Did the Church Actually Hate Copernicus? | Adam Ruins Everything

(whistling) – [Narrator] The Renaissance,
the most innovative and hardest to spell period in history. During this era,
extraordinary scientific minds broke free from the chains of ignorance. Minds like that of Nicolaus Copernicus who redefined our understanding
of the solar system in a flash of inspiration. – Actually – Eureka! We aren’t at the center of the universe. The Earth revolves around the sun. – [Narrator] Copernicus
bravely published his theory despite the inevitable wrath he’d face from the Catholic church. – Copernicus, we’re
here to burn you alive. – I shall not be silenced. (gasps) – Ah! – [Adam] Sorry, wrong again! Copernicus himself didn’t
face any opposition from the church because he worked for the Catholic church his entire life. – [Narrator] Wait, seriously? – Copernicus, how’s your work going, you old church bureaucrat? – Very steadily, boss. In fact, I’ve been workin on my astronomy. I have this new theory I’m calling – Don’t care! – [Narrator] Well, maybe
they didn’t care at first, but when he published his book
they saw the danger it posed to their theology, and
they burned him alive. Probably. Right? – [Adam] Nope. In fact, the book barely showed
up on the church’s radar. – Your Holiness,
Copernicus’s new book says the Earth revolves around the sun. – Who cares? I’m trying to figure out
the miracle of how Jesus turned water into wine. – But he dedicated the book to you. – Aw, what a sweetheart. – [Narrator] Copernicus
dedicated his book to the Pope? – [Adam] Yep. In fact, the church was so
tolerant of Copernicus’s ideas that some of his writings
were even taught and read at major Catholic universities. – Welcome to Not Blasphemy 101. Today we’ll be talking
about someone the church has absolutely no problem with, Copernicus. – It was actually
fundamentalist Protestants who eventually rejected Copernicus, because his work contradicted
passages in the Bible. – Want to know about astronomy? Check The Bible. Why can’t you fart in church? Bible. Does Copernicus suck? The Bible says yes. – [Adam] And when the
Catholic church saw how the Protestants were gaining influence, they started to get worried. – No one wants to be Catholic anymore. What do they have that we don’t, cronuts? – Maybe we gotta switch
gears on this whole tolerating science thing. – [Adam] And when Galileo started looking through his telescope,
adding his observations to Copernicus’s theory,
that’s when the church really freaked out. – Now this guy is
starting with a telescope? That’s it, let’s hate
science 10 times more than the Protestants ever did. – [Adam] So the Catholic church turned from tolerance to suppression, rejecting Copernicus’s
theory and banning his book. – This class is now Blasphemy 101. Please take out your textbook, and throw it in the fire.

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  1. your forgetting that the Protestant Church was also just dead wrong
    the bible was in no way anti-Copernicus's findings

  2. This is not quite as comical or as simplistic as they are trying to make it. Copernicus actually didn't believe the lies he wrote and tried to retract the book but then fell sick and later died, they Catholic church published it anyway. It was and is a false doctrine and went against God and the Bible concerning the true nature of the earth being flat. He died and the Catholic church ran with it until the started getting resistance then they retracted the teaching deeming them false but later adopted them as the truth. The real question is why would the Catholic church go against the Word of God, the very doctrine they are supposed to follow.

  3. I'm really tempted to send this to my pastor. He made a side comment about the church condemning Copernicus, but it was a minor detail of a presentation he gave. I would have mentioned it when he opened up for questions and comments, but at my church, there are so many people who are highly opinionated. I'm glad that my pastor allows people to question him, and not only that, but he also allows people to correct him on misinformation.

  4. ACTUALLY Adam voice mode there is one BIG thing this video omits. Copernicus was not persecuted by the catholic church for one simple reason: he NEVER claimed his model was factual. He cleverly presented it as a mathematical semplification to hel student do astronomical calculation. It was a blasphemy-proof solution. Galileo had the audacity to present the theory as factual because it matched observable data, and that was a no-no, for a number of reason, many of witch are in the video.

  5. They left out the part about how Copernicus and Galileo were both assholes.

    Galileo wrote a satire mocking the Pope, for instance.

    There was more going on than the cartoon touches on.

    That said, good presentation.

  6. This video omits the fact that Copernicus didn't have his work published untill after he died so he couldn't have been persecuted

  7. I love hypocrat American protestants about the Catholic Church. Until the Reformation the Holy Seat used tolerance and some Renessaince values. Than the Zelots burned women alive and harassed cityfolk.

  8. Two popes…? Also, i was about to thank you for acknowledging how big a role the Church had in the progression of science (eg. Fr. Mendel, father of genetics to name one), but then the end? idklol

  9. Doesn't matter that copernicus didntbactually challenge the church. All that matters is that me and him have the same birthday

  10. This is the way bow we learn i school we know that the galileo was almost burned alive but he said that his and copernikus's theory is not true and that he dont belive in it anymore but moments before his death he says it goes around of the sun (isnt 100% right translation from my lengvige)

  11. Yup, sounds like the working world. Same treatment here. Folks are like, "Good boy!" until your idea is viewed as, "Woah!". Then it's, "You're fired."

  12. Priest: Your Holiness! Capernicus' new book says that Earth actually revolves around the sun!

    Pope: Who cares?! I'm trying to figure out the miracle of how Jesus turned water into wine!

    Me: This guy's asking the real questions here…

  13. The video says it's wrong to say the Catholic church was intolerant of Copernicus's ideas but then ends saying the church was intolerant of copernicus's ideas.

  14. The Catholic Church didn't persecute Galileo Galilei for no reason. He sometimes caused political riots. They put him under house arrest to control him.

  15. They did all of that to Bruno before Galileo. The big difference was that although science later proved many of Bruno's ideas to be correct, he got his ideas in dreams and visions rather than through scientific analysis.

  16. sad when faith to god gets corrupted by human greed. we hold ourselves up to high standards when were jsut a bunch of primates

  17. question. Why would Catholic church care about Astronomy, they cared about their Influence, not about earth been around something.

  18. Most of the opposition to Galileo and Copernicus was political in nature; not religious. There's a LOT left out here.

  19. You know muslims knew that the earth isn't the center of the universe but it revolves around the sun, before this guy knew that,i mean seriously it was told in the qur'an 1400 years ago

  20. Also, come on now! English accents for Catholics? Ya’ll should’ve at least tried a fake Irish accent or something!

  21. People really want to retcon modern fundamentalism into the past, and it's usually wrong. Of course, by the time of Galileo, it's really misrepresentative to not mention the whole big thing that was going on to make the Catholic church anxious about academic disagreements, namely the protestant reformation that was at the heart of the 30 years war, one of the bloodiest wars that Europe has ever seen.

    Also Galileo wrote a piece of satire where he called the pope a big dumb idiot. That'll get you punished by the catholic church alright.

  22. I’m a Christian and a lot of Christians that aren’t Catholic or Protestant think that both of the denominations are very far off….some people even think Catholics are becoming a different religion soon

  23. Goddammit protestants!
    You ruined scientific progress for the next few hundred years.

  24. Copernicus who? In India we had books on astrolomy and heliocentric solar system since 500AD and before.

    Dayum the west was way scientifically backwards in mediaval and ancient age.

  25. Actually, with galileo the problem was that he made fun of the pope, one of the Higher authorities. And that's the reason why he got persecuted

  26. "Ey, Copernicus, why don't you navigate your way to the back of the line with your feet and stand there with your shirt."
    Sorry, had to.
    …Actually, I didn't have to.
    …I'll just see myself out.

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