Do You Believe? Pastor David Uth – First Baptist Orlando

Belief is the hinge upon which the door of
God’s blessing swings open wide. Unbelief is the hinge upon which the door
swings shut. And today, if you want the favor and blessing
of God, believe. I think it’s interesting that a few people
He laid hands on and healed them. Now I don’t have proof of what I’m about to tell you. I’m just going to tell you what Ithink in my heart. You know why I think He laid His hands on them and healed them? Because I think they came to Jesus and said, “I know the town doesn’t really believe. But I believe.” So, can I just tell you today that it doesn’t matter what your friends say. Do you believe? It doesn’t matter what our world says. Do YOU believe? It doesn’t matter what the city says. Do YOU believe?

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