Do Victims’ Races Change How We Mourn?

cornel west was on the pad a smiley
radio show and you want to talk about the way that we cover of the shootings
based on the the pit the races of the victims actually uh… so we we enforce
i don’t have all your best we do have some of his quotes he says that we can just shed tears for
those in the vanilla side of town their precious but there are no less or more
precious in our poor brothers and sisters on indian reservations for killing each other or be they black
or brown or what have you but it’s a good thing that we have a
discussion on gun control winning one drone control not a peep not a mumbling
workmen black folk it shot banal newtown connecticut vanilla side lo and behold
we got a major conversations so is it but that rambling there way but he makes a good point that if i
don’t want to white people get shot its major news which should be but that if you know bob black children
getting shot in different cities you know a different days nobody really
cares anything about and and killed one that you know that we didn’t realize we
can’t run his old he was very clear just to be about that but no denying of this
tragedy and it’s a pretty good that there’s a conversation now dishes saying if they’ll just makes you
feel bad that he knows it’s not it’s not equal disorganized article i
think it would be equal however if the if uh… you know predominant overwhelmingly black schools
twenty kids were killed in a black school you have so that so that’s why it
looked i’d like when i was a lot in terms of his ideology what he says that
he’s a strong before it’s in office says things that
need to be said that there are said here i grew to more than fifty percent with in pointing out uh… that privacy we
have when word roskilde brown kids in yemen access error that surprisingly pointed
out on the river uh… i’ve been saying that people are
more concerned but it’s a little side of town i think that’s probably at least a
little bit right but if you just part of it is because
it’s the mass shooting verses the single issue this is why people behind all the
time had everyday indus shootings but they don’t one of the time or two of the
time of three at a time and it doesn’t it seem impatient same is true black
people so i think it’s the bigger point of emphasises the match you law this
point to that would be that’s not quite trilby guess what people were killed and
shootings consistently the black people were killed per capita mhm on and so yet an adverb you’re right
because it’s one of five it’s not going to be as big a news story and it’s not
gonna affect the national consciousness in the same way even the same way as of twenty
independent first-graders wait first graders were
killed over a years period it would affect us in the same way right wrong but that you could do but there is a totally ballot point that
you know of course that you know that we see because we presume that when we read about a
seventeen-year-old black kid get shot sometimes part sometimes will make clear
to cubans and crossfire you know he was in the house to catch up but will make some judgment somewhere in
our soul that lines again he was asking for is in love or into
simpler way of framing in he was the wrong part of town lies about by the
judge did say that it was his fault that he lives in that part of some exactly
reminded dick cheney saying about iraq on meet the press there in the same geographical region of
from which the terrorist came to attack strength right down the road and one of
the world man so that’s already daughter act and and then oftentimes in robert
gibbs that the other day when talking about the tro strikes you know what we
killed uh… all block e sixteen year old son and he said well you know women the dads
like it should rethink you know who there showing allegiances so now we kill their kids tonight so it’s all braun part of town long part of world so it’s ok we com partment elisa rather
silly to say that every american thinks its okay obviously we don’t we think we’d get orchid that’s what
happens when it happens in newtown look it does look like mike it’s almost like
my kindergarten school hope that’s not supposed to happen

100 thoughts on “Do Victims’ Races Change How We Mourn?”

  1. *1 MAJOR Point.* Sandy Hook Massacre, terrible thing. But the killers race was never a factor in the discussions. Although it shouldn't be. But change his color and it suddenly becomes such a broader issue. and frankly a distraction. THAT was the point. Did u notice that?

  2. Black people don't get ignored (Trayvon Martin got tons of coverage). Brown people who seem to be Muslim are the ones getting ignored.

  3. Oh give me a break. Ben knows that. It's just a saying, get over it. Are you a new Atheist or something? Calm down a little there.

  4. "We need drone control."

    In my dreams. Ain't gonna happen even if a school bus full of cute American (white) children were killed by a laser-guided GBU dropped from a Predator.

  5. Thanks. I really do like Cornell but just cause you admire someone doesn't mean you can't call him/her out on their hypocrisy.

  6. Really, you get called Nigger on a daily basis? Why do you feel entitled to call someone, "whatever the fuck they want"? Does this make you feel superior or powerful? I would think resorting to the same ignorance that belittles others would make you feel inferior. Also, resorting to, "this is how he talks" is an asinine defense, racists make the same argument about their language. Seems like you have more in common w/ racist groups like the KKK than you may know.

  7. John – Cornell West ISN'T "rambling". You're a doofus for thinking that. There's clear music and grammar to his language – it's just not the dialect you're used to. Cornell West rules.

  8. All of a sudden? I've never heard it in the media, I have in movies & usually in jest by Black actors. Again, you have to look at the context. Dr. West s referring to racial bias w/ in the media & society yet he uses an subtle but yet derogatory term to describe a people as a whole. I, personally respect Dr. West as well as heard his lectures & read his books but just cause I admire the man doesn't mean he is impervious to criticism.

  9. Have you ever watched the show Scrubs? In case you don't know, the two main characters are black and white, the white guy calls the black guy "chocolate" regularly throughout the series, but no black activist groups ever complained about it.

    I know he's not immune from criticism, I just don't see how calling white people "vanilla" is derogatory. That implies that there is something inherently negative with actual vanilla. I don't think anyone finds vanilla extract to be offensive.

  10. It is amazing how racist western society still is. Hell, probably the entire world as whole. Yet we convince ourselves we are not…

  11. Again, one is intended as a form of comedy. I'm sure in Scrubs they have that kind of banter as form of comic relief but I want to point out Dr. West & his use of term was to infer the disproportionate coverage when it comes to minority children based on skin color. To address the disparity in our society by euphemistically using "vanilla" is flawed & hypocritical. I, personally am not offended & neither are you but obviously people are & I see no groups White or otherwise protesting it.

  12. 1.The catastrophic event in my lifetime that has affected me and STILL affects me to the point of bringing me to tears is not Lockerbie, Dunblane, 9/11, Columbine, Haiti, The 2011 Norway attacks, Japan's earthquake, Aurora, Newtown, Sandy or even Katrina. It was/is the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. I don't know those people. I have never been to that part of the world and I am not the same race as them but it breaks my heart every time I think about it, which is often. And I have no idea why this is.

  13. 2. And don't get me wrong. The other events I listed were horrific and my heart goes out to the victims and families of those involved but for whatever reason the Boxing Day Tsunami is firmly etched into my heart and brain. I guess what I am saying is that while Dr. West's comments may be true of the majority, not all of us think the same way or even see race as an issue when it comes to how we mourn. Especially when it comes to people we do not know.

  14. Consider the issues of nations…..tens of thousands of kids die every day from malnutrition but we do not care about that compared to what happens to American kids.

  15. When you kill 1 person you're a murderer .. When you kill 100's you're a President .. When you kill them all you're a God

  16. white people dont listen to hip hop? and youre a fucking hypocrite for accusing them of playing the blame game when youre clearly blaming the "black culture". what about the white culture? do we walk around offering "deals you cant refuse" and shoving dead horses in peoples beds? no because youre full of fucking shit

  17. I don't think it's racism. I think media bias towards white deaths is just a byproduct of appealing to the majority in American. People relate most to what they percieve to be their own kind, whether it's white, black, brown, mix, social class, religious belief, hobbies, etc.

  18. @parasitilord

    I'm incline to agree that it does have 'some kind' of influence, but what do you suggest we do about it? (I'll followup with a question regarding violent video games in the mist of the Newtown shooting just to give you prospective.)

  19. Cornell West is the biggest fucking racist since the days of the KKK. He doesnt give a fuck about anything but skin color, fuck him

  20. well i apologize then. but i really do want to hear what your take on the matter is. so care to enlighten me?

  21. Wow, that is absolutely terrible. Makes me somewhat proud that I don't watch Dateline or NBC. But we really shouldn't be surprised that the mainstream media would display this type of bias; they're the ones that practically built the stereotypical image of minorities from the ground up and then seared it into the minds of mainstream white America,

  22. Maybe it's because you're one of the few people that actually have some shreds of decency and humanity in them. These are usually the things that compel people to feel sympathy for other people, regardless of how different they are or where they're located and for no apparent reason. In other words, you're a human being who actually knows how to be humane.

  23. lol i wouldnt say all that family..but i hear you! I jus think that the whole integration thing is where we went wrong as a people…i think we should have stayed segregated, because its obviously we were wanting to be integrated with a people that, through their actions since, did not want to be integrated with us.

  24. Yeah I agree with you here. No black person gets called nigger on a daily basis (not since slavery was around). I myself have only been called nigger about 5 times in my life, but that doesn't change the way I act towards other people. I don't know what makes him think that he or anyother black person has earned the "I can diss white people for life" card. Some people are just a bit too comfortable being victims I guess.

  25. Nah. He's probably pissed 'cause he lost his girlfriend (or boyfriend perhaps) to a young, handsome, and probably better-hung black guy. That's usually the reason why guys like him are the way that they are. It's always a matter of compensation.

  26. Amusing how there's no shitstorm kicked up about such an imbecillic and racist comment as that. At least the anti-black/mideastern racist up above seemed to back up his argument with vague statements.

  27. Oh yes, I'm sure natural division along fault lines of difference are all created by the elite. I'm sure that our differing levels of education, natural aptitudes and disadvantages, values and morals and yes, race are all created by the elite.

  28. Technically speaking, why should I care what happens to anyone beyond my close group of friends, family and loved ones?

  29. It's easy for you to talk when you are lucky to be born in US (I assume), where everything is provided for you. Millions of people all around the world, not just Africa, aren't that lucky and I see nothing wrong in other people trying to help less fortunate ones. Also you don't have to sell everything and travel to Africa to help, there are other way more convenient methods.

  30. Oh yea, because whites are totally very intelligent and non-violent. The best examples of this you can certainly see at like big sports events, when these intelligent people ravage the streets after their team loses (or wins, doesn't matter). Anyways, why I'm even bothering, the shear amount of ignorance of your comment makes me ashamed to be white.

  31. My car broke down yesterday and while I was waiting on the side of the road, EVERY single car that passed by blasting rap music was driven by a white person. Just an interesting observation.

  32. Or maybe it's just a convenient excuse to explain behaving badly in a way that he would anyway even if he didn't have the excuse?

  33. Didn't Patrice O'neal do a bit about this in regards to kidnapping/missing person with the example of Natalie Holloway?

    Mass shooting victims get more publicity, they are defacto high priority due to the "if it bleeds, it leads" paradigm. And sadly the younger the more shocking/outrageous…even better.

    At the end of the day people will be more shocked when the victims of look similar to them or their kids there is an added visceral impact. This is coming from a black dude no less.

  34. ive had similar experiences, some people are just racist but hide it by blaming "black culture" and shit like that

  35. There is absolutely a difference in the way "America" mourns when the race of the victims are "different". I hate to say this, and though mass shootings at mostly Black/Hispanic schools are rare it has happened and it hasn't gotten no where NEAR the attention that the Colombine, Aurora Theater, Virginia Tech, or Sandy Hook mass shootings have gotten. I guess since White America views everything Black or Brown as violent, less than, poor, or "thuggish" explains that difference.

  36. Bullshit. Mass shooting is reason for attention. I have yet to see 1 report listing race of victims at the latest mass shooting.

  37. I think most people care more about their family and friends. Public morning depends on media coverage. Media covers white kidnappings,murders,etc far more than any other. So you get endless coverage of Casey Anthony,the girl that disappeared in Aruba,etc.

  38. Liberals don't care if black people kill black people, only if black or white people kill other white people or white people kill black people…

  39. Always? So who were the black panther forcing people to vote for before Obama ran for office? I have a hard time believing the black panthers were huge supporters of Kerry's presidential bid…

  40. Your argument is completely void due to you slinging insults to defend yourself. Please see yourself off the edge of a cliff.

  41. I know more than you do because I am willing to be open-minded. I'm unsure what your last insult means, though I would rather you keep your activities to yourself.

  42. "I am open minded"
    "I know more than you do"
    Is it hard walking with your head and shoulders that far up your ass?

  43. It is an additional bonus that comes with being open minded. Again, with the homosexual insults, you seem to like the idea of being gay.

  44. Well, he does make a point. Not to play the race card, but over the years there have been much violent crimes in urban neighborhoods. You turn on the local news and kids and civilians either are harmed or die from stray bullets. There was two stories last year where some parents lost young children from stray bullets shot around a playground and in one neighborhood. There was no call for gun control. The other issue is that cops won't get involved with the whole "not snitching deal".

  45. ..(cont.) So they stated if they wanted help then they have to step up. If one can step up about a race issue where a white person, or cops kill a black teen then you can step up about violence in your neighborhood. So of course they people wanted something done because their children died. This was never talked about again. The only action I've seen urban schools take was putting in metal detectors. Surely anyone remembers those stories.

  46. …cont.. so stray bullets fly and no action is taken to get guns out the hands of criminals. When Bush was in office there were quite a few incidents that have been forgotten where they never talked about gun control. The guy that broke into a school and shot a girl and a boy that lied about his heroism. A few months after that there was the Amish massacre, where kids were killed. No one talked about gun control then. Boy shoots up a mall before Xmas, V-tech, etc… not one word.

  47. Now this incident and it's the topic for the next few weeks. If you're gonna to talk about gun control then the problem is getting illegal guns out of the hands of anyone. Not just law abiding citizens. Oh and while we're at it cops need to be more mindful as well, because they seem to have no problem shooting a barrage of bullets trying to take down one suspect. Which makes them just as bad as a disturbed person who kills with no agenda in mind.

  48. I know I'm rambling a bit but I'd been thinking much about this. You can't talk about one issue and ignore others that are similar. It's cherry picking. All things have to be handled equally to get right effect. So it depends on the morality of people to work together and do the right thing.

  49. Hey just because you're turned on by the thought of things in your ass doesn't make me gay. But anyhow you're really not as smart as you think you are, kid. Just because you have mustered enough effort wake up at 11 am to walk to your sociology class, while coming down off your 10 bowls of weed from the night before, and sit through some blowhard's lecture on how the government, which can't even deliver mail, can solve the world's problems, doesn't mean you REALLY know anything.

  50. actually, yes I do, mainly because Im still a kid. And theres no n word for white people so yes, black people can call whiteys what they want.

  51. go look at the comments on breitbart which is a conservative news site. there is so much sexism, racism, homophobia that it makes you wonder whether all conservatives are closet bigots. i looked at an article on the shooting on that site and the first comment was who cares, they're not white. these are your fellow conservatives and isnt breitbart popular among conservatives?

  52. My personal opinions aside, most of the self declared conservatives I've had the pleasure of meeting are kind, polite, and charitable. Especially in the south, but also in the middle-west.

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