Demon Student #MMM23

(Sigh) The nerve of some people. And it’s a teenager that robbed this bank, and he escaped! Whoever that guy was, he’s as bad as this student that I’m about to expel. (Door Knock) Come in. (Door Open) (Door Close) Okay. What do you want? What do I want? I want you to get out of my school, you demon! And I want to fly to Pluto but that’s not happening either. That’s true. However, what I say is true. Do you know why you’re in here? I won an award for most trips to the principal’s office? NO! However, you should. Because I have a list of incidents that happened since the first day of school. I didn’t do anything wrong. Yes, you did. Like what?! On the first day of school, you made a teacher cry. Hello, class, and welcome to History 101. Did you that McDonald’s pays more than a teacher’s salary? (Cries) That wasn’t very nice. Look what you did. You stole someone’s Mountain Dew. Huh? Ha ha ha ha haah! You disrupted class by doing some locomotive dance. In 1962, John F. Kennedy gave a speech. Can anyone tell me what that was called? ♪ Come on, baby! ♪ ♪ Do the Loco-Motion! ♪ Sit down! That song was made in 1962. So what? QUIET!!!! You ruined a student’s drawing in Art class. Look at my snowman drawing. It got an A+! Look at my snowman drawing. IT GOT AN F! (Rips in half) (Rips it again) (Cries as drawing is being ripped over and over) You held an alcohol party in class. ♪ Say goodbye tonight we’re gonna raise ’em up ♪ And you gave a student a peanut butter cookie. MMMM! What kind is this? Peanut butter. (Chokes to death) (Laughs evilly) I was doing something nice for him. He had a peanut allergy! He was choking to death! He had to be rushed to the hospital! You’re lucky he survived! And you’re lucky that you’re still working here. Okay. I’ve had enough. You’re expelled! There! I said it. (Gasp) I’m expelled? Yes! EX-PELLLLED! Happy? No. No. Please don’t expel me! I’m sorry, but you violated a lot of rules. Also, I’m not sorry. Wait, can I ask you something? What? If I gave you $5,000, would you keep me here? (Gasp) 5,000 bucks! (Record scratch) Um, sorry, but I’m not allowed to accept bribes. How about $10,000? Oh my gosh! Deal! You’re not expelled! Alright! Thank you so much! (School bell rings) Alright! Winter break! Hey, may I ask you a question before you leave? Yes. Where did you get this kind of money? Oh. I uh… I robbed a bank this morning. Merry Christmas! (Door Open) (Door Close) So he’s the one that robbed the bank. I got to call the police. (Pounding on door) Who is it? Behind the door: This is the police. Oh, please come in. (Door busted down) You’re under arrest for bank robbery! Get on the ground now!

25 thoughts on “Demon Student #MMM23”

  1. This is actually the first Mmm that is funny. I usually ignore all the shitty films kids make but this is quality humor.

  2. Nice job!!!! I really loved this video!! Really well edited, and I really liked the ending. The only thing is the kid wasn't really a demon or possessed, he was just a troublemaker. But this deserved to win!!

  3. My Favorite part in this video is:"You gave a student a peanut butter cookie!" "MMM what kind is it?" "Peanut butter." (Chockes to Death)(Laughs Evily) 1:47

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