Desperate Man Buys A Wife

Mike: I can’t wait to have kids with you (˵ ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆˵) Aziza: Right now is probably not the best time to have kids “Aziza Still Does Not Want To Sleep with Mike” *womp womp womp womp* 90-Day Fiancé Now, you may be looking at that title and be thinking, “oooh um… …that’s a bit… …illegal… . …that’s a bit rapey” and yes there is a lack of consent being shown there and that’s why it drew me in because there’s no way there’s a T.V. show where they try to make people sleep with each other I really hope that doesn’t exist!!! Mike: Aziza and I are under a huge time crunch to organize for the wedding! Well as you can see we’re gonna be following Mike and Aziza. And we’ve got that lovely go-happy music Don’t forget that Aziza still doesn’t want to sleep with Mike. So, apparently these two are trying to secure a wedding so that Aziza can get her visa and live with Mike. Which I’m pretty sure is illegal! I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to marry somebody for a visa but hey there’s a TV program on it Which means they’re also all documented in doing their crime! Mike: I’ve arranged to visit a local restaurant for the wedding reception venue called J-Bella. Oh no, please tell me that’s not Mike and Aziza. It looks like he’s walking his daughter in there Is that his daughter? I can’t really tell. Mike: I think J-Bella would be a great place for the wedding reception because they have amazing food and they have a nice party room they would fit a small wedding for us Yeah I’m not one to judge about like big expensive weddings and all that because I’m very lonely. Not ’90-Day Fiancé’ lonely though! But it does look like, as somebody who’s been in America for a bit, that he is taking her to a Wendy’s. Doesn’t look like a place that you have your wedding reception. Looks like a place where you take the lads for a Big Mac meal Mike: Hey Joe, how ya doing? Joe: Long time no see! How ya been? Hello! Mike: This is Aziza!
Joe: Hi Aziza
Aziza: Nice to meet you. Joe: How many people you thinking of having? Mike: 40-50? Joe: 40, 50? Perfect. Fits in here perfect. Forty to Fifty people? It’s a pretty good guest list, you know Keeping the numbers pretty decent. [Mike] He seems like he’s very happy with that. Looks like we’re coming along really well. We’re getting the wedding set up, at least that’s what you’d expect, wouldn’t you? Aziza: Really? It looks small. OOH that’s rude. Mike just instantly. His face goes. He’s… He’s bottling it. Joe: It’s set for forty eight right now Aziza: Really? Mike: I think it’s plenty of room. Aziza: I think that when it comes down to a nice venue for the wedding maybe Mike and I are on a different page. Well i’m not gonna lie, Aziza you have been flown in there to marry a man for a visa! So, if I was you I wouldn’t complain. I don’t think it’s up to you at that point. if you doing it at McDonald’s, you’re doing it at McDonald’s, You don’t have a choice anymore! That was taken away from you when you set yourself 90 days to get married to a man! You lost all choice at that point! Aziza: I have more like girly taste. Now I’m looking at Mike, and he seems like a very feminine man; he looks like he very much would love a big fancy wedding. Aziza: Mike probably doesn’t care that much. I mean you’re not wrong I feel like if he really cared he wouldn’t be flying somebody in from another country to get married to but that’s just me. Aziza: I just wanted it to be a little more fancier I guess Yeah, I’m not gonna lie Aziza 90-Day weddings don’t have a history of being Big Fancy Extravaganzas! I feel bad for the man who’s like setting this up for him because he’s just quite clearly upset with the fact that she’s just slacking off his lovely lovely McDonald’s restaurant. Mike: Aziza had her mind made up and i don’t think there was anything that was gonna change it but I just wanted to try the food and actually give the place a chance because i know the food is amazing there. Course you do Mikey, you sneaky devil. We all know that Wendy’s does do some sick burgers. Joe: And this is the menu try a couple things?
Mike: Sure that’d be good. Once again big man over there trying To secure the venue please try my food You could see the desperation in his eyes, please! We’ve got a lovely side of fries We’ve just brought in new toys for the Happy Meal! We could give a toy to everybody please Aziza, you look like you’re only just old enough for one Aziza: I don’t want to try food Mike: Well, that’s what we’re here for. Well that’s a bit of sass there, from Mike! Laying it down. You can really tell who the man in the relationship is so far well that’s awkward innit he knows that there is no reason that he should be marrying a girl looks like that and he also knows that himself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i love that they just leave in this awkward silence just in the editing room they just left this they just kept this in there and cut any of it out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) He just turns back round to look at him He’s like who is this girl? What is going on? Mike: Yeah, she’s kind of shy about eating in public. So, we’ll see if it happens. yeah yeah, she’s kinda shy about eating in public yeah, that’s the only issue with this Mike: I don’t think Aziza is trying to be rude but I think she can come across as being rude sometimes. That little head shake at the end he’s just besides himself he doesn’t know what to do with himself at this point Mike: Are you okay? Aziza: Yeah Mike: So, do you want to try some? At this point [Joe] he’s just pissed off! He wants them to leave. He just wants him to leave, he doesn’t want this anymore. He’s done with it. He’s done with giving his five-star customer service they’ve got the playground in the back like they normally do at McDonald’s. He’s even offered that and quite clearly it’s not enough, so he just want him gone at this point. Mike: You know, that’s pretty standard thing about these? Aziza: Yeah? Oh man! 😂 He is so pissed off! He is so angry, and none of those two seemed to have picked up on it, ‘well i don’t want pasta’ meanwhile you’ve Got, him in the back man they just going like this Mike: You’re not gonna try any of it? Like a little tiny bite? Aziza: It’s okay for a restaurant for like some business lunch or something but it’s definitely not a place for my wedding! Mike: So, you don’t wanna try any this stuff?!
Aziza: Not really. Oh my god Look at how much food is on the table and they’re just gonna let it go to waste Mike: Aziza’s been here for two weeks now and we’re getting comfortable living together. But, 90 days is flying by and our sex life is still at a standstill. OooOOohh okay What turn has this taken? One minute we’re looking at Happy Meals, next minute he’s talking about *OUR SEX LIFE* not being in bed with her yet. Thought this was about getting married? And a wedding? Not about their sex life. ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉) 😏 so 😏 oh, oh no please tell me they’re not gonna put the conversation on T.V. of him asking her to sleep with him. Mike: It’s kind of strange that you know we haven’t slept together yet and we’re about to get married we’ve known each other now for a year and a half been in love for more than a year We’ve been talking about it for a while now so [OOHH] ohh my head I can feel my fucking brain melting inside my skull oh my god this is absolutely horrific and the main reason why it’s horrific is because they keep on cutting back and forth which either means this was scripted or there are two camera men in the room right now filming this conversation taking place this music in the background is not helping as well it’s very off-putting (☭ ͜ʖ ☭) oh man look he’s just those testicles crushed can’t really tell that definitely throwing that in his head Mike: We were supposed to do it as soon as you got here. Aziza: yeahh You’re what? ‘you were supposed to do it as soon as you got here’? I think the most depressing part about that is the fact that she then goes yeah yeah no, not yeah no, not yeah that’s non-consensual that’s not that’s not good you can’t just fly somebody out and have them fuck you because that’s what they’re “supposed” to do I mean her facial expression afterwards really sums it up, don’t it? I agree, I agree Aziza! Divorce him already! I know you haven’t married yet, but you should just divorce him Aziza: The whole thing about Me and mike not having sex, is I still don’t feel completely comfortable. Well, I also wouldn’t feel completely comfortable if all of our awkward silences were left in as we had a conversation about us having sex for the first time. I just want to read the description of this YouTube video, by the way, because I’ve just been taken out of it with this clip but the description is incredible. “Mike wants the get intimate with his fiancé Aziza, but she still isn’t ready even after two weeks of living together.” Oh Aziza, it’s been two weeks! Why aren’t you ready? it’s been two whole weeks Yo the people over at TLC are sick, they’re a sick bunch of people! Well, thanks for watching this video! If you guys did enjoy it don’t forget to leave a like, and subscribe if you’re new, and turn notifications on. It would be greatly appreciated, as well as that you should check out these things because we are still selling them right now so if you want to go over to and pick something up that’d be greatly appreciated! But until next time, I’m gonna pick one of you who leaves a comment on this video to be flown out to be my ’90-Day Fiancé’ Leave a comment! Peace out people, and I’ll see you guys next time! Have a good day.

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  2. Don’t need to fly me out I’m in the same country cheap and continent
    Him : that’s abit … rapey 😂😂😂😂😂 actually love you so much make me cry tears of joy 😂😂

  3. She has EVERY RIGHT to change her mind. But lets not act naive here. If she was this standoffish when she was back in Russia he would of stopped talking to her so she played the game to get what she needed. He's a horny creep but she's no damsel.

  4. The great thing about YouTube is that the minute you make a mistake and click on a video that you instantly hate you can just shut it off! In this case the little boy in pink narrating sound like such a wanker…

  5. Idk why so much flak was put on this mans restaurant. He has nothing to do with anything and is literally just getting torn up trying to help these two idiots. I feel bad for him

  6. She didn't don anything wrong trying to marry a guy why does everyone hate prospective immigrants to United States of America

  7. Just think, 13 and a half more years and it will be the same show except it will be a sex android instead of a foreign woman. They'll want citizenship too. Don't laugh, you'll see.

  8. are they actually giving green cards to these people???? hmm id do it just so I could piss off more the man with the mcdonalds restaurant, I wanna test his limits

  9. i think i had more intimacy with the random girl i kissed at midnight, in a bar, for new years – and i spent no more than 40 minutes with that girl

  10. i asked my neighbour for drinks one day, it was 8:20, we went for drinks at 8:30, we were back to mine for 11pm, and she left at 1am – true story

    my point; we had a bit of a connection and so it worked ..if it’s not meant to be, walk away ✌️

  11. She lowkey might have some eating problems cuz thats alot of food and shes REALLY smol
    (Im talking from experience, not out my ass)

  12. bruh she doesnt want to have sex with this men she just met. sure theyve known each other for a year or whatever but they havent physically met until know. the girls just shy and feels weird that hes just trying to have sex lmfao

  13. This poor girl, probably had a hard life in Russia, this dumbass probably promised her the world and she showed up to find it's nothing like that and he thinks he owns her for sex and is pushing her to do it before they are actually comfortable in person. I bet her life in Russia isn't looking so bad now 🤢🤢

  14. 0:57: The guy doing the narrating needs to do some research so he doesn't sound so dumb. She's not looking to get married to get a visa. She needs to get married to get a green card. And it's not illegal to marry somebody because you want a green card. She was already interviewed and investigated and was awarded a fiancee visa, so they proved (in the eyes of immigration) what they needed to prove.

  15. I wouldnt wanna sleep with some dude who wants to get married at a D list restaurant and only offers his nations sloppy ass food. Wheres the consideration?

  16. him: ''we've known each other for a year and a half now…''
    her: ''yeah''
    him: ''we've been in love for over a year…''
    her: *silence*
    him: ''we've talked about it''
    her: ''yeah''

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