazine ran a cover story entitled
how man became man and starts off ridiculing Christians and creationists
then goes on to present Java man as though our fact Java man’s teeth were
found to be of different ages and the bones a mixture of human and ape with a
giant gimen skull Rudolph Virchow hickel’s own professor in the foremost
pathology expert of his time stated in my opinion this creature was an animal a
giant Gibbon in fact and the thigh bone has not the slightest connection with
the skull he and many others have concluded the thigh bone is quite
clearly human while the skull cap and teeth belong to a primate in 1912 a
doctor and paleoanthropologists named Charles Dawson claimed to have found a
jawbone and cranial fragment of an ape-man transitional form in a pit in
Piltdown England it was alleged to be five hundred thousand years old and was
displayed as absolute proof of human evolution in museums across the world
for the next 40 years scores of scientific articles artists
reconstructions and over 500 doctoral theses were written about Piltdown man
objections and criticisms were raised immediately by contemporaries like
Arthur Keith but man to be mitigated by Dawson until 1953
when tests proved conclusively that the Piltdown skull was actually human and
only a few hundred years old while the lower protruding draw was from a
recently deceased orangutan investigators found that Dawson had
artificially worn down the orangutan jaw and that the primitive tools discovered
alongside the fossils were imitations Dawson had sharpened with steel
implements Dawson also filled the molar surfaces of the teeth to more resemble
those of man and stained all the fossils with potassium dichromate to give them
an antiquated appearance the stains quickly disappeared when dipped in acid
however Wilford lagron ark a member of Joseph’s Winer’s team who uncovered the
forgery stated that the evidences of artificial abrasion immediately sprang
to the eye indeed so obvious did they seem that it may well be asked how was
it that they had escaped notice before within days Piltdown man was removed
from the British Museum where it had been on display for four decades since
conclusively being proven a hoax in 1953 many of Dawson’s other paleontological
finds have also proven to be fakes or planted in 2003 dr. Myles Russell of
Bournemouth University published the results of an investigation into
Dawson’s antiquarian collection concluding that at least 38 specimens
were clear fakes noting that Dawson’s entire academic career
appears to have been built upon deceit sleight of hand fraud and deception the
ultimate game being international recognition
the next fraudulent attempt at creating and propagating a supposed eight-man
transitional form was carried out in 1922 by Henry Fairfield Osborn
co-founder of the American eugenics Society president of the white
supremacist pioneer fund and director of the American Museum of Natural History
Osborne declared that he had been sent an anomalous tooth found in snake brook
Nebraska which had characteristics of both ape and man he determined that it
came from the Pliocene period of ancient history and affectionately labeled the
tooths owner Nebraska man Haroun Yahya wrote Nebraska man was immediately given
a sign tefik named espera Pittacus Harold Kukai
many authorities gave Osborn their support based on this single tooth
reconstructions of the Nebraska man’s head and body were drawn more over
Nebraska man was even pictured along with his wife and children as a whole
family in a natural setting once Nebraska man made the media rounds of
popular publications and the pliable public was sufficiently propagandized
the story disappeared until 1928 when William Bryan and William Gregory had
the opportunity to independently examine the tooth their investigations both
conclusively found that the tooth did not belong to a man or ape but was
actually from an extinct species of wild American pig called Preston ops after
William Gregory published his article his parapa thickest apparently not ape
nor a man in science magazine all drawings and models of Nebraska man and
his family were quickly removed from evolutionist publications Henry Osborn
himself was forced to concede that Nebraska man has spare epiphysis Harold
Kukai the supposed example of the Pliocene Pithecanthropus erectus and his
whole imaginary family were completely fictional fabrications he never admitted
to intentional fraud and why would he but as an ardent evolutionist eugenicist
and white supremacist a level of confirmation bias was likely Osborn was
even such a sadistic racist that he was quoted during a national debate
unabashedly saying of World War one army intelligent tests that I believe those
tests were worth what the war cost even in human life we have learned once and
for all that the Negro is not like us Harun Yahya wrote after Darwinism
advanced the claim with his book The Descent of man that man evolved from
ape-like living beings he started to seek fossils to support this contention
however some evolutionists believed that half-man half-ape creatures were to be
found not only in the fossil record but also alive in various parts of the world
in the early 20th century these pursuits for living transitional links led to
unfortunate incidents one of the cruelest of which is the story of a
pygmy by the name of Oda Benga Oda Benga was captured
19:04 by an evolutionist researcher in the Congo in his own tongue his name
meant friend he had a wife and two children chained and caged like an
animal he was taken to the USA where evolutionist scientists displayed him to
the public in the st. Louis World Fair along with other ape species and
introduced him as the closest transitional link to man two years later
they took him to the Bronx Zoo in New York and there they exhibited him under
the denomination of ancient ancestors of man along with a few chimpanzee a
gorilla named Deena and an orangutan called Luhan dr. William Hornaday the
zoo’s evolutionist director gave long speeches on how proud he was to have
this exceptional transitional form in his zoo and treated caged Oh Topanga as
if he were an ordinary animal unable to bear the treatment he was subjected to
Oh Topanga eventually committed suicide Piltdown man Nebraska man Oh Topanga
these scandals demonstrate that evolutionist scientists do not hesitate
to employ any kind of unscientific method to prove their theories in 1927
Davidson black declared he had discovered five crushed skulls and
several teeth near Beijing belonging to an ancient eight man species now widely
known as pecking man or baking man somewhere between 1941 and 1945 all the
original bones were mysteriously lost however leaving only a few plaster casts
left to examine at the same site where this supposed missing link was found
there were also found the remains of ten fully human skeletons who quarried
nearby limestone built fires and left behind a variety of tools many
scientists now believe the tools were used on picking men rather than buy them
the back of the skulls were all bashed in and in that part of the world monkey
brains are a delicacy so it is likely the picking man were actually picking
Apes and they were man’s meal not man’s ancient ancestor in 1974 Donald Johanson
discovered Lucy a three-foot tall supposedly three million year old
australopithecine in Ethiopia we publicized as our oldest direct human
ancestor Lucy made the usual rounds of scientific magazine journals and school
textbooks Don Johanson modestly claimed that Lucy was the most important find
made by anyone in the history of the entire human race and the media heralded
him a hero he was promoted from assistant professor to receiving his own
Institute for human biology at Berkeley during all this time he never allowed
scientists to examine Lucy’s bones until 1982 eight years later since then and as
more australopithecine skeletons have been found and examined however many
leading evolutionists agree that Lucy is simply an extinct type of ape similar to
modern pygmy chimpanzees and nothing more they may have walked slightly more
upright than most Apes but were not bipedal or erect could not talk spent
most of their time and trees and walked on all fours lured Sally Zuckerman and
Professor Charles Oxnard did 15 years of research on australopithecines along
with a team of five specialists coming to the conclusion that all the various
specimens of Australopithecus they examined were only an ordinary ape genus
and definitely not bipedal the French science and Life magazine ran the cover
story in May 1999 goodbye Lucy writing about how Lucy the most famous fossil of
Australopithecus was not the root of the human race and needs to be removed from
our supposed family tree however even now in 2014 a movie named Lucy has just
been released by Masonic Universal Pictures where the Lucy ape woman fraud
is still treated as scientific fact throughout the entire movie in 1982 a
skull fragment found in the Spanish town of orce was held to be the oldest
fossilized human remains– ever found in Eurasia horseman was supposedly a 17
year old ape man who lived between 900,000 and 1,600,000 years ago and was
presented to the world with the usual reconstructed drawings showing a young
hairy ma’am ape teenager in 1983 however a team of scientists from france
concluded that the skull fragment was actually from a four month old donkey a
three day symposium had been scheduled so experts
could examine and discuss the bone but was immediately cancelled after the
French investigation embarrassed Spanish officials sent out 500 letters to the
would-be attendees apologizing after more conclusive tests The Daily
Telegraph on May 14 1984 carried the headline ass taken for ma’am
later in 1984 Comeau yak emu in a team led by paleoanthropologist Richard
Leakey discovered Turkana boy at nary accattone near Lake Turkana Kenya
Turkana boy was proclaimed to be a preteen boy from 1.5 to 1.6 million
years ago and is now regarded as the most complete early human skeleton ever
found much like Neanderthal man however Turkana boy or nary a kotomi Homo
erectus is no different from modern man American paleoanthropologist Alan Walker
said I doubt the average pathologist could tell the difference between the
fossil skeleton and that of a modern human he wrote that he laughed upon
first seeing it because it looks so much like a Neanderthal Turkana boy was
bipedal with arms and legs of human proportions an upright skeletal
structure comparable and height cranial size and development rate of modern
humans even the discovering team leader Richard Leakey stated that the
difference between this specimen of Homo erectus and modern man are no more
pronounced than simple racial variances the shape of the skull the degree of
protrusion of the face the robustness of the brows and so on these differences
are probably no more pronounced than we see today between the separate
geographical races of modern humans such biological variation arises when
populations are geographically separated from each other for significant lengths
of time so when seen for what they really are all the supposin eight men
discoveries and reconstructions are nothing but frauds and fantasies
Neanderthal man was just an ordinary man Java man and Piltdown man were composed
of human and ape bones Nebraska man was actually a pig-picking
man was actually man’s meal Lucy was just a monkey horse man was a
donkey and Turkana boy was just a boy Harun Yahya wrote
reconstruction can be explained as drawing a picture or constructing a
model of a living thing based on a single bone sometimes only a fragment
that has been unearthed the eight men we see in newspapers magazines or films are
all reconstructions the fossils that are claimed to be evidence for the human
evolution scenario are in fact products of fraud for more than 150 years not
even a single fossil to prove evolution has been found as a matter of fact the
reconstructions drawings or models of the fossil remains made by the
evolutionists are prepped speculatively precisely to validate the evolutionary
thesis David R Pilbeam an anthropologist from Harvard stresses this fact when he
says at least in paleoanthropology data are still so sparse that theory heavily
influences interpretations theories have in the past clearly reflected our
current ideologies instead of the actual data since people are highly affected by
visual information these reconstructions best serve the purpose of evolutionists
which is to convince people that these reconstructed creatures really existed
in the past all the many models drawings cartoons mannequins and movies made
involving various eight men are complete fiction and fabrication because no one
can actually accurately determine the outward appearance of an animal based
solely on bone structure soft tissue which vanishes quickly after death and
is responsible for the look of one’s eyes ears nose lips hair eyebrows skin
etc totally depends on the imagination of the person reconstructing them Ernest
a Hooton of Harvard University stated to attempt to restore the soft parts isn’t
even more hazardous undertaking the lips the eyes the ears and the nasal tip
leave no clues on the underlying bony parts you can with equal facility model
on a neanderthalensis of a chimpanzee or the lineaments of a philosopher these
alleged restorations of ancient types of man have very little if any scientific
value and are likely only to mislead the public so put not your trust in
reconstructions there is no concrete fossil evidence to support the ape-man
image which is unceasingly promulgated by the media and evolution
academic circles with brushes in their hands evolutionists produce imaginary
creatures nevertheless the fact that these drawings correspond to no matching
fossils constitutes a serious problem for them one of the interesting methods
they employ to overcome this problem is to produce the fossils they cannot find
Piltdown man which may be the biggest scandal in the history of science is a
typical example of this method the current evolutionists ape to human
transitional theory goes Australopithecus Homo habilis Homo
erectus Homo sapiens Australopithecus which means southern ape has been proven
to be nothing but an extinct ape which closely resembles many modern
chimpanzees in height arm and leg length skull shape teeth mandibular structure
and many other details Homo habilis a hypothetical classification created in
the 1960s by Turkana boy team leader Richard Leakey was what evolutionists
deemed necessary to exist between Australopithecus and Homo erectus
because the jump was far too drastic there needed to be a species of ape man
with a larger cranial capacity that could walk upright and use tools
serendipitously for his career fossils unearthed in the late 1980s were deemed
Homo habilis and Leakey was regarded a scientific genius that is until his
contemporaries Bernard Wood and C Loring grace determined the Homo habilis arms
were too long legs were too short and skeletal structure too ape-like to be
anything but an ape their fingers and toes were that of tree climbers and
their jaws and cranial capacities were comparable to modern Apes american
anthropologist Holly Smith in 1994 concluded Homo habilis was not Homo or
human at all but simply an ape just like Australopithecus she stated
that restricting analysis of fossils to specimens satisfying these criteria
patterns of dental development of australopithecines and Homo habilis
remain classified with African Apes those of Homo erectus and Neanderthals
are classified with humans so Australopithecus and Homo habilis the
first two classifications are both actually fully ape while Homo erectus
and Homo sapiens the second two classifications are in fact fully
and comparable to modern men with variances no greater than the natural
variances of race and genetics so even after 150 years of discoveries
evolutionists are no closer to finding a true transitional species existing
between ape and man and no closer to proving their theory nor can they answer
how Apes could develop by penality human arm and leg length ratios erect spinal
columns and complex linguistic skills if humans evolved from apes
why do apes still exist why don’t any of these supposed transitional forms still
exist now and where are true examples in the fossil record the class Dinosauria
was originally defined by Sir Richard Owen of the Royal Society and
superintendent of the British Museum natural history department in 1842 or in
other words the existence of dinosaurs was first speculatively hypothesized by
United Museum head coincidentally in the mid 19th century during the heyday of
evolutionism before a single dinosaur fossil had ever been found the masonic
media and mainstream press worldwide got to work hyping stories of these
supposedly long-lost animals and then lo and behold twelve years later in 1854
Ferdinand VanDerveer Haydn during his exploration of the upper Missouri River
found proof of Owens theory a few unidentified teeth he mailed to leading
paleontologist Joseph Lee D who several years later declared them to be from an
ancient extinct tract Adhan dinosaur which beyond ironically means rough
tooth firstly it should be needless to say that it is impossible to reconstruct
an entire hypothetical ancient animal based on a few teeth but even more
importantly it is dubious that a myriad of ancient reptile bird and reptile
mammal transitional forms necessary for the blossoming theory of evolution would
be hypothesized and then conveniently discovered by
teams of evolutionist archaeologists purposely out looking to find such
fossils and it is even more dubious that such fossils have supposedly existed for
millions of years but were never found by or known to any civilization in the
history of humanity until evolution isms Masonic Renaissance in the mid 19th
century David Wozniak ins in all the years previous when they roamed the
American continents there is no belief of dinosaurs in the Native American
religion or tradition for that matter why were there no discoveries prior to
the 19th century in any part of the world according to the World Book
Encyclopedia before the 1800s no one ever knew that dinosaurs existed during
the late 1800s and early 1900s large deposits of dinosaur remains were
discovered why his man suddenly made all these discoveries no tribes cultures or
countries in the world ever discovered a dinosaur bone before the mid-1800s and
then they were suddenly found all over the world in North America South America
Europe Asia Africa Argentina Belgium Mongolia Tanzania West Germany and many
other places apparently had large deposits of dinosaur fossils never
before seen all these places were inhabited and well explored for
thousands of years before this time why had no one ever found a dinosaur fossil
before according to the book the dinosaur project paleontological
journalist Wayne Grady claims the period following this from around 1870 to 1880
became a period in North America where some of the most underhanded
shenanigans in the history of science were conducted in what was known as the
great dinosaur rush or the bone Wars Edward drinker cope of the Academy of
Natural Sciences 1/8 Neil Marsh of the peabody museum of natural history began
a lifelong rivalry and passion for dinosaur hunting they started out as
friends but became bitter enemies during a legendary feud involving
double-crossing slander bribery theft spying and destruction of
by both parties Marsh is said to have discovered over 500 different ancient
species including 80 dinosaurs while cope discovered 56 out of the hundred
and thirty-six dinosaur species supposedly discovered by the two men
however only 32 are presently considered valid as the rest have all proven to be
falsifications and fabrications none of them once claimed to find a complete
skeleton either so all their work involved reconstructions in fact to this
day no complete skeleton has ever been found and so all dinosaurs are
reconstructions David Wozniak scones seem not to be made by disinterested
people such as farmers ranchers hikers outdoor recreation Estill ding
construction industry basement excavators pipeline trench diggers and
mining industry personnel but rather by people with a vested interest such as
paleontologists scientists university professors and museum organization
personnel who were intentionally looking for dinosaur bones or who have studied
dinosaurs previously finds are often made during special dinosaur bone
hunting trips and expeditions by these people to faraway regions already
inhabited and explored this seems highly implausible more believable is the case
of the discovery of the first original Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 which were
unintentionally discovered by a child and which were all published by 1955 in
some cases of a discovery of dinosaur bones by a disinterested person it was
suggested to them by some professional in the field to look or dig in a certain
area also very interesting to note or special areas set aside and designated
as dinosaur parks for which amateur dinosaur hunters are required to first
obtain a dinosaur hunting license whatever destination these establishment
funded archaeologists and paleontologists said it seemed they
found incredible numbers of fossils and tiny areas in one of the largest
dinosaur excavation sites called the Ruth Mason quarry over 2,000 fossil
were allegedly discovered casts and original skeletons assembled from these
bones are currently on display in over 60 museums worldwide
Florentino Amegy no head of paleontology at La Plata Museum is amazingly
responsible for 6,000 fossil species supposedly discovered throughout his
career all in Argentina dinosaur hunter Earl Douglas sent 350 tons of excavated
dinosaur bones to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History throughout his career
all coming from the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah during an expedition to
Patagonia dr. luis Chafee and dr. Lowell dingus supposedly discovered thousands
of dinosaur eggs at a site of only a few hundred square
yards many experts have mentioned how such finds of huge quantities of fossils
in one area by just a few highly invested individuals goes against the
laws of natural probability and lends credence to the likelihood of forgeries
or concentrated planting efforts David Wozniak
dinosaur bones sell for a lot of money at auctions it is a profitable business
there is pressure for academics to publish papers museums are in the
business of producing displays that are popular in appealing movie producers in
the media need to produce material to sell to stay in business the mainstream
media loves to hype alleged dinosaur finds much is to be gained by converting
a bland non dinosaur discovery of a bone of modern origin into an impressive
dinosaur find and letting artists interpretations and imaginations take
the spotlight rather than the basic boring real find there are people who
desire and crave prestige fame and attention there is the bandwagon effect
and crowd behavior and then there are people and entities pursuing political
and religious agendas highly rewarding financial and economic benefits to
museums educational and research organizations university departments of
paleontology discoverers and owners of dinosaur bones and the book television
movie and media industries may cause sufficient motivations for ridiculing of
open questioning and for suppression of honest investigation
the fact that t-rex bones have sold the auctions for upward of twelve million
dollars shows how lucrative the field of dinosaur hunting can be and it just
happens to be museum officials who serendipitously seemed to make the most
prolific finds the first dinosaur to ever be publicly displayed was the
Hadrosaurus full Kai at Edward drinker cope s– Academy of Natural Sciences in
Philadelphia the bones were Co discovered by Joseph lady copes esteemed
professor and the man responsible for the track Adhan to thesaurus the
original Hadrosaurus reconstruction which is still on display today shows a
huge plaster cast bipedal reptile standing upright using its tail as a
third leg what few people know however is that no skull was ever discovered and
no original bones were put in the public exhibit David Wozniak
a visual and the sculptural artist were promptly hired to invent a skull and
from the illustrations of another artist who had depicted the Iguanodon the two
artists drew the same face for the hadrosaurs foci the people involved
could now technically defend the existence of this dinosaur if someone
were to ask the stump worked out so well and fooled the public so thoroughly that
they could later change the head of the creature without anyone noticing to this
day Hadrosaurus foci is on display at the Academy of Natural Sciences in
Philadelphia the bones are said to be kept behind heavy closed doors what a
plaster copy is exhibited in their place so we learn of an iguana skull being
substituted for the skull of a dinosaur on display what was the public told at
the time what are we not being told today what we are not being told is that
this is the rule and not the exception to this day not a single complete
skeleton of any dinosaur has ever been found all the museum displays models
mannequins cartoons and movies of prehistoric monsters who have ever seen
are all imaginative reconstructions based on incomplete skeletons arranged
in the manner paleontologists believe to be most realistic furthermore the
skeletons exhibited museums are all admittedly intricate
fabrications made of plaster fiberglass various epoxies and other animal bones
not original fossils when dinosaur bones are transported and prepared they use
strips of burlap soaked in plaster to jacket over the fossils then after
applying a tissue separator to keep the plaster from direct contact with the
bone the soaked burlap strips are laid on until it is totally encased in a
protective mummy like coating ready for safe transport in an article titled a
fossils trail from excavation to exhibit one insider remarked that through mold
making and casting we can totally fabricate limbs ribs vertebrae etc for
the missing pieces of an articulated skeletal mount plaster fiberglass and
epoxies are often and commonly used in reconstruction work on single bones
small to large cracks can be filled in with mache or plaster mixed with dextran
a starch that impart some adhesive quality and extra hardness to regular
molding plaster we’ve also had success using epoxy putty x’ large missing
fragments can be sculpted directly in place with these same materials in other
words museum personnel work with plaster and other materials to transport and
fabricate skeletons and missing or incomplete bones all the time in fact
the huge dinosaur bone displays found in museums across the world are admittedly
carefully prepared fakes no independent researcher has ever examined a real
dinosaur they claim all the actual fossils are kept in high-security
storage but only a select few paleontologists are ever allowed to
examine them so the ability to ascertain their authenticity is kept from the
general public Robin Cofer wrote most people believe that dinosaur
skeletons displayed in museums consist of real dinosaur bones this is not the
case the real bones are incarcerated into thick vaults to which only a select
few highly placed researchers hold a key which means that no independent
researcher has ever handled that Tyrannosaurus Rex bone when people
unaffiliated with the paleontological establishment
attempt to gain access in order to study these dinosaur bones they are met with
refusal upon refusal only around 2100 dinosaur bone sets have been discovered
worldwide and out of these only 15 incomplete Tyrannosaurus Rex bone sets
have been found these dinosaur bone sets have never formed a complete skeleton
but from these incomplete bone sets paleontologists have constructed a
hypothesis about the appearance of the whole skeleton which they have modelled
in plastic if thousands of long necks and large carnivorous reptiles had
really roamed the earth we wouldn’t only have found 2100
dinosaur bone sets but millions of bones with ordinary people tripping over them
when digging in their vegetable patches David Wozniak
when children go to a dinosaur museum are the displays they see displays of
science or displays of art and science fiction
are we being deceived and brainwashed at an early age into believing a dinosaur
myth deep probing questions need to be asked of the entire dinosaur business
there may have been an ongoing effort since the earliest dinosaur discoveries
to plant mix-and-match bones of various animals such as crocodiles alligators
iguanas giraffes elephants cattle kangaroos ostriches emus dolphins whales
rhinoceroses etc to construct and create a new man-made concept prehistoric
animal called the dinosaur where bones from existing animals are
not satisfactory for deception purposes plaster substitutes may be manufactured
and used some materials similar or superior to plasticine clay or plaster
of Paris would be suitable molds may also be employed what would be the
motivation for such a deceptive endeavor obvious motivations include trying to
prove evolution trying to disprove or cast doubt on the Bible and the
existence of a God and trying to disprove the young-earth theory the
dinosaur concept implies that if God exists he tinkered with his idea of
dinosaurs for a while then probably discarded or became tired of this
creation and then went on to create ma’am the presented dinosaur historical
timeline suggests an imperfect God who came up
with the idea of man as an afterthought thus demoting the biblical idea that God
created man in his own image type dinosaur skulls into a search engine and
you will find a variety of replicas tailor-made dinosaurs and museum-quality
skeletons one of the largest and most renowned suppliers of fake dinosaurs is
the Z combed I know ocean art company in Sichuan China which provides natural
history museums worldwide with ultra realistic dinosaur skeletons made from
real bones chicken frog dog cat horse and pig’s bones are melted down mixed
with glue resin and plaster then used as base material for recasting as dinosaur
bones they are even given intentional fractures and an antiquated fossilized
look to achieve the right effect their website boasts over 62 percent of our
output goes to American and European markets which means we will understand
and are familiar with the intricacies and regulation of exporting to these
regions since we are a partner of dinosaur museums all products are made
under the guidance of experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences we have
gained a global sales network reaching the USA Brazil France Poland Russia
Germany Saudi Arabia South Korea Thailand Indonesia exhibited in Peru
Argentina Vancouver Cincinnati Chicago and other places as Alan fiducia
University of North Carolina paleontology professor wrote I have
heard there is a fake fossil factory in northeast China in Loughnan province
near the deposits where many of these recent alleged feathered dinosaurs were
found where as David Wozniak the possibility exists that key dinosaur
bones on display have been artificially modified through sculpture and carving
bone sculpture is not an unknown human activity many cultures participate in
creating man-made objects out of existing bones totally unrecognizable
from the original shape is the dinosaur industry a customer of this sort of
business is it possible the dinosaur skeleton replicas are secretly assembled
or shirred in private buildings out of
public view with bones artificially constructed or used from a number of
different modern-day animals why bother having any authentic original fossils at
all if alleged replicas please the public
another problem with dinosaurs is their unnatural structural dynamics many
dinosaur skeletons and reconstructions feature bipedal monsters like the t-rex
with a forward leaning torso and head far larger and heavier than its
counterbalancing tail many museum displays cannot even stand up under
their own weight it is highly unlikely that beasts this large and
disproportionate could exist at all the loads acting on their skeletons are
so great that calculations indicate the bones of the largest dinosaurs would
buckle and crack under their own immense weight experts have also pointed out
that dinosaurs would have to have moved much slower than portrayed in movies to
prevent sudden shocks to their skeletons David Wozniak this idea of slow moving
animals does not agree with the biomechanical analysis of dinosaurs
which indicate that the dinosaurs were agile active creatures this is the
paradox between the dinosaurs size and lifestyle many displays and drawings of
dinosaurs appeared to be an absurdity showing a two-legged animal that would
be totally off balance with the weight of head and abdomen much greater than
weight of tail which is supposed to act as a counterbalance is the dinosaur
industry a case of science trying to meet public desires or expectations the
movie Jurassic Park is an example of showing dinosaurs much larger than any
current displays and museums after the movie came out it is interesting to note
that many articles were written asking is this possible I can recall a report
of dinosaur DNA being discovered preserved in amber which later turned
out to be false Robin Cofer groped over all several millions of dollars have
been spent promoting the existence of dinosaurs through movies TV magazines
and comics the world of movies and paleontology are like Siamese twins
people’s view on the existence of dinosaurs is based not on firm evidence
but on Hollywood fixated artistic impressions documentaries colorfully
Illustrated I know sores characteristics like colors weight and
muscle mass but Don lesson advisor for Jurassic Park admits that this is pure
guesswork consider for instance the question of how much these dinosaurs
weigh Don lesson says scientists don’t know how much dinosaurs weighed
dinosaurs are presented to the public with colorful artistic reconstructions
drawings models mannequins gigantic skeletons and museums cartoons and
movies showing these beasts in explicit detail but the fact is from the
assigning an arrangement of bones in each species to the impossible to
discern soft tissue skin eyes noses color hairiness texture etc just like
the many suppose and eight man species all dinosaur reconstructions are 100%
fictional fabrications created by invested and inventive evolutionists
they purposely present dinosaurs to children in the media to spark and bias
their young imaginations toward their machinations cartoons like Ice Age and
the Land Before Time movies like Jurassic Park and dinosaur Island
coloring books dolls plastic toys elementary school textbooks and huge
displays and children’s museums certainly have an effect on budding
young minds National Geographic and the Ice Age movies were produced by mason
Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and 20th Century Fox the Masonic production
company Universal Studios created Jurassic Park in the Land Before Time
they are owned by Comcast whose main shareholders are Masons JP Morgan and
the Rothschilds Discovery Channel which features many dinosaur documentaries is
also financially advised by nm Rothschilds and Sun limited former
paleontology student Michael 4-cyl claimed on a radio interview with
leading paleontologist Jack Horner that he was a total fraud fabricating
evidence and perpetuating the myth of dinosaurs he continued on saying I
started my career in the field of paleontology only to leave my studies
once I realized the whole thing was a sham
it’s nonsense most of the so-called skeletons and museums are actually
plaster cast they even do it openly on documentaries now preserving the bones
my ass I struggled as a student mainly because I could not tell the difference
between a fossilized egg and an ordinary rock and of course there is no
difference I was treated like a leper when I refused to buy into their
propaganda and promptly left the course dinosaurs never existed the whole
shebang is a freak show they just grabbed a couple of old bones and formed
them into their latest Frankenstein’s monster like exhibit we are all being
fooled and it’s wrong but together we can stop it many claim that since
dinosaur fossils have been radiometrically dated to be tens of
millions of years old that their authenticity is thus proven the fact is
however that the methods used to date dinosaur fossils involve not measuring
the actual fossils but the rocks near where they are found most fossils are
found near the surface of the earth and if a modern day animal were to die in
the area paleontologists would be likely to date them the same age dr. Margaret
held her in her book completing the picture a handbook on museums and
interpretive centers dealing with fossils she writes scientists used to be
very impressed with the potential of radiometric or coming up with absolutely
reliable ages of some kinds of rocks they do not feel that way anymore having
had to deal with numerous calculated dates which are too young or too old
compared with what they expected scientists now admit that the process
has many more uncertainties than they ever would have supposed in the early
years the public knows almost nothing about uncertainties in the dating of
rocks the impression that most people have perceived is that many rocks on
earth are extremely old and that the technology exists to make accurate
measurements of the ages scientists have become more and more aware however that
the measurements which the machines make may tell us nothing about the actual age
of the rock one of the main reasons that evolutionists needed the existence of
dinosaurs was to answer the complicated problems present in the theory of
evolution including sea dwelling animals evolving into land Weller’s reptiles
evolving wings feathers flying and becoming birds as well as other reptiles
evolving warmblood live births breasts and becoming mammals
through their imaginary multi million year timeline and a variety of suppose
in transitional dinosaur forms the paleontological establishment has been
promoting various sea dinosaur reptile / birds and reptiles / mammals to bridge
these gaps many professionals and experts in the field have disputed such
findings as often as they have been presented however dr. Stores Olsen a
Smithsonian Institute scientist wrote the idea of feathered dinosaurs and the
theropod origin of birds is being actively Ammal gated by a Khadra of
zealous scientists acting in concert with certain editors at Nature a
National Geographic who themselves have become outspoken and highly biased
proselytizers of the faith truth and careful scientific weighing of evidence
have been among the first casualties in their program which is now fast becoming
one of the grander scientific hoaxes of our age no authentic feathers have ever
been found with dinosaur fossils though a few exposed hoaxes certainly attempted
to fake it dr. Olson called the adding of feathers to their findings hype
wishful thinking propaganda nonsense Fantasia and the hoax in the 1990s many
fossils with feathers were supposedly discovered in China suspiciously close
to the zigong Dynamo found the so-called Confuciusornis was an elaborate hoax he
also found the Archaea Raptor supposedly discovered in the 90s was composed of
bones from five different animals when dr. ROH presented his findings to
National Geographic the head scientist reportedly remarked while all of these
have been fiddled with National Geographic then proceeded with their
news conferences and media stories about the archeo Raptor fossils being genuine
and having found the missing link in evolution Robin Cofer drove in 1999
National Geographic magazine was busted when they presented in a colorful and
fancily presented article the missing link an RKO Raptor dinosaur which was
supposed to support the basic tenets of evolutionary theory that dinosaurs had
slowly developed over millions of years there
proof consisted of a fossil where carefully arranged bone imprints gave
the impression of a creature half dinosaur and half bird the scam was
discovered during a CT scan which uncovered unnatural bone links National
Geographic magazine was later forced to admit when pressured that the fossil was
man-made paleontologists claimed that archeo Tareq’s is another transitional
form of bird evolved from dinosaurs but this theory falls on its face against
overwhelming evidence to the contrary other species like Confuciusornis
Loughnan cornice and Yola lapis have all been found to be contemporary with the
archaea Tareq’s and are indistinguishable from present-day birds
alan fiducia from university of north carolina one of the most famous
ornithologists in the world stated I’ve studied bird skulls for 25 years and I
don’t see any similarities whatsoever I just don’t see it there upon origin of
birds in my opinion will be the greatest embarrassment of paleontology of the
20th century Larry Martin from the University of Kansas a paleo
ornithologist says to tell you the truth if I had to support the dinosaur origin
of birds with those characters I’d be embarrassed every time I had to get up
and talk about it even if dinosaurs did evolve into birds
to fill their evolution gap it does not explain how something like the common
housefly could have evolved flies flap their wings simultaneously 500 times per
second even the slightest dissonance in vibration will cause them to lose
balance and fall but this never happens how could they evolve such an amazing
and specialized ability why were dinosaurs never discovered before the
evolutionist Renaissance in the mid 19th century
why do paleontologists think they can reconstruct an entire species of ancient
animal from a few teeth why have so many dinosaur discoveries turned out to be
hoaxes why are all authentic dinosaur fossils kept under tight lock and key
away from any independent analysis why has erosion and weathering not
destroyed all these supposin prints and fossils that are allegedly millions of
years old if dinosaurs were supposed wiped out by a meteor impact or other
such catastrophe why is it that all the other various animal species that exist
today were not similarly wiped out there are many more questions which need to be
answered before anyone in their right mind should consider the existence of
Dinosaurs anything but a convenient evolutionist myth Robin Cofer drove the
paleontological establishment can control which hypotheses will be
constructed through textbooks in the curriculum in this way students are
brainwashed into a pseudo reality controlled by text material and the
teachers authority a short practical example a random dental bone is found at
an excavation site and from this dental bone the rest of the skeleton is guessed
at we are not kidding about this the entire dinosaurian field of the
paleontological program is a sham

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  31. As shown, the Judaeo-Freemasonry Vatican (Jesuits) instituted Heliocentricism (a corporation that has fooled billions of people) as the next centuries ticked by these science fiction stories began entering the major Universities (all faith based); from this point on the people were taught to replace Faith with Theory (pretend).

    1543 – Jesuits invent Theory Heliocentricism
    1809 – Jesuits invent Theory Transmutation of Species (see Theory of Evolution)
    1923 – Jesuits invent Theory Missing Link (bones lost molds prove find)
    1931 – Jesuits invent Theory Big Bang (another ejaculation into the virgin source)

    Lets recap
    The Judaeo-Freemasonry Vatican (Jesuits), see crypto JEWs, sell two (2) products:
    1. HEAVEN, this Faith based religion called Catholicism
    2. SPACE, this Theory based religion called Heliocentricism

  32. Your reasoning on evolution is very logical and sound but when you indulge in gossip and rumour about Freemasons, Jews (really ludicrous) or showing racist photos of Barack Obama, your video fails with sensible people. It shows a tendency toward unfounded conspiracy theories. I would remove that section.

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    Does "knowing" = "arrogance" ring a bell?
    Would you rather be right, or not be wrong?
    Are those who seek to define reality, attempting to reconcile the (survival instinct/realization of mortality) dichotomy within themselves?

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