Dealing With Your Unbelief | Pastor Steven Furtick

freedom doesn’t always come easy and
sometimes it takes persistence and sometimes God has to let your situation
look humanly impossible so that he can reveal himself as the God of all
possibility sometimes Lazarus has to stay in the grave a little while longer
so when he gets up you won’t just think it was the prayers of the church you’ll know
it was the power of God that raised him like so he says this is what the Lord says he
who made away raise your hand if God ever made a way for you just even a
little way just even if you ever healed a headache or just if he ever helped you
get a job or even if somebody slipped you a 20 when you didn’t have a job and
you got the gas or maybe it was one time when you were so depressed crying your
eyes out and you woke up one morning and you realized you know I feel a little
better today and maybe I can get out of the bed today and maybe I’ll watch a few
dishes today and before you knew it you were back to
normal God made a way has he ever made a way for you has he ever made a way if he made a way for you just wave your hand if he made a way just wave it
I don’t know what you’re talking about when they started when Isaiah said that
the people that was remember that was their soundtrack to remind them that
they were no longer slaves he who made a way because this is a scene this is
not an abstract theoretical metaphorical out of words to say this is
not what God kind of like does in a picture form this is an actual practical
memory from the past of what God did for his people he didn’t do it for these
people they’re in a different situation but he did it for the people that
they’re a part of so it’s part of their legacy it is part of their core story
their core story is that we were slaves God brought us out of Egypt we were
there for over 400 years he brought us out into a promised land
and now they need to go back to their core story so that they can
survive their captivity are you with me so far so he brings them back he made a
way through the sea a path through the mighty
waters who drew out the chariots and and horses an
army and reinforcements together they so they’re like yeah yes Jesus won’t he do won’t he do it won’t he make a way so then I’m surprised when he says verse
18 cause he messes up the flow he got the people remembering how strong and mighty
God was at the Red Sea and how he made a way where there was no way and then he says forget the this is the next verse I
promise you I’m not moving these all around forget the former things I
understand that because if you live in a state of regret over I mean if you
relive over and over again every dumb thing you said or everything that every
decision that you made every purchase that you I mean it is paralyzing to live
in the past and you really do have to understand that one thing that the cross
of Jesus does is it gives me the freedom to move past my mistakes
I am so grateful for that and here’s what I mean I feel chains breaking
while I preach today because I always always always preached that a certain
way and then one day I realized that most people are not living enslaved to
the mistakes that they made like 23 years ago it’s that I keep making
mistakes so really when I say moving on past your mistakes that might not be
very difficult if it was three years ago but what if it was three minutes ago
and here you are in church and God is trying to bless you do you remember I
said he’s trying to bless you he was blessing Abraham to be a blessing he
wanted to bless his people so they could bless the earth
he’s always blessing it’s not just an activity it is an attribute of his
character he is the God who blesses it’s what he does it’s who he is
it’s what he does that flows from who he is and he’s always trying to bless you
but sometimes I’ve gotta be honest about it my unbelief not only my
unbelief but my stubborn refusal to really accept the fact that whatever I
did he’s already done something about it it keeps me from entering into the
present moment so now I’m stuck and he gives me permission to move on past my
mistakes and he says see I’m doing a new thing forget the past which makes sense
when we’re talking about the mistakes of my past but remember Isaiah did not just
list the mistakes of their past he just mentioned a miracle from their past and
right after he mentions the miracle he tells them to forget it oh I got you
curious now because that first thing I said that’s
just normal preaching forget it and move on
that’s bumper-sticker stuff Fido you know forget it drive on I mean that’s
that’s not even really preaching so you’re clapping for it if only the
credit-card companies would get the same spirit of forgiveness that God has right
they didn’t get the memo though through the Red Sea brought us out of Egypt and that God
the same God who did that wants you to do this forget it do not dwell on the past
put my verse back I don’t want them to think I’m making this up
because I’m strange I know forget what I did I always assumed that the greatest
barrier that keeps me from being blessed by God is what the devil did to me sometimes the greatest barrier to the
blessing of God in your future you got it it’s not what the devil did
to you it’s what God did for you in one season that you expect him to repeat in
the next season so I’ve heard a hundred sermons I
proudly preached a hundred sermons on move on from the mistake but what about
when God wants you to move on from the miracle and this is the weirdest thing I
don’t know how to explain it to you but we have all these core stories at our
church in business terminology your core story is the crux of your central value
proposition where you describe what you do as a company that differentiates you
from all the other ones well as a church we have a core story what makes us
unique the faith of the early days you know maybe some of the stuff y’all are
talking about it backstage past weekend on a history tour
you know those stories are good can I be honest with you the reason I’m not gonna
give you the tour is because I don’t remember the stuff a lot of
the stuff and I used to think it was because I wasn’t grateful because I felt
like you know if I was really grateful for what God did I mean there are things
that Holly will remind me of a lot of the times and she’ll be like remember
when God did this and she’ll mention something that had me all up in knots
when it happened but I don’t even remember about it anymore and I used to
think that there was something wrong with me or maybe I’m starting to lose my
memory or something cuz I already told you we’re getting old and maybe it maybe
it’s starting to deteriorate my brain isn’t functioning the same way or maybe
God doesn’t want me to rely on a memory of a miracle that he has already
performed and miss the miracle that is in progress I’m trying to preach a
progressive message today and here’s the message remember the ways he made but
forget the way he made it this is a run in place message I gotta get
some energy out so I don’t holler at y’all too bad remember what he did for you
remember how he kept you how he blessed you how he sustained you how he opened
doors how he made opportunities how he made a way out of no way but then you
gotta forget exactly how he did it remember how much fun your marriage was
before you had children but don’t forget the freedom that you had before you
brought these human beings into existence no I’m serious
because sometimes we get stuck in a season and we miss God’s supply he said
I want you to remember what I did and then forget how I did it because I’m not
going to do it the same way every time and here’s why I’m not gonna do it the
same way every time I’m not gonna do it like I used to do it because you gotta
imagine the people in captivity they’re hearing this message and
they’re remembering Moses now by this time Moses isn’t somebody they know he’s
like no offense Moses if you’re listening to me preach I don’t imagine he’s tuning
into my sermons of all the sermons that he has available if you know but however
that works with heaven and live streaming and stuff like that but just
for the record no offense Moses but I gotta believe
that they were waiting for Moses to get them out of this captivity because Moses
was kind of like a mascot so so they’re looking they’re in Babylonian captivity
and they’re going okay who’s God gonna send to get us out of this and so then
Isaiah says thus sayeth the Lord your King your
Creator thus sayeth the Lord the one who spoke to Abraham and called him out of
Ur of the Chaldeans and made many out of one and made you a nation and brought
you out of slavery and brought you through the one who made a way this
is what he says don’t look for it to look like what it used to look like or
feel like what it used to feel like please do not miss apply my message
today to leave your husband and try to tell him that preacher Steven said that
Moses is dead or any of this weird stuff that Christian people do to try to make a
message mean whatever they want it to mean what I’m saying to you is when
Jesus walked the earth he did miracles he opened blinded eyes but he
didn’t do it the same way every time he did it and here’s why this is what I
believe you can believe whatever you want to believe I believe God doesn’t want us to
be more committed to a system than we are to a source so this is what the Lord says I’m gonna
make a way cuz that’s what I do how many believe he’s a waymaker yeah yeah he’s
a waymaker I’m gonna make a way but not the way I made it before hey thank you
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  1. It’s currently 2:32an right now and I kept seeing this sermon on my timeline and I kept scrolling right past it because I was afraid that it would make me feel some type of way, but now that I’m at the end of the video I can’t be happier that I did watch it because almost every word pastor Steven said spoke to my heart and soul. So I just wanna say thank you and that I will not be so caught up in how God done it but focused on that fact that he did it.

  2. God makes a way for me every day whether I notice or not. Fortunately I notice the majority of the time & am forever grateful. God bless you Pastor.

  3. Waking up at 430 am with thought racing. Wondering how I’m going to get my kids and I out of this situation and I see this in my feed.. I am so grateful for this ministry. God will make a way.. and I love the comments from others that remind me that God is working in others lives.. thank you everyone for sharing your 💕 hearts.. God Bless you pastor Steven Furtick and Efam!!!

  4. Calling all God's people!

    Please go to Facebook , Diana Haney, and share the poster of missing teen Jessie Starkey.
    Missing 3 weeks. No leads.

    I pray God Blesses you all for your support and prayers.
    Thank you

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